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									For Faculty Search Committees:
Improving Female and
Underrepresented Minority
           Last revision: April 2008

Purpose of This Document
 Highlight and summarize procedures that minimize
 gender biases in a faculty search
    Research indicates that everyone (regardless of race or
    gender) may perceive and treat people differently, based
    on numerous factors (their school attended, academic
    advisor, gender, race, social status, hobbies, etc.)
    Biases are non-conscious (as opposed to outright
 Procedures also useful for underrepresented
 minority (URM) candidates
 Increase the (short-term and long-term) success
 rate for recruiting excellent faculty
    Information is geared towards junior-level searches
 Detailed information provided in Supplement

*more broadly, minority-serving universities   4
Search Authorization Timeline
 Spring: Dean works with chairs for hiring targets

 Early June: Dean submits hiring plan to Provost

 June and July: Provost considers requests

 August: Provost meets with each Dean

 September: Provost gives verbal agreement to hire

 Late September – Early October: Provost gives
 written (official) notice to hire
           Recruiting Process Timeline
                     Jun-Aug                  Sept-Nov    Nov-Jan                     Dec-Feb      Feb-Apr         Feb-Apr        All year

  Stage #                1                       2             3                         4             5               6

                     Decide on                Evaluate     Select the                              Select the                    Develop the
                                                                                                                   Close the
                      search                  applicant   short-listed                Interview       top                         candidate
                      criteria                packages    candidates                              candidate(s)                      pool
                                  Search Ad

Equity & Diversity


                                              Be aware
                                                          Invite at                               Be aware of     Work on
                     Actively                 of non-                                                                            Go beyond

                                                          least one                   Present     possible        non-

                     seek out                 conscious                                                                          what our
                                                          qualified                   the         gender          professional
                     female and               biases in                                                                          peer
                                                          female and                  WorkLife    difference in   aspects of
                     minority                 package                                                                            institutions
                                                          minority                    brochure    commun.         offer
                     candidates               and rec.                                                                           are doing
                                                          candidate                               style           package

       Specific Action Items
Pre-advertisement (Stage 1)

           Decide if search will be broad or narrow
           Seek out applications from female/URM candidates
Evaluating all the applications (Stage 2)
           Decide on criteria before evaluating applications
           Be aware of biases in rec. letters, applic. packages
           “Grade” all applications for initial screen
Choosing candidates for campus visit (Stage 3)
           Use detailed rating system to select candidates
           Don’t rank-order the candidate pool
           Arrange for interviews to occur in short time-frame
                              Specific Action Items
During each campus visit (Stage 4)

            Designate a faculty member as his/her host
            Offer meetings with folks with similar background
            Don’t ask illegal questions; use Work/Life brochure
            Ask some “standardized” questions during meetings
After each campus visit – Evaluating all finalists (Stage 5)
            Use a rating system to gauge candidates’s potential
            Be aware of any biases during your interactions
Informing the top choice (Stage 6)
            Ask if someone else will help in decision-making
            Work on non-professional aspects of package
Recruiting Committee
 Chair:     Michael Wong CHBE mswong@rice.edu
 Co-Chair: Cecilia Clementi CHEM cecilia@rice.edu

 Pedro        Alvarez      CEE    alvarez@rice.edu
 Jung Hae     Suh          BIOE   jsuh@rice.edu
 Cynthia      Johnson      CEEE   cjj1983@rice.edu
 Barry        Dunning      P&A    fbd@rice.edu
 Marcie       O'Malley     MEMS   omalleym@rice.edu
 Giovanni     Fossati      P&A    gfossati@rice.edu
 Mary Ellen   Lane         BCB    melane@rice.edu
 Joe          Warren       CS     jwarren@rice.edu

 Jan Rinehart, Executive Director Jan.rinehart@rice.edu
 Kisha McRae-Kennedy, Coordinator knm2@rice.edu

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