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									Student Peer Editing Student Reader: Student Writer:
 Read the student paper you’ve been given and respond to the following questions. You will need a copy of
the reading and the sample from “This Week in Lab.” Once you’ve answered the questions below, return this
sheet to the student writer with the summary draft. The student will make the changes based on your
observations and turn this paper, the 1st summary draft, and the revised draft into the instructor.
1. Does the student paper have a header and a page number in the upper right corner?

2. Is there a heading on the left side of the paper, double-spaced? Does the heading have the student’s
name, English AL, the lab instructor’s name, and the correctly formatted date (day month year)?

3. Is there a centered title? If it is the title of the article, is it set off in quotation marks?

4. Did the student introduce the article properly as shown in the sample? Does the student mention the
article’s title in quotes? Is the author’s name given? Is the main point mentioned?

5. Does the length of the paper match the assignment of ¾ of a page?

6. Compare the written summary to the original article. On the summary circle or highlight any content words
which appear both in the paper and in the article.

7. If there are matches, how can the student change the language to avoid plagiarism?

8. Can you identify any obvious grammar errors to assist the student in his/her revision?

9. Did the student reference the author’s name anywhere in the paper besides the first sentence?

10. Is there personal opinion in the summary or are there judgmental words?

11. Does the student use transition words between the main points?

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