November 2007 English lessons keep going... The English lessons

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					                                           November 2007

                               English lessons keep going...
                             The English lessons at VMCM are so successful, that Helly
                      and Morten had to divide the participant to 2 groups! Kids keep
                      coming from the children’s home, and since the really enjoy it,
                       they also bring their friends from the home.
                              „I feel so happy during the lessons. Every time with kids
                        we learning a lot of new things. I hope we will keep going this
                way and I can show to them how interesting can be the English
language learn through games and different occasions. I will do my best to be good
successor of Morten’s work“, said Helly after the second lesson.

                          LARP – seminar in Poland .

                         Our volunteer Helly, and Angela, who helps us at the Centre went to
                     Poland for an interesting seminar. At this seminar they learned a lot
                     about different occupations with children, they met people from 10
                     different countries, who could be partners of VMCM in
                     different project in the future. But the best of all was
that Helly and Angela have an opportunity to become part of the LARP
DREAM TEAM and to learn a lot how to perform Live Action Role playing
Games and use them at the VMCM activities. Also they visit Krakow and
Bochnia and for both girls that was a great experience and chance to gain
more knowledge about this beautiful cities and culture of Poland in general.

                                      Morten left...

                                       The end of November was a sad time for whole
                             VMCM team and the kids at the Center. After one year in
                             Velky Meder our volunteer from Denmark left. Morten did a
                             lot about development of the Center. During his EVS stay he
                             organized a lot of different activities, especially connected
with his favourite field – Sport. We really miss our friend, but we all happy about him
because immediately after he come back to Denmark Morten find a great job. We wish
him good luck at his „new life“ and hope he will never forget about VMCM and soon will
come to visit us!

                                Good luck, Morten! We love you!
          Italian girl?!?
            “What is better than Italian food?” - of course – the Italian girls. The whole team of
 VMCM are crossing fingers and hoping that Slovakian National Agency will approve the EVS
    project of the new candidate for volunteer in VMCM, Cristina and she will come at the
 beginning of February. Cristina is 29 old girl from beautiful Italy. She has a lot of experience
 with kids and we are pretty sure that she will became an integral part of VMCM team and will
                               teach children a lot of new things.

                                        If you ask us:
                               “What is brand new in Velky
                      Meder this month?”
The answer is pretty simple – VMCM has new colours. We
was thinking about painting the place for a long time and at the
  end this             become reality. We are thankful to the students
                         from school in near village called Okoc, because they
                        made the painting. Now the entrance with the staircase and the
                           mirror-room of our Center looks brand new. „I hope that in
                        January we can re-paint the main room of the Center and make
                        the place even nicer for our young visitors“, said Judit after the
                         boys from Okoc has finished the work. We are looking forward
                                                    to do that!

        So that was it – the November in VMCM - a wonderful month
full of joy, fun, smiling kids and interesting things to do. We hope we
can safe this wonderful spirit for a long time!

                                                                     VMCM team