National Board Dental Examination Testing Checklist by mercy2beans119


									               National Board Dental Examinations: Part I and Part II
                    National Board Dental Hygiene Examination

                                    Testing Checklist

1.   Bring two original, current forms of identification (ID) to the testing center:

       a) One government issued ID, bearing a photograph and a signature (i.e. driver
          license or passport)

       b) One ID bearing a signature (i.e. social security card, credit card, debit card,
          library card)

2. The name on your application and your IDs must match exactly or you will be
   denied entry to testing and forfeit all examination fees.

        (Matching names: Joseph Anthony Smith and Joseph Anthony Smith)

        (Non-matching names: J. Anthony Smith and Joseph A. Smith and/or Joseph
        Anthony Smith-Johnson)

3. No personal items are allowed in the secure testing area. Secure all personal
   items, including your cell phone, in the assigned locker at the testing center. See the
   NBDE Part I Guide, NBDE Part II Guide, or the NBDHE Guide for examples of
   personal items.

4. Immediately contact the Test Center Administrator with questions or concerns
   about testing conditions; do not wait until you leave the testing center or complete
   the examination. Candidates who experience concerns about scheduling issues,
   testing conditions, or any unresolved problem should inform the Test Administrator
   before leaving the test center and record this information in the appropriate section of
   the post-test survey. For issues requiring further action, examinees must contact the
   JCNDE office within five business days of the testing appointment. Candidates,
   who experience an emergency on the day of testing which prevents them from
   testing, must contact the JCNDE office within five business days of the testing

5. National Board Candidates will receive a Notice of Completion upon completion
   of the examination and prior to leaving the testing center.


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