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									                     A list of sound words
atchoo            creak               hee haw            Plop
atishoo           croak               he-he              Pluck
babble            crunch              hiccup             plunk
bam               daw                 hiss               pom-pom
bay               ding                hissing            Pop
beep              ding dong           honk               pouf
blast             drum                hoot               pow
blather           fizz                howl               purr
bleat             fizzle              hum                Putter
bleep             flap                hush               Quack
blip              flick               jar                quaver
bong              flip                jingle             rail
bonk              flip-flop           knock              rap
boo               flush               lap                Rasp
boohoo            gab                 lash               Rat a tat
boom              gag                 laugh              Rattle
bray              gaggle              lilt               Ring
bubble            gargle              lisp               rinky-dink
bumble            garrulous           loll               rip-rap
bump              gibberish           lull               roar
burp              giggle              mew                rumble
burr              glop                miaow              rustle
buss              glug                Moo                scat
buzz              gnash               munch              screech
cackle            gnaw                murmur             seesaw
caw               gobble              mutter             shriek
cheep             gong                neigh              shrill
chink             gook                Oink               shush
clap              grate               oom-pah            Sigh
clash             groan               pad                simmer
clatter           growl               pat                sizzle
click             grumble             peep               Slam
clink             grunt               peewee             Slap
clip clop         guff                Phew               slump
clock             guffaw              ping               slurp
clonk             gulp                ping-pong          slush
clump             gurgle              Pink               smack
clunk             guzzle              Pit a pat          Smash
coo               ha ha               Pitter patter      smash
crack             hah                 Plonk              smatter

 Read the words aloud, pick some and use them in your own sound poems
                     A list of sound words
Snap              squeal              Ting a ling        whew
snarl             squeeze             tinkle             whimper
sneer             squelch             tom-tom            whine
sneeze            strident            Toot               whinny
sniff             strum               trill              Whir
snip              swash               turtle             whisper
snore             Swish               Tut                whistle
sob               swish               twang              whizz
sough             swoosh              Tweet              whoop
spat              Tap                 twinkle            whoosh
spatter           tattle              twitter            whop
Splash            tee-hee             waffle             whump
Splat             thrum               wah-wah            Woof
Splatter          Thud                wallop             yammer
squabble          thump               wap                Yap
squawk            tic                 whack              yip
squeak            tick-tack-toe       Wheeze             yodel
Squeal            Ting                Whew               yowl

 Read the words aloud, pick some and use them in your own sound poems

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