Asset Tracking Inventory System

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					Asset Tracking & Inventory System

                SCHMIDT RFID ATIS is not only a traditional asset tracking system. The
                sophisticated functions of real-time tracking, tracing, goods identification and
                mechanism control enable users to manage, control and maximize the utility of
                assets effectively. As a result, productivity is increased, visibility enhanced and
                ROI accelerated.

                                                  What            • Detailed asset information report
                                                  Where           • Asset location identification
                                                  Who             • Advisory to asset owners and handler
                                                  When            • Asset logistic report

                FUNCTIONS & FEATURES

                Asset Management
                     • Registration
                       SCHMIDT RFID ATIS provides a user-friendly interface for users to register and assign
                       a unique RFID code on their assets. Registered assets could, thus, easily be managed
                       by SCHMIDT RFID ATIS throughout their service lives.

                     • Transfer
                       SCHMIDT RFID ATIS is a reliable system for office administrators to handle
                       department assets transfer, since transferred information would be systematically and
                       accurately recorded. Thereby, asset transfer discrepancies would be reduced.

                     • Write-off / expiry
                       SCHMIDT RFID ATIS provides accurate and updated inventory records and gives alert
                       signal if required. Comprehensive asset write-off/expiry reports would be easily
                       prepared precisely.

                     • Maintenance
                       SCHMIDT RFID ATIS could help users to handle asset maintenance jobs. By using
                       simple check in/out mechanism, asset maintenance lists and historical reports would
                       be ready for company system control and integration.

                     • Report Generator
                       SCHMIDT RFID ATIS is also an easy operating system. With one touch of button, any
                       predefined format of management report would be ready for instant presentation.
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Asset Tracking & Inventory System                                                                         ATIS
                Asset Movement
                     • Locator
                       SCHMIDT RFID ATIS can track and trace any RFID-registered items at all time and
                       at any location. System can also reveal asset-logistic-report accurately, and display
                       item location graphically.

                     • Check-In / Out
                       SCHMIDT RFID ATIS antennas of Linkout EPC Network are installed at gateways
                       and main passages of warehouse. With a transparent mechanism fixed on asset,
                       automatic detection system will collect the information of quantities, locations, in
                       and out data, people in charge, inventory report…etc. and, finally, send it back to
                       central computer.

                     • Security
                       SCHMIDT RFID ATIS can be seamlessly integrated with automatic detection
                       system in providing security control and protection to valuable assets. In addition,
                       combining with the active RFID solutions, system can proactively monitor and track
                       invaluable assets to prevent them from stealing.

                Hardware Independent
                       • SCHMIDT RFID ATIS is designed in an “open”
                         architectural concept. The system is capable to
                         interface with various hardware technologies. It
                         supports either active or passive RFID, and
                         barcode devices.

                Multi-Interface Support
                       • SCHMIDT RFID ATIS provides customized user
                         interface to allow an easier network access. It is
                         programmed to function on window-based,
                         web-based computer systems, Pocket PC and Palm
                         OS systems.

                ERP Integration
                       • Sophisticated ERP application interface, coupled
                         with XML Web Service Application Program
                         Interface (API), facilitates a smooth and easy
                         platform for data transformation and integration
                         to various of ERP systems.
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