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									                         Advanced Photovoltaic Modules...
                         Better for the Environment, Better for Business, Better for Life

How Federal Prison Industries (FPI) can make               Built to Last
renewable energy work for you:                             Our multi-crystalline PV modules are produced at
                                                           our Otisville, NY facility, which operates in an ISO
• Availability of affordable, environmentally              9001, Lean Six Sigma environment. Our modules are
  sound and energy efficient solar panel modules           high quality, competitively priced and guaranteed
                                                           for 25 years of service.
• Wide range of solar panel business options
                                                           The modules are made for heavy-duty, commercial use,
• Complete turn-key services and support                   built for rugged conditions and are highly temperature-,
• Government agency that can help organizations            weather- and impact-resistant for years of providing
                                                           clean, efficient solar energy. To harness additional
  meet federal renewable energy guidelines                 power, our PV modules are easily interconnected
                                                           for use on buildings, in arrays or at remote locations.
Available, Affordable, Environmentally
Sound Solar Panels                                         Solar Facility
Because FPI’s PV modules are domestically sourced          The 160 workers and 14 staff members at FPI’s Otisville
and produced, we can provide federal customers with        facility are highly trained in PV process technology,
assured availability, affordable and environmentally       and certified and licensed for high-reliability soldering
sound multi-crystalline solar panel products. We have      to exacting military specifications.
a significant manufacturing capability of 25 mega          Otisville is part of the FPI Electronics Business Group,
watts of solar power a year, with plans to dramatically    which plays a critical role in supplying electrical com-
increase production in the coming years.                   ponents and equipment for the U.S. military, Homeland
                                                           Security and other federal agencies. The Electronics
Turn-key Services and Support                              Group is one of seven business groups within FPI.
FPI is prepared to provide complete turn-key services
and support on behalf of federal government agencies.      Whether you need high quality photovoltaic solar
Our complete range of services include: complete project   panel modules, predictable and controlled energy
management, customized technology solutions, renewable     sourcing, on-site energy supply, federal government
energy systems design, facility enhancements & upgrades,   procurement expertise, Federal Prison Industries is
installation and operations & maintenance.                 the natural solution!

Meeting Federal Agency                                     Turn-key Services and Support
Renewable Guidelines                                       • Turn-key Services—FPI works closely with a solar
Renewable energy technologies are changing and               power provider and installer that can design, deliver
proving more difficult to implement. FPI can provide         and install a solar power system at your location
you with the expertise and guidance to help meet the       • Energy Service Company (ESCO)—Partnership between
EPAct05 and Executive Order 13423 new federal                an ESCO and FPI will result in a performance contract
energy renewable guidelines.                               • Developer/Integrator—For turn-key systems
                                                           • Sub-contractor—For turn-key systems
Outside Dimensions:                1638 X 982 X 35 mm
Construction:                      High-efficiency multi-crystalline silicon cell technol-
                                   leading to exceptional performance even in low light
                                   conditions; heavy-duty corrosion-resistant aluminum
                                   frame with convenient mounting access.
Maximum Power Rating:              220 watts
                                                                                             About FPI
Cell Size:                         156 mm x 156 mm                                           Federal Prison Industries is a self-funded,
Cell Count:                        60                                                        self-supporting government corporation
                                                                                             that provides technical training and
Total number of strings:           6
                                                                                             meaningful work experience to federal
Weight (lbs):                      50                                                        inmates. Many inmates in FPI’s program
Temp. Coeff. of Voltage (%/ºC):    -0.36                                                     have become productive citizens and
                                                                                             support their families, saving taxpayers
Temp. Coeff. of Isc (%/°C):        +0.06                                                     money and benefiting society. Doing
Temp. Coeff. of Power (%/ °C):     -0.43                                                     business with FPI is a great way to put
                                                                                             your federal procurement dollars to work.
Maximum System Voltage (Vdc):      1000
Maximum Series Fuse, (A):          15                                                        FPI is entering a new era with initiatives
                                                                                             to transform and redefine business with
NOCT (ºC):                         46 ± 3 ºC
                                                                                             federal government agencies and military
Operating Temperature (ºC):        -40 to +85 ºC                                             installations. FPI’s Continuous Quality
Efficient and Rugged:              Highly transparent tempered glass delivering more         Improvement program boosts quality
                                   power and ensuring high impact resistance and             levels, operational efficiency and cost
                                   protection against hail, snow, ice and storms.            effectiveness while maintaining rigorous
                                                                                             quality standards.
Warranty Program:                  25 Year Limited Warranty on 80% of Power Output
                                   12 Year Limited Warranty on 90% of Power Output           FPI is fully committed to green energy
                                   5 Year Limited Warranty on Materials & Workmanship        products that will make our customers
Electrical Characteristics:                                                                  and the business environment more
                                                                                             meaningful and productive. Our
   Model            Q6LTT         Q6LTT            Q6LTT         Q6LTT          Q6LTT
 PVM220PS-          200(x)        205(x)           210(x)        215(x)         220(x)       organization’s focus is on creating
 Pmax (watts)        200           205              210           215            220         quality products while simultaneously
  Vmax (Vdc)         27.7          28.1             28.5          28.9           29.3        respecting the environment.
  Imax (Adc)         7.25          7.32             7.40          7.47           7.54
   Voc (Vdc)         36.1          36.3             36.5          36.8           37.0
   Isc (Adc)         7.78          7.84             7.90          7.96           8.02

 Max System          600           600              600           600            600
 Voltage (Vdc)

                              Federal Prison Industries – The Electronics Business Group
                               For more information contact Rae Sullivan at (202) 305-3976
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