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									          Washington State PTA Uniform Bylaws:

    Recommendation Process
Bylaws — The document containing the basic rules of the organization: defining its
primary characteristics; how the organization functions; and, includes rules the
organization considers so important that they cannot be changed without previous notice
to the members and a vote — in a manner specified in the bylaws themselves. Bylaws
cannot be suspended. All local PTA/PTSA units, all PTA/PTSA councils, and the
Washington State PTA (WSPTA) are governed by the same set of Uniform Bylaws.
Amendments to the WSPTA Uniform Bylaws can be made only at the WSPTA Convention.

How to Submit a Bylaws                        What Happens to Each
                                              for a Bylaws Amendment?
Recommendations for amendments to
the Uniform Bylaws of the Washington          Each amendment recommendation is
State PTA may be submitted by:                reviewed and discussed by the Bylaws
 Any current PTA/PTSA member                 Committee. The committee may:
     of a Washington State PTA local           Accept the proposed amendment
     unit.*                                       as submitted.
 A PTA/PTSA local unit affiliated             Make changes to the proposed
     with the Washington State PTA.               amendment.
                                                Combine two or more related
 A PTA/PTSA council affiliated                  proposals.
     with the Washington State                  Reject any proposed amendment.
     PTA. **
    A Washington State PTA commit-           At the winter meeting of the Washing-
     tee.                                     ton State PTA Board of Directors in
    The Washington State PTA Board           January 2010, the Bylaws Committee
     of Directors.                            will make its report. The Board of
                                              Directors, when acting on the report,
* If a recommendation is submitted by         may:
a PTA member, that person must iden-           Propose an amendment.
tify the PTA/PTSA local unit in which
                                                Place any proposed amendment
(s) he is a member and include his/her
                                                 on the convention agenda.
membership number — which must be
on file in the Washington State PTA             Make changes to any proposed
office.                                          amendment.
                                                Reject any proposed amendment.
* * If a recommendation is submitted
by a PTA/PTSA local unit or council,          The WSPTA Board of Directors
a copy of the minutes of the meeting          makes the final determination as to
at which the recommendation was ap-           which recommendations for amend-
proved must be included. The minutes          ments to the Uniform Bylaws will be
must clearly indicate that a quorum           placed on the 2010 WSPTA Conven-
was present.                                  tion agenda. Article 14 of the WSPTA
                                              Uniform Bylaws governs amendments
                                              to the Uniform Bylaws.
                   (Bylaws Submittal Form is on next page.)
  WSPTA Uniform Bylaws Amendment Recommendation Form
NAME OF SUBMITTER _________________________________________________________________________________________
If this recommendation is being submitted by a local unit, council, or WSPTA committee...
           Unit/council number ______ . ______. _____               Committee Name _______________________________________
         Contact person _____________________________________________________________________________________
                 Address ___________________________________________________________________________________
                 Phone ______________________________________________ Email _____________________________________
If this recommendation is being submitted by a PTA/PTSA member...
         Name and local unit number of PTA ____________________________________________________________________
         Membership number ________________________________________________________________________________
         Address __________________________________________________________________________________________
         Phone                                       Email

Article Number _______ Title of Article                                                        Section Number ___________________

Wording of Current Bylaw (If this recommendation modifies, in any way, any portion of the current Uniform Bylaws, insert the current wording
from the Uniform Bylaws.)

Proposed Amendment (Write the proposed amendment to the Uniform Bylaws exactly as you wish it to appear in the Uniform Bylaws.)

Explain why this amendment is needed.

Explain how this will improve or affect: (a) the operation; (b) the management; and, (c) the governance or further the mission of the
Washington State PTA.

Explain the impact of this proposed amendment on local units, councils, regions, and the WSPTA Board of Directors.

Signature___________________________________________ Position

Review this recommendation form thoroughly. Additional information may be included with this recommendation form. You may use a word-
processed form as long as all the information requested above is included. The form must be completed in its entirety and mailed or emailed
to Bonnie Kayla no later than November 1, 2009. (This form is also available on WSPTA’s website: www.wastatepta.org.)
                        Bonnie Kayla, WSPTA Bylaws Committee Chair, 9218 34 Dr. SE, Everett, WA 98208
                                             Email: bonnie.bonstir@verizon.net
                                          Questions? Call Bonnie at (425) 338-2947

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