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					Symptoms of autism in children is a thing that is still taboo for some parents or even frightening. However, autistic symptoms can be treated with therapy through diet. The food served consists of course materials free of substances trigger autism. Therapy for autism disorders are conducted in a comprehensive biomedical therapy. Children suffering from autism are usually allergic to food. Setting the right foods will help reduce autistic disorder. Autism Tree Therapy Through Food In general, autistic children was allergic to some foods such as shrimp, fish, wheat, eggs, and much more. If the child is allergic to certain foods then the provision of food is inevitable but not necessarily to be stopped because as we get older the child, feeding can be started again gradually. Foods that have the potential to produce substances trigger autism, among other foods containing gluten and casein. Gluten is a protein found in wheat flour, oat / wheat, and barley. While casein contained in milk and other processed products ie cheese and yogurt. Gluten and casein can be avoided by providing rice, cassava flour, soy milk, fruits, and vegetables. Besides flavoring substances and food coloring is also to be avoided in the presentation of food. Ordering food in a child needs to be done for example by providing foods that contain balanced nutrition to children such as vegetables and fruit in order to repair cells damaged. When cooking choose healthy oils such as vegetable oil, corn oil, sunflower oil, and soybean oil. It also needs to avoid some foods are like (junk food) and sugar, especially in children who suffer from hyperactivity and fungal infections. Sugar can be replaced by fructose (such as honey) because of slower absorption of sugar.

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