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									                 It’s In Your Hands:
              It’s In Your Hands:
                 Public Health & Animal Exhibits

                                Washington State University
                    4-H Animal Leader, Volunteer and Member Agreement

As an animal exhibit volunteer/organizer and a representative of Washington State University
Extension 4-H Youth Development Program, I agree to:

    Instruct petting zoo/animal exhibit visitors to wash hands immediately after visiting the
     animal area, even if they did not pet the animals.
    Instruct animal exhibit visitors to not eat in animal areas or engage in other hand to
     mouth activities, even if they are not touching the animals.
     Hand-to-mouth activities include the use of pacifiers, baby bottles, and sippy cups.
    Make sure signs to hand washing stations are posted.
    Know where the hand washing stations are located.
    Make sure signs with proper hand-washing instructions are
     posted at hand-washing stations.
    Make sure hand washing stations are adequate.
    Contact the sponsoring agency/organization of the event if the hand washing stations are
     not adequate and ask them to provide adequate hand washing stations.
    Supply antibacterial rub to visitors if hand washing stations are not available.
    If antibacterial rub is used, instruct visitors to wash with soap and water before eating.
    Not allow visitors to animal exhibit if hand washing stations are not adequate and hand
     sanitizer is not available.
    Promptly remove bedding contaminated with manure so as to prevent visitor contact
    Not serve unpasteurized milk or unpasteurized milk products.

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               It’s In Your Hands:
            It’s In Your Hands:
               Public Health & Animal Exhibits

Checklist for Adequate Hand Washing Stations:
   Supplied with soap (does not need to be antibacterial)?

   Supplied with warm, running water?

   If only cold water is available, a liquid soap that lathers easily in cold water

     is provided?

   Supplied with disposable paper towels?

   Enough stations for number of visitors expected?

   Designed to be used by adults, children and those with disabilities?

   Conveniently located by animal and food/eating areas?

   Routinely cleaned and restocked with towels and soap?

   Designed so that both hands are free for hand washing?

   If water is not available, is hand sanitizer available?

     (Remind visitors that hands should be scrubbed with soap and

     warm water for 30 seconds before eating or putting hands in mouth)

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