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Garden Tractors - Farmers Friend


									You love gardening. You spend a lot of time taking care of your garden and farm. You plant herbs and shrubs, you cut lawns, till farms, do watering, trimming, pruning - the works! It is a tedious job at times. How about some assistance? Well, garden tractors are there to help you. Development The Western Malleable and Gray Iron Manufacturing Company, produced the first garden tractors. The first one was developed in 1937, and was sold by Montgomery Ward. Two years later, in 1939, the first riding tractor became available, and then in 1950, the first riding lawn mower came into existence. Gradually the size of the tractors went on getting reduced, while the features and facilities, increased. A smaller sized model farming tractor was designed in 1972, and that's where today's compact garden tractors found their roots. Usage Garden tractors are farming tools to be used for diverse farming activities : - The job of pulling heavy loads can be physically tough. They can assist you with the job at hand. Let these heavy-duty machines do all the hard work. - Cultivators, provided with garden tractors, may be used for plowing, thus making your farms more fertile. Tilled land, according to the experts, is always a good idea if quality crops are to be expected. - Often used for mowing lawns in gardens. Trimming with the help of tractors, helps reduce odd grass lengths, bringing the parts of the surface back in sync. - Plowshares embedded in garden tractors, are mostly used for purposes other than gardening as well. A stack of snow may be cleared with the help of plowshares. Handle with Care! Garden tractors are machines after all! Proper care must be taken while operating the system, to keep ourselves safe and our good investment safe as well. Here are some guidelines : - One should always turn off the engines before moving out of the driving seat. - Servicing should never be attempted while they are in operating mode. - Garden tractors, with running engines, should never be left in closed garages to avoid accidents. - Neither the driver nor the idle sitters on the tractors, should smoke there. - Your body should always be kept at a distance from the operating machinery. - Speed of the miniature machines should be taken care of. - It is always advisable to regularly check whether the brakes are working properly. - Untrained drivers should not be allowed to experiment with the machines. Buying Tips You need to be cautious when buying. Following are some guidelines to help you: - Guarantee of the product purchased and warranty period associated, should be checked. - Getting your new purchase insured proves to be a good move. Do so when it is time for the warranty to expire. - It is always better to ask in advance if servicing will be provided at some extra cost, or the price you pay would take care of it. - Be wary while choosing the brand. Verify that the parts are available close to your location. Getting compatible parts at a later date can get difficult. - First aid treatments should be learnt to help you in case of of accidents and emergencies.

No doubt with the right care and handling your Garden Tractor could last for years. To help in the effort of recycling you can use used tractor tires on any new or used farming tractor.

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