A LETTER OF THANKS by mercy2beans115


									                                                                                          winter 2007

            ast year over 200 women and children walked         all the way. Not only have I learned a lot about myself,
            through our Emergency Shelter doors for             but I will walk away from this house with my head held
            services. We would like to share with you           high because you have all taught me that I am a strong
            one woman’s story of her stay with us and her       person who can and will overcome any obstacle.
appreciation to our dedicated Emergency Shelter staff:          For the past seven weeks you have been my family, my
“To all the Emergency Shelter staff and all the volunteers      friends, even my parents at times. And I can’t wait to
at Bradley-Angle: I just wanted to take the time to thank       see you at the store or other public places because I will
you for all that you have done for me. Thinking back, I         gladly and proudly greet you with open arms.
remember walking through the front door for the first           Thank you so much for all you have done—you own a
time—scared to death and feeling completely alone.              special place in my heart, and the memories will forever
You all accepted me—reassured me that all would be ok.          be in my head. Thank you, Lisa.”
I was a complete stranger to you, but you supported me

For the first time in its 32-year history Bradley-Angle         Multnomah County Chair Ted Wheeler; Wes Harper,
House is directly asking for the support and commit-            of Downtown Rotary’s Domestic Violence Solutions
ment of men to help us stop domestic violence in our            Committee; Dr. Chris Huffine, of Allies in Change,
community. On February 9th we introduced the Allies             working with men who abuse; and Brian Riffel, CPA,
for Hope campaign, to raise money and awareness                 Fiscal Director at Bradley-Angle House. Every man who
among business and community men who are ready to               spoke was passionate about how important it is for men
speak out and be a part of making change happen.                to become involved NOW.
Hosted by Lisa Schroeder, Bridges of Hope Founders’             As an example of a business making a commitment,
Circle member, and Chef/Owner of Mama Mia Trattoria             Scott Faunt and Connie Christianson of HomeStreet
and Mother’s Bistro, the press conference attracted two         Bank presented Bradley-Angle House with a check for
dozen potential allies. Speakers included Mayor Tom             $0,000. We thank HomeStreet Bank for recognizing
Potter, who squeezed in his unscheduled appearance              the relationship between homelessness and domestic
because he felt it was too important to miss this op-           violence with this grant in support of our transitional
portunity to encourage business leaders to get involved.        housing services. ...continued on page 3
Also speaking were Lolenzo Poe, Senior Policy Advisor to

Left: Mayor Tom Potter steps up to encourage men to get involved. Center: Lolenzo Poe (Multnomah County)
is passionate about why men must speak out. Right: Scott Faunt (center) and Connie Christianson (left) present $10,000 check
from HomeStreet Bank to Bradley-Angle staff and board members.                                                                 
EXPANDS SERVICES                                                    KARLA K. MCFARLAND

               e have been talking about our shelter remodel

               project for more than a year now. Yes, it has                                                 n December 29, 2006,
               taken longer than we anticipated, but it’s also                                               The Oregonian pub-
               grown into a much bigger project that we ever                                                 lished a brief summa-
thought we could afford. Thanks to Meyer Memorial Trust                                                      ry of recent findings
and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation we have been able                                           reported by the U.S. Department
to envision a facility that can serve as our Emergency Shelter                                  of Justice’s Bureau of Justice Sta-
for the next 25 years. Thanks to the enthusiastic support of                                    tistics. According to the Bureau,
the team at SD Deacon, who have contributed their time and                                      intimate partner violence rates fell
expertise to help us find low cost and pro bono construction                                    by more than 50 percent between
partners, we have developed a plan that includes an addition                                    993 and 2004. Less than a week
to the house to create a pantry storage room adjacent to the        later, The Oregonian reported that “domestic violence made
kitchen on the main floor, an extension of the common area          up one-third of the 27 homicides in Portland in 2006, a slight
upstairs for group meetings or social activities, installation of   increase from prior years.”
solar panels to heat our hot water system (and save on utility      Several Bradley-Angle House supporters have expressed con-
bills), and multiple interior upgrades from floors to roof.         fusion over what appears to be conflicting data. After review-
Assuming all goes as planned, we hope to be using our newly         ing the methodology of the Department of Justice surveys and
remodeled facility before summer. When we move in we will           independent analyses of the reported decline, I believe that
immediately be able to serve more women and children at             the change over several years reflects the positive impact of
                                                                    domestic violence work by police, the courts, and agencies
any given time. Thanks to a generous grant from the Spirit
                                                                    serving women and children escaping from violence in their
Mountain Community Fund we have added a third woman’s
                                                                    homes. Every domestic violence program in our community
advocate to support women coming to our shelter from Afri-
                                                                    can identify survivors who have managed to move on from
can and African-American communities.
                                                                    the violence.
                                                                    Family Violence Prevention Fund President Esta Soler agrees:
                                                                    “The overall decline is positive, encouraging news, and it is
                                                                    especially welcome for those of us who work every day to
                                                                    stop domestic violence.” She went on to say, “Still, it is clear
                                                                    that violence against women remains a costly and devastat-
                                                                    ing problem in this country. In 2004, there were more than
                                                                    625,000 intimate partner victimizations and, on average, more
                                                                    than three women a day were murdered by their husbands
                                                                    or boyfriends. There is no question that we have a lot more
                                                                    work to do to keep families safe.”
                                                                    Domestic violence programs in our area continue to turn away
                                                                    9 of every 0 women requesting shelter. In July 2004, Bradley-
                                                                    Angle’s Emergency Shelter turned away 74 women and 47 of
                                                                    their children looking for a safe place away from the violence
                                                                    in their homes. One year later, in July 2005, we turned away
                                                                    35 women with 86 children. During July of 2006, we were
                                                                    unable to house 04 of the women who called our crisis line
                                                                    to request shelter; these women had 82 children who also
                                                                    needed a safe place to stay.
                                                                    Have we solved the problem of domestic violence in our
                                                                    communities? The answer is “no”. Are our services making a
                                                                    difference? Yes, they are.

SD Deacon crews removed old deck and fire escape making
way for the new pantry and upstairs common room.


          ridges of Hope is a campaign for Business and                have facilitated the business community learning about our
          Professional Women Against Domestic Violence.                agency and our programs. This level of support is absolutely
          Membership is open to any woman who would                    incredible! Hanlon Brown Design has truly partnered with
          like to use her skills and successes to make a differ-       Bradley-Angle House through Bridges of Hope, to develop and
ence for survivors of family violence.                                 enhance the ways we communicate and access our donors,
                                                                       our volunteers, and potential participants.
Bridges of Hope Founders’ Circle members, Sandy Brown
and Noma Hanlon, of Hanlon Brown Design exemplify this                 For all you have done and all you have given in support of
commitment to making a difference. It began with listening.            women and children escaping domestic violence, we thank
As Sandy heard our ideas and our needs, she began to imag-             you Noma and Sandy. We encourage anyone needing design
ine how her company could contribute expertise they had to             services to call Hanlon Brown Design at 503.944.000, and
develop a new Web site for Bradley-Angle House.                        let them know you appreciate their support of Bradley-Angle
                                                                       House. Please visit our new Web site: www.bradleyangle.org
Sandy and Noma have not only been major donors to Bridges
                                                                       and let us know what you think…what you’d like to see
of Hope, but over three years have also given much more than
                                                                       here…what improvements we could make. E-mail comments
$2,000 worth of services to create our fabulous new Web site,
                                                                       to debbief@bradleyangle.org.
to lay out our newsletter, and to design ads and posters that

 Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation                             Emergency Shelter Remodel                        $20,000
 Chip Shields & Shelda Holmes Fund                           General Operating                                $2,000
 CHS Fund of OCF                                             Emergency Shelter Remodel                        $9,000
 Collins Foundation                                          Emergency Shelter & Youth Program                $4,000
 Deacon Charitable Foundation                                Emergency Shelter Remodel                        $20,000
 Doug Nelson & Shila Fisher Fund of OCF                      Emergency Shelter Remodel                        $,000
 Equity Foundation                                           Sexual & Gender Minority Services                $2,00
 Gladys D. Hare Charitable Trust                             General Operating                                $,000
 Jeanne I. Arbow Fund of OCF                                 General Operating                                $250
 John & Ann Marks Fund                                       General Operating                                $00
 Louis & Virginia Clemente Foundation                        Emergency Shelter Remodel & Staffing             $0,000
 Marjorie Baldwin Fund                                       General Operating                                $250
 Paul & Sally McCracken Fund                                 Andrea Lee & Youth in Transition                 $5,000
 Presbytery of the Cascades                                  Emergency Shelter Remodel                        $,500
 Robert D. & Marcia H. Randall Charitable Trust              General Operating                                $,000
 Samuel S. Johnson Foundation                                Youth in Transition                              $5,000
 Spirit Mountain Community Fund                              Emergency Shelter for African &                  $50,000
                                                             African-American Services
 Tumac Lumber Co. Fund of OCF                                General Operating                                $,000

...continued from page 1: Allies for Hope Campaign for...
We know we already have many donors and supporters who                 Our goal is to raise $20,000 from Allies for Hope members
are men. We thank you for your commitment to our work                  by June 30, 2007.Can you help us reach this goal? For more
and invite you to take the next step—to increase your involve-         information information contact Kristan Knapp, Development
ment through in-kind support, through public speaking, by              Director, at 503.238.672.
organizing others to give, and by pledging to the Allies for
Hope campaign to make a significant gift this year.

Jim Haynes, Sherwood United Methodist Church

     Sherwood UMC Women’s Breakfast Group

     Like so many social service organizations, support comes to         Several times a year, the group fills a laundry basket with
     Bradley-Angle House in a variety of forms. Motivation to offer      various household items. “Sort of a household start up kit,”
     that support is just as varied. The Sherwood United Methodist       Wasula said. Items include bath towels, laundry soap, kitchen
     Church Women’s Breakfast Group has developed a steady but           utensils, shampoo, paper towels, cleaning supplies, food wrap.
     simple philosophy of serving Christ by serving others.             They have also sent along first aid supplies, stuffed animals
                                                                         and postage stamps. “…the kind of detail things that seem
    “We want other women to feel the community of support that we
                                                                         insignificant when they are handy, but become critical when
     have in our church sisterhood. Not all have a support system
                                                                         they aren’t there,” Wasula added. We present these household
     and even if we don’t know these women personally, our bond
                                                                         welcome baskets to the Andrea Lee Transition Program to give
     can help them in some way,” explained Rochelle Wasula, who
                                                                         to each new participant upon move in to their new apartment.
     leads the group of about 15 women ranging in age from their
                                                                         It is one less thing the women have to worry about when start-
     twenties to their eighties.
                                                                         ing over in their new homes.
    They meet monthly for a “pot luck” breakfast, sharing
                                                                        “We feel God’s love, and reaching out to help those in need is a
     devotionals and prayers and looking for ways to share their
                                                                         way to share our love and widen our circle of faith,” Wasula
     blessings. Since forming nine years ago, the women have
                                                                         explained. The Women’s Breakfast Group realizes that not all
     shouldered life’s trials and successes while answering the
                                                                         the families they serve will be of their Christian faith, but the
     needs of friends and strangers in the community. “We are
                                                                         value of helping those in need is universal.
     sisters with women everywhere. While each faces different
     issues and problems, we can help others find comfort, safety,
     security and success,” she said.

Northwest Community                                                        GOSPEL BRUNCH SINGS IN THE NEW YEAR!
Gospel Chorus sings in the

                                                                                      radley-Angle House is deeply grateful to Letha
new year with harmony
                                                                                      McCleod and members of the Northwest Com-
and style!
                                                                                      munity Gospel Chorus for giving their time and
                                                                                      exceptional talents to raise money and awareness of
                                                                           domestic violence at the New Year’s Eve Gospel Brunch hosted
                                                                           by Lisa Schroeder, Chef/Owner of Mama Mia Trattoria. The
                                                                           brunch was Lisa’s idea and was the first of a monthly series she
                                                                           is planning at the restaurant. For this special day she donated
                                                                           all the food and service making it possible to raise over $5500
                                                                           for Bradley-Angle House.
                                                                           More than 00 people attended. The music was glorious!
                                                                           The food was amazing! Almost everyone remarked on what
                                        Donors enjoy music, food, old      fun they had and what a great way it was to say “good-bye to
                                        and new friends while making       2006.” We thank all the guests and donors as well as the staff
                                        a difference.                      at Mama Mia Trattoria, Rob Sample, Lisa Schroeder,
                                                                           Alternative Sound, Janice Scroggins, the NW Commu-
                                                                           nity Gospel Chorus, and Bradley-Angle House staff and
                                                                           board members. What a team!
Leading up to the holidays this year we were excited to see that many individuals, organizations, churches, employees,
and corporations in the community caught the holiday spirit and wanted to share it with our participants.
Many of you were new donors to Bradley-Angle House. We welcome your support and thank you for thinking of the women
and children in our programs. Thanks to your generosity we were able to assist every single woman and family in all of our
programs. Families were adopted in our shelter, transitional housing programs and support group and advocacy programs in
the community.
The following is a list of holiday gift donors. If your group is not mentioned or is inaccurately named, please let us know.
Autodesk                                                            Insight Home Inspection
Bath & Body Works -Washington Square                                Legacy Emanuel Hospital Employees
Beaverton Four Square Church                                        MOMS Club, Beaverton South
BMW Automobile Club of America - Portland Chapter                   Montessori of Alameda
Bussard Family and Sellwood Neighbors                               Nationwide Insurance Employees
Cascade Microtech, Inc.                                             Oregon Health Sciences University
City of Portland Employees                                          People’s Credit Co.
Comotiv Systems, Inc.                                               REI - Portland
Con-Way Enterprise Services                                         Resurrection Church
Countrywide Home Loans                                              Sacred Heart Ministries
Daughters of the American Revolution - Portland Chapter             Siltronic Corporation & Employees
Delta House                                                         Stoll Stoll Berne Lokting & Shlachter P.C.
Express/Limited                                                     U.S. Bank Employees
Girl Scout Troop 593 - Aloha                                       Vista Springs Café
Grace Memorial Episcopal Church                                     Willamette Writers
Holiday Inn - Columbia Blvd.                                        Women’s Book Group - Lake Oswego
Hope Ministries
We invite your continued support of Bradley-Angle House. To get more involved read this newsletter for information
about the Healing Roots Center, Allies for Hope and Bridges of Hope and call us. If you aren’t sure who to call,
our Executive Assistant Cathy Nolan can assist you at 503.232.528.


            ndy Mangels produced a Wonder Woman Day on
            October 29, 2006, to celebrate the cartoon character
            who stands up for and protects women and children
            by raising money for Bradley-Angle House and
Raphael House. He solicited artists to create an original drawing
of Wonder Woman for this event and auctioned off the results at
Excalibur Books on Hawthorne Boulevard. The store was packed
as fans had their photo taken with a life-sized Wonder Woman
mannequin and got prints autographed by Terry Dodson, Mat-
thew Clark and Anne Timmons. Many thanks to all the artists
who contributed their work, to Jason at Aero Frame Gallery
for framing many of the pieces, to Peter Fagnant, owner and
Debbie Fagnant, manager of Excalibur Books, to Raphael
House staff for coordinating the auction and the distribution
to the winning bidders. Special thanks to Andy Mangels and          Siltronics’ employees generously adopted 19 families to make
partner Don Hood, for their creative idea and commitment            the holidays merrier for women and children escaping violence.
to raising awareness and dollars during Domestic Violence
Awareness Month.                                                                                                                     5
Arminda Barnes, Volunteer Program Coordinator
Busy times here in Bradley-Angle’s Volunteer Program. The winter volunteer training began January 6th and has
produced another amazing batch of volunteers. I always enjoy the privilege of witnessing people’s experience in
training. Our volunteers never cease to amaze me. In training and on the job, the level of compassion and desire
to make change is truly inspirational.

I am also excited to see what I will learn from our newest group of volunteers. Sometimes it’s hard to remember
that not everyone gets the opportunity to think about dismantling oppression and ending violence every day at
their job. I feel like volunteer training is my opportunity to keep in touch with folks outside of the “Bradley-Angle
bubble” who keep me thinking about new ways we can raise awareness about domestic violence.

I want to take a moment to thank all of the people who make this program work:
• All of our direct service volunteers - Thank you for your time and great energy.
  The women and children in our programs (as well as fellow staff) appreciate all that you do.
• Volunteer trainers - Thank you for your expertise, time and ability to continue talking about difficult subjects.
• Board members, development program volunteers, donation management volunteers and general volunteers -
  Without you all, there would be no Bradley-Angle House. Thank you for your time and willingness to do
  whatever is needed to keep us going.
• Bradley-Angle Staff - Thank you all for your commitment to teaching others.

This last year we broke all previous records for the volunteer program as we posted well over 5000 hours of volunteer
service. We could not have done any of it without the incredible support of staff, volunteers and our community
partners. Here’s to another fabulous year! If you would like information about volunteering with us, please call or
e-mail me at 503.282.9940 or volunteer@bradleyangle.org. The next training begins April 0th. Applications
are available on our Web site: www.bradleyangle.org.

                                                                                                                      Children paint
                                                                                                                      with enthusiasm
      IN MEMORIAM                                                                                                     at the Healing
                                                                                                                      Roots Center
      by Erika Silver, former Executive Director                                                                      Grand Opening.
      You may not have heard that our beloved Sandi Clark
      passed away on March 3, 2007. Sandi put her heart
      and soul into her approximately 8 years at Bradley-
      Angle House. She was instrumental in starting up
      the women battered by women support groups at a
      time when almost no one was talking about domestic
      violence in the sexual minority community. She was
      Transition Program Director during the move to the
      Andrea Lee facility and the start up of the Horizons
      Program. And she absolutely was a warrior for justice,
      peace and freedom. I will always remember the way she
      loved kids with such a purity of spirit that they wanted
      to be right next to her! She was a shining light in my
      world and her impact on our programs still resonates
      through Bradley-Angle House.
      Gifts in memory of Sandi Clark may be made to Bradley-
      Angle House.

                                                                                     S. Renee Mitchell shares her experience through music.
Giving a planned gift is a great way to leave a legacy to help survivors of domestic       News of Bradley-Angle House
violence. Please let us know if you have chosen us in your planned giving. If you
would like more information about planned giving please call Kristan Knapp at           Bradley-Angle House
503.238.672. Our legal name is Bradley-Angle House, Inc and our Federal Tax            P.O. Box 14694
I.D. number is: 5-088664.                                                             Portland, OR 97293-0694
We Accept Stock Gifts
Just in case you did not know, Bradley-Angle House accepts gifts of stock year-round.   Crisis Line ~ 503-281-2442
If you would like more information on transferring stocks directly to Bradley-Angle
House contact our Fiscal Director, Brian Riffel at brianr@bradleyangle.org or by        Support Groups ~ 503-232-7805
phone at 503.546.8857.                                                                  Volunteers ~ 503-282-9940
And Gifts From IRAs                                                                     In-Kind Donations ~ 503-546-8858
The new Pension Protection Act of 2006 includes a long-awaited provision that
                                                                                        Fundraising ~ 503-238-1672
will permit taxpayers to make direct charitable transfers from their Individual
Retirement Accounts. For the last ten years, the charitable community has been          Administration ~ 503-232-1528
actively lobbying Congress for a change in tax law that would permit owners of
                                                                                        Healing Roots Center ~
IRAs and other forms of qualified retirement plans to make unlimited tax-free
lifetime transfers from such plans to charity or to split-interest charitable gift      503-595-9591
planning vehicles such as charitable gift annuities and charitable remainder trusts.
                                                                                        TTY users contact Oregon Relay 711
If you have questions about this process, please contact our Development Direc-
tor at 503.238.672.
                                                                                        A United Way Community Impact Partner
HEALING ROOTS CENTER OPENS ITS DOORS                                                    A Combined Federal Campaign Agency
On March 3rd the Healing Roots Center held an Open House to introduce staff
and services to the community. Funded by the United Way of the Columbia-                BOARD OF DIRECTORS
Willamette, the Healing Roots Center is a collaborative project of Bradley-Angle        April Barnard Whitworth, Chair
House, LifeWorks Northwest, and Nappy Roots Press, to provide culturally                Amy E. Bilyeu, Treasurer/Recorder
specific support services for African and African-American women and children           L. Meghan Humphreys, Past Chair
experiencing domestic violence.                                                         Erin Fairchild
During the day Nappy Roots Press owner S. Renee Mitchell gave a performance of          Margi McCue
original songs from her choreoplay Tangoing With Tornadoes, which explores              Michele Stone
verbal and emotional abuse. Center Coordinator, Galadriel Mozee led tours and           M. Aurora Oliva
                                                                                        Reba Lyn Sharp
talked about the support groups, yoga classes, cooking and art classes, mental
                                                                                        Erika Silver
health services, children’s groups and more services that the Healing Roots Center
                                                                                        Amy S. Williams
will provide for women and children who come to the Center. Youth Advocates
kept the children entertained with bubbles, face painting, finger painting and other
                                                                                        EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR
activities. The Skanner, The Oregonian, and The Portland Observer newspapers
                                                                                        Karla K. McFarland
all sent photographers and will publish feature articles about the Healing
Roots Center.                                                                           Bridges is an semi-annual publication of
For more information about services offered by the Healing Roots Center please call     Bradley-Angle House. To be added to
503-595-959. Another Open House will be held during the summer months.                 our mailing list, please call the Bridges
                                                                                        Editor at 503-238-1672.

                                                                                                MISSION STATEMENT
                                                                                        The mission of Bradley-Angle House
                                                                                        is to offer survivors of domestic and
                                                                                        sexual violence options for safety, self-
                                                                                        empowerment, healing and hope, while
                                                                                        collaborating with our communities to
                                         Youth Advocate, Erica, and Woman’s Advo-       create social change.
                                         cate Fowzia staff the Healing Roots Center
                                         with Galadriel (not pictured).

                                                                                                          NON-PROFIT ORG.
                                                                                                             U.S. POSTAGE
                                                                                                            PORTLAND, OR
                                                                                                           PERMIT NO. 4487

        P.O. Box 4694
  Portland, OR 97293-0694

        Thank you
        for your

           Taste of the Sweet Life Auction Soirée
           Legacy Emanuel Hospital Atrium

           50 N. Graham St. in Portland
           5:30-9:30 PM

           Tickets: $50 in advance, Table of 0, $500.                                         There are many ways to help us
           Sponsorships also available: $000-$5000.                                         reach our goal of $50,000 raised
                                                                                          by this event: bring friends, donate an
           Plan now to be a Table Host by filling a table of 0 with                   item, become a sponsor, be a volunteer.
           friends and family. To purchase your tickets/table visit our             We are grateful to those who have stepped
           Web site after March 5th at www.bradleyangle.org or con-            up already. To get involved now contact Board
           tact Kristan Knapp, Development Director: kristank@              Member Meghan Humphreys, who is our Auction
           bradleyangle.org or by phone at 503.238.672.                  Chair at laurameg@teleport.com.

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