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Looking to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back? If you are, you must make sure that you aren't committing these terrible errors in pursuit of a reconciliation.

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									Get Your Girlfriend Back
Avoid These Mistakes To Get Back Your Girlfriend In your attempt to get your girlfriend back, you could possibly be creating more problems for yourself and, worst of all, you may not even realize it. If you are serious about getting back together with your girlfriend, you should make sure that you are not making these 3 critical errors in the course of your efforts.

1. Confessing Your Love Constantly
If you are telling your girlfriend how much you love her all the time, you may not realize this, but you could be pushing her even further away from you. If you are trying to get your girlfriend back, I am pretty sure that you have already told her how you feel. By constantly telling your girlfriend how you feel, you are subconsciously making them feel guilty about breaking up with you. That allows your girlfriend the chance to associate a negative feeling with you. That's exactly opposite of what you want to accomplish if your goal is to get her back. Instead, whenever you talk to her, you need to make her associate positive feelings with you. Instead of rehashing old relationship issues, which will generally make her feel bad, tell her how well you're doing, laugh and joke with her, and make her feel good during the interaction. These efforts will pay huge dividends later. She will think, long after your conversation, about how good you make her feel.

2. Letting Your Girlfriend Know You Will Always Be There For Her
This is bad because she is not your girlfriend anymore. If you are telling her this, she will think that this means you are giving her permission to date other people. After all, if she doesn't find a guy that she falls for, she will always have you there. Instead, she needs to be made to feel that she stands to lose a lot if she doesn't come back to you. She needs to fear that, once she loses you, she will lose you forever. Otherwise, you run the risk of her always being on the look out for someone better than you.

3. Trying To Remain Friends
This one is hard for most people. It's hard to be with your girlfriend for a long time, seeing her as your best friend, and then have to lose it all. So, to combat this, you try to hang on to any shred of the relationship that you can. You try to be friends. This is impossible when one person loves the other more and wants the relationship to continue. This will make the relationship very unbalanced. You, wanting to get your girlfriend back, will always bring up the relationship, getting your feelings hurt a lot easier than normal, and will of fight a lot because of it. The biggest issue of all, in trying to be friends, is the fact that spending time together or talking on the phone will be much

more important to you than it will be to your girlfriend. This will lead to many fights and make things much worse. I suggest you avoid this at all costs. You can Get Your Girlfriend Back, however, you need to make sure that you are not ruining your chances before you even start trying.

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