Ski Vermont and Cabot Creamery invite you to go on a Ski Vermont Nordic
                                                                  Quest. The Nordic Quests are FUN, you will get some fresh air and
                                                                  EXERCISE, and you will LEARN something new.

                                                                  Go to the Kidzone at to view the Nordic Quests avail-
                                                                  able at Vermont cross country areas. Check back often. Nordic Quests will be
                                                                  added throughout the season. Decide which Nordic Quest you will go on today.
                                                                  Next, print the clues and map (if a link is included). Then, head out on your
                                                                  Nordic Quest. Some cross country areas will have clues printed for you.

                                                                  What is it? Nordic Quest is a treasure hunt. Follow clues and hunt for the
                                                                  treasure on your cross county skis.

                                                                  What if I don‛t know how to cross country ski? You can learn! Take a lesson

                                                                  What if I don‛t own equipment? Equipment rentals are available at most cross
                                                                  country ski areas in Vermont.

                                                                  Where can I learn more about cross country skiing in Vermont? Go to www.

         2008 Participating Vermont Areas                                       HOW TO MAKE AND USE YOUR LOG BOOK
Bolton Valley Nordic Center, 802.434.6876, Bolton                      Buy a small notebook and use the stickers to decorate it, or make your own by
                                                                  printing this form on letter sized paper (8 ½ in x 11 in). Fold the piece of paper in half
Hazen‛s Notch Association, 802.326.4799, Montgomery Center        first along the shorter side so the pictures and words are on the outside and the inside
Highland Lodge and Ski Touring Center, 802.533.2647, Greensboro   is blank. Then fold it in half again along the longer side. This is your cover with “My
Morse Farm Ski Touring Center, 802.223.0090, Montpelier           Nordic Quest Log Book” on the front.
Mountain Top Inn and Resort, 802.483.6089, Chittenden
                                                                       To make the inside of the Log Book, cut some paper in half to measure
Okemo Valley Nordic Center, 800.78.OKEMO, Ludlow                  8 ½ in x 5 ½ in. Fold the paper in half to make a small notebook. Insert the small note-
Smugglers‛ Notch Nordic Center, 802.644.1173, Smugglers‛ Notch    book inside the cover that you made. Staple the booklet so all the papers are secure.
Trapp Family Lodge XC Ski Center, 802.253.5755, Stowe             Use the stickers to decorate your booklet or notebook to make it your very own. You
                                                                  can also draw pictures or add other stickers.
Woodstock Ski Touring Center, 802.457.6674, Woodstock
Visit for an updated list of areas                 Write on the top of a page which Quest you are going to do and the date. When
                                                                  you go on a Nordic Quest, you should have your Nordic Quest Log Book so you can write
                                                                  notes about the Quest. After you follow the clues and find the Nordic Quest treasure
                                                                  box, mark your Log Book with the stamp that you find.

                                                                      After you complete six Nordic Quests you can WIN A PRIZE. Send a copy of
                                                                  your stamps along with your name and address (or your original Nordic Quest Log Book
                                                                  – we will mail it back) from six completed Nordic Quests to: Ski Vermont, attn. Nordic
                                                                  Quest, PO Box 368, Montpelier, VT 05601. Write a note and tell us about your Nordic
                                                                  Quest adventure. Which Quest was your favorite? Why? Which was your least
                                                                  favorite? Your answers might be listed on the Nordic Quest web site!

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