11 Grade Vocabulary List Including Synonyms 1 Abashed, Ashamed

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					                     11th Grade Vocabulary List Including Synonyms                   1

Abashed, Ashamed, Contrite, Mortified        Brevity, Briefness, Curtness, Economy
Abdicate, Cede, Relinquish, Resign           Broach, Propose, Suggest, Penetrate
Abrasion, Bruise, Erosion, Attrition         Brusque, Abrupt, Harsh, Blunt, Curt
Abridge, Condense, Decrease, Diminish        Bulwark, Bastion, Rampart, Parapet
Abstain, Decline, Forgo, Eschew              Burlesque, Travesty, Spoof, Mockery
Accost,Approach,Confront, Greet,Salute       Burnish, Polish, Shine, Buff, Wax
Acquisition, Purchase, Gain
Acrid, Bitter, Caustic, Pungent, Sharp       Candid, Sincere,Earnest,Plain,Fair, Pure
Adage, Maxim, Cliché, Motto, Slogan          Capitalist, Investor, Entrepreneur
Addict, Aficionado, Junkie, Devotee          Caricature, Parody, Farce, Ridicule
Adulterated, Tainted, Impure, Defiled        Carouse, Drink, Revel, Imbibe,
Affable, Amiable, Cordial, Sociable          Cataract, Torrent, Deluge, Waterfall
Affectation, Pretense, Insincerity           Cavalcade, Parade, Procession, March
Affix, Suffix, Prefix, Attach, Append        Celestial,Heavenly,Divine,Astral,Stellar
Aftermath, Consequence, Aftermath,           Cessation, End, Recess, Pause
Aggression, Assault, Attack                  Cite, Summon, Arraign, Ticket, Quote
Alienate, Estrange, Disaffect, Withdraw      Claimant, Candidate, Applicant
Align, Straighten, Adjust, Rectify           Collaborate, Collude, Conspire,Connive
Alimony, Provision, Allowance, Support       Collective, Compiled, Aggregate
Alleviate, Abate, Allay, Mitigate            Commemorate, Honor, Memorialize
Ambiguous, Equivocal, Cryptic                Commentary, Critique, Exposition
Amplitude, Breadth, Magnitude, Extent        Commune, Community, Village, City
Analogy, Comparison, Equivalence             Compassion, Clemency, Forgiveness
Anesthetic, Analgesic, Numbing               Compatible, Accordant, Congruous
Annals, Archives, Chronicle, Journal         Complacent, Smug, Apathetic, Docile
Antecedent, Preceding, Preliminary           Composite, Compound, Aggregate
Antiquated, Archaic, Obsolescent             Composure, Calm, Poise, Aplomb
Aperture, Orifice, Fissure                   Concave, Sunken, Indented, Hollow
Arbitration, Mediation, Governance           Conception, Inception, Inventing,
Ascertain, Determine, Establish              Cogitating, Genesis, Version
Ascribe, Impute, Assign, Attribute           Concoct, Prepare, Contrive, Devise
Askew, Awry, Aslant, Crooked                 Concur, Correspond, Assent, Cooperate
Aspiration, Ambition, Yearning               Concussion, Impact, Shock
Assail, Assault, Beset, Revile, Impugn       Condescend, Deign, Stoop, Patronize
Assimilate, Digest, Adapt, Acclimatize       Condiment, Relish, Spice
Atheist, Heretic, Infidel, Agnostic          Condolence, Solace, Empathy
Attaché, Aide, Affiliate, Adjunct            Condone, Pardon, Excuse, Approve
Audit, Scrutiny, Report, Examine             Confection, Sweets, Candy
Aversion, Antipathy, Abhorrence, Loath       Confederation, Alliance, League
Awry, Amiss, Astray, Wrong, Askew            Congeal, Solidify, Coagulate, Curdle
                                             Congenial, Sociable, Adapted
Beneficiary, Heir, Scion, Successor          Consecrate, Hallow, Sanctify
Bequeath, Will, Grant, Dower, Give           Constitute, Create, Empower, Draft
Biennial, Annual, Seasonal, Periodical       Contemptuous, Derisive, Scornful
Binder, Notebook, Reaper, Band, Rope         Contend, Tussle, Debate, Vie, Assert
Bizarre, Grotesque, Eccentric, Weird         Context, Adjunct, Appendage
Boycott, Strike, Avoid, Ostracize            Contortion, Spasm, Paroxysm
                      11th Grade Vocabulary List Including Synonyms                     2

Converse, Contrary, Antithesis,               Emaciated, Gaunt, Haggard, Thin
Discourse                                     Eminent, Distinguished, Lofty, Great
Cosmopolitan, Urbane, Sophisticated           Emphatic, Definite, Important
Covet, Desire, Envy, Want                     Encumbered, Impeded, Thwarted
Criterion, Measure, Parameter                 Engross, Captivate, Enthrall, Enrapture
Cuisine, Diet, Chow, Larder                   Enliven, Animate, Excite, Delight
Cyst, Blister, Sac, Bursa, Pouch              Ensue, Result, Develop, Appear
                                              Entail, Require, Cause, Evoke
Debonair, Jaunty, Suave, Charming             Epic, Heroic, Major, Legend, Saga
Decrepit, Frail, Senile, Feeble, Infirm       Epitaph, Inscription, Legend, Elegy
Defer, Delay, Waive, Yield, Submit            Equity, Justice, Money, Fairness
Depict, Draw, Portray, Design                 Erratic, Random, Odd, Unusual
Deplete, Consume, Exhaust, Expend             Erroneous, Inaccurate, Faulty, False
Derange, Unbalance, Craze, Madden             Essence, Nature, Gist, Spirit
Derelict, Abandoned, Remiss, Vagrant          Evoke, Elicit, Invoke, Rouse
Desirous, Covetous, Lustful                   Excerpt, Extract, Selection, Quote
Deter, Dissuade, Hinder, Restrain             Excruciating, Agonizing, Grueling
Detriment, Damage, Impairment                 Exhilarated, Fervent, Ablaze, Ardent
Deviate, Vary, Digress, Avert                 Explicit, Clear, Specific, Outspoken
Devious, Perverse, Circuitous, Erring         Expulsion, Ejection, Removal
Devoid, Empty, Deficient, Lacking             Extortion, Graft, Blackmail
Dexterity, Skill, Deftness, Facility          Exultation, Jubilance, Elation
Diagnosis, Forecast, Prediction, Guess
Differential, Gear, Sprocket, Cog             Fabricate, Erect, Contrive, Feign
Diffuse, Dispersed, Rambling, Expand          Facet, Aspect, Plane, Phase, Side
Dilapidated, Shabby, Decayed                  Facilitate, Simplify, Promote
Discern, Apprehend, Determine, Sense          Faction, Camp, Bloc, Dissension
Discourse, Memoir, Dialogue, Discuss          Fastidious, Squeamish, Affected
Discredit, Imperil, Compromise                Feline, Catlike, Sly, Subtle, Cunning
Discrepancy, Disparity, Divergence            Fervent, Ardent, Fervid, Passionate
Disdainful, Arrogant, Haughty                 Fervor, Passion, Ardor, Zeal
Disgorge, Eject, Spew, Regurgitate            Fetter, Manacles, Shackle, Bind
Disheveled, Rumpled, Untidy, Tousled          Fidelity, Loyalty, Fealty, Accuracy
Disperse, Scatter, Diffuse, Dispel            Financier, Broker, Agent
Disproportionate, Unbalanced, Uneven          Fissure, Crevice, Abyss, Cranny
Dissimilar, Disparate, Unique, Distinct       Flagrant, Heinous, Outrageous
Dissociate, Separate, Disband, Disrupt        Fluctuate, Oscillate, Undulate, Wave
Distraught, Troubled, Worried                 Forage, Scavenge, Scrounge, Feed
Docile, Meek, Tame, Submissive                Forbearance, Clemency, Leniency,
Doleful, Sad, Melancholy, Dismal              Franchise, Right, Charter, Suffrage
Dubious, Doubtful, Ambiguous, Moot            Fraudulent, Dishonest, Deceitful
Dynasty, Term, Tenure, Reign, Power
                                              Gauntlet, Gauntlet, Gauntlet, Gauntlet
Eddy, Vortex, Whirlpool, Maelstrom            Gibe, Jeer, Taunt, Scoff, Ridicule, Sneer
Egotism, Vanity, Conceit, Vainglory           Glower, Glare, Scowl, Grimace, Sulk
Elegy, Song, Poem, Requiem, Praise            Glut, Plethora, Inundate, Gorge
Elliptical, Ovoid, Oblong, Orbital            Graphic, Pictorial, Explicit, Visual
                      11th Grade Vocabulary List Including Synonyms                    3

Guise, Mien, Semblance, Appearance            Initiative, Drive, Ambition
Gullible, Credulous, Naive, Ingenuous         Innovation, Change, Novelty
Gusto, Zeal, Zest, Fervor, Ardor, Vigor       Inquest, Inquiry, Probe, Trial
                                              Inquisition, Persecution, Prosecution
Habitable, Livable, Comfortable               Insensible, Incognizant, Oblivious
Habitat, Environment, Abode, Haunt            Inseparable, Intimate, Thick
Hallucination, Illusion, Mirage               Insinuate, Intimate, Imply, Inculcate
Hulk, Carcass, Wreck, Body, Hunk              Instigate, Urge, Foment, Incite, Start
Hypothesis, Assumptions, Premise              Instrumental, Useful, Contributory
Idealism, Philosophy, Conscience              Insurrection, Revolt, Mutiny, Coup
Idolatry, Idol-worship, Obsession             Integral, Central, Entire, Essential
Immaculate, Clean, Pristine, Sinless          Interaction, Contact, Connection
Immaterial, Insubstantial, Irrelevant         Intercede, Interfere, Mediate, Arbitrate
Immobile, Stationary, Fixed, Permanent        Interject, Interpose, Insert, Inject
Impale, Spear, Lance, Skewer, Spike           Interloper, Intruder, Meddler
Impassive, Indifferent, Apathetic             Interlude, Pause, Lull, Hiatus, Recess
Impediment, Obstacle, Hamper, Bar             Intermittent, Cyclic, Pulsating
Impending, Menacing, Ominous                  Intern, Candidate, Imprison, Confine
Imperil, Endanger, Jeopardize, Threaten       Interrogate, Query, Quiz, Grill
Implicate, Involve, Embroil, Mire             Intersperse, Diffuse, Scatter
Impromptu, Extemporaneous, Ad-lib             Intervene, Disrupt, Intercede
Inadvertently, Accidentally, By chance        Intimidate, Frighten, Dissuade
Inane, Ludicrous, Banal, Insipid, Silly       Intonation, Pitch, Timbre, Resonance
Inanimate, Insensate, Inert, Dead             Intrusion, Trespass, Invasion
Inaugurate, Initiate, Induct, Begin           Invaluable, Inestimable, Useful
Incapacitate, Disable, Cripple, Hinder        Invariably, Perpetually, Always
Incendiary, Agitator, Radical, Catalyst       Inverse, Opposite, Transposed
Incongruous, Absurd, Dissonant                Invocation, Entreaty, Petition, Appeal
Incredulous, Suspicious, Dubious              Invoice, Statement, Bill, Check, Tab
Increment, Augmentation, Gain                 Irrelevant, Immaterial, Extraneous
Incur, Contract, Subject, Induce              Irrepressible, Unrestrained,Enthusiastic
Indict, Accuse, Arraign, Cite, Charge         Jaded, Exhausted, Fatigued, Sated
Indignity, Affront, Insult, Scorn             Jeopardize, Endanger, Imperil, Risk
Inept, Unsuited, Inane, Awkward               Jocular, Witty, Facetious, Comic
Infallible, Unerring, Certain, Unfailing      Judicious, Prudent, Sensible, Wise
Infamous, Disreputable, Infamous,             Jurisdiction,Ownership, Administration
Infer, Deduce, Imply, Insinuate, Hint
Infest, Swarm, Invade, Plague, Beset          Kindred, Related, Allied, Family
Infidelity, Unfaithfulness, Adultery          Knoll, Hill, Mound, Dune, Foothill
Inflection, Grammar, Emphasis
Influx, Inflow, Inrush, Crowd                 Labyrinth, Maze, Morass, Tangle
Informant, Reporter, Messenger                Laxity, Leniency, Indulgence
Infringe, Transgress, Encroach                Legation, Board, Council, Agency
Infuse, Instill, Diffuse, Imbue, Steep        Lenient, Gentle, Merciful, Mild
Inherent, Inborn, Inbred, Intrinsic           Lethal, Fatal, Mortal, Virulent, Toxic
Inhibition, Restraint, Repression             Lewd, Obscene, Risqué, Wanton
                     11th Grade Vocabulary List Including Synonyms                    4

Liaison, Affair, Intimacy, Romance           Nutrient, Sustenance, Sustaining
Libel, Slander, Malign, Defame, Smear        Nutritious, Healthy, Restorative
Limpid, Clear, Lucid, Transparent
Lineage, Ancestry, Heredity, Line            Obliterate, Exterminate, Annihilate
Linguistic, Verbal, Speaking, Oral           Obsession, Fixation, Fascination
Literal, Verbatim, Exact, Veritable          Occult, Hidden, Obscure, Arcane
Lustrous, Shiny, Radiant, Gleaming           Odious, Despicable, Repulsive
Luxuriant, Profuse, Dense, Opulent           Ominous, Baleful, Imminent, Grim
                                             Onslaught, Attack, Raid, Assault
Malice, Hostility, Malevolence, Hate         Opportune, Fortunate, Fortuitous
Malign, Malevolent, Evil, Vilify             Orient, Asia, Align, Familiarize
Malignant, Vicious, Fatal, Lethal            Orientation, Briefing, Alignment
Malleable, Pliant, Supple, Flexible          Oscillate, Fluctuate, Palpitate, Waver
Mandatory, Obligatory, Compulsory            Overbearing, Arrogant, Dictatorial
Mania, Craze, Fad, Enthusiasm
Manifest, Apparent, Exhibit, Confirm         Palatable, Delicious, Appetizing
Manifold, Multitudinous, Diverse             Palpitate, Pulse, Flutter, Pulsate, Throb
Mannerism, Idiosyncrasy, Affectation         Parable, Fable, Allegory, Tale
Marauder, Bandit, Brigand, Raider            Paradox, Contradiction, Enigma, Maze
Materialistic, Mundane, Carnal               Parley, Conference, Discourse, Discuss
Mausoleum, Tomb, Crypt, Monument             Partisan, Factional, Sycophant, Devotee
Meander, Maze, Labyrinth, Wander             Pathos, Poignancy, Sentiment, Emotion
Memento, Souvenir, Memorabilia               Patronage, Trade, Support, Tolerance
Memoir, Biography, Journal, Treatise         Peerless, Unique, Superlative, Matchless
Menial, Base, Low, Minion, Lackey            Perennial, Enduring, Yearly, Eternal
Mentor, Teacher, Guru, Coach                 Permeate, Pervade, Infiltrate, Saturate
Metropolis, City, Municipality               Perpetrate, Commit, Execute
Mettle, Character, Stamina, Courage          Personnel, Staff, Officers, Cadre, Force
Mien, Bearing, Demeanor, Deportment          Peruse, Examine, Scrutinize, Analyze
Misdemeanor, Misconduct, Misdeed             Philanthropy, Benevolence, Altruism
Momentous, Important, Serious, Vital         Philosophy, Theory, Axiom, Postulate
Monetary, Financial, Fiscal, Pecuniary       Pillage, Plunder, Devastation, Ravage
Monotone, Invariability, Humdrum             Placid, Calm, Serene, Tranquil
Morose, Gloomy, Dolorous, Melancholy         Pompous, Arrogant, Egotistic, Haughty
Motif, Theme, Topic, Pattern, Design         Populace, Masses, Multitude, People
Muse, Ponder, Cogitate, Ruminate             Posterior, Following, Behind, Back
Myriad, Innumerable, Infinite, Endless       Potent, Powerful, Cogent, Efficient
                                             Precarious, Uncertain, Dangerous
Nationalism, Patriotism, Loyalty             Premonition, Omen, Portent, Harbinger
Negligible, Insignificant, Trivial           Preponderance, Majority, Primacy
Neurotic, Deranged, Paranoid                 Preposterous, Absurd, Inane, Fantastic
Neuter, Asexual, Geld, Spay                  Presumptuous, Arrogant, Confident
Nocturnal, Night, Late                       Primeval, Ancient, Original, Prime
Nominal, Stated, Inexpensive, Cheap          Procure, Obtain, Contrive, Pander
Noncommittal, Reserved, Neutral              Prodigal, Profligate, Copious, Wastrel
Notation, Notes, Marks, Signs                Profane, Ungodly, Worldly, Impure
Nullify, Cancel, Annul, Void                 Profuse, Lavish, Abundant, Plentiful
                      11th Grade Vocabulary List Including Synonyms                  5

Prohibition, Ban, Embargo                     Restoration, Reparation, Atonement
Projectile, Missile, Arrow, Weapon            Retaliate, Requite, Avenge, Revenge
Promenade, Saunter, Parade, Walk              Retention, Captivity, Recall, Custody
Propriety, Etiquette, Aptness, Modesty        Retribution, Vengeance, Retaliation
Prospectus, Report, Synopsis, Plan            Revulsion, Repugnance, Abhorrence
Prostrate, Prone, Kneel, Humbled              Ricochet, Rebound, Bounce, Recoil
Proxy, Surrogate, Replacement, Agent          Rigorous, Severe, Exact, Inclement
Pugnacious, Antagonistic, Combative           Rite, Ceremony, Ritual, Custom
Purge, Cleansing, Eliminate, Abolish          Rote, Formula, Creed, Protocol, Custom
                                              Ruse, Subterfuge, Artifice, Ploy, Deceit
Quadrant, Plot, Area, Tract
Query, Inquire, Interrogate, Ask              Sanction, Authorization, Penalty, Allow
Quibble, Lie, Evade, Argue, Spar              Saunter, Ramble, Wander, Amble
                                              Savory, Delicious, Tangy, Tasty
Rabble, Mob, Riffraff, Scum                   Scapegoat, Dupe, Victim, Sap, Butt
Rabid, Hydrophobic, Fanatical, Raging         Scourge, Whip, Penalty, Plague
Ramification, Offshoot, Radiation             Scruple, Qualm, Hesitate, Falter
Rampant, Raging, Furious, Turbulent           Secede, Resign, Retire, Abdicate, Leave
Ransack, Loot, Scour, Plunder, Pillage        Sedate, Calm, Staid, Tranquilize, Drug
Raucous, Boisterous, Harsh, Blaring           Sedative, Soothing, Narcotic, Opiate
Rebate, Discount, Remission, Deduction        Semblance, Appearance, Mien, Analogy
Recession, Depression, Retreat                Sensory, Aural, Optic, Tactile, Olfactory
Reciprocate, Requite, Exchange, Share         Sensual, Arousing, Lewd, Feeling
Reclaim, Recover, Regain, Redeem              Sequel, Supplement, Continuance
Reconnaissance, Survey, Scrutiny              Servitude, Slavery, Bondage, Subjection
Recourse, Resort, Appeal, Chance              Severance, Separation, Breach, Split
Recurrence, Return, Reappearance              Simile, Analogy, Comparison
Redundant, Excessive, Verbose                 Simulate, Feign, Posture, Dissemble
Refute, Disprove, Dispute, Debate             Slovenly, Sloppy, Untidy, Messy
Regent, Matriarch, Monarch, Queen             Sobriety, Abstinence, Dignity, Reserve
Regimen, Diet, Fast, Starvation               Socialist, Communist, Marxist
Rejuvenate, Revitalize, Reinvigorate          Solace, Comfort, Console, Allay, Soothe
Relinquish, Renounce, Renege                  Solicit, Implore, Urge, Ask, Peddle
Reminiscent, Nostalgic, Redolent              Spectrum, Extent, Gamut
Remuneration, Compensation, Wages             Squander, Waste, Expend
Renaissance, Rebirth, Revival                 Stark, Utter, Rigid, Desolate, Drear
Renegade, Rebel, Defector, Traitor            Statistics, Compendium, Synopsis
Replenish, Inflate, Fill, Pack                Status, Position, Rank, Station
Repose, Tranquility, Placidity, Rest          Stereotype, Archetype, Label
Repress, Restrain, Subdue, Quell              Stimulus, Incentive, Impetus
Reprisal, Revenge, Redress, Vendetta          Stint, Limit, Portion, Chore, Confine
Reproof, Rebuke, Reprimand, Blame             Stipulate, Specify, Indicate, Agree to
Requisite, Required, Demand, Need             Subsequent, Ensuing, Succeeding,
Resolute, Determined, Adamant, Firm           Subsistence, Nourishment, Survival
Resonance, Pitch, Timbre, Inflection          Successor, Inheritor, Heir
Respective, Particular, Specific, Special     Supple, Pliable, Lithe, Obsequious
Resplendent, Radiant, Shiny, Brilliant        Surmise, Guess, Theory, Infer
                      11th Grade Vocabulary List Including Synonyms                           6

Surmount, Conquer, Transcend                   Vouch, Certify, Attest, Reassure
Susceptible, Exposed, Vulnerable               Voucher, Receipt, Certification
Swathe, Bandage, Wrap, Protect
Synchronize, Adjust, Attune                    Wanton, Careless, Deliberate, Lavish
Syndicate, Alliance, Affiliate                 Whimsical, Capricious, Playful
Synthesis, Creation, Aggregate                 Wrangle, Dispute, Quarrel, Brawl

Taut, Tense, Rigid, Tight, Stressed            Zenith, Peak, Crest, Elevation
Tentative, Probationary, Trial
Tenure, Holding, Incumbency, Stay
Tepid, Lukewarm, Indifferent, Languid
Terse, Brief, Curt, Succinct, Concise
Therapeutic, Restorative, Healing
Thesis, Assertion, Opinion, Study
Tincture, Pigment, Dye, Stain
Tirade, Diatribe, Invective, Harangue
Traction, Adhesion, Propulsion
Tranquil, Serene, Placid, Calm            Students are cautioned to remember that the words adjacent to
Transgress, Encroach, Offend              each term are synonyms not definitions. Some words have
Transition, Shift, Progression            multiple meanings therefore there may be a wide range of
Translucent, Opaque, Glassy               meanings attached to synonymous terms. Many terms change
                                          meanings and pronunciation based on what part of speech is
Transpire, Befall, Occur, Ensue           being used. For example, the word complex when used as a
Traverse, Obstacle, Thwart, Cross         noun has a different meaning than when used as an adjective.
Treatise, Essay, Thesis, Study            The mathematical formula for rocket fuel is complex. (Here
Trite, Common, Ordinary, Banal, Stale     complex is a predicate adjective meaning complicated.) The
Truism, Adage, Proverb, Platitude         teacher who constantly derides his students has a inferiority
                                          complex. (Here complex is a noun meaning a mental illness.)
Tryst, Meeting, Rendezvous
Typify, Embody, Epitomize, Illustrate
Ulterior, Hidden, Covert, Remote, Later
Unfounded, Unproven, Erroneous
Vagrant, Itinerant, Begging, Tramp
Valid, Logical, Cogent, Authentic
Vanguard, Forefront, Precursors
Vantage, Boon, Perk, Bonus, Privilege
Variance, Difference, Divergence
Veer, Swerve, Deviate, Avert, Deflect
Vehement, Fervent, Zealous, Ardent
Versatile, Flexible, Pliable, Adaptable
Vibrant, Resonant, Energetic, Lively
Vie, Compete, Contend, Rival, Strive
Vintage, Classic, Old, Year
Virile, Manly, Vital, Robust, Strong
Virtuoso, Expert, Genius, Master
Vivacious, Animated, Spirited
Vogue, Fashion, Style, Custom, Trend