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					Fees and Payments                         Dental Hygiene
Our goal is to offer affordable quality   The CAPWN Dental Clinic and the
care for every patient.                   University of Nebraska College of Dentistry
                                          Hygiene Program provide dental hygiene
 Medicaid: We gladly accept              services at the CAPWN Dental Clinic. If
  Medicaid patients, both adults and      you would like your teeth cleaned please
  children.                               call 632-2279 for a dental hygiene
 Private Insurance: All private
  insurance programs are accepted.
                                                                                          Dental Clinic
 Sliding Discount: For individuals
  who have no insurance, services are
  available on a sliding discount basis
                                          Interpreter Services
  according to family size and income.
                                          As a benefit to our clients, and to continue
 Discounts: If you would like to know
                                          to offer quality personable care, our clinic
  if you qualify for discounts please
                                          has bi-lingual Spanish/English speaking
  ask our receptionist for more
 Payments: Payments are expected
  at the time of service. We accept       Questions
  cash, checks and credit cards.          We welcome all dental questions. Our
                                          qualified staff will work to get each patient   Community Action Partnership of

                                          the most up to date comprehensive dental              Western Nebraska

                                          information for both treatment and                       Main Campus

                                                                                                 3350 10th Street

                                                                                             Gering, Nebraska 69341

                                                                                                  (308) 632-2279
                                                       3350 10th Stteet
                                                    Gering, Nebraska 69341
                                                        (308) 632-2279
Welcome to the Community Action Partnership of Western Nebraska Dental Clinic

 ALt A o t s .
  ie b u U ….
   tl                                                                                                         PAPERWORK POLICY
                                                                                Dr. Nate Luehrs
                                                                                                     All new patients or patients that have not
 At the CAPWN Dental Clinic our                                                 (pictured left),
                                                                                                    been seen within the year must complete or
 goal is to ensure each patient                                                 and Dr. Mark
                                                                                                     update paperwork PRIOR to being seen.
 receives quality, affordable dental                                            Schlothauer,
                                                                                Dental Director
                                                                                                       All paperwork must be picked up or
 care in a personal and caring                                                                             updated Monday thru Friday
                                                                                (pictured right).
 manner. We believe in preventative                                                                            during clinic hours.
 care to ensure a lifetime of dental
                                          Please note:                                                               Hours
                                          If you are more than 10 minutes late for your               Monday-Friday
                                          appointment, it is regarded as a missed                     7:00 a.m.-noon 1 p.m.-5:30 p.m.
                                          appointment. It is unlikely that you will be                                     Contact
                                          able to be seen the same day as a missed                    Phone
                                          appointment.                                                308-632-2279
                                          Bring only those children who have                          Out of Town Clients
                                          appointments.                                               1-800-658-4489
     Office personnel will assist with                                                                After Hours
                                          Unsupervised children may not be left in the                308-635-2695
     scheduling and billing questions.    waiting area.
Appointments & Emergency Care             To prevent the transmission of infectious
New (non-pain) patients are seen on an    diseases, only patients are allowed in the
                                          treatment area. We ask parents of minor
appointment basis. Please call            children to remain in the waiting area.
632-2279 to schedule your
appointment. (see paperwork policy)       If you cannot keep your appointment, please
Emergency Care is available Monday        notify us immediately.
thru Friday, beginning at 7:00 a.m. and   Individuals who break two appointments
1:00 p.m. Emergency care will be          without 24 hours notice will only be seen on an
limited to the first 2 patients in the    emergency care basis.                                      Dental Assistants work one-on-one with each patient.
                                                                                                     Pictured above, dental assistants stand in the special
morning and the first 2 patients in the
                                          Individuals who fail to show up for their appointment      k r nl ro r t o e hde fea
                                                                                                      d i y     e d    p l
                                                                                                     “i fed ”omc ae t hl cirn el t
afternoon during these time periods.      and who do not notify the dental clinic will be            ease when visiting the dentist.
                                          assessed a $20 no show fee.