Muscle_of_medial_thigh by anolan424


									Medial muscles of the thigh
Muscle Adductor Longus Proximal Attachment Body of the pubis inferior to pubic crest Body and inferior ramus of pubis Adductor part: inferior ramus of pubis, ramus of ischium Hamstring part: ischial tuberosity Distal Attachment Middle third of linea aspera of femur Innervation Main Action Adducts thigh

Adductor Brevis

Adductor magnus

Obturator nerve (L2, L3, and L4) but mainly L3 Pectineal line Obturator nerve and proximal (L2, L3, and part of linea L4) but mainly aspera of femur L3 Adductor part: Adductor part: gluteal Obturator nerve tuberosity, linea (L2,L3 and L4) aspera, medial but mainly L3 supracondylar and L4 line Hamstring part: adductor tubercle of femur Superior part of medial surface of tibia Trochanteric fossa of femur Hamstring part: tibial part of sciatic nerve (L4) Obturator nerve (L2, and L3) but mainly L2 Obturator nerve (L3 and L4) but mainly L4

Adducts thigh and to some extent flexes it Adducts thigh; its adductor part also flexes thigh and its hamstring part extends the thigh


Body and inferior ramus of pubis Margins of obturator foramen and obturator membrane

Obturator externus

Adducts thigh, flexes leg, and helps rotate it medially Laterally rotates thigh; steadies head of femur in acetabulum

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