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									                  Study Guide Questions for Carl Sagan's Book
          Science as a Candle in the Dark - The Demon-Haunted World
Read the assigned Chapter in the book and answer each question carefully in your own handwriting. You must
write enough to demonstrate your knowledge of the material in each chapter. Typed copies of your answers are
NOT acceptable. You must turn your answers in before class to get credit. If you are going to be absent, you may
have another turn them in for you.

Questions - Chapter One
The Most Precious Thing

1. According to Carl Sagan, how does Science work?

2. Describe the development of Science.

3. What is pseudoscience? How doers it differ from erroneous science?

Questions - Chapter Two
Science and Hope

1. According to Carl Sagan, why has science been successful?

2. What is absolute certainty? How has the concept been misused?

3. Why does Carl Sagan feel that experiment is important?

Questions - Chapter Three
The Man in the Moon and the Face on Mars

1. Describe four examples of how humans perceive images in physical objects.

2. What is the history of seeing the canals on Mars? What caused them to be seen?

3. What does the face on Mars tell us about ourselves?

Questions - Chapter Four

1. What are the problems associated with the belief that Earth has been visited by beings from other worlds?

2. What is evidence? How does evidence differ between that of a lawyer and that of a scientist?

3. What are the major problems with the physical evidence of the crop circles in Great Britain?

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Questions - Chapter Five
Spoofing and Secrecy

1. What is spoofing? How does it impact the evidence for flying saucers and UFOs?

2. How does secrecy change the way people see things in their environment?

3. What kind of evidence would be necessary for a scientist to except the existance of an extraterrestrial being?

Questions Chapter Six

1. Describe how people dream. What is the physical / mental process?

2. How are hallucinations associated with sleep? Support your statements with evidence.

Questions - Chapter Seven
The Demon Haunted World

1. Describe the history of demons and their association with humanity.

2. What was wrong with the evidence presented at witch trials?

Questions - Chapter Eight
Difference between True and False Visions

1. What are Carl Sagan's problems with hypnosis based evidence?

2. Describe how visions have impacted humanity throughout history.

3. Explain Carl Sagan's position on alien abductions.

Questions- Chapter Nine

1. What does Carl Sagan say is wrong with child abuse evidence coming from therapy?

2. Describe the possible causes for having "forgotten" memories of past lives.

Questions - Chapter Ten
The Dragon in My Garage

1. How would Carl Sagan dispute a fire breathing dragon being in someone's garage?

2. What are the problems associated with keeping an open mind?

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Questions - Chapter Eleven
City of Grief

1. Pick three examples of evidence or claims and explain what is wrong with them.

Questions - Chapter Twelve
The Fine Art of Baloney Detection

1. Describe the tools for Baloney Detection suggested by Carl Sagan.

2. Explain three kinds of arguments that are commonly used but are really false.

Questions - Chapter Thirteen
Obsessed with Reality

1. What did Carlos do in Australia?

2. How does science handle hoaxes?

Questions - Chapter Fourteen

1. What is new age doctrine? What is its basis? How should we deal with it?

2. What is the impact of culture on science?

Questions - Chapter Fifteen
Newton's Sleep

1. What is the relationship between science and religion?

Questions - Chapter Sixteen
When Scientists Know Sin

1. What responsibilities do scientists have to humanity?

2. What ethical problems to scientist encounter as they conduct their research activities?

Questions - Chapter Seventeen
The Marriage of Skepticism and Wonder

1. What burdens does science exchange for its gifts?

2. What is CSICOP and how does it work?

3. Why are scientists so skeptical?

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Questions - Chapter Eighteen
The Wind Makes Dust

1. How are ancient survival techniques related to science?

Questions - Chapter Nineteen
No Such Thing and a Dumb Question

1. What does Carl Sagan believe is wrong with America's Science Education system?

2. Why is it hard to teach and learn science?

Questions - Chapter Twenty-two
Significance Junkies

1. What does Carl Sagan mean when he used the term Significance Junkies?

2. What are significant figures?

Questions Chapter Twenty-four
Science and Witchcraft

1. What is the witchcraft of the modern world?

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