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   Richard B. McKenzie

    Encounter Books
      The History of Orphanages Reconsidered

                          Richard B. McKenzie, Editor

Richard B. McKenzie (Merage School of Business, University of California, Irvine),
Preface and Overview for The History of Orphanages Reconsidered

1. Duncan Lindsey (School of Social Work, University of California, Los Angeles)
   and Paul H. Stuart (School of Social Work, Florida International University),
   Orphanages in History and the Modern Child Welfare Setting: An Overview

2. Timothy Miller (Department of History, Salisbury University),
   The Early History of Orphanages: From Constantinople to Venice

3. Anne. E. C. McCants (Department of History, Massachusetts Institute of
   Technology, Civic Charity in a Golden Age: Orphan Care in Early Modern

4. David T. Beito (Department of History, University of Alabama),
   Mooseheart: “The Child City”

5. Kenneth Cmiel (Department of History, University of Iowa) with Anne Duggan
   (writer and editor), A Home of a Different Kind: An Orphanage in the Middle
   of Chicago’s Elite

6. John E. Murray (Department of Economics, University of Toledo),
   The Fate of Orphans in Antebellum Charleston

7. Marian Morton (Department of History, John Carroll University),
   The Transformation of Catholic Orphanages: Cleveland, 1851-1996

8. Nurith Zmora (Department of History, Hamlin University),
   Baltimore’s Nineteenth-Century Orphanages

9. Marilyn Holt (Departments of History, University of Kansas and Emporia State
   University), The Orphan Trains as an Alternative to Orphanages

10. Timothy A. Hacsi (Department of History, University of Massachusetts, Boston),
    Orphanages as a National Institution: History and Its lessons

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