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					Institutional Real Estate Brokerage Services
                                               About Sperry Van Ness Institutional

                                               Sperry Van Ness Institutional is the exclusive institutional division of Sperry Van Ness Commercial
                                               Real Estate Advisors, one of the nation’s largest and fastest-growing commercial real estate
                                               brokerage firms. Sperry Van Ness Institutional was formed in November 2007 when Sperry Van
                                               Ness acquired Florida-based boutique brokerage firm, JBM Realty Advisors, to lead the growth of its
                                               nationwide institutional division servicing all asset types.

                                               Sperry Van Ness Institutional specializes in the marketing of institutional-quality commercial assets
                                               and portfolios globally. With access to more than 975 Advisors across 150 markets nationwide and
                                               internationally, Sperry Van Ness Institutional is capable of servicing all of your institutional property needs
                                               with on-the-ground local-level expertise.

                                               The company is founded upon the same principles that have made Sperry Van Ness the success that it is
                                               today, including a “client first” philosophy supported by proactive cooperation with other brokerage houses
                                               to gain the most competitive offers for clients. At Sperry Van Ness® Institutional, we pride ourselves on our
                                               high level of client service, best-in-the-industry marketing materials, market expertise and key relationships
                                               with major institutions and industry leaders.

                                               Sperry Van Ness Institutional’s Competitive Edge

                                               Marketing Services
                                               › The Sperry Van Ness Institutional Team provides exceptional service, superior marketing packages, and
                                                 an extensive national and international database of potential investors.

                                               › In-house marketing team that consists of technical writers, financial analysts and graphic designers,
                                                 all dedicated to promoting each asset in the best possible light and producing top-quality, custom
                                                 marketing materials.

                                               Broker Cooperation
                                               › Sperry Van Ness Institutional is the only institutional investment brokerage house who cooperates
                                                 proactively with other brokerage houses to ensure each listing gains maximum exposure and the most
                                                 competitive offers.

                                               › The company’s unique co-brokerage platform provides the most competitive purchasing environment in the
                                                 industry. While other brokerage firms market assets based on which buyer will yield the highest gross payout
                                                 for themselves; Sperry Van Ness markets assets based on which buyer will yield the most for our clients
                                                 – even if that means sharing commissions with another Sperry Van Ness Advisor or unrelated brokerage firm.

                                               National and International Advisor Platform
                                               › The Sperry Van Ness Institutional Team has on-the-ground support in more than 150 markets nationwide
                                                 and key markets internationally, providing clients with great depth in local-level market knowledge.

                                               Extensive Database of Qualified Investors
                                               › Our extensive relationship-driven database is comprised of a carefully selected and maintained list of
                                                 clients, potential investors and the brokerage community.

                                               › In addition to Sperry Van Ness Institutional’s investor database, Sperry Van Ness has proactively
                                                 developed and continues to expand a comprehensive broker database with more than 66,000 broker
                                                 names who regularly receive information on property listings.

                                               › Institutional Team consists of top-producing commercial real estate professionals with an average of 25
                                                 years in the business; each team member is an expert in their respective market.
This office independently owned and operated.
Industry-Leading Marketing Solutions

                                                                                                                          Property Announcement Mailer

Sperry Van Ness Institutional is distinguished by its high-quality, comprehensive marketing campaigns. We
implement a national marketing campaign that showcases properties in a controlled and professional format
and captures the attention of an international audience of qualified investors and brokers. Due to the innovative
techniques we utilize in this process, our team has consistently achieved retail or retail-plus prices for our listings
on behalf of our clients. We take great pride in the intensity of the entire marketing process and the level of
detail we provide in all of our marketing materials. Marketing materials include the following:

Property Announcement Mailer
The postcard mailer includes a photo of the property and summary of the offering. The card drives prospective
purchasers to the Institutional Team’s website at, where investors can gain more in-depth
                                                                                                                          Offering Brochure
information on the property offering including access to the full Offering Memorandum.

Offering Brochure
The full-color, bi-fold Offering Brochure is created as a quick-look, condensed version of the
Offering Memorandum. The Offering Brochure includes summarized information about the
property, including investment details, condensed proforma, bulleted area highlights and maps
to reach the property. The Offering Brochure is designed for easy comprehension and quick
distribution via mail or electronically.

Offering Memorandum
Our in-house marketing department creates a full-color, full-bleed Offering Memorandum. The Offering                      Offering Memorandum

Memorandum contains all the comprehensive offering details and underwriting information necessary for
interested investors to submit a qualified bid on the offering. The Offering Memorandum is distributed in hard-
copy and digital format to a multitude of qualified investors.

Property Website
The Institutional Team creates an individual webpage for each institutional listing accessible from www.svni.
com. The webpage includes extensive property information including the offering summary, a virtual tour,
photo gallery, investment highlights, property attributes, market overview, area information, digital offering
memorandum and brochure, and a downloadable confidentiality agreement.

Property Virtual Tour
Virtual property tours are offered and feature a full 360-degree virtual tour of the property, a slideshow of still
images and a narrated description of the property throughout the tour. The virtual tour enables potential purchasers
                                                                                                                          Property Virtual Tour
to view the property prior to offer deadline in the event that they cannot make it for an in-person tour. Links to the
tour are displayed on Sperry Van Ness Institutional’s online property site and email teaser for easy access.

Confidential Document “Warroom”
From the Property’s individual site on, clients can access detailed due diligence materials through
the property’s password-protected and confidential “warroom.”

Email Blast Campaigns
The e-mail campaigns include email teasers that include a concise investment summary, interactive executive
summary Flash presentation, photos and direct links to access more information through the property’s                     Interactive Executive Summary Flash Presentation
webpage. Emails are distributed on an as-needed basis throughout the marketing process to Sperry Van Ness®
Institutional’s database of more than 10,000 qualified institutional investors and Sperry Van Ness’ database of
more than 60,000 brokers and investors.
                                                                                                                          This office independently owned and operated.
Benefits of Cooperation

› According to Real Estate Industry Consultant, Mark McLaughlin of McLaughlin Ventures,
  co-brokered transactions result in a higher price for property sellers.

› Real Capital Analytics data illustrates that, for all $20M+ core (apartment, office,
  industrial and retail) property transactions in 2007, only 6 percent were co-brokered!
  Are you among the remaining 94% who left money on the table?

                          Non Co-Brokered

› No single broker or firm can directly reach millions of qualified investors; this is only
  attainable through co-brokerage practices.

At Sperry Van Ness Institutional, we are focused on attaining the highest possible value for
the client, not the highest gross commission to ourselves and therefore stand strong in our
belief in the co-brokerage platform.

                                                 This office independently owned and operated.