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					                                     The Primer
                                         Voice of the Washington State Rifle & Pistol Association
                                                               July 2008

Officers:                                               Committee Chairpersons:

President, Dave Sotelo                                  Junior Smallbore, Doug Shellenberger, 425-846-6767
PO Box 993                                              dshellenberger@wsrpa.org
Ellensburg, WA 98926
(509) 925-4084                                          Smallbore,John Crossman, 253-588-6516
president@wsrpa.org                                     jcrossman@wsrpa.org

Past President, Gary Rasmussen                          Junior High Power, Ken Littlefield, 425-271-5744
2501 Sylvan Street                                      vicepresident@wsrpa.org
Bellingham, WA 98226
(360) 734-1133                                          Highpower Rifle, Rich Vedvick, 360-853-7047
pastpresident@wsrpa.org                                 rvedvick@wsrpa.org

Vice President, Ken Littlefield                         F Class & Tactical Rifle, Monte Milanuk
11039 SE 182ND ST                                       secretary@wsrpa.org
Renton, WA
425-271-5744                                            Conventional Pistol, Larry Lang, 253-847-3563
vicepresident@wsrpa.org                                 pistol@wsrpa.org

Secretary, Monte Milanuk                                International Pistol (vacant)
1325 Methow St                                          Temporary contact: Larry Lang , 253-847-3563
Wenatchee, WA 98801                                     pistol@wsrpa.org
(509) 662-1982
secretary@wsrpa.org                                     Webmaster, David Fancher
Treasurer, Phil Brackenbury
375 Blalock Ct.                                         Match Records, Bob Wendt, 253-848-6325
Richland, WA 99352-8058                                 11208 133 Avenue E
(509) 627-7208 (h); (509) 372-1776 (w)                  Puyallup, WA 98374
treasurer@wsrpa.org                                     bwendt@wsrpa.org

Directors:                                              Memberships, Duane Hatch, 253-853-7533
                                                        Membership Chairman
Terms expire in 2009                                    PO Box 382
Bob Storey                                              Dupont, WA 98327
James Croisier                                          memberships@wsrpa.org
Bob Wendt
(vacant)                                                The Primer, Gary Rasmussen 360-734-1133
Terms expire in 2010                                    primer@wsrpa.org
Doug Shellenberger
Carl Witteman                                           Legislative (vacant)
Duane Hatch
(vacant)                                                NRA Field Rep, W. Washington, Brendon Hill,
Terms expire in 2011                                    360-438-7030
John Crossman                                           bhill@nrahq.org
Charles Mohseni
(vacant)                                                NRA Field Rep, E. Washington, N. Idaho, Ben Prater,
(vacant)                                                509-922-3010
                                                 Nicholas Hallett

        Nic Hallett, 65, passed away just after Memorial Day weekend, May 26, 2008. Nic was born in Seattle
in 1942 and graduated from Roosevelt High School and the University of Washington. While in high school, he
attained the level of Eagle Scout with Troop 167, a Boy Scout troop his father started, and this gave Nic the
basis for a very full life. Nic earned the Silver Marmot and Silver Beaver awards in Scouting and greatly loved
Camp Parsons, in Brinnon on the Hood Canal, the oldest continuously operating Boy Scout Camp west of the
Mississippi River.
        In his youth he enjoyed building, designing and flying model airplanes and collecting model trains. He
was active with his telescope, and enjoyed riding and training horses. His love of animals led to some lifelong
companions. His faithful golden retriever Lydia was at his side when he passed away.
        Nic was constantly adding to his list of interests and quests. His early curiosities in chemistry led him to
a graduate degree in pharmacy from the University of Washington where he was also manager of the rowing
crew. He was an active pharmacist in Seattle and on Whidbey Island, ending with fond years at Island Drug in
Oak Harbor and Clinton, where he served locals who needed urgent access to medicines after hours.
        Nic moved to Whidbey Island in the early 1970s where he became active with the Central Whidbey Fire
Department, Boy Scouting, Coupeville Lions Club, Northwest Rifle and Pistol Association (NWRPA) in
competitive shooting, the Whatcom Astronomy Club, a local John Deere Tractor club, and other organizations.
        Nic’s travels took him many places. They included competitive shooting throughout the country, and
two trips to Moab, Utah, for Jeep off-road rock-crawling vacations, where his scouting and cooking talents were
used by the group. Nic was on two Baja, Mexico, adventures, traveling 2,000 miles round trip and off-road,
crisscrossing the Baja on routes used by famous racers.
        Nic was just about to embark on designing and building his dream cabin at the time of his death.
        Nic was a true friend to all who had the opportunity to meet him. He helped many young men in the
Coupeville area attain the rank of Eagle Scout who will miss his leadership in their lives. He exemplified the
eighth point of the Scout Law: a Scout is Cheerful.
        Nic never retired from life.
        Nic’s memorial service will be held at the Coupeville Middle School Performing Arts Center at 11 a.m.
Saturday, June 14. Memorial donations in Nic’s name will be gladly accepted by the Island District of the Boy
Scouts of America or the Central Whidbey Fire Department.
                                                 Memories of Nic
                                                By Gary Rasmussen

        The following (I have edited it a little for clarity) was presented to the gathered friends of Nic Hallett at
his memorial service in Coupeville, Washington, 14 June 2008. There were speakers from several groups who
shared their memories of Nic: Boy Scouts, Lions Club, Astronomy Club, Fire Department, Pharmacy and
Shooting. For those who do not know, Nic was a lifelong diabetic and participated in many leading edge
medical studies and helped test innovative equipment; he was one of the first to use the insulin pump out of the
UW Medical Center. In the mid 1990s his circulation problems finally caught up with him and in 1999 he had a
foot removed, and soon after that the other was removed. He was always upbeat, however, and referred to his
prosthetics as “after market” feet. Friend and Scout Karen Ekberg related a story about Nic calling her one day
to report that he had broken his leg in the field, and he needed her to bring him some parts and tools to fix it!

                                  Gary Rasmussen, Past President of WSRPA

        I met Nic in the late 1970s. Nic had gone to Jim Cloward’s Seattle-area shop to ask about a rifle sight
that he had come across. Nic was interested in the rifle shooting sports and Jim directed him to me for advice on
stock dimensions and extra equipment. Nic and I first talked on the phone, and then we met for him to examine
a couple of rifles that Jim that had built for me. From that moment on, Nic was an enthusiastic highpower rifle
        Nic quickly purchased a match rifle from Jim, the first of two he would own, and he began participating
in local shooting matches, especially at the Seattle Rifle & Pistol Association range at Machias. Nic’s interest in
the sport grew to equal my own and we started planning our match activities together, car-pooling to the many
ranges around Washington State and northern Oregon.
        The next step up in competitive shooting is the National Championship at Camp Perry, Ohio. Nic
quickly joined the group of Washington shooters that regularly attended this major event through the 1980s. He
and I would plan our travel, rental car and housing together. To highlight Nic’s dedication to this sport, Ohio in
August is not the vacation paradise the travel bureau might like to portray: it is hot and it is humid, and there are
enough bugs around to keep you swatting all day long. But, Nic enjoyed every trip because he was participating
in the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS, and he was meeting interesting people from all over the nation.
        In the later 1980s, Nic also decided to attend the annual High Desert Regional Championships held in
November at the U.S. Marine base at 29 Palms, California. Nic might have enjoyed this shooting trip even more
than Camp Perry. The weather is certainly much nicer! Plus, we got to fly into Palm Springs and play tourist.
        Nic’s shooting career stopped in the early 1990s when his health and then subsequent surgeries
prevented him from participating. Recently, however, he had purchased a .22 caliber handgun so he could shoot
in the pin-top matches at his local club. In the past few years we had discussed ways that he might be able to
shoot a highpower rifle match again, but we were never able to follow through on those ideas.
        Nic did, however, take an interest in the Washington State Rifle & Pistol Association. Our long-time
newsletter publisher decided that 20+ years at the job was more than enough and Nic decided that that was
something he would like to do. In 2004 he attended a WSRPA Board of Directors Meeting and presented his
plan to take over the newsletter, The Primer. The Directors welcomed him with open arms. He was even elected
to a Directorship so he had a vote on the issues that came before the Board. Nic solicited articles, and created
some of his own, most notably a story of his trip to China a few years ago.
        Over the past several years, Nic and I would meet about once a month for a visit. We would meet at his
place and talk for awhile and then have lunch at the Tyee, or we would meet in Burlington and see a movie and
get dinner at the Outback, or we might take a ferry trip from Anacortes to Friday Harbor (we even went to
Victoria once just to say we had done it!). But his favorite excursion was to take the ferry to Port Townsend,
have lunch at his favorite restaurant, The Silver Water Café, and wander through bookstores before catching the
return ferry.
        We will all remember Nic for many different reasons and in many different settings, but I think I will
remember Nic best for our times at the Silver Water Café, talking about just about everything, with Lydia
(golden retriever service dog) sleeping under the table.
        Thank you.
                                    2007 Fall Pistol League Shooting
                                                  By Duane Hatch

Fall pistol league shooting in western Washington is highlighted by the change in seasons. In September when
the leagues begin, the weather is warm, dry, and it stays light outside throughout the evening's shooting. By the
end of the league, shooting begins and ends in the dark, requiring the use of the outdoor flood lights. The
weather has turned cold and rainy, and most shooters are thinking of going indoors for the winter. It is really
nice to have indoor places to shoot in the Pac-NW. There are two fall pistol leagues to choose from in the
Seattle-Tacoma area, and both start in September and finish before Thanksgiving. One is outdoors and the
other is indoors. They are both fun to shoot, and allow pistol shooters a chance to enjoy comradery and
competition as the weather turns cold.

                                      Larry and Bill at their favorite firing points.

The Mount Rainier Pistol League is held at the Paul Bunyan Range, in Puyallup. It is an outdoor, 25 yard, .22
caliber league that runs for 10 weeks. Each competitor shoots a 60 shot match each week, with two relays each
Thursday evening. This season, there were 13 participants. Duane Hatch was the league winner, with a score
of 5738-174x. Paul Hahn was the 1st Master with 5719-154x, and Bill Freyfogle was 1st Expert with 5710-
183x. With only 28 points separating the top three competitors, competition was fierce this year and the league
championship was not decided until the final week. Additionally, Charles Connolly, in his first year of
shooting, took 1st Marksman honors, with a score of 5276-74x.

                                  Craig and Bruce are ready to shoot at Paul Bunyan.
                                   The West Seattle range is nice….well lit and heated!

The West Seattle Fall Pistol League is held at the Roger Dahl Rifle Training Range, in West Seattle. It is an
indoor, 50 foot, .22 caliber league that runs 6 weeks. Each competitor shoots a 90 shot match each week, with
three relays every Tuesday evening. This season, there were 19 participants, including several first-time league
shooters and 4 women competitors. Rob Cozens was the league winner with a score of 5198-156x total points.
Kevin Finke took 1st Master honors with 5127-119x, and Duane Hatch was 1st Expert with a score of 5105-
125x. Steven Becka was the high Marksman/Sharpshooter, with a score of 4593-34x. This league is becoming
quite popular, and when the West Seattle winter league started up again in January '08, a fourth relay was added
due to increased participation.

                                           The West Seattle league relay two.

If you are interested in trying competitive pistol shooting, the fall .22 pistol leagues are a good place to start.
Larry Lang runs the Mount Rainier league, and can be contacted at: <pistol@wsrpa.org>. Rob Cozens run the
West Seattle league, and can be contacted at: <rccozens@msn.com>.
                                  Hunt & Humphries Win ISU at Plantation
                                           By Gary Rasmussen

        The Plantation Rifle Range 300yd ISU Match was held on Saturday, 22 March 2008. The weather has
been excellent at the Bellingham matches this year, mostly dry with light wind. When shooting on the C3 target
that kind of weather is highly prized! The C3 target has an X ring just over 1.5” in diameter and the 10 ring is
just over 3”, so any wind effect can be huge.
        Ricky Hunt was the overall winner in the Match Rifle category with a 60-shot total of 596-26x. His
three 20-shot strings were 199-9x, 198-8x and 199-9x. Bud Solis was second overall and 1st High Master with
592-20x (198-9x, 197-5x and 197-6x). Rich Vedvick was 2nd HM with 590-26x (196-8x, 198-6x and 196-12x).
Stan Vlcek was the Combined class winner with 550-14x (187-7x, 176-3x and 187-4x).
        The F Class competition was fired on the MR63FC target, which is actually more difficult than the C3.
Of course, these guys and gals get to rest the rifle on a rest and use a 50x scope, so they need a tight target to
separate the skill level. In this match Orin Humphries was the match winner with a total score of 599-46x. Orin
shot strings of 200-16x, 199-16x and 200-14x. Maybe the target needs to be even tighter, hmm? Shiraz Balolia
was 2nd in the F Class match with 598-39x (200-16x, 200-11x and 198-12x).

                            Ricky Hunt watching the action during his scorer duties
                                     The Pistol Schedule for the next few months

July 13       Custer Sportsman    Outdoor 2700               Slowfire at 50 yds, sustained at 25yds.
Contact Vivian Urban at AnnieOakley10X@comcast.net or 360-354-4859
July 26       Cascade           Outdoor 2700           Slowfire at 50 yds, sustained at 25yds.
Aug. 10       TR&R              Outdoor 2700           Slowfire at 50 yds, sustained at 25yds.
Aug. 16       Cascade           Outdoor 2700           Slowfire at 50 yds, sustained at 25yds.
Aug. 23/24 Springfield, OR Oregon State                Slowfire at 50 yds, sustained at 25yds.
                                Championship           Contact Roddy Toyota toyotaroddy@juno.com
Sept. 13/14 Tri- county         Oregon Regional        2700 both days + Leg matches
              Portland, OR      Championship           Contact Al Hessel - HESSELPR@aol.com
Sept. 21      Bremerton         Outdoor 2700           Slowfire at 50 yds, sustained at 25yds.
Sept.         Paul              Washington State       Outdoor 2700, DR, State Leg, and CMP leg
27/28         Bunyan            Championship           matches. (either day)
Oct. 11       Cascade           Outdoor 2700           Slowfire at 50 yds, sustained at 25yds.
Oct. 19       SPAA              Outdoor 2700           Slowfire at 50 yds, sustained at 25yds.
Nov. 1        Paul Bunyan       Outdoor 2700           All shooting at 25 yards.

                                           Indoor .22 Pistol (Smallbore)

       Oct; 6, 13, 20, 27 CCR&P                       NRA Approved                 60 shots 2 relays, 6:30 &
       Nov; 3, 10, 17,    (Olympia)                   Fall .22 League              7:30
       24                                             10 weeks
       Dec; 1, 8
       Sep. 23, 30,       West Seattle                Fall League 22 Pistol        90 shots
       Oct. 7, 14, 21,
       Nov. 4

                     Indoor Air Pistol & Standard Pistol (You may shoot either or both)
             Oct, 11         West Seattle     Air Pistol & Standard Pistol, 60 shots each
             Nov. 11         West Seattle     Air Pistol & Standard Pistol, 60 shots each

                                                     Indoor Air Pistol

    Jun. 24, Jul. 1, 8, 15, 22, 29    West Seattle      Summer Air Pistol League                          60 shots
    Aug. 5, 12, 19,
    Sep. 2, 9, 16

                             The Smallbore Rifle schedule for the next few months

Sep 6          Puyallup          State 4-H Championship                                  Shellenberger     4-H
Sep 6-7        Tacoma            State Conventional Prone Championship                   Crossman          NRA
Sep 27-28      Tacoma            Schützenfest / Outdoor Int’l Championship               Crossman          USAS
Oct 4-5        Olympia           NRA Coach School (Rifle)                                Crossman          NRA
Nov 1-2        Spokane           State Indoor Int’l 3-P Championship (East)              Orth              USAS
Nov 1-2        Olympia           State Indoor Int’l 3-P Championship (West)              Crossman          USAS
Nov 15         Puyallup          JORC (West)                                             Shellenberger     USAS
The following article was sent into Nic Hallett but it never made it into the previous and only 2008 issue of The
Primer. When I re-read the first sentence it was a poignant moment.

                                    The Wes Hall Memorial Trophy Match
                                            By Gary Rasmussen

         The Highpower Rifle community lost a true gentleman and great competitor last year. Wes Hall attended
just about every match at Plantation that I can recall, except for those coincidental dates when health or family
affairs prevented it. However, the past couple of years, he found the trip up to Bellingham from his home in
Kent to be more and more of a chore. At the memorial held in Wes’ beloved rose garden, Julie Hall presented
me with a handwritten note from Wes, in which he explained that he was not going to be able to attend future
matches at Plantation because of the long drive. He was very apologetic that his age was preventing him from
participating in shooting events that he truly enjoyed.
         Because of his enjoyment of the Plantation Range 300-yard Prone matches, I asked Wes’ friends to
donate to a fund that would purchase a memorial trophy and special “match winner” medallions. The funds
were collected, Julie supplied a photo of herself and Wes (her favorite photo), and the trophy and medallions
were purchased for the inaugural Wes Hall Memorial Trophy Match, held this past January 26. The match was
NRA Registered, so new National Records could be set if the competitors happened to shoot a great score. The
course of fire consisted of three matches of 20 record shots on the MR63 target (600 yards reduced for 300
yards); the F Class shooters used the MR63FC target.
         We had an interesting day of weather. The temperature dropped as the day went along. At about 12:00
noon we started getting snow flurries. At about 1:30pm the flurries started getting heavier. The shooters had to
stop several times and wait out a snowfall that limited visual perception of the target, even with a scope! The
final relay of the match, unfortunately, was hurt badly by a snow flurry that hit near the end of the string. I kept
my eye on the targets, ready to stop the match if I couldn’t see the bull’s eyes, but it never got bad enough to do
so, although I am sure the shooters would argue that point! That’s highpower rifle shooting!
         There were three rifle categories in this tournament: Match Rifle (prone, iron sights), Any Sight (prone,
scoped rifle) and F Class (any rifle, any sight, supported position). Michael Maurer won the 8-shooter Match
Rifle competition with a 60-shot total of 599-36x (200-11x, 200-13x and 199-12x). Wayne Budbill shot 199-
12x, 199-12x and 199-15x to out-X Rich Vedvick for 1st High Master: 597-36x to 597-26x. And Rich shot 199-
9x, 200-8x and 198-x to out-X John Lloyd for the 2nd High Master award: 597-26x to 597-22x. Felix Solis was
the only Any Sight shooter but in his competition against himself he managed to shoot a new National Record
in the Any Category: Police and Senior, 200-16x. The 6-shooter F Class competition was won by Shiraz Balolia
with a total of 598-44x (200-16x, 198-13x and 200-15x). Orin Humphries was the runner-up by a few Xs: 598-
37x (200-15x, 198-11x and 200-11x). Mark Clouse was the F Class Target Rifle winner with 587-24x (196-10x,
195-8x and 196-6x).

               Winter at Plantation Rifle Range.            Clouse, Balolia, myself, Solis and Maurer
               It snowed very hard at times!                       The four medallion winners!

                               Plantation NRA International Fullbore Match
                                           By Gary Rasmussen

        Trapped in déjà vu: every time an International Palma Match has finished all of the USA Team shooters
and coaches begrudge the fact that we have so little experience in the Fullbore style of shooting. Now, you may
say that shooting is shooting, so what’s the difference? First, Fullbore uses less record shots, making each shot
much more valuable. Second, if space is available on the firing line, the sponsor may squad the shooters “two to
the mound” (pair-firing with a 45-second rule requiring shooters to keep firing regardless of the wind
conditions), which puts a lot of pressure on each shooter to know sight zeroes and read the wind conditions.
Third, when two sighting shots are given they can be convertible, meaning if the shots are good the shooter can
convert them to record shots, which rewards the shooter for knowing sight zeroes and reading the wind
condition correctly. (I misread this rule when I wrote the 2008 program, so everyone had to take the sighters
without converting them, but in 2009 those sighters will be convertible!).
        Anyone familiar with US highpower rifle shooting will see that there are significant differences from the
usual: nonconvertible sighters, 20 shot strings, single-point firing. The basic idea is the same – get the bullet
into the center of the target – but there are different tactics and a somewhat different mind-set to the Fullbore
        The first-ever Fullbore Match at Plantation was fired on February 23 in ideal conditions: temperatures
on the warmer side, for the 750-foot elevation shooting range, and air movement was almost nonexistent. Since
2008 is the inaugural year for NRA International Fullbore competitions, the 300-yard National Records were up
for grabs; no names or scores marred the official record sheet. After the match, however, there were 10 new
NRs with Washington names attached to them!
        The Fullbore Rules require rifles to be either .308 or .223 caliber. The rifles are also limited to iron
sights, except for the F Class category. A match can be either 10-shot strings or 15-shot strings; the Plantation
match had three 15-shot strings.
         Michael Maurer won the iron sight category match with a 45-shot aggregate of 450-33x (150-15x, 150-
8x and 150-10x). In the first match of the day Mike found a moment of bliss and ran 15 straight Xs, then
continued to fire two additional Xs before hitting a 10 on the third extra shot. Mike set the Open and Civilian
records with this 150-15x (+2X) score. Rich Vedvick also shot a clean score of 450, with 26x, to win 1st High
Master (150-7x, 150-9x and 150-8x). Felix Solis was 2nd HM with 449-36x and he set the Police and Senior
National Records with 150-13x in his second match (149-13x, 150-13x and 150-10x). Trevor Massey set the
Junior record with 150-11x in his second match of the day. Asa Yam was the combined class winner with a
total of 445-21x (149-6x, 147-9x and 149-6x).
         The F Class event was won by Shiraz Balolia with a total score of 449-29x (150-11x, 150-10x and 149-
8x). The first match score of 150-11x set the Open and Civilian records for the F Class Open category. Orin
Humphries was second F Class with 448-32x (148-12x, 150-9x and 149-11x). Bryce Melvin was 3rd F Class
with 445-24x (150-7x, 145-6x and 150-11x); the 150-11x set the F Class Target Rifle (.308/.223 caliber with
attached bipod) national record. Marilyn K-Solis set the Woman’s F-Open record in match #1 with 147-8x.

               A Golden Moment: Maurer’s 150-15x + 2x.      The new National Record holders: Maurer, Massey, Solis, K-Solis, Balolia and Melvin

                                   2008 Governor's-20 Pistol Championship
                                                         by Duane Hatch

           Gold medal winners (left to right): Steven Treloar, Stuart Pennington, Jay Williams, and Viki Hendrickson.

Summer came early to western Washington this year, but only for the weekend of May 17th and 18th.
Temperatures soared to 80 degrees on Saturday and to the mid-70's on Sunday, making the Governor's-20
championship feel like a mid-summer match. The 25 participants enjoyed the warm temperatures and friendly
competition at the Tacoma Rifle and Revolver Club, located in University Place, WA. The match drew
competitors from all over western Washington, with shooters traveling from as far as Vancouver to the south
and Lynden to the north. Oregon and Idaho were also represented. In addition, several shooters were
participating in their first outdoor 2700 match.

The top shooters were:

           Winner                  Jay Williams           Vancouver               2584-99x
           1st Master              Robert McGowan         Seattle                 2574-76x
           1st Expert              Viki Hendrickson       Brush Praire            2523-65x
           1st Sharpshooter        Steven Treloar         Lynden                  2371-37x
           1st Marksman            Stuart Pennington      Blaine                  2085-23x

In addition to the normal awards, WSRPA medals were presented to the top two shooters in each class. Letters
signed by the Washington Governor will be given to the top 10 pistol shooters at the match that are Washington
State residents. Overall, this year's match was enjoyable, with great weather and a chance to meet fellow pistol
shooters from around the Pacific Northwest.

                                   The 300-yard State Championship
                                               By Gary Rasmussen

         The Robin Hood (match and service rifles) and PNW (F Class) Trophy match was held at the Plantation
Rifle Range, Bellingham, on Saturday, 26 April 2008. As an official WSRPA State Championship the
tournament is NRA Registered and national records may be set. And we did have a few of those! The
competitors couldn’t have wished for a nicer day! The wind was light and variable, and the sun was filtered
through a high, thin cloud layer. This was a day made for setting records.
         The competition consists of four strings of 20 shots on the MR-63 (Robin Hood) or MR-63FC targets.
These targets are the 600-yard MR-1 and MR-1FC reduced for use at 300 yards. The X ring, the innermost ring
on the target, on the MR-63 is 2.85 inches in diameter while the MR-63FC is half that, just under 1.5 inches!
         Felix Solis started the Robin Hood competition off with 200-18x out of the possible 200-20x. Jennifer
Nyberg shot 200-15x to set a new Junior national record (NR) by a single X. Rick Hunt and Rich Vedvick also
shot 200s to stay close to the leader, 14x and 12x, respectively.
         Shiraz Balolia took the lead in the PNW competition with an excellent 200-17x (the NR being 200-18x).
But Christopher Long, the current NR holder, shot 200-16x and Orin Humphries, Ron Herms and Frank Oblak
shot 200-15x to stay close in the F Class Open category. The F Class Target Rifle shooters also posted excellent
scores: 200-13x for Brian Baisch and Bryce Melvin. Brian and Bryce are shooting buddies out of Skagit county
and they now share the FC/TR and Civilian national records for this distance and course of fire.
         Jennifer Nyberg won the second stage of the Robin Hood with 200-17x, re-setting the Junior NR and
also breaking the Woman NR, and that put her into a tie with Felix Solis, who shot 200-14x in this stage (400-
32x). Rick Hunt shot 200-15x to get his aggregate score to 400-29x, a scant three Xs behind. Rich Vedvick kept
his hopes alive by shooting 200-13x. John Lloyd, Mike Maurer and David Littlefield also shot 200s, 16x, 12x
and 11x, respectively, but both dropped a point in the first stage.
         Shiraz Balolia put on a shooting display in the PNW second stage: 200-20x plus 6x! On the MR-63FC
target, and remember the X ring is less than 1.5” in diameter at 300 yards, Shiraz fired all of his 20 record shots
into the X ring. At the end of his record shots, he continued to fire according to NRA rules until he missed the X
ring, and that took seven additional shots, the seventh being a 10. This score, of course, set the new NR for the
Open and Civilian categories. Chris long, however, was hanging tough by shooting 200-17x, and Orin
Humphries and Frank Oblak also shot 200s to keep their aggregates “clean” (10x and 12x, respectively).
         The third 20-shot stage started to separate the shooters: Felix Solis and Rich Vedvick were the only two
match rifle shooters to stay “clean” with 200-16x and 200-15x, respectively. Solis took the lead at 48x while
Vedvick totaled 40x. Jennifer Nyberg had a front sight loosen up and the resulting wild shots took her out of the
competition. Rick Hunt leaked a shot into the 9 ring to drop back into the pack. Mike Maurer shot 200-11x to
stay at minus-1 in the aggregate. John Lloyd also stayed at minus-1 with 200-11x. And Bernie Alfred joined the
200 club with a 12x.
         Ron Herms won the third stage of the PNW match with 200-14x. Shiraz Balolia dropped a point to make
the competition much more interesting than I am sure he had hoped! Five shooters were tied at minus-1 after
this third stage: Balolia at 50x, Long at 46x, Herms at 42x, Oblak at 40x and Humphries at 35x.
         The final stage of the tournament was full of surprises! Felix Solis was zeroed in on the Robin Hood
match win when suddenly a couple of 9s showed up. Mike Maurer roared back into the competition with a
stage-winning 200-17x. Jennifer Nyberg tightened up her front sight and finished with 200-14x (Oh, what could
have been!). But Rich Vedvick kept an even keel through the entire day, finishing with 200-14x and the only
“super-clean” of the day: 800-54x. This is Rich’s second Robin Hood State Championship win, having taken
the 1996 inaugural event. Mike Maurer took the Match Rifle Trophy and the 1st High Master award with 799-
50x. Felix Solis was 2nd HM with 798-61x and Ricky Hunt was 3rd HM with 798-61x. Jennifer Nyberg held on
to win the Junior Championship. Chipp Allard was the Master Combined class winner with 787-19x (196-5x,
198-7x, 197-5x and 196-2x). Richard Steed, firing an AR15 through the tournament, was the Service Rifle
Champion and Expert Combined class winner with 778-30x (194-9x, 193-4x, 194-9x and 197-8x).
         The PNW competition stayed tight right up to the end, too! Shiraz Balolia came back very strong with
200-16x to hold off his challengers and win the PNW Trophy with 799-66x. Ron Herms was the Expert
Combined class winner and the F Class Open Trophy winner with 799-56x. Frank Oblak, our only Canadian
shooter in the field, was 2nd Expert Combined with 799-50x. Orin Humphries was close but didn’t get into the
awards with 799-42x. Brian Baisch was the F Class TR Trophy winner with 797-35x.

                   The winners: Maurer, Vedvick, Nyberg, Steed, Baisch, Balolia and Herms

                           The Highpower Rifle schedule for the next few months
 4   Friday     Paul Bunyan Prone/60   600       (R)   2 x 20 Iron sight, 20 Any sight
 5                          RMC/80     2/3/6     (R)
     Saturday   Bunyan                                 WSRPA & 41st Infantry Division Regional Championship
                 Paul         NMC/50
6                                          2/3/6
     Sunday      Bunyan       (2x)                            4 Person NMC Team with sighters, CMP-EIC Leg Match
12   Saturday    Machias      Prone/60     500          (A)   Battle of Machias Qualifier
12   Saturday    Tri-Cities   Prone/50     3/6/8/9/10         Practice, NRA Fullbore, 0800 start
12   Saturday    Eatonville   RMC/80       2/3/5        (A)
13   Sunday      Machias      RMC/80       2/3/5        (A)   WSRPA West District Championship ($25)
13                            RMC/80       100          (A)
     Sunday      Townsend
13   Sunday      Tri-Cities   VMR/40       200                Vintage Military Rifle, 0800 Start
19   Saturday    Cascade      Prone/80     600          (A)
19   Saturday                 NMC/50       2/3/5
                 Bunyan                                       WSRPA Sponsored Nostalgia Match & BBQ
20   Sunday      Cascade      RMC/80       2/3/6        (A)
20   Sunday      Kenmore      NMC/50       100          (A)
25   Friday      Tri-Cities   Any/Any/30   300/600            Open Any Rifle Prone, 0800 Start
27   Sunday      Snoqualmie   NMC/50       200

3                             Prone/60     3/5/6
     Sunday      Bunyan                                       Paul Bunyan Championship
8    Friday      Tri-Cities   Any/Any/30   300/600            Open Any Rifle Prone, 0800 Start
9    Saturday    Eatonville   RMC/80       2/3/5        (A)   Vintage Service Rifle, M1903, M-1, M-14/M-1/A
9    Saturday    Machias      Prone/60     500          (A)   Battle of Machias Qualifier
9    Saturday    Tri-Cities   PALMA®/45    8/9/1000           Practice, Plus 20 Shots Any/Any @ 1000 yards, 0900 Start
10   Sunday      Machias      RMC/80       2/3/5        (A)
10                            RMC/80       100          (A)
     Sunday      Townsend
16   Saturday                 Prone/60     600
                 Bunyan                                       CMP Practice
16   Saturday                 RMC/80       2/3/6
                 Tri-Cities                                   Start
17   Sunday      Cascade      RMC/80       2/3/6        (A)
17   Sunday      Kenmore      NMC/50       100          (A)
17   Sunday      Tri-Cities   Rimfire/40   100                .22 Rimfire, Any Sight, 0800 start
22   Friday      Tri-Cities   Any/Any/40   300                Practice, Open Any Rifle, 0800 Start
23   Saturday    Cascade      Prone/60     600          (A)   3 Gun Match
                                                              Washington State Sporting Rifle Championship, 2 Day
23   Saturday                              200          (R)
                 Tri-Cities   NRA Spt/64                      Agg.
24   Sunday      Machias      Prone/60     500          (R)   Battle of Machias Requirement ($20)
24                            TBD
     Sunday      R&R
24   Sunday      Tri-Cities   NRA Spt/64   200          (R)   Double Course each day, 0800 start each day
31   Sunday      Snoqualmie   NMC/50       200
30   Saturday    Paul Bunyan Prone/60      3/5/6              Northwest International Rifle Championship
31                           Prone/60      3/5/6
     Sunday      Bunyan                                       Northwest International Rifle Championship

1                             Prone/45     600
     Monday      Bunyan                                       Northwest International Rifle Championship/Teams Only
5    Friday      Tri-Cities   Any/Any/30   300/600            Open Any Rifle Prone, 0900 Start
6    Saturday    Tri-Cities   RMC/80       2/3/6        (A)   WSRPA South District Championship, 0800 Start
7    Sunday      Tri-Cities   RMC/80       2/3/6        (A)   WSRPA State Leg Match, 0800 Start
7    Sunday      Cascade      Prone/60     600          (A)   Cascade Cup
13   Saturday    Eatonville   Garand/50    200                As issued M1903 M1917 M1 M1Carb. M1941Johnson
13   Saturday   Eatonville   Carbine/30   200              As issued M1Carbine match following Garand Match
14                           RMC/80       100        (A)
     Sunday     Townsend
19   Friday     Tri-Cities   Any/Any/40   300              Open Any Rifle, 0900 Start
20   Saturday   Tri-Cities   Prone/60     1000       (A)   1000 yard Any/Iron, Any/Any, 0900 Start
21   Sunday     Cascade      Prone/80     600        (R)   WSRPA 600 yard Prone Championship
21   Sunday     Kenmore      NMC/40       100        (A)   M-1 Garand Match
21   Sunday     Tri-Cities   PALMA®/45    8/9/1000   (A)   Plus 20 Shots Any/Any @ 1000 yards, 0830 Start
27   Saturday   Tri-Cities   RMC/80       2/3/6      (R)   Washington State Service Rifle Championship, 0800 Start
28   Sunday     Tri-Cities   P100/30      2/3/6      (R)   4 Person Team Match w/o sighters, 0800 Start
28   Sunday     Tri-Cities   NMC/50       2/3/6            CMP-EIC Leg Match

Supreme Court Declares That the Second Amendment
Guarantees an Individual Right to Keep and Bear Arms
-- June 26, 2008

Fairfax, VA – Leaders of the National Rifle Association (NRA) praised the Supreme Court’s historic ruling
overturning Washington, D.C.’s ban on handguns and on self-defense in the home, in the case of District of
Columbia v. Heller.

“This is a great moment in American history. It vindicates individual Americans all over this country who have
always known that this is their freedom worth protecting,” declared NRA Executive Vice President Wayne
LaPierre. “Our founding fathers wrote and intended the Second Amendment to be an individual right. The
Supreme Court has now acknowledged it. The Second Amendment as an individual right now becomes a real
permanent part of American Constitutional law.”

Last year, the District of Columbia appealed a Court of Appeals ruling affirming that the Second Amendment to
the Constitution guarantees an individual right to keep and bear arms, and that the District’s bans on handguns,
carrying firearms within the home and possession of functional firearms for self-defense violate that
fundamental right.

“Anti-gun politicians can no longer deny that the Second Amendment guarantees a fundamental right,” said
NRA chief lobbyist Chris W. Cox. “All law-abiding Americans have a fundamental, God-given right to defend
themselves in their homes. Washington, D.C. must now respect that right.”
The article above was published on the National Rifle Association website (www.nrahq.org). I would have liked
to publish the opinion as written by the majority but it was too long to insert into this newsletter. I encourage
everyone to go the NRA website and find the news articles relating to this momentous decision. The opinion is
fascinating to read and I think it spells out the issue very well. The rabid anti-gunners, of course, have been
predicting mass murder. We can only hope that the hyperbole dies away as the more thoughtful citizenry ignore

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        --Duane Hatch, WSRPA Membership Chairman

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 Marilyn and her F Class rifle taking aim in the Plantation Fullbore Match. Note the “joystick” on her tripod: a little pressure here, a little
                                               pressure there, and then “BANG” another X!