Second Grade Mathematics Vocabulary List

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					                             Second Grade Mathematics
                                          Vocabulary List
Number Sense                 Measurement                   Geometry            Data Analysis & Probability

addend                       a.m.                          attribute           bar graph
addition                     analog                        circle              category
associative property         balance scale                 cone                charts
cent sign (¢)                centimeter                    congruent           data
combine                      cup                           cube                draw conclusions
commutative property         digital                       cylinder            equally likely
compensatory numbers         feet                          edges               experiment
compose                      fixed unit                     ellipse             impossible
decompose                    gram                          extend              inappropriate statement
digit                        half hour                     faces               interview
dime                         hour                          geometric           less likely
division                     inches                        hexagon             likelihood
dollar sign ($)              interval (ie time interval)   line symmetry       line plot
equal/equally                liter                         parallelogram       main idea
even                         meter                         pentagon            make predictions
first, second, third . . .    metric system                 prism               more likely
fraction                     non-standard unit             pyramid             observation
front-end estimation         ounce                         rectangle           organize data
half, third, fourth          p.m.                          rhombus             picture graph
hundreds                     pint                          shape               population
identity property            pound                         similar             possible
minus                        quart                         size                sequence
multiples (ie mult. of 10)   quarter-hour                  sort groups         simple event
multiplication               ruler                         sort items          sort data
nickel                       sequence                      sphere              survey
number sentence              standard unit                 square              table graph
odd                          U.S. customary system         superposition       timeline
ones                         yard                          three-dimensional   untrue statement
penny                                                      trapezoid
place value                  Algebra                       triangle            Descriptive Words
quantity                                                   two-dimensional
quarter                      attribute                     vertices            alike
reasonableness               classified                                         analyze
rectangular array            equivalence                                       arrangement
repeated addition            generalization                                    collect
set                          growing pattern                                   compare
sharing equally              number sentence                                   construct
skip counting                pattern                                           describe
subtraction                  prediction                                        display
symbol                       repeating pattern                                 explain
tens                         rule/general plan                                 identify
tens frame                   symbol                                            interpret
two-digit                                                                      model
whole numbers             NOTE: Students need to be familiar with various      orally
                                forms of symbols that could be used for        order
NOTE: Words in blue are         a variable. These include                      organize
new for this grade level.       shapes like (   ,     );                       recall
                                or even a "?" inside a shape.                  review