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									                                 LIST OF CONSULTANTS

                         Pennsylvania Historic Resource Survey Forms

                        National Register of Historic Places Nominations

In order to assist property owners and others interested in documenting properties for historical
registration, the Bureau for Historic Preservation (BHP) maintains a list of consultants, through
open request, who research and prepare Historic Resource Survey Forms and National Register
Forms on a professional basis.

Consultants' experience and fees vary widely. We strongly recommend that you examine the
qualifications and experience of several consultants, including recent examples of completed forms
and/or successful National Register forms, before contracting for work.

Both sponsor of nominations and their consultants should be aware that the BHP processes
applications for National Register listing on a priority basis (see attached list) and should also be
aware of current documentation requirements as presented in BHP publications: How to Complete
the Pennsylvania Historic Resource Survey Form and Pennsylvania Guidelines for Completing the
National Register Form. It must also be understood that the BHP determines whether
documentation of a property is sufficient for National Register evaluation and whether National
Register Forms are adequate and complete according to current federal and state standards. It is not
uncommon for the BHP to request additional information to assess nomination priority or complete
evaluation of a survey form. Also, National Register Forms are often returned for revisions before
they are scheduled for review by the Pennsylvania Historic Preservation Board. The Board meets
four times annually (call or write the BHP for a schedule). National Register Forms should be
received at least 120 days before the anticipated Board meeting date (60 days for
revised/resubmitted nominations).

For those interested in being listed as a consultant, please contact the Division of Preservation
Services, Bureau for Historic Preservation, Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission, Box
1026, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17108-1026 to obtain the form, Request To Be Added to National
Register Consultants List.

                                                                                 Updated 2/21/2003
                                    ORGANIZATION OF LIST

Parties included in this list have been asked to supply information on geographic and subject
preferences, professional qualifications, along with names, addresses and phone numbers.

Letter codes following each entry indicate the consultant's preference of geographic regions (see
attached map) and subjects for which they do nominations.

The first line of the letter code pertains to geographic regions as follows:

        AL = Allegheny Plateau
        SW = Southwestern Pennsylvania
        RV = Ridge and Valley
        AP = Anthracite Region and Poconos
        GV = Great Valley and Piedmont

Subject preferences are indicated on the second line of letter codes as follows:

        AR = Historic Buildings/Architecture
        EI = Engineering/Industrial Structures
        HD = Historic Districts
        PA = Prehistoric Archaeology
        HA = Historic Archaeology

Consultants who limit their services to a smaller geographic area than indicated by the letter codes
(eg., a single county or city) or specialize in specific subjects are so indicated.

Finally, the BHP has noted with an asterisk (*) those consultants who meet federal 36CFR61
Professional Qualifications for survey and nomination work. Although the BHP accepts
nominations from consultants and other preparers who do not meet these qualifications, it must be
understood that 36CFR61 Professional Qualifications must be met in all Federal, federally licensed
and assisted projects (including BHP Survey and Planning and Certified Local Government Grants).
*AMEC Earth & Environmental                       Architetto: Aleci
Mathia Scherer                                    Eugene L. Aleci, AIA
690 Commonwealth Center                           355 West Orange Street
11003 Bluegrass Parkway                           Lancaster, Pennsylvania 17603
Louisville, KY 40299                              (717) 393-1639
(502) 267-0700                                    AL SW RV AP GV
FAX (502) 267-5900                                AR HD Historic Investment Tax Credit
AL SW RV AP GV                                    *ASC, Inc.
AR HD                                             Deborah Dobson-Brown/Shuane Skinner
                                                  4620 Indianola Avenue
*American History Partnership                     Columbus, Ohio 43214
Judith Dulberger/Molly McNamara Sergi             (614) 268-2514
P.O. Box 2272                                     FAX (614) 268-7881
Youngstown, Ohio 44504                            AL SW RV AP GV
(216) 746-4428                                    AR EI HD PA HA
AR EI HD PA HA THEMATIC                           *Associates for Preservation & Planning
                                                  Patricia A. Maley, AICP
*Applied Archeological Services, Inc.             122 Compass Drive
Ryan J. Weller Von Molsdorff/Craig S. Keener      Claymont, Delaware 19703
1200 Chambers Road, Suite 204                     (302) 792-0730
Columbus, Ohio 43212                              RV AP GV
(614) 488-3700                                    AR EI HD
FAX (614) 488-3722
AL SW RV AP GV                                    *Auerbach, Kathryn Ann
AR EI HD PA HA                                    P.O. Box 39
                                                  Erwinna, Pennsylvania 18920
*Archeological and Historical Consultants, Inc.   (610) 294-8035
Conran A. Hay                                     GV
101 N. Pennsylvania Avenue                        AR EI HD
P.O. Box 482
Centre Hall, PA 16828                             Bartman, Robert E., AICP
(814) 364-2135/(814) 364-2143                     1324 Pike Street
AL SW RV AP GV                                    Reading, Pennsylvania 19604
AR EI HD PA HA                                    (610) 376-5684
                                                  RV AP GV
Architectural Heritage Association                AR HD HA
Joseph DeScipio
Box 1301                                          *Benenson, Carol A. and Associates
Scranton, Pennsylvania 18503                      510 South Sydbury Lane
(717) 842-0407                                    Wynnewood, Pennsylvania 19096
FAX (717) 842-6255                                (610) 649-7774
AL                                                AL SW RV AP GV
AR HD                                             AR HD
Brandywine Conservancy                         (215) 699-8006
Box 141                                        AL SW RV AP GV
Chadds Ford, PA 19317                          AR EI HD PA HA
(610) 388-8317
(610) 388-2700                                 *CRCG
GV                                             The Cultural Resource Consulting Group
AR HD                                          514 Cleveland Avenue
                                               Highland Park, New Jersey 08904
*Brown, Carlisle & Associates, Inc.            (732) 247-8880 FAX (732) 247-2888
Eliza Smith Brown & Ronald Carlisle            327 N. 17th St., PWI Building
175 Woodridge Drive                            Philadelphia, PA 19103
Carnegie, Pennsylvania 15106-1311               (215) 636-9569 FAX (215) 241-9114
(412) 279-5222 or (412) 683-5822               AL SW RV AP GV
Fax (412) 279-9924                             AR EI HD PA HA
AL SW RV AP GV                                 Rural Landscapes
                                               Cultural Resource Associates of Glenmoore
*Butler-Palmer, Carolyn                        Jane L. S. Davidson
Preservation Consultant                        P.O. Box 118
805 Chestnut Street                            Glenmoore, Pennsylvania 19343
Meadville, PA 16335                            (610) 942-3616
(814) 333-2538                                 AL SW RV AP GV
AL SW                                          AR EI HD HA
                                               *Jonathan E. Daily
*California University of Pennsylvania         815 Highland Avenue
Ronald L. Michael                              Johnstown, PA 15902
Dept. of Anthropology                          (814) 288-4685
California, Pennsylvania 15401                 Cambria, Indiana, Blair, Bedford,
(412) 938-4045                                 Somerset, and Clearfield Counties
SW                                             AR HD
                                               *Davis, Christine, Consultants, Inc.
Chester County Parks & Recreation Department   560 Penn Street
Government Services Center, Suite 160          Verona, PA 15147
601 Westtown Road                              (412) 826-0443
West Chester, Pennsylvania 19382-4534          FAX (412) 826-0458
(610) 344-6917                                 AL SW RV AP GV
GV                                             AR EI HD PA HA
All consultant work confined to agencies and   Deans, Thomas R., Associates
communities                                    28 N. Front Street
                                               Milton, PA 17847
*C.H.R.S., Inc.                                (570) 742-9684
403 East Walnut Street                         FAX (570) 742-9687
North Wales, Pennsylvania 19454
*Dorchester, Jane E.                           AR EI HD PA HA
19 S. Church Street, Apt. 2B, Rear
West Chester, PA 19382                         *Greenhorne & O'Mara, Inc.
610-431-3737                                   Julianne Mueller/Nancy Kassner
AP GV                                          9001 Edmonston Road
AR HD                                          Greenbelt, Maryland 22003
                                               (301) 982-2800
French & Pickering Creeks Conservation         AL SW RV AP GV
Trust/Estelle Cremers                          AR EI HD PA HA
Box 360, R.D. #2
Pottstown, Pennsylvania 19464                  *Grubb, Richard and Associates, Inc.
(610) 469-0150                                 PMB 166, 420 West Emmaus Ave.
GV                                             Allentown, PA 18103, and
AR HD                                          30 North Main Street, Cranbury, NJ 08512
                                               (610) 435-4525 and (609) 655-6092
*Gannett Fleming                               E-Mail and rgrubb@
John Martin/Johnette Davies          
P. O. Box 560                                  FAX (609) 655-3050
Hammonton, NJ 08037                            AL SW RV AP GV
(609)-561-4800                                 AR EI HD PA HA
FAX (609) 561-5812                              H2L2 Architects & Planners
AL SW RV AP GV                                 714 Market Street
AR EI HD PA HA                                 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19106
                                               (215) 925-5300
*Caroline L. Gavin                             AL SW RV AP GV
931 Spruce Street, Apt. C                      AR
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19107-5737
(215) 351-1106                                 Hammel Associates Architects, LLC
AR EI                                          Kenneth D. Hammel, AIA
                                               26 W. Orange Street
Glance & Associates, Inc.                      Lancaster, PA 17603
A. Richard Glance, President                   (717) 393-3713/FAX (717) 393-8227
94 Pilgrim Road                      
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15106                 AL SW RV AP GV
(412) 276-1245                                 AR EI HD
FAX (215) 276-8810                             Measured drawings on AUTOCAD
AR EI HD                                       *Hardlines Design Company
                                               Roy A. Hampton III, Senior Historian/Architectural
*Goodwin, R. Christopher, & Associates, Inc.   Historian
241 E. 4th Street, #100                        4608 Indianola Avenue
Frederick, Maryland 21701-5260                 Columbus, Ohio 43214
(301) 694-0428                                 (614) 784-8733
FAX (301) 695-0428                             FAX (614) 784-9336
AL SW RV AP GV                                 AL SW RV AP GV
                                               AR EI HD
*Heberling Associates
Judith Heberling/Scott Heberling                  Historic Research Associates
P. O. Box 376                                     Janet G. Murphy
Alexandria, PA 16611                              2823 E. Broad Street
 (814) 669-1280/(814) 669-1282                    Richmond, Virginia 23223                                 (804) 648-8507                         AL SW RV AP GV
AL SW RV GV                                       AR HD
                                                  *Historic York, Inc.
*Henry and Henry Preservation and Architectural   Melinda Higgins/Barb Raid
Consultants                                       P. O. Box 2312
Wm. R. Henry, Jr./Irene Jackson Henry             224 N. George Street
11850 Eden Trail                                  York, Pennsylvania 17405
Eagle, Michigan 48822                             (717) 843-0320 FAX (717) 845-6050
(517) 626-6912 FAX (517) 626-2412                 GV
eMAIL:                   AR, EI, HD
AR EI HD HA                                       Historical Land Research
Military Installations                            Estelle Cremers
                                                  1801 Ridge Road
*Heritage Conservancy                             Pottstown, Pennsylvania 19465
Jeffrey L. Marshall                               (610) 469-6977
85 Old Dublin Pike                                GV
Doylestown, Pennsylvania 18077                    AR HD
(215) 345-7020
FAX (215) 345-4328                                *Historic Resource Consultants, Inc.
AP GV                                             Bruce Clouette
AR HD                                             55 Van Dyke Avenue
                                                  Hartford, CT 06106
Historic Preservation Associates                  (860) 547-0268
Fred Mitchell                                     AL SW RV AP GV
P.O. Box 8933                                     AR EI
Cincinnati, Ohio 45208                            HABS/HAER
(513) 751-9629
AL SW RV AP GV                                    *Barbara C. Holmes
AR EI HD                                          Pennsbury Township Historical Commission
                                                  Box 333
*Historic Preservation Services                   Mendenhall, PA 19357
Charles H. Uhl, President                         (610) 793-3361
6711 Stanton Avenue                               GV
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15206                    AR EI HD HA
(412) 492-9100
AL SW RV AP GV                                    *Hunter Research
AR HD                                             Ian C. Burrow/Richard W. Hunter
714 S. Clinton Avenue                 (717) 961-1302
Trenton, NJ, 08611                    FAX (717) 961-3913
(609) 695-0122/(609) 695-0147         AP
AL SW RV AP GV                        AR EI HD
                                      *MAAR Associates, Inc.
*ICON Architecture, Inc.              Ronald L. Thomas/Lauren C. Archibald
Rita Walsh                            9 Liberty Plaza, P.O. Box 655
38 Chauncy Street                     Newark, Delaware 19715-0655
Boston, MA 02111                      (302) 368-5777
(617) 451-3333                        AL SW RV AP GV
FAX: (617) 451-1328                   AR EI HD PA HA
AL SW RV AP GV                        *The McKelvey Company
AR EI HD Landscapes                   Frank J. McKelvey, Jr.
                                      902 West 22nd Street
*Kevlin, Mary Joan                    Wilmington, Delaware 19802
1310 Mahantongo Street                (302) 658-0771
Pottsville, Pennsylvania 17901-3306   FAX (302) 658-4228
(717) 628-2779                        AL SW RV AP GV
AL SW RV AP GV                        AR EI HD
                                      *Maple and Webster Preservation Consulting
*Kise, Straw & Kolodner               Jaslow, Sheryl
Mark Bower                            135 Webster Avenue
123 South Broad Street, Suite 1270    Wyncote, PA 19095
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19109      (215) 884-5683
(215) 790-1050                        SW RV AP GV
FAX (215) 790-0215                    AR HD
AR EI HD Cultural Landscapes          A. D. Marble & Company
                                      Marylou Gross
                                      375 East Elm Street
Landmarks Design Associates           Suite 200
Ellis L. Schmidlapp                   Conshohocken, Pennsylvania 19428
One Station Square, Suite 400         (484) 533-2536 FAX (484) 533-2599
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15219        AL SW RV AP GV
(412) 391-7640                        AR HD PA HA last updated 7/22/02
FAX (412) 471-8163
AL SW RV                              Martin, Derek, Architects
AR HD                                 Elizabeth Martin
                                      51 Noble Avenue
Leung Hemmler Camayd                  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15205
Richard J. Leonori                    (412) 928-1940
305 Linden Street                     SW
Scranton, Pennsylvania 18503          AR
                                         Uniontown, Pennsylvania 15401
*McCormick, Taylor & Associates, Inc.    (412) 438-0686
Jerry Clouse/Richard Baublitz            SW
6380 Flank Drive, Suite 300              AR HD PA HA
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17112
(717) 540-6040                           *Noble Preservation Services, Inc.
FAX (717) 540-6049                       Timothy M. Noble
RV AP GV                                 10 Log House Road
AR EI HD PA HA                           Zionsville, Pennsylvania 18092
                                         (215) 679-5110
*McCormick, Taylor & Associates, Inc.    FAX (215) 679-3960
Mellon Independence Center, Suite 6000   AL SW RV AP GV
701 Market Street                        AR EI HD
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19106
(215) 592-4200                           Ott, Ray J., Jr.
AL RV GV                                 Kummer & Ott Associates
AR EI HD PA HA                           19 South Church Street
                                         West Chester, PA 19382
*Metzler, Valerie                        (610) 429-9993
Archivist/Historian                      AP GV
R. D. 1, Box 99                          AR HD
Woodbury, PA 16695
(814) 793-9289/793-4045                  *The Ottery Group
AL SW RV AP GV                           Kathryn St. Clair
AR HD                                    2900 Linden Lane, Suite 210
                                         Silver Spring, MD 20910
*Milner, John, Associates, Inc.          (301) 562-1975
535 North Church Street                  FAX (301) 562-1976
West Chester, Pennsylvania 19380-2397
(215) 436-9000                           AL SW RV AP GV
FAX (215) 436-8468                       AR EI HD PA HA
AL SW RV AP GV                           Environmental Assessments
                                         *Palladio Company
*Mohr, Paula                             Barbara Allston Brand
P.O. Box 57                              3415 Fairfield Road
Clearville, PA 15535                     Gettysburg, Pennsylvania 17325
(814) 784-3461                           Phone/FAX (717) 642-9447
FAX (814) 784-0146                       *Partners In History
AL SW RV AP GV                           Louise Bem
AR HD                                    541 Philadelphia Street
                                         Indiana, Pennsylvania 15701
*NPW Consultants, Inc.                   (412) 349-2520
Ronald L. Michael, President             FAX (412) 349-5779
R.D. #6, Box 280                         AL SW
AR EI HD                                          (215) 546-1146
*Parsons, Brinkerhoff, Quaide & Douglas,          GV
Inc./Margaret Slater                              AR HD
1900 Church Street, Suite 203
Nashville, TN 37203                               *Preservation Design Partnership
(615) 327-8514                                    Dominique M. Hawkins
AL SW RV AP GV                                    2967 West School House Lane, C1102
AR HD                                             Philadelphia, PA 19144
                                                  (215) 842-3388
Perkins Eastman Architects PC                     GV
Anne-Marie Lubenau/Michael Eversmeyer             AR EI HD
1100 Liberty Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15222                              *Reed, Paula S. and Associates
(412) 456-0900/(412) 456-0906 (fax)               105 North Potomac Street
SW                                                Hagerstown, Maryland 21740
AR HD                                             (301) 739-2070
                                                  AL SW RV AP GV
Piper, Clinton                                    AR HD
RR #4, Box 89A
Latrobe, PA 15650                                 *RPP Partners
(412) 537-2738                                    Peters, Susan E.
SW                                                P.O. Box 984
AR HD                                             Hershey, Pennsylvania 17033
                                                  (717) 566-0618
*Pittsburgh Art Conservation Laboratory           FAX (717) 566-4940
Robert Alden Marshall/Youssef Kadri               AL SW RV AP GV
101 Harmony Road                                  AR EI HD
Wexford, PA 15090
(724) 935-5213; FAX (724) 935-5017                *Reynolds, Robert W.
AL SW RV AP GV                                    449 East Broad Street
AR                                                Quakertown, Pennsylvania 18951
                                                  (215) 536-4326
*Powers & Company, Inc.                           Bucks & Montgomery Counties
Robert M. Powers/Cynthia Rose Hamilton            AR HD
The Belmont Building
211 N. 13th Street, Suite 500                     *Rogers, Rebecca M.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19107                  44 Audubon Road
(215) 636-0192                                    Youngstown, Ohio 44514
FAX (215) 636-0194                                (216) 757-8986
AL SW RV AP GV                                    AL SW RV
AR EI HD – record last changed 6/02               AR EI HD

*Preservation Alliance for Greater Philadelphia   *Rusnak, Cecilia
J. Randall Cotton                                 Department of Landscape Architecture
1616 Walnut Street, Suite 2310                    210 Engineering Unit D
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19103                  Pennsylvania State University
University Park, PA 16802                  Cheltenham, Pennsylvania 19012
814-863-4584                               (215) 635-0356
AL SW RV                                   GV
AR HD                                      AR HD Forensic Architecture

*Martin Jay Rosenblum, R.A. & Associates   *Skelly and Loy, Inc.
Martin Jay Rosenblum/Suzanna Barucco       Doug Dinsmore
346 South Fifteenth Street                 2601 North Front Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19102           Harrisburg, PA 17110
                                           (717) 232-0593
(215) 985-4285
                                           Fax (717) 232-1799
FAX (215) 985-2476               
                                           AR SW RV AP GV
*Sagamore Environmental Services, Inc.     AR EI HD PA HA
Ralph S. Wilcox, Architectural Historian
8002 Castleway Drive, Suite 104            *Skelly and Loy, Inc.
Indianapolis, IN 46250                     Kristen Beckman, Ph D
(317) 842-0510                             2500 Eldo Road, Suite 2
FAX (317) 842-0547                         Monroeville, PA 15146
                                           (412) 856-1676
*Sandvick Architects, Inc.                 Fax (412) 856-5730
                                           AR SW RV AP GV
Karen Borland/Diana Wellman
                                           AR EI HD PA HA
1265 West 6th Street
Cleveland, Ohio 44113                      *John Adkins, M.A.            Historian / Environmental Analyst               Wilbur Smith Associates
(216) 621-8055 FAX (216) 687-1814          465 East High Street, Suite 100
AL SW RV AP GV                             Lexington, Kentucky 40507-1938
AR HD                                      (859) 254-5759
SEDA - Council of Governments              SW
Thomas S. Grbenick
R.D. #1, Timberhaven                       *Stabilization and Documentation Specialists
Lewisburg, Pennsylvania 17837              Carla Cielo
(717) 524-4491                             43 Chestnut Hill Place
RV                                         Glen Ridge, New Jersey 07028
AR HD                                      973-743-7217/E-mail HNSD46A@PRODIGY.COM
                                           AP GV PREFERRED
*Shirk, Willis L., Jr.                     AR EI HD
226 Cherry Street                          Specialize in blast iron furnaces
Columbia, PA 17512
(717) 684-6288                             *Stallings, Suzanne
GV                                         241 West Walnut Street
AR HD                                      Lancaster, PA 17603
Skaler, Robert M., Architects              FAX 717-393-6316
7615 Garden Road                 
AR HD                                     Holland, PA 18966
*Stark, Jennifer A., AIA        
Historic Preservation and Architecture    AL SW RV AP GV
8 Ardsley Road                            AR EI HD HA
Yardley, PA 19067
(215) 295-1207                            *Tres Canis Company
fax. (215)295-1208                        Robert A. Janosov
AP GV                                     425 Old Newport Street
AR HD                                     Nanticoke, PA 18634
*Sutter, Richard C., & Associates, Inc.   FAX 570-740-6220
The Manor House, P.O. Box 564   
Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania 16648         Columbia, Sullivan, Wyoming and Susquehanna Co.
(814) 695-7577                            AR EI HD
FAX (814) 695-8652
AL SW RV GV                               Tri -County Heritage Society
AR EI HD                                  Carole Wilson/Pamela Shenk
                                          P.O. Box 352
Lewis Tanner Photography                  Morgantown, Pennsylvania 19520
Lewis Tanner                              (610) 286-7477 & 1-800-816-3566
12 Greenwood Place                        Eastern Portion of AL RV AP GV
Wyncote, PA 19095                         AR HD
(215) 572-1575
AL SW RV AP GV                            UDA Architects
AR                                        1133 Penn Avenue
                                          Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15222
*Taylor & Taylor Associates               (412) 765-1133
David L. Taylor                           AL SW RV GV
9 Walnut Street                           AR HD
Brookville, Pennsylvania 15825
(814) 849-4900                            *URS Corporation
FAX (814) 849-1242                        Stephen Tull/Martin Abbott
AL SW RV AP GV                            671 Moore Road
AR HD                                     King of Prussia, PA 19406
                                          (610) 337-3666
*Thomas, George E., Associates            AL SW RV AP GV
9515 Germantown Avenue                    AR EI HD PA HA
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19118-2642
(215) 247-6787                            Weaver, Roger A., Architect
AL SW RV AP GV                            233 Mercer Street
AR EI HD HA                               Harmony, Pennsylvania 16037
                                          (412) 452-5740
Tomkins, Michael                          AL SW
Tomkins Historical Institute              AR HD
63 Spring Avenue
*Webster, Nancy V.                   John H. Sprinkle, Jr./Susan C. Salvatore
9 East Rose Valley Road              200 Orchard Ridge Drive, Suite 101
Wallingford, Pennsylvania 19086      Gaithersburg, MD 20878
(215) 565-2094                       301-670-3300
FAX (215) 891-5203                   AL SW RV AP GV
GV Anywhere except Delaware County   AR EI HD HA
AR EI Mandated Reviews

*Carole E. Wilson
P. O. Box 426
Brownstown, PA 17508
(717) 656-2274
FAX (717) 656-4125
GV primarily

*Wise Preservation Planning
Robert J. Wise, Jr.
Station Square 1, Suite 104
37 North Valley Road
Paoli, PA 19301
FAX 610-722-5806
Agricultural, battlefields

*Wolf, Jean K.
114 St. Pauls Road
Ardmore, Pennsylvania 19003
(610) 896-6078

*Woodward-Clyde Consultants

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