Il 30 ottobre 2008 e' stata firmata la Lettera

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					An agreement between FT System S.r.l. and AROL S.p.A. has been closed on 30th October 2008 for a
close cooperation in an important project for the development on the international markets.

FT System has experienced a 10-year long steady growth, progressively establishing as leader company
in Italy in the manufacturing of control and inspection systems for filling lines and gaining remarkable
market shares (over 50% of the national market and several references and applications in more than 60
countries all over the world).
Most FT System customers - both end users and OEM integrators - are companies operating on
international markets.
FT System technical staff is strongly oriented to product innovation and top quality, resulting in a wide
and complete range of inspection systems for any productive requirement.
FT System was motivated to find an industrial partner for sharing an ambitious project for the company
growth and internationalization by the strong will to compete on the global market, still offering the
best service for meeting the customers' needs.

FT System and Arol have immediately shared all main topics on the opportunity of developing together
the FT System activity; manifold similarities were found, such as:
     same reference markets (bottling and packaging, mainly in beverage, food, chemical and
     product complementarity;
     common needs for sales channels both for END USER customers and OEM integrators;
     top service care;
     same positioning on the market for both companies, at top quality levels.

FT System and Arol have thus agreed a project for the growth and internationalization of FT System,
defining in particular:
    to keep the autonomy of the specific Business model of FT System, still developed under the
        same management;
    the business limits and contents in short, medium and long terms;
    the reference values and policies;
    a strong innovative boost of the products;
    the possibility of integrating both commercial and service facilities;
    the opportunity of using the positioning complementarity, benefiting of the various featuring
        skills and relevant market shares.

A letter of intents has been signed as a guarantee for the project and involves Arol entering FT System
company capital.

Forestelli Fabio (President of FT System):

“Choosing Arol as partner to implement the internationalization project of FT System was motivated
by the many industrial similarities and by the potential of Arol, which has been on the reference market
for decades and featuring direct branches in various continents. The high personal affinities between
the managements have been the basis for reaching an agreement and guarantee the positive project

Alberto Cirio (Managing director of AROL S.p.A.):

“The strong attitude to product innovation following and forecasting the evolution of customers' needs,
the precise will to reach top quality levels and the natural inclination to the business growth and
internationalization, that have always featured AROL, have been fully shared with FT System team and
are the pre-condition for accelerating the business of both companies, thanks to the industrial and
commercial synergies that will be immediately activated”.