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									    Comprehension Reading
           Kid Tested – Teacher Approved

Presented by: Michelle T. Morrison, Robert Navarro, Bonnie Olinto and Rebekah Graham
                       Founded in Research

                                                     Michigan State
Nell K. Duke             P. David Pearson
                                                       Univ. 2001

                             improves when
“Comprehension               teachers design             “Comprehension
improves when                and implement               and decoding
teachers provide             activities that             can exist
explicit instruction         support the                 side-by-side as
in the use of                understanding of            instructional
comprehension                the texts that              goals.”
strategies.”                 students read in
                             their classes.”

         Why Comprehension Strategies?

1. Helps reader understand what they read

2. Constructs meaning for the reader

3. Builds  d ’ b k fk        l d
3 B ild reader’s bank of knowledge

4 Takes reader beyond the literal meaning

        Critical to Reading Achievement

                          8 Comprehension Strategies

Predictions     Think b t h t        it i      i   t    it     t
                Thi k about what a writer is going to write next.

Think Aloud     Talk about what you are thinking.

  Making        Connect text to experiences, knowledge and other
Connections     texts.
Questioning     Ask questions before, during and after reading.

Visualization   Make mind movies.

Determining                              ,       , p      ,
                Use the table of contents, index, captions,
Importance      glossary and real pictures to find important facts.
Synthesizing    Re-tell the story.

                Find clues in the text to discover important
                Comprehension Strategies

  Making         Questioning      Inferencing       Visualization

Text to Text
Text to Self
Text to World

               Making Connections


TS-I have
a swing

TT-I read a
book b t
b k about
insects in

people get


Making        Questioning       Inferencing       Visualization

              I Wonder…
              do I have
              that will be
              answered in
              the text?


1. What d    l d know?
1 Wh t do I already k ?         2. What d       that      tt
                                2 Wh t do I see th t I want to

                          Lady Bird
3. I wonder?                            4. I can answer my
                                      questions and prove it!


Making        Questioning      Inferencing       Visualization

                               What clues
                               does the
                               author give
                               me so that I
                               can find


           “He liked to come to Grandma’s house during
           summer vacation.”

           “Timmy thought about how nice it was to have a

             “Grandma would not l t hi go over to
             “G    d         ld t let him      t
             play with the girls.”
           “Very carefully, he got up from the swing. Very
           carefully, he walked down the porch steps and
           around               garden.”
           aro nd back to the garden ”

                                                             “Very carefully,
   “He liked to come to
                                                             he got up from
 Grandma’s house during
                                                            the swing Very
    summer vacation.”
                                                              carefully, he
                                                            walked down the
                                                            porch steps and
 “Timmy thought
                                                             around back to
about how nice it
                                                              the garden.”
  was to have a

 “Grandma would
  not let him go
      to l      ith
 over t play with
    the girls.”

              Comprehension Strategies

Making         Questioning      Inferencing       Visualization

                                                  Using my 5
                                                  senses, I
                                                  can create a
                                                  mind movie
                                                  that relates
                                                  to the text.


                                                      “Karen and Kathy both
                                                      had the chicken pox.”

“Grandma was
busy in the garden.”
                                             “He liked her big
                                             front porch...”
                          “down the
                          porch steps…”


I close my eyes and visualize…
                Comprehension Strategies

  Making         Questioning       Inferencing       Visualization

Text to Text     I Wonder…         What clues        Using my 5
Text to Self     What              does the          senses, I
Text to World    questions         author give       can create a
                 do I have         me so that I      mind movie
                 that will be      can find          that relates
                 answered in       other             to the text.
                 the text?         information?

  Multiple Strategies
                    Ticket Out The Door

    3                         2                         1

Three things you           Two questions              One thing you
 have learned.             you would like              are going to
                             answered                 implement in
                                                     your classroom.

             Literature List

     Determining Importance
Airplanes and Flying Machines: First Discovery Books
Flight: Robert Burleigh
Magic Schoolbus Books: Joanna Cole
Milk Makers, The: Gail Gibbons
Somewhere Today: Bert Kitchen
Spiders: Gail Gibbons
                                             Literature List
A Bag Full of Pups: Dick Gackenbach                     In A Small, Small Pond: Denise Fleming
A Fairy Went-A-Marketing: Rose Fyleman                  In the Tall, Tall Grass: Denise Fleming
Abby: Jeannette Franklin Caines                         Incredible Painting of Felix Clousseau, The: Jon Agee
Anna Banana and Me: Erik Lenore Blegvad                 Jim and the Beanstalk: Raymond Briggs
Big Al: Andrew Clements                                 Jumanji: Chris Van Allsburg
Boy Who Didn’t Believe in Spring: Lucille Clifton       June 29, 1999: David Wiesner
Bull Run: Paul Fleischman                               Loop the Loop: Barbara Dugan
Charlie Anderson: Barbara Abercrombie                   Lunch: Denise Fleming
Corduroy: Don Freeman                                   May I Bring A Friend?: Beatrice Schenk deRegniers
Dandelions: Eve Bunting                                 Miss Rumphius: Barbara Cooney
Dateline: Troy – Paul Fleischman                        Mysteries of Harris Burdick: Chris Van Allsburg
Dreamcatcher: Audrey Osofsky                            No Moon, No Milk!: Chris Baccock
Duckat: Gaelyn Gordon                                   No Peas for Nellie: Chris L. Demarest
Encounter: Jane Yolen                                   Noisy Book, The: Margaret Wise Brown
Fables: Arnold Lobel                                    Noisy Nora: Rosemary Wells
Frank and Ernest: Alexandra Day                         Once Upon Macdonald’s Farm: Stephen Gammell
Frank and Ernest Play Ball: Alexandra Day
                       y                  y             Owen: Kevin Henkes
Frank and Ernest on the Road: Alexandra Day             Rag Coat, The: Lauren Mills
Garden of Abdul Gasazi: Chris Van Allsburg              Rainbow Fish: Marcus Pfister
George and Martha: James Marshall                       Riverbend: Chris Van Allsburg
George and Martha Encore: James Marshall                Rose Blanche: Roberto Innocenti
George and Martha Rise and Shine: James Marshall        See the Ocean: Estelle Condra
Harry and the Terrible Whatzit: Dick Gackenbach         Seven Blind Mice: Ed Young
H tti and Th F
Hattie d The Fox: M    Mem FFox                         Snowy Day, Th E
                                                        S       D     The: Ezra J k K t
                                                                                 Jack Keats
Hedgehog for Breakfast, The: Ann Turner                 Story of Jumping Mouse, The: John Steptoe
Hot Air Henry: Mary Calhoun                             Swimmy: Leo Lionni
I Wish I Had a Pirate Suit: Pamela Allen                Table Where Rich People Sit: Byrd Baylor
In A Small, Small Pond: Denise Fleming                  Teammates: Peter Golenbock
In the Tall, Tall Grass: Denise Fleming                 Third Story Cat, The: Leslie Baker
Incredible Painting of Felix Clousseau, The: Jon Agee   This is the Key to the Kingdom: Diane Worfolk Allison
Jim and the Beanstalk: Raymond Briggs                   Tight Times: Barbara Shook Hazen
Hedgehog for Breakfast, The: Ann Turner                 Time for Bed: Mem Fox
Hot Air Henry: Mary Calhoun                             Wall, The: Eve Bunting
I Wish I Had a Pirate Suit: Pamela Allen                Wreck of the Zephyr: Chris Van Allsburg
                                           Literature List
                                       Making Connections
Amazing Grace: Mary Hoffman                       Miss Maggie: Cynthia Rylant
Art Lesson, The: Tomie De Paola                   Mrs. Katz and Tush: Patricia Polacco
A Beach Day: Douglas Florian                      Mrs. Mack: Patricia Ploacco
A Chair for My Mother: Vera Williams              My Great Aunt Arizona: Gloria Houston
A Country Far Away: Nigel Gray                    Nana Upstairs, Nana Downstairs: Tomie de Paola
A River Dream: Allen Say                          Now One Foot, Now the Other: Tomie de Paola
Amos and Boris: William Steig                     Oliver Button Is a Sissy: Tomie de Paola
All The Secrets of the World: Ian Yolen           Our Granny: Margaret Wild
Bear and Mrs. Duck: Elizabeth Winthrop            Owen: Kevin Henkes
Before I Was Born: Harriet Ziefert                Pain and the Great One, The: Judy Blume
Best Town In The World: Byrd Baylor                          Came,
                                                  Relatives Came The: Cynthia Rylant
Birthday Presents: Cynthia Rylant                 Rondo In C: Paul Fleischman
Chicken Sunday: Patricia Polacco                  Rose Blanche: Roberto Innocenti
Country Road: Daniel San Souci                    Rosie and Michael: Judith Viorst
Chrysanthemum: Kevin Henkes                       Roxaboxen: Alice McLearran
Dawn: Uri Shulevitz                               Shelia Ray the Brave: Kevin Henkes
Dinner At Aunt Connie’s House: Faith Ringgold
                                         gg       Snake Hunt: Jill Kastner
Earrings: Judith Viorst                           Snippets: Charlotte Zolotow
Emma Bean: Jean Van Leeuwen                       Snowy Day: Ezra Jack Keats
Every Livings Thing: Cynthia Rylant               Sol a Sol: Lori Marie Carlson – Poems
Going Home: Eve Bunting                           Some Birthday: Patricia Polacco
Good-bye Book, The: Judith Viorst                 Storm, The: W. Nikola-Lisa
Hey World, Here I Am: Jean Little                 Teammates: Peter Golenbock
H          the Hill, Th Ch i ti Couture
House on th Hill The: Christin C t                T Little Rabbits: Vi i i G
                                                  Ten Littl R bbit Virginia Grossman
Hurricane: David Wiesner                          Tenth Good Thing About Barney: Judith Viorst
I Hate English: Ellen Levine                      Thank you, Mr. Faukner: Patricia Polacco
I Know A Lady: Charlotte Zolotow                  Third Story Cat, The: Leslie Baker
I Like to Be Little: Charlotte Zolotow            Thundercake: Patricia Polacco
I Love You As Much: Laura Krauss Melmed           Three Brave Women: C. L. G. Martin
In The Middle of the Night: Kathy Henderson       Tight Times: Barbara Shook Hazen
Ira Sleeps Over: Bernard Wader                    Trip, the: Ezra Jack Keats
Island Boy: Barbara Cooney                        Up North At The Cabin: Marshal Chall
Julius, the Baby of the World: Tomie de Paola     Wall, The: Eve Bunting
Keeping Quilt: Patricia Polacco                   War Boy: Michael Foreman
             Literature List
A Day’s Work: Eve Bunting
Amazing Bone, The: William Steig
Amelia’s Road: Linda Altman
Big Al: Andrew Clements
Brave Irene: William Steig
Charlie Anderson O Barbara Abercrombie
Day of Ahmed’s Secret, The: Florence Heide
Dr. DeSoto: William Steig
Elizabeth: Claire Nivola
Fly Away Home: Eve Bunting
Galimoto: Karen Lynn Williams
Gorky Rises: William Steig
How Come?: Kathy Wollard
How Many Days to America?: Eve Bunting
Hurricane: David Wiesner
Librarian Who Measured the Earth: Kathryn Lasky
Little Mouse s Painting: Diane Wolkstein
May I Bring a Friend?: Beatrice Schenk deRegniers
Newf: Marie Killiea
Pink and Say: Patricia Polacco
Potato Man, The: Megan McDonald
Solomon and the Rusty Nail: William Steig
Something Permanent: Cynthia Rylant – Poetry
          g               y      y            y
Story of Jumping Mouse, The: John Steptoe
Stranger, The: Chris Van Allsburg
Sylvester and the Magic Pebble: William Steig
UFO Diary – Satoshi Kitamura
Van Gogh Café, The: Cynthia Rylant
Wall, The: Eve Bunting
Wednesday S
W d               i    The: Eve Bunting
         d Surprise, Th E B ti
Why Is The Sky Blue: Sally Grindley
                                            Literature List

A Rainbow of My Own: Don Freeman                        Magic Fish, The: Freva Littledale
Annie and the Wild Animals: Jan Brett                   Magic Schoolbus Books: Joanna Cole
Araminta’s Paintbox: Karen Ackerman                     Maybe Garden, The: Kimberly Burke-Weiner
Broody Hen, The: Olivier Dunrea                         Mitten, The: Jan Brett
Cat in the Hat, The: Dr. Seuss                          My Mom Travels a Lot: Caroline Feller Bauer
Charles T. McBiddle: Andrew Glass                       Nadia the Wilful: Sue Alexander
Charlie Nees a Cloak: Tomie DePaola                     No Moon, No Milk!: Chris Babcock
Dead Bird The: Margaret Wise Brown                      No More Baths: Brock Cole
Don’t Tell the Whole World: Joanna Cole                 Peter’s Chair: Ezra Jack Keats
For Every Child, a Better World: Louise Gikow           Quicksand Book, The: Tomie DePaolaRegards to the
Goodbye House: Frank Asch                               Man in the Moon: Ezra Jack Keats
Jim and the Beanstalk: Raymond Briggs                   Sleeping Ugly: Jane Yolen
Learning about Unicorns: Laura Alden                    Story of Jumping Mouse, The: John Steptoe
Leo the Late Bloomer: Robert Kraus                      Trouble With Trolls, The: Jan Brett
Little Blue and Little Yellow: Leo Lionni               Wednesday Surprise, The: Eve Bunting
Lotus See, The: Sherry Garland                          When the Sun Rose: Barbara Berger
May the Magnificent: Dick Gackenbach

                                           Literature List

A Lucky Thing: Alice Schertle                           Like Butter on Pancakes: Jonathan London
Abuel: Arthur Dorros                                    Little Mouse’s Painting: Diane Wolkstein
All the Small Poems: Valerie Worth                      Lotus Seed, The: Sherry Garland
Appalachia: Cynthia Rylant                              Newf: Marie Killilea
At the Edge of the Forest: Jonathan London              Night in the Country: Cynthia Ryland
Baby Whale’s Journey: Jonathan London                   Owl Moon: Jane Yolen
Barn Dance: Bill Martin                                 Puddles: Jonathan London
Condor’s Egg: Jonathan London
Condor s                                                Sailboat Lost: Leonard Everett Fisher (wordless book)
Country Road: Daniel San Souci                          Seashore Book, The: Charlotte Zolotow
Dream Weaver: Jonathan London                           Seven Blind Mice: Ed Young
Fireflies: Julie Brinkloe                               Sheep in a Jeep: Nancy Shaw
Good Dog Carl: Alexandra Day                            Sheep in a Shop: Nancy Shaw
Ghost-Eye Tree, The: Bill Martin and John Archambault   Sheep Out to Eat-Nancy Shaw
Girl Who Dance With Dolphins, The: Frank deSaix
                          p   ,                         Storm, The: W. Nikola-Lisa
Grandfather Twilight: Barbara Berger                    Time for Bed: Mem Fox
Hurricane: Jonathan London                              Train Song: Diane Siebert
I Love You As Much: Laura Krauss Melmed                 Trip, the: Erza Jack Keats
I’m In Charge of Celebrations: Byrd Baylor              Twilight Comes Twice: Ralph Fletcher
Into This Night We Are Rising: Jonathan London          Whisper From the Woods: Victory Wirth


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