APM's Automated Valuation Model (AVM)

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					APM’s Automated Valuation Model (AVM)
Powerful market intelligence for finance professionals

Delivering valuation services to finance professionals
since 2000, Australian Property Monitors’ AVM is the
most widely used property risk management service
developed for the Australian home loan industry.

APM’s AVM is an easy to use online tool that generates
an estimate of a property’s current market value using
comparable sales and statistical modeling.
                                                                      KEY BENEFITS
Utilising the latest in Dynamic Multi-Variant (DMV)
methodology, key features of our AVM include:                          Risk Reduction: ‘real time’ risk profile
•   Evaluates multiple and unique combinations of
    property characteristics in each local area                        Instant Turnaround: faster loan
•   Greater accuracy by using sophisticated geospatial
    calculations such as distance to bodies of water, train            Service & Support: local service
    lines and views                                                   teams provide face-to-face support

                                                                       Australian Know-How: developed in
                                                                      Australia and custom-built specifically
                                                                      for the Australian property market

                                                                       Australia-Wide Data: single source of
                                                                      data nation wide

                                                                       Up-To-Date: reliable, comprehensive
                                                                      and current data

                                                                       Multiple Access Platforms: via
                                                                      centralised, state, individual or
                                                                      in-field platforms

                                                                       Systems Integration: easily
                                                                      integrated into existing business
                                                                      processes and systems
Geospatial classification of coastal properties proximity to water.

                                                                       Customisation: incorporate your
•   Dynamic indexing looks at key attributes to                       businesses’ brand, preferences and
    determine the true value of a property and by using               policies
    adaptive hedonics, we ensure the most accurate

“AVMs can differ in the extent to which they are data
driven and model driven. APM’s AVM lies at the data
driven end of the spectrum. Its flexible structure allows it          FIND OUT MORE TODAY
to respond to local variations in the housing market.”
                                                                      To find out how Australian Property
Professor Robert Hill - School of Economics,
                                                                      Monitors’ AVM can benefit your business,
University of New South Wales
                                                                      contact our sales team on 1800 817 616 or
                                                                      email valuations@apm.com.au