Acknowledgement of Obligations

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									This attorney drafted acknowledgement of obligations is a statement of obligations that
an employee acknowledges he or she will observe and comply with during the term of
his or her employment. This document contains obligations regarding confidential
information, employee developments, and appropriate conduct with which the employee
must comply. Additionally, it can be customized to provide for any additional obligations
depending on the needs of the employer.

THIS AGREEMENT is executed by the undersigned employee, _____________ [NAME OF
EMPLOYEE] (hereinafter, "Employee") and by ___________________ [NAME OF
BUSINESS] (hereinafter, "Employer), on the date set forth, below.

1. Employee acknowledges and agrees that this Agreement forms a part of Employee's
employment agreement with Employer. This Agreement is a condition precedent to commencing
and/or continued employment with Employer notwithstanding the date this Agreement is

2. "Confidential Information" shall mean any information, knowledge or data (in whatever
media or form) relating to plans, specifications, proprietary property (including confidential
information and trade secrets), documents, inventions, methods, processes, products or
operations of the Employer or its customers of the Employer. Confidential Information shall not
include any information already found in the public domain; or any information that has been
disclosed to Employee by third parties before the Employer disclosed to him/her. "Employment"
shall include employment for wages, salary or any other form of compensation.

3. During the term of his or her employment with Employer, Employee will have access to
Confidential Information of Employer and its clients. Employee represents, warrants and
undertakes that Employee shall not, except in the proper course of its duties under his/her
employment agreement or as may be required by law, by Employee and or by its customers, use
or disclose to any person any Confidential Information or the terms of this Agreement, and will
use its best efforts to prevent the unauthorized use or disclosure of such Confidential Information
by third parties. Upon written demand of Employer, Employee shall return or destroy all
Confidential Information including all copies thereof, then in the possession of the Employee.
Any such return of Confidential Information shall not abrogate the continuing obligations of the
Employee under this Agreement. The duty of Employee to abide by this Confidentiality
Agreement will endure, and this duty will remain legally-binding upon Employee after he or she
ceases to work for Employer, regardless of whether the reason for ending the work relationship is
due to voluntary or involuntary resignation, termination for cause or without cause, or any other

4. Employee is advised that Employer may obtain a reference check on you for employment
purposes. The reference check, also referred to as an investigative consumer report; may include
information concerning Employee’s employment history, earnings history, education, credit
history, credit capacity and credit standing, driving record history and standing, criminal records
check and conviction history, pre-employment drug test results, and all other information
deemed pertinent by the consumer reporting agency.

5. Employee recognizes that Employee, during the term of his employment, may make, solely or
with others, inventions, ideas, discoveries or improvements. Employee acknowledges to

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promptly disclose to the Employer all improvements, inventions, designs, ideas, works of
authorship, discoveries, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, formulas, processes, techniques,
"know-how", and data (whether patentable or not patentable), collectively referred to as
“Developments,” made or conceived or reduced to practice or learned by Employee, either alone
or jointly with others, during Employee’s employment (during or outside of normal working
hours) that are related to or useful in the Employer's actual or anticipated business, or that result
from tasks assigned to Employee by the Employer or that results from use of the premises or
equipment owned, leased, or contracted for by the Employer. Employee must assign to the
Employer all rights Employee has in all Developments and all rights that Employee may acquire
in any Developments. Employee acknowledges that all Developments shall be the sole property
of the Employer and its assigns, and that the Employer and its assigns shall be the sole owner of
all patents, copyrights, and other rights in connection therewith. Employee will assist the
Employer in every lawful way (at the Employer's expense) to obtain and to enforce patents,
copyrights, or other rights on the Developments in all countries. As requested by the Employer,
Employee will execute documents for use in applying for and obtaining and enforcing such
patents, copyrights, or other rights, together with assignments thereof, to the Employer or to
persons designated by the Employer. Employee’s obligation to assist the Employer in obtaining
and enforcing patents and copyrights for the Developments in all countries shall continue beyond
the termination of Employee’s engagement and/or work relationship with Employer.

6. All terms and conditions of this Agreement shall be effective as of the date of employment of
Employee or commencement of work on assignment, whichever is earlier, and shall remain in
full force and effect and survive notwithstanding Employee's termination of employment with

7. Employee shall be appropriately dressed at all times. The services will be provided by the
Employee with reasonable skill and care, and, as far as is reasonably practicable ,within any
agreed time-frame.

8. Employee will not engage in inappropriate conduct at the workplace or on duty. Employee
should not indulge in any inappropriate behavior; including, but not limited to, being under the
influence or affected by alcohol, illegal drugs, or controlled substances except for approved
medical purposes; the possession of a weapon of any sort; and/or harassment, threats or violent
behavior is strictly prohibited.

9. Employee will adhere to and comply with any and all policies and procedures of Employer
relating to sexual harassment. Employee acknowledges having read and understood the
Employer's notice on sexual harassment.

10. All business and office equipments such as phone, pager, and vehicle must be used only for
office purposes and not for any personal use. Employee will be liable for all costs of any and all
unauthorized use.     Employer specifically alerts Employee that any company-provided
communication devices, computers, electronic mail, etc., are to be considered company property
and company-owned information. Employee should have NO EXPECTATION OF PRIVACY
for anything done on company computers or other machines, nor for any communication--

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whether personal or business-related--made on company-provided computers or any other
company-provided communication or electronic device. Employee is specifically put on notice
that Employer may, without any additional notice, track Employee's web history on any such
computer or device that is done on Employer-provided devices and machines, including anything
done during non-work hours. Employee should assume that Employer is able to view and/or
hear anything that is said or done on Employer-provided equipment. Any communications or
web-searching that Employee wishes to keep private and confidential should be [1] done outside
of working hours, AND [2] done on Employee's own personal equipment and devices.

11. This Agreement shall enure to the benefit of the Employer. . Any and all legal and equitable
remedies are available to and may be sought by such party or parties, including specific
performance and injunctive relief. All remedies are deemed cumulative.

12. This Agreement can only be amended or modified by a written agreement signed by an
expressly authorized representative of Employer. This Agreement shall be in addition to any
other agreement between Employee and Employer, and shall supersede any and all conflicting
terms and conditions of such other agreement(s).

______________________________________________________{Instruction:                  add any
Additional Obligations that Employer wishes to impose upon Employee. If no other
obligations, either delete or cross out paragraph 13, or, write in "N/A" or "Not Applicable" in
the available space.}

DATED: _____________________________201__

EMPLOYEE: ____________________________(PRINT NAME)
EMPLOYEE SIGNATURE: ______________________________
TITLE: _________________________

EMPLOYER: __________________________(PRINT NAME OF BUSINESS)
BY: _________________________________(PRINT NAME OF AUTHORIZED PERSON)
EMPLOYER SIGNATURE: ______________________________
TITLE: _____________________________
I am authorized to act on behalf of, and to bind, company.

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