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May 2003                                                         A Publication of West Deptford High School                                                       Volume Two Issue 8

Andrews addresses gifted students                                                                                                                             Bread
                                                                                ple are expressing anti-war senti-    tell the U.N. to take a hike
                                                                                ments, but no countries are start-    because they wouldn't back us in
                                                                                ing revolutions or uprisings
                                                                                against the United States' gov-
                                                                                                                      the war, but I don't want to burn
                                                                                                                      bridges. Just because we had a
                                                                                                                                                              rises to
                                                                                ernment, like expected.               disagreement, we still need the
                                                                                     Sophomore, Diane Cerulli,
                                                                                asked Andrews why we weren't
                                                                                                                      UN," Andrews stated. He
                                                                                                                      believed that the UN should help
                                                                                                                                                              the top
                                                                                at war with North Korea as well,      with refugee and healthcare
                                                                                being that there was evidence         problems but should not decide                              By Richard
                                                                                that they had nuclear weapons         when the United States should                               Unto
                                                                                also. Andrews replied that, hope-     leave Iraq, have a crucial role in
                                                                                fully, we won't have to resort to     writing the constitution of the                                      Have
                                                                                war with North Korea as well.         new government of Iraq, or take                              you ever met
                                                            Denise Vereneault
                                                                                "They have different kinds of         any of the oil profits from Iraq.                            a bread-bak-
Andrew D’Amico enjoyed meeting Andrews personally.
                                                                                weapons and we use diplomacy               He continues to believe that                            ing competi-
By Kate Dunn                          the military and where no one                                                                                                                tion winner?
                                                                                as a first, second, third, fourth,    they should make every effort to
                                      ever will again. "It's remarkable                                                                                                            E v a n
                                                                                and fifth resort and violence as a    liberate the Iraqi people because        Schmidt
     "I hope we will never have       that the people fighting this war                                                                                                           Schmidt, a stu-
                                                                                last." Cerulli also brought up a      "effort promotes peace." And his
to send someone to Iraq,"             chose to go. Some of them were                                                                                          dent in the Baking and Pastry
                                                                                good point when she asked how         advice to the UN is to stop trying
Congressman Robert Andrews            sitting in those very seats [in the                                                                                     Arts program at the Gloucester
                                                                                the United States was going to        to negotiate things and take
told the Gifted and Talented stu-     auditorium]. At least three sol-                                                                                        County Institute of Technology,
                                                                                help rebuild Iraq when we are in      action.
dents last September when he          diers graduated from this high                                                                                          has won the gold medal two years
                                                                                an economic recession ourselves.           Andrews compared the pop-
visited West Deptford High            school. Now we have to give                                                                                             in a row at the F.C.C.L.A Bread
                                                                                     "Oil," Andrews said, "was        ularity of the current war to the
School. Now that the United           them a good country to come                                                                                             Competition.
                                                                                the number one resource." They        popularity of the Vietnam War
States has sent troops to Iraq,       home to," Andrews said. He also                                                                                              The competition consisted of
                                                                                have maintained their oil and         when asked by sophomore,
Andrews returned on April 7th,        said that he proposed an increase                                                                                       about twenty to thirty students,
                                                                                other resources very well, so         Brandon Rutter, what he thought.
2003, to update students on the       in veteran's benefits, rather than                                                                                      whom Schmidt refers to as the
                                                                                when we help them rebuild, and             "Vietnam was quite popular.
current Iraqi situation.              tax cuts.                                                                                                               "Cream of the Crop." There were
                                                                                they start selling their oil, much    It wasn't until it was apparent
     Andrews told students that             Congressman        Andrews                                                                                        three judges, and each of the stu-
                                                                                of the necessary money will           that it wasn't going anywhere
he agrees with the President's        answered many well thought out                                                                                          dents had thirty to forty minutes
                                                                                come from that.                       that the people started to lose
views on the war.                     questions from the students.                                                                                            to bake their bread.
                                                                                     Thomas Gaffney, junior,          faith in that war." He said that the
     As much as Andrews is            Senior, Dan Kramer, asked                                                                                                    In this short time, Schmidt
                                                                                asked what role the UN will play      only evident difference between
sorry that we are in war, he said     whether other countries' reper-                                                                                         baked three types of bread: two
                                                                                in the rebuilding of Iraq and         the two is that Vietnam never had
he is proud of our country and        cussions were as bad as had been                                                                                        babkas, one a traditional recipe
                                                                                Andrews responded by saying           attainable goal. Andrews has
the brave people fighting in Iraq.    expected. The Congressman                                                                                               with sweetened prune filling, and
                                                                                that, although they were opposed      faith in this war, however.
Additionally, he said that he is      responded by saying that, actual-                                                                                       one new-style with New York
                                                                                to the war in the first place, they        "The      government         of
proud to live in a country where      ly, they were better than every-                                                                                        cheesecake filling. His third was
                                                                                should play a leading role.           Saddam Hussein will be
people are not forced to serve in     one had anticipated. Many peo-                                                                                          a wheat bread. For this one, he
                                                                                     "People think that we should     (Continued on p. 2)
                                                                                                                                                              claims, "I took a traditional recipe

Middle and high school students
                                                                                                                                                              and made it my own."
                                                                                                                                                                   However, he did not just ran-
                                                                                                                                                              domly choose what types of
                                                                                                                                                              bread to make. He had reasons

unite through distance learning
                                                                                                                                                              for choosing each. To explain his
                                                                                                                                                              choices, he says, "I made the
                                                                                                                                                              babkas to help bring out the feel-
                                                                                                                                                              ing of spring, and I made the
                                                                                                                                                              wheat bread because I wanted to
 By Jacqueline Waxman                 sentations on various music and
                                                                                                                                                              make something that was healthy
                                      world art.
                                                                                                                                                              and good for you, but at the same
      Have you ever wondered                Mrs. McAndrew's class did
                                                                                                                                                              time I wanted to make something
 what seventh graders are learn-      a comparison of Islam and
                                                                                                                                                              that tasted really good."
 ing compared to us? Do you           Buddhism, emphasizing the sim-
                                                                                                                                                                   For winning first place,
 wish that you could go back to       ilarities between the two. The
                                                                                                                                                              Schmidt not only received a gold
 the middle school classrooms for     seventh grade class met twice
                                                                                                                                                              medal, but also, in addition, a one
 one day?                             with the ninth grade World
                                                                                                                                                              thousand-dollar scholarship to
      Money set aside by a grant      History class.
                                                                                                                                                              Johnson and Wales University in
 provided for a project focusing            Mrs. Park's AP Psychology
                                                                                                                                                              Rhode Island. He says that he
 on diversity is being used to fund   class and Mrs. Bazzel's seventh
                                                                                                                                                              plans on transferring the scholar-
 the distance-learning lab.           grade Social Studies classes
                                                                                                                                                              ship to Hill College in
      Six teachers, three from the    joined for one session and will
 Middle School, and three from        have two more before the end of                                                                            Debra Park        Schmidt says that he feels
 the High School were paired          the year. In the first session, First     (l to r) Casey Carson, Jason Lee, Eunice Lin, Frank Aliganga, Marlene         that all the hard work that he has
 together. The groups consisted of    Generation Americans intro-               Malec, and Javier Valesquez participated in the session.                      put into his career is just starting
 Mr. Mansor and Mrs. Morris,          duced themselves and each told            session will be Sara Nahm, Sara       high school students. Students          to pay off. He says students
 Mrs. McAndrew and             Mrs.   where their parents were from.            Stigale and Kaitlin McGowan.          from the middle school have the         should talk to their guidance
 Jaycox, and Mrs. Park and Mrs.       Students that participated in the         At the end of the second session,     chance to see that high school is       counselors about GCIT's shadow-
 Bazzel. The teachers had to join     session were Frank Aliganga               middle school students will be        not that bad and the older kids         ing program. This program gives
 and plan lessons for the two         (Philippines), Casey Carson               assigned to make up skits refer-      are nice, not intimidating.             students the opportunity to find
 classes to participate in that       (Morocco), Javier Valesquez               ring to prejudice and present             Mrs. Park said, "The students       out if a specific field is right for
 related to the curriculum at both    (Venezuela), Marlene Malec                them at the third session to the      enjoy it a lot. They even want to       them.
 schools.                             (Poland), Jason Lee (Korea), and          high school students.                 meet to talk in person. Both the             The advice that he gives to
      Each pair of teachers then      Eunice Lin (Taiwan).                           The distance learning pro-       middle and high school students         students that wish to be success-
 planned group projects. Mr.                The second session will             gram will continue for the next       learned a great deal about each         ful in life is "If you want it, go
 Manor's classes focused on           consist of students from the high         three years, at least. There is a     other from this experience."            and get it."
 music and art in World History.      school teaching lessons on preju-         big age difference between the
 The students planned three pre-      dice. The teachers of the second          middle school students and the
Page Two                                                                                                                                                                      The Talon

Miss Izzo springs forward into marriage
By Jessie McClusky                     Valladolid, Spain, where they                                                Her fiancé wanted to make sure        for now, they have plans to go to
                                       met for the first time when Ms.                                              everything was perfect before         New York, Washington D.C, and
     After a six-year relationship     Izzo was studying abroad in his                                              popping the question all young        the New Jersey shore together.
and a two-year engagement, Ms.         hometown. The interesting thing                                              girls dream of and wait to finally    Currently, her husband is looking
Izzo, one of the Spanish teachers,     is that when Ms. Izzo met him for                                            happen.                               for a Spanish teaching job at a
was married on Saturday, April         the first time, they spoke in                                                     "He proposed over two years      private school. How many mar-
12th at 10:30 a.m. Ms. Izzo and        Spanish. All those years taking                                              ago after having known each           ried couples are both teachers and
her husband's ceremony was held        Spanish courses throughout high                                              other for four years," Ms. Izzo       both major in the same thing for
at St. Patrick's Church in             school and learning to speak                                                 stated., and she was "very excit-     teaching?
Woodbury, and the reception was        Spanish paid off well for her.                                               ed" when he asked her.                     "I am keeping my name too,"
held at The Mansion in Voorhees,            Though her husband can                                                  "That's a long engagement, but        Ms. Izzo states. She still wants to
NJ.                                    speak English, he is more com-                                               Ms. Izzo's a nice person. I'm sure    keep her same last name because
     "I am so happy and excited,"      fortable speaking Spanish.                                                   it was worth the time," Rachel        she likes having a short and easy
Ms. Izzo said before the wedding.      Maybe some students should take                                              Mitton states.                        name. So now you don't have to
Her husband's name is Cesar            learning how to speak a foreign                                                   Ms. Izzo and her husband are     get used to calling her Mrs.
Caballero Montes, a Castilian          language in high school more           Izzo and her new husband,             not going on a typical honey-         Caballero; you can still call her
name, and his first name is pro-       seriously because it certainly         Cesar Caballero                       moon immediately after the wed-       Ms. Izzo.
nounced Thesear.                       benefited her.                        Caballero Montes for six years.        ding because her husband's fami-
     Ms. Izzo's husband is from             Ms. Izzo has known Cesar                                                ly will be visiting from Spain. So

(Continued from p. 1)                  what progress was being made in
                                       the war against terrorism and if
                                                                             Selfish Acts of Self-Destruction
replaced. No other outcome will
be accepted," Andrews said, and
also predicted that the war will be
                                       the hunt for Osama bin Laden
                                       was still on. "This is the war        for Generation X
over by the end of April. He said       Andrews also told                    By Allison Gooch                                                                 you take a drag because you
that Saddam's government could
be replaced within a matter of
                                       students about an                                                                                                      feel you have no choice.
                                                                                  Whether you are going for                                                   These scenarios may all seem
days or months.                        internship program                    the food, the dancing, the fun or                                                innocent, but they can be
     Andrews added, "We would          at the office and said                merely because you feel it is your                                               shattering, crushing, and sui-
love to install a democracy in
Iraq. But we will give them what-      that they are always                  predestined right as a student in                                                cidal.
                                                                             the path of life, the prom is a                                                       What happens when that
ever they want. No matter what         looking for fun,                      night to be remembered for years                                                 friend swerves into a tree or
kind of government is set up, we
won't leave until we know that
                                       interesting people.                   to come. The slow dance with                                                     worse, into oncoming traffic?
                                                                             that special one. The laughs with                                                What happens when that girl
there will be no weapons of mass       "Democrat,                            friends you hold close to your                                                   at the party has to make a
destruction."                          Republican,                           heart. The rush of one more time,                                                choice she wasn't prepared
     Pam       Romano,       senior,
inquired about who would be            Libertarian, whether                  one more memory, and one more                                                    for? When she has to choose
                                                                             chance to be young before you                                                    between life and death for a
Saddam's successor and Andrews         you agree with my                     enter the real world.                                                            child growing inside her?
said that first, a government com-
prised of U.S. Military would be
                                       views or not, you'd                        The only problem is what if                                                 What happens when you get
                                                                             those all become the last time, the                                              offered a new drug that's
installed to restore a little bit of   be welcome at my                      last memory, and the last chance,                                                being passed around? What
order to the country, and then         office."                              far too early and far too soon,                                                  happens when you don't say
they would make sure that all
chemical and biological weapons             Robert Andrews                   which is why it's important to                                                   no? What happens when
                                                                             realize that just because you're                                                 your parents are called to the
were destroyed. Finally, power
                                       against terrorism. We will find or    young, doesn't mean you're invin-                                                morgue to identify your dead,
would be transitioned into a new
                                       kill Osama bin Laden. The ques-       cible. Being young and having                                                    overdosed body? What hap-
Iraqi government.
                                       tion is when. Afghanistan and the     fun still depends on you remain-                                                 pens when at graduation
     Andrews said that he would
                                       Taliban government is just anoth-     ing responsible. You can't very                                                  instead of walking onto the
like to see somewhat of a
                                       er sanctuary for terrorists, so we    well have fun if you're hurt or                                                  field to accept your diploma,
"Constitutional Congress" in
                                       plan to dry that up as well,"         even worse--dead.                                                                you have to be wheeled out in
Iraq, like the US had in the 18th
                                       Andrews said.                              The time after Spring Break                                                 a wheelchair because you are
century. He hopes that the whole
                                             Andrews wrapped the ques-       is a laid back and fun time filled                                               paralyzed because of drunk
process would take a minimum
                                       tion and answer session up by         with activities and events that                                                  driving?
of eighteen months and a maxi-
                                       talking about the media's role in     students talk about years ahead of                                                    The questions can't be
mum of five years.
                                       the war. When asked if the media      time: Prom, Project Graduation,                                                  answered because the ques-
     Commenting on the issue of
                                       was portraying the war accurate-      and of course, Commencement,                                                     tions are the answers. When
boycotting French products,
                                       ly, Mr. Andrews couldn't give a       but it can all easily turn sour. The                                             you make your choice, you're
Andrews said, "It's stupid. The
                                       definite answer. "Yes and no," he     last three months of school can                                                  left with the consequences
French were dishonest to the
                                       said, "There is a lot of sensation-   get out-of-hand as students cele-                                                that affect you, your family,
United States, but there is no rea-
                                       alism, which gives a distorted        brate the onset of warm weather                                                  your friends, and everyone
son for them to be our enemy.
                                       picture. The journalists become       and no school. Anticipation                                                      around you. So the important
Not by any means. Freedom
                                       cheerleaders; that's human            grows in the air as the cold chill Graphic by Mike Ferry                       thing is to make the right
fries, freedom toast, that's ridicu-
                                       nature. When a reporter spends        of winter fades into the earth. problems arise when experiences              choice for today so you'll like the
                                       an extended amount of time with       This is an important time in so surpass good times and become                outcome tomorrow.
     Another question was posed
                                       a troop of soldiers, he is bound to   many people's lives. Why blow it hazardous. When you watch your
to the Congressman by freshman                                                                                                                             The members of SADD would
                                       side with them and report the         now when you've come this far best friend throw back a few and
Davida McGhee. "What will we                                                                                      then get behind the wheel. Or            like you to think twice about
                                       news the way the soldiers want,       and worked so hard?
do with Saddam Hussein once we                                                                                                                             your decisions over the next
                                       but the camera never lies."                The problem is that too many when that girl you know leaves
get a hold of him?" she asked.                                                                                                                             few months. Don’t let
                                           Andrews did say that the          students don't make intelligent her soda unattended and returns
Andrews answered, "He will be                                                                                                                              destructive decisions ruin
                                       media is doing a good job relay-      decisions. Even the smartest and to drink it, then wonders why she
tried for the slaughters and mur-                                                                                                                          your prom, graduation, or
                                       ing the information to the public.    most reliable pupils can be seen woke up somewhere she doesn't
ders he has committed. If we do                                                                                                                            future.
                                       "It's good that they're there. It     kicking back and putting their recognize with no recollection of
kill him, it won't be because we
                                       makes it impossible to hide any-      feet up this time of year. There is the previous night's events. Or
are onl targeting one person, it                                                                                                                           “Be safe, smart, and don’t
                                       thing and that's also good.           nothing wrong with letting your when you see marijuana being
will be because it is necessary to                                                                                                                         drink or use drugs.”
                                       There's no such thing as too          hair down, sinking your toes in passed around the room, and
win the war." He does agree with                                                                                                                                                Ms. Beck
                                       much information." The media is       the sand, and having fun. The when someone hands it to you,
President Bush that if Saddam
                                       represented by thousands of
leaves the country, the United                                               Andrews cont.______________            two-cents on the anti-war protest-    meet with him, call, e-mail, or
                                       voices, Andrews added, all of
States will permit it.                                                       what to believe when it comes to       ers. "They have the right to do it,   write to his office in Woodbury.
                                       which report news. He said that
     Junior Melissa Coats asked                                              the media. That is different from      but they're wrong. The methods            Andrews also told students
                                       people can decide for theselves
                                                                             Vietnam, when no one knew any-         they use are foolish and obnox-       about an internship program at
The Talon                                                                    thing. It took four to five years to   ious. But I always hope that we       the office and said that they are
Adviser/Layout: Venise Grossmann                                             find out that the Pentagon was         live in a country where someone       always looking for fun, interest-
Co-Editors: Kate Dunn and Jacqueline Waxman                                  hiding things from the public,         can protest anything that he          ing      people.       "Democrat,
Graphic designers: Mike Ferry and Jeff Fama                                  and he said that that will never       believes strongly in."                Republican, Libertarian, whether
Those wishing to write, photograph, work on layout or have an                happen again.                              Andrews encourages students       you agree with my views or not,
idea for an article, see Miss Grossmann in Room 205 or e-mail her                In closing, Andrews gave his       with a question or a request to       you'd be welcome at my office."
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                                                   Senior Trip


Tara Oslin and Erica Cary                                                   Page design by Kristin Osgood                                                     Aimee Patterson
                                                                                                                                                              and Dave Schilling

                                                   Here are some classic
                                                     senior photos...

Steve Perrong, Matt Hill, and Pat
Bowen                                                                                                                                                         Seniors sleep

                                                           Jim Creedon, Gary Hickman, Nick Ryan and Aimee Patterson


Brian Schultz and Mr. Manor
                                                                                                                                      Steve Perrong

                                                           By Heather Zacharovich             school administration, the
                                                           and Tara Tripodi                   students had something
                                                                                              planned for them each day.
                                                                Senior trip is supposed       The seniors visited Disney
                                                           to be the most memorable           MGM Studios, Universal
                                                           experience of a high school        Studios/Islands            of
                                                           senior's life. The Class of        Adventure,           Animal
                                                           2003 can definitely verify         Kingdom, Epcot, Magic
                                                           that statement. The five-day,      Kingdom, and Blizzard

                                                           Walt Disney World vacation         Beach, not to mention dinner
Frank Aliganda and pal pay for their crimes.               took place in six different        at Medieval Times, which                Mike Ferry andMatt Hill
                                                           parks with unpredictable           was an experience in itself.
                                                           weather. Rain or shine, the        Who would have thought
                                                           students enjoyed the sights,       eating with your hands
                                                           sounds, and entertainment of       would be so much fun?
                                                           Disney, the happiest place on           Although every aspect
                                                           Earth, and its magic that          of the trip was fun, many
                                                           played a big part in uniting       seniors had favorites. When
                                                           the senior class.                  asked which part was the
                                                                "The best part of the trip    best, most students chose the
                                                           was bonding with people            Islands     of   Adventure;
                                                           who you normally wouldn't          Medieval Times was a close
                                                           hang out with," says Patrick       second. Overall, the Senior
                                                           O'Brien.                           Trip was an experience the
                                                                Through all the hard          Class of 2003 will never for-
                                                           work of Mr. Bob Arra and the       get.


                                                           More of Mike Ferry’s photos can be seen online:
         Stettnisch is shocked by “real” statue.                                                                                      Joe Vergara

                               Senior portraits show personality

                                                                            Michelle and Manfre                       Mrs. Richardson has fun with Mickey.
 The Crumley twins
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   “I want my old life back”
   By Amber Fleig

        I knew exactly what was
   coming that year. It was late in
                                          sixteen and this wasn't supposed
                                          to happen, not to me, not then. I
                                          shut out my feelings and I still
                                          do. I decided to shut out every-
                                                                                                                           “The truth is, I am
                                                                                                                           too scared to cry. I
                                                                                                                           am too worried
   December of 2001, and things           one and everything. I became
   around my home were changing.          numb to any emotions from other                                                  about triggering
   I knew one of my parents was           people and myself. People                                                        other people's emo-
   going to be leaving soon. It was       showed me pity when all that I
   usually my dad that would walk         wanted was normalcy and my
                                                                                                                           tions at the expense
   out the door after a stupid argu-      family back.                                                                     of my own tears.
   ment, the kind every family has             Tears were never shown out-                                                     I still sometimes

   over money or things like that,        side my personal boundaries; no              Fleig
   but it was different this time.        one ever saw my emotions; I             tionship with both of my parents,        pretend my parents
        My mom had been really            don't think I had any. It all started   but I can't because that would be        are going to get back
   sick with viral meningitis and         from there. I started going to          a lie.
   things were difficult for everyone     clubs and partying my feelings
                                                                                                                           together. All of this
                                                                                       Even now, I can't bring
   for a while. When my mom got           away. I shut out any type of sad-       myself to listen to their wedding        is not how I want to
   better, I guess she wanted new         ness I had. I hope not everyone         song or even talk about the              live. This is how I

   things, and the life she had with      that goes through a divorce feels       divorce without getting a lump in
   us was boring to her. I knew she       the loneliness I felt.                  my throat. The truth is, I am too        taught myself to
   loved us, but she had to find her-          I had to watch my dad, my          scared to cry. I am too worried          deal with my pain,
   self again. I used to think my         superman, cry, and my mom               about triggering other people's
   family and I were her life.            wash away into a different
                                                                                                                           play hide and seek
                                                                                  emotions at the expense of my
        It was snowing out and the        woman, someone I didn't know.           own tears.                               without the seek. I
   sky was gray, and my mom's car              Not that I chose not to know            I still sometimes pretend my        hold seek off until
   was filled with laundry baskets of     her; I just couldn't connect with

                                                                                  parents are going to get back
   her clothes. She told me she was       her well enough to find an under-       together. All of this is not how I       later, tomorrow, or
   coming back that Monday to take        standing with her.                      want to live. This is how I taught       maybe never.”
   me to school. When Monday                   I watched my dad lose forty        myself to deal with my pain, play
   came and my mom didn't come, I         pounds and cry whenever he              hide and seek without the seek. I
   knew. I cried all day in school        even thought about not living           hold seek off until later, tomor-                     Amber Fleig
   and wanted to know what was            with the best friend he had for the     row, or maybe never.
   going on.                              past twenty-two years; it was                I want to come home, not          Gretchen, my dog, there, too. I
        My dad was going through a        already a traumatizing experi-          back to the house we have to live      just want one day of it, just so I
   really tough time. His own busi-       ence. And me, I felt nothing.           in now because we don't live in        can remember when I was there
   ness that he built by himself was           I want to be able to sit here      the other house any longer             and how it felt.
   falling apart and now so was his       today and say I have dealt with         because of the divorce, but
   marriage. I was scared that he         my emotions, and I am now a             home…to my mom and dad and
   would kill himself. I was only         strong person with a great rela-        my sister and maybe I could have

   A broken heart from a broken home
   By Ashely Wilson                     school.                             possible and to try not to let it
                                             As a result, they placed       bother you. Try to talk to
        My parents got a divorce        me in this program where I          somebody that you know and
   when I was a little girl, and I      had to talk to this counselor       that you can trust, but that
   had to move in with my father.       about all my problems and talk      doesn't always help.
   I was in third or fourth grade.      about the divorce three times a           Divorce is hard to deal
   I lived with my brother and          week. I hated talking to a          with, but eventually things
   sister so we weren't split up,       stranger about my life. I felt      will get better, and you can go
   but it was still hard for me.        that she had no right to know       on with your life. Don't forget
   Ronnie, my twin brother, and         so it just made me worse.           to have fun with your friends
   Samantha, my older sister,                After awhile, I learned to     and focus on your life; do not
   seemed to be okay with the           deal with it. I would go to my      let it mess up your future!             Wilson
   whole thing. I was the only          mom's house every other
   one that had a problem with          weekend, but every time I left,
   the whole divorce.                   I would end up crying. Now
                                                                                  “Try to talk to somebody that you
        After my mom moved              that I am older, I go over there      know and that you can trust, but that
   out, I got really depressed. I       every day after school, and I         doesn't always help. Divorce is hard to
   was crying and yelling at my         am over there every weekend,
   dad all the time. I was always       and I live there every summer.        deal with, but eventually things will get
   close to my mom, and I was so        Basically, I go over there            better, and you can go on with your life.
   upset that she left. After           every chance I can get, so it's
   awhile, the school called my         not that bad any more.
                                                                              Don't forget to have fun with your
   dad and asked why I was so                My advice for a child            friends and focus on your life; do not let
   depressed, and they told him         involved in a divorce is try to       it mess up your future!”
   that I was doing poorly in           see the other parent as much as
                                                                                                         Ashely Wilson

   Divorce statistics are disturbing
   By Erika Molloy                                          through the eyes of the children who are involved.         ed that children in single-parent families have          parent household.
                                                            Although in some cases, children will get over the         higher arrest rates, more disciplinary problems in            Not only are behav
        Does living in two separate houses, having          break-up and turn out to be okay and have normal           school, and a greater tendency to experiment with        consideration but also
   two separate families, and having siblings from          lives but for most children, especially teenagers, it      drugs and alcohol and run away from home more            emotional problems bec
   different parents sound like something you have          leads to rebellious problems, and they have diffi-         than do their peers who live with both natural par-      who are from split famil
   heard repeatedly by peers, friends and family?           culties throughout the rest of their lives.                ents--no matter what their income, race, or ethnic-      study found that childre
        So many children experience the separation of            Many teenagers who come from non-intact               ity. According to a new study in 2001, young men         experience greater r
   parents leading to divorced marriages in our gen-        families, sooner or later have problems of their           and women who grow up in homes with one par-             headaches, and speech
   eration to the extent that it has become somewhat        own and researchers have proven that it all relates        ent are twice as likely to end up in jail as those       intact families. Her stud
   normal to children of all ages. In 2002, forty per-      back to a divorce of their parents in their child-         who come from traditional two-parent families.           living with formerly-m
   cent of all marriages that included children ended       hood years.                                                Another study showed that over half (fifty-three         more likely to have rec
   in divorce.                                                   A study of Stanford University's Center for           percent) of the inmates of state correctional facili-    emotional or behaviora
        One of the worst aspects of divorce is seen         the Study of Youth Development in 1999 indicat-            ties had grown up without the benefits of a two-         living with both biologi
             Page Five                                                                                                                                                                 The Talon

                                                        Divorce leads to death
vorce                                                                                       It was a cool, calm day in
                                                                                       the city of Philadelphia, PA. The
                                                                                       birds were singing; people were
                                                                                       taking an early morning jog or
                                                                                                                                 “To go through a divorce is like
                                                                                                                              losing two best friends or breaking
                                                                                                                              up with your girlfriend or
                                                                                                                                                                                          for him,
                                                                                                                                                                                          and what
                                                                                                                                                                                          we found

                                                                                       walk to work when out of                                                                           changed
                                                                                       nowhere a scream came out of a         boyfriend.”                                                 our lives
                                                                                       house like a train roaring down                                Gary Lowell                         forever.
                                                                                       the tracks: " I hate you! I'm tired                                                                     W e
                                                                                       or your drunk a_s! Get out! I         court date set to sign the final      pulled up to an accident scene,
                                                                                       want a divorce!"                      papers for the divorce. With          and what we saw was a bike
                                                                                            This comment came from           emotions high and mixed, the          identical to Benny's, but we

                                                        Lowell                         my friend Benny's mom.                papers were signed even though        thought, "Not Benny. He's too
                                                       By Gary Lowell                  Benny's dad was a drunk, and he       the couple saw what it did to         good of a rider."
                                                                                       liked to do stupid things like        Jame. One would think that                 Then just twenty feet away
                                                            To go through a            cheat on Benny's mom. So final-       maybe they would try to protect       lay the body of our friend,
                                                       divorce is like losing two      ly Benny's mom had enough and         Benny, but no. They figured,          Benny Lee Azario, dead at the
                                                       best friends or breaking up     got a divorce.                        "He's eighteen. He can handle         age of eighteen. They brought
                                                       with your girlfriend or              Besides Benny being              it."                                  him back once on the way to the

o the
                                                       boyfriend.                      embarrassed by what happened,              About three months later,        hospital, but before the ambu-
                                                            The two people who         he was confused about the             Benny finally started to realize      lance reached the hospital, he
                                                       have always been there are      whole situation. Benny had            that this was the final deal.         was pronounced dead. The
                                                       going their own ways. A         nightmares for weeks after the        There was no more living with         police told us that he was riding
                                                       person who is eighteen or       divorce.                              mom and dad; he was now on            a wheelie at about 78 m.p.h. and
                                                       older is not as severely             Then one day out of the          his own. So on his birthday, we       hit the curb and flipped four
                                                       affected by divorce because     blue, Benny came home from            took Benny out.                       times then smashed into a
                                                       many eighteen-year-olds do      work and found his brother                 We were all having fun--         parked van.

                                                       not live at home.               hanging from the kitchen ceil-        Benny, Dom, Rich, Casey, Lisa,             Months later we gathered
                                                            What I am about to tell    ing. James Lee Azario, Benny's        John, Drew, Conny, and me.            the pieces of his death together
                                                       you is true: I have seen        brother, took his own life at the     After dinner, we went to a            and figured out that he had a lot
                                                       divorce kill a person and       age of thirteen. This event sent      movie. All of us loved Street         on his mind, and he was not in
                                                       also make him forget who        Benny on an emotional trip like       Racing so after the movie, we         the right state of mind. We all
                                                       he is.                          no other.                             said, "Let's go to the races!"        blame ourselves for his death.
                                                                                            After a while, Benny started          Benny left us to go get his      Maybe if we would have
                                                                                       to skip work just to go off and       2002 Ducati 996S special edi-         thought about what was going
                                                                                       smoke some pot or drink off the       tion street bike. Benny loved to      on in his life, and just stayed
                                                                                       pain he felt from his brother's       do tricks on his motorcycle; he       home, then we could have saved
                                                                                       death and the divorce. After his      was a pro at this type of thing,      him.
                                                                                       sixteenth time calling out,           well, at least he thought he was.          Divorce changes people. I
                                                                                       Benny lost his job, which hurt             Benny finally returned and       know. I have seen it first-hand.
                                                                                       him a great deal because he had       told us he was going for a quick      Now Benny's gone and there's
                                                                                       to pay car notes, cell phone bills,   ride and that he would be back        no signed piece of paper that can
                                                                                       and rent.                             in about five minutes. So we sat      bring him back.
                                                                                            Finally the day came about       for about a half hour, and he did
                                                                                       ten days after he lost his job: the   not return, so Rich and I went

                                                                        Divorce is an awful thing
                                                                        By Roy White
                                                                                                                                             “When I was younger, I blamed
                                                                             Divorce is an awful                                         myself for my parents' divorce. I
                                                                        thing for children and par-
                                                                        ents      to    experience.
                                                                                                                                         thought that they didn't love me
                                                                        Divorce can physically,                                          anymore and that's why my father
                                                                        emotionally, and mentally                                        left.”
                                                                        destroy people. I experi-
                                                                        enced divorce firsthand.                                                                  Roy White
                                                                             When I was younger, I
                                                                                                                                             If it wasn't for her car-   shouldn't bring their kids
                                                                        blamed myself for my par-
                                                                                                                                        ing about me, I don't know       into it.
                                                                        ents' divorce. I thought        White
                                                                                                                                        where I would have ended         Parents should try to keep
                                                                        that they didn't love me       I didn't do my work, and I
                                                                                                                                        up today. It wasn't the          the divorce friendly and get
                                                                        anymore and that's why my      got in fights with other
                                                                                                                                        same though. My mom              it over with as quickly as
                                                                        father left.       My mom      kids. I wanted the attention
                                                                                                                                        tried her hardest, but I         possible.
                                                                        didn't bother to try to keep   that I didn't think I was get-
                                                                                                                                        needed my dad while I was             They should make
                                                                        my father in touch with me.    ting at home.
                                                                                                                                        growing up. I was a young        sure their children under-
                                                                        I didn't understand that I          I would get upset
                                                                                                                                        man and didn't feel com-         stand that the divorce has
                                                                        had nothing to do with my      when my friends would go
                                                                                                                                        fortable talking to my mom       nothing to do with them.
                                                                        mother and father divorc-      out with their dad's and
                                                                                                                                        about       some       things.   Finally, parents should
                                                                        ing. Whether my parents        mine wasn't
                                                                                                                                        Eventually, my dad did           make sure that they each
                                                                        were together or not, they     around.
                                                                                                                                        show up. Now, my dad is          stay in their kids' lives.
                                                                        loved me                            My mother tried to be
                                                                                                                                        in my life, and I visit him      They should keep in touch
                                                                        anyway.                        my father, too. She tried to
                                                                                                                                        frequently.                      with their children and visit
                                                                             After my father left, I   talk to me and teach me
                                                                                                                                             I recommend that par-       them often.
   Graphic by Mike Ferry                                                started acting up in school.   things.
                                                                                                                                        ents going through divorce

                                     In addition, eighteen to twenty-two year-olds     divorce were twice as likely as children from            is a great "let down" to children who one day have
 avioral problems taken into    from disrupted families were twice as likely to        intact families to drop out of school. Children from     a perfectly happy family, and then the next day
 o psychological as well as     have poor relationships with their mothers and         a family that consists of both biological parents are    their lives are being completely diminished, and
 ecome a factor of teenagers    fathers, to show high levels of emotional distress     still more likely to be more satisfied and doing bet-    everything is being changed. This is common
milies. Dr. Deborah Dawson's    or problem behavior, and to have received psycho-      ter in school. In addition, children from disrupted      knowledge, and although divorce and separation
 en from disrupted marriages    logical help. It is found that even many years after   marriages were over seventy percent more likely          impacts a child's life in many ways, it is still occur-
  risk of injury, asthma,       the divorce, teens can be impulsive, irritable,        than those living with both biological parents to        ring over and over again, changing the lives of
h defects than children from    socially withdrawn and tend to be lonely, unhappy,     have been expelled or suspended from high                children everyday. Divorce statistics are out there
 udy also found that children   anxious, and insecure.                                 school.                                                  for everyone to see, but a child of a divorced fam-
 married parents were much              Aside from divorced marriages impacting             Keeping in mind that not all children from sep-     ily is not a statistic. There are individuals who can
 ceived professional help for   children's behavior and emotions, it takes a great     arated families end up with difficulties throughout      be taken by the hand and walked through the expe-
 ral problems than children     toll on their academic achievements also. A 1993       life, many do, and there is documented research to       rience of a divorce and result in a perfectly normal
 gical parents.                 study by Dr. Nicholas Zill found that children of      back up every statistic. A divorce within a family       life, just as kids from "together" households.
Page Six                                                                                                                                                                     The Talon

Weikel speaks out on draft                                                                                                                                      Veterans
                                             One day, however, he got a
                                       notice from the government say-
                                                                                                                   in high school, now I'm going to
                                                                                                                   be one?" he thought when he
                                                                                                                                                               about war
                                       ing that he was to report to
                                       Newark. He knew what it was
                                                                                                                   graduated college, but teaching
                                                                                                                   would help him feel good about
                                                                                                                                                               with Iraq
                                       for, but Vietnam never entered                                              himself, knowing he was doing
                                       his mind. As soon as he arrived,                                            something positive. He said that
                                       he knew he was getting into                                                 the only reason he went to col-
                                       something he didn't especially                                              lege was to use the government's
                                       want to get into. Everyone was                                              money for something he couldn't
                                       standing in lines and then split                                            afford. He blamed the govern-
                                       up, some into the Marines, some                                             ment for all the discomfort he
                                       to the Army and told that they                                              went through after Vietnam. He
                                       were being sent to basic training      Jack Weikel                          claimed that they "stripped him                 Ray Carroll
                                       camp in Fort Dix, New Jersey           (top left) holds his gun.            of his virginity of a young life."      “The President did the right
                                       then to Fort Polk, Louisiana. He      killed what they thought was the           At the time of the war, he         thing, but he should have gone
                                       still had no contact with home.       enemy, but it turned out to be a      would have given anything to go         in sooner. We would have
                                             Weikel and thousands of         buffalo. "That was a happy day. I     back to the steel mill. He would        caught them by surprise
                                       other men were shipped off to         was so glad that we hadn't killed     have given his life to go back and      instead of advertising the inva-
                                       Vietnam, a land that was com-         anyone. We ended up giving it to      see his parents, but now, it's a dif-   sion. Our troops tried to spare
                                       pletely foreign to them. It was       a local village for food." Mr.        ferent story. " I don't regret going    civilians where possible and
                                       sweltering, at least 100 degrees.     Weikel was awarded with many          to war and would never, ever,           treated the prisoners humanly.
Jack Weikel (holding the gun)
                                       Even though they were in              medals and accolades, including       give up the friendships and mem-        We should back out now and
makes a handsome soldier.
                                       Vietnam, the reality still hadn't     Bronze stars for valor and Purple     ories I made."                          let Iraq run their government.”
By Kate Dunn
                                       kicked in, and they "still didn't     Heart for wounds. Although the             As for the war today, he
                                       think anything was really going       medals were important, they did-      guarantees that no one will ever
     There was a song on the
                                       to happen to them". Also, people      n't really mean anything once he      be forced to serve in the Armed
radio that seemed to become the
                                       back home in the U.S. weren't         got home because he was too           Forces against their will. "I
theme song of Vietnam. "We've
                                       exactly being the best cheerlead-     embarrassed to show them              would bet all the money in my
gotta get out of this place, if it's
                                       ers. "Protesters really bothered      because of the protestors.            pocket to guarantee that you will
the last thing we ever do…" For
                                       us. They were protesting while             As he and his father drove       never get drafted. Vietnam killed
West Deptford High School's Mr.
                                       we were risking our lives,"           across the Burlington Bristol         the draft," Weikel believes. He
Jack Weikel, it was an anthem. At
                                       Weikel recalls.                       Bridge on his way home from the       would go to war, now, however.
a ripe nineteen years of age,                                                                                                                                      Howard Davidson
                                             Weikel said that there was so   military hospital, protesters         "After 9/11, all my old Army
Weikel was sent to a foreign                                                                                                                               "I do not approve of invading a
                                       much propaganda, convincing           blocked the road. They spit on        buddies and I agreed that we
place he had only heard of on the                                                                                                                          country that has done nothing
                                       the young draftees that it was        their car and yelled anti-war sen-    would go to war in a second. You
news: Vietnam.                                                                                                                                             to us."
                                       their duty to go to war. "It was      timents at them. Weikel's father      came to our house and killed
     Never the best student,
                                       almost like a pep rally. Everyone     kept telling him to disregard         innocent people. Now we will
Weikel had expected to just grad-
                                       was so excited to go to Vietnam,      them and that he was proud of         bring our vengeance to you!"
uate and get a job at the local
                                       but when we got there, it was         him, but Weikel was anything but           Although the anti-war pro-
steel mill like everyone else. He
                                       nothing like they told us."           proud. He felt embarrassed and        testers have the right to protest,
made $8 an hour, an extremely
                                             During the course of the war,   he swore he would "never wear         Mr. Weikel says that he wishes
good wage for that time. He
                                       Weikel was part of the Long           that uniform again."                  that people would be more sup-
knew that the United States was
                                       Range Recon Patrol (LRRP), and             After the war, the govern-       portive of our soldiers. He knows
in conflict with Vietnam, but
                                       he would go out for weeks at a        ment paid for Mr. Weikel's col-       what its like to risk his life at war
never thought it would result in
                                       time to engage the enemies. He        lege tuition. He went to Trenton      and come to home and have peo-                 Chris Kasakowski
anything serious. The draft was
                                       remembers that they would             State College where he got his        ple torture him.
in effect, but no one ever thought                                                                                                                         I will be the 4th generation in my
                                       "walk forever, and wait all night     teaching degree. "I didn't like
that he would be drafted…there                                                                                                                             family to serve in the United
                                       to take out the enemy." Once they     most of my teachers when I was
were enough soldiers, right?                                                                                                                               States Military, but I do not feel

 A POW has an American dream
                                                                                                                                                           obligated to join; I wish to pro-
                                                                                                                                                           tect the people I know and the
                                                                                                                                                           land I love.

                             By     Andy     governmental system might have been          hero, and I admire him. Surely, there
                             Elberson        changed. Hitler or one of his heirs          will be many more wars and battles to
                                             could be in control, which would             be fought in America's future, and we
                             In World        greatly affect the way we live today.        will be able to stand up to these threats
                            War II, my       Hitler was a sick man with hatred            and come out victorious. Troops over-
                            grandfather      towards everything and everyone that         seas fighting for our freedom need our
                            fought the       was unknown to him: Jews, Africans,          help. They need the support of the
                            German           and any other person who wasn't pure         civilians of their home country. With
                            Nazis, and       German with blonde hair and blue             the country at their back, they gain
                            he was cap-      eyes.                                        confidence and fight stronger.
                            tured.   He           It is because of men like my                 Someday, when we do go to war
                            was a POW        grandfather that we have the freedoms        again, we will have troops fighting for
 for six months. While he was being          we do today. The United States has           our freedoms, and they will have the
 held, he and thirty others were on work     security; we have the power to stand         support of the country at their back as
 detail for four months. He had to cut       up to countries and take them down.          the troops in Iraq have the support of
 down pine trees, and then re-plant          We are the strongest nation in the           the country today. I admire not just my
 them in the spring.                         world. The other past wars have con-         grandfather for fighting, but all veter-
     If men like my grandfather had          tributed to our current state as well.       ans, and current soldiers, fighting to
 not fought for our country, we might             All this is due fully to the men and    protect us.
 be living in a different area or even       women fighting in the wars like my
 speaking a different language. Our          grandfather. My grandfather is my
                                                                                                                                      Mr. Elberson as a young soldier

Wiler’s view on the war with Iraq
By Louise Wiler                             The feeling I have right now     feelings by protesting, making        The teenagers of the USA also
                                       is the scariest I have ever had.      Web sites, and even doing             have feelings that aren't being
         How would you feel if         After learning about the              speeches. The teens are also part     shared with everyone. Most of
you were a young adult and your        Holocaust and how people were         of the United States, and during      us are scared.
country was going to war, and          killed, I am scared that this may     this time, we should at least get          The effects on our genera-
you couldn't do anything but           be World War III, and I may be        the right to say what we believe.     tion are not being taken into con-
worry? You are pretty much told        the person who other children are          We, the young adults of          sideration. We all need to see that
you have no say in this tragic         learning about fifty years from       today, know a lot more than what      our country is more than the ages
time. I am a fifteen-year-old girl,    now. My peers and I have been         the government gives us credit        of eighteen and older. the whole
and I am living in this war.           trying to find ways to show our       for.                                  country should be involved.                  Wiler
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Lights, Camera, Action:
"Hello, Dolly!" hits the stage

From left, Suzie McMichael, Megan Edwards, Kaitlin Bairstow, and Ed Schwebel entice the audience.

   By Desiree Massari                         a tense situation but everybody          Other cast members include Melissa
                                              seemed to cooperate in the end,"         Coats as Ernestina Money.
      From the brilliant opening night to     Melissa Barna, who played the title          "The entire cast fit their parts per-
   the tearful senior walk, "Hello,           character, Dolly Gallagher-Levi, says.   fectly. They were able to supply the
   Dolly!" was a huge success. With             Casey Cipriani, who played Mrs.        talent and energy to bring each differ-
   practices lasting up to four hours, the    Irene Molloy states, "It got progres-    ent character to life on stage," Mrs.
   hard work put into perfecting the play     sively better every time we per-         Schramm explains.
   finally paid off.                          formed. Saturday was the best per-          "It's crazy!" laughs Dustin Flannery
      "I have been directing musicals at      formance."                               who was seen as Cornelius Hackl.
   West Deptford High School for twen-           The show sold out two of the three      "It's a great show," claims Tara Oslin
   ty years. In that time, I have seen the    nights it was performed. "It went very   who played Minnie Faye. "I have a
   cast size double and the quality of the    well," Scott Blackburn, who played       blast in most of the shows I do."
   production improve immeasurably.           Barnaby Tucker, says, "probably even           Most of the seniors plan to do
   The students at West Deptford High         better than last year's show."           something involving musical theater         The feature dancers excites all with a fast-paced
   School become more talented every               Hello Dolly was about a match-      in the future whether it be performing      number.
   year," states Mrs. Susan Schramm           maker named Dolly, who is a widow        in college or majoring in it.
   who directed this year's spring musi-      that has fallen in love with a widower   "Whatever I end up doing in the
   cal, "Hello, Dolly!"                       named Horace Vandergelder, played        future, theater will always be a big
       Schramm explains, "I have been         by Javier Velasquez. While setting       part of my life," Cipriani states.
   directing a total of thirty-two years      herself up, Dolly also sets up           Cipriani also says, "I have a love and
   and enjoy it as much today as I did        Cornelius Hackl and Irene Molloy,        passion for musical theater. It is my
   when I started. I think I learn some-      and Minnie Faye and Barnaby Tucker.      'thing' and I love to participate in it."
   thing new with every show and cast."       Even after all that, she is trying to         Barna claims, "The opportunities
   The show usually isn't performed           gain Horace's approval for his niece,    theater brings are very beneficial and
   until the end of April; this year it was   Ermengarde, played by Susan              bring out aspects of your personality
   performed in late March. "Since the        MacMichael, to marry Ambrose             you never expected could be there."
   show was over a month earlier, it was      Kemper, played by Tom Morris.               Overall Mrs. Schramm says, "With

                                                                                                                                   The male cast displays some advanced dance skills.
 Photos courtesy of the Yearbook

Dustin Flannery, Javier Velasquez, and Scott Blackburn                                                                 Tom Morris and Melissa Barna

                                                                        Tim Segado and Sarah Keller
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 Layton lives on the edge

                                                                                                                             Layton poses next to his Yamaha 2000 GP1200R Millenium
Layton demonstates a “Superman” on his jet ski.
                                                                                                                             Edition ski.

Extreme jet skiing is his gig
By Aimee Patterson                             550 stand up race ski. He enjoys going to            However, if you try to stick those
                                               Corson's Inlet in Sea Isle/Strathmere.        tricks, you can pay a price if you make one
     Ever wonder what your teachers do          "I have been many other places such as       wrong move. Layton has had three sets of
with their spare time or what they do on       Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, and         stitches, including two sets in his head and
the weekends? Some of you may think            New York, but there is no place like          one set on his chin. He has also broken his
they sit at home and grade papers all          Corson's Inlet," says Layton. "You have       collarbone trying to pull off the daring
weekend or work on their class plans or        the best of both worlds. You can go out       Cliffhanger because the wave was too
even try their best to avoid seeing their      and jump six to eight foot waves or you       small.
students other than in the classroom. But      can go in the backwater and ride in all the          His biggest piece of advice is just to
some teachers do actually have lives other     flat water you want."                         be safe. Layton says, "Make sure you
than teaching, and one of our teachers              Besides jet-skiing with his friends,     know how your machine operates; go to as
lives an "extreme" life outside of school.     Layton likes to ride with his wife, former    many boating classes as possible so that
     If you have ever had the chance to        1993 W.D. graduate, Kim Coughlin who          you know how to navigate in the water."
have Mr. Layton as a gym teacher or held       also owns her own jet ski and his brother-    He also advises to always be observant of
a conversation with him between classes,       in-law. When the weather is nice, you can     your riding area. During low tide, make
you might describe him as a stern and seri-    find them out in the water often.             sure you take a look around and keep in
ous teacher at school, but outside of               His favorite trick to do is the          mind where things are in the water. "Lots
school, he is transformed into a "truly        Cordova, hooking your ankles on the han-      of people think just because they can't see
extreme and energetic competitor," says        dlebars and turning yourself inside out and   it, it's not there," he says. Finally don't get
Mr. Kirschner, a friend of Layton's. In        finishing facing the back of the jet ski      overconfident and ride beyond your abili-
fact, Layton, Kirschner, and Mr. Dixon, all    upside down. The hardest tricks to pull off   ty because this is when most accidents
teachers at West Deptford, enjoy jet-skiing    are "the Cliffhanger and a Bar Hop,"          happen. Always have someone with you
in their spare time.                           according to Layton. For these, you need      at all times, and never ride alone.
     Layton started getting involved in the    to have big waves to have enough time to             Layton would like to one day produce
sport seven years ago, when he got his first   stick those tricks. On a good day, he says    a video with Mr. Kirschner based on jet
jet ski. He owns three jet skis, a 2000        you can usually see him stick the tricks      skiing, and according to Kirschner, it's a
Yamaha GP1200R, a 1995 Yamaha Wave             you see the MotoX guys do in the X            "done deal."
Raider, and a custom built Kawasaki JS         Games Freestyle Competition.

                                                                                                                                               Layton executes a “no-hander.”

Photos by Ray Kirschner

 Layton performs a “double can-can.”                           Layton skiis with his friends, Kirschner and Dixon.              Layton exhibits the “cat walk.”

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