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Chromeleon Report
Templates for McNeil

                                                                                                              Project Management     Embedded Systems

Electronic Development    Information Systems       Software Development         Data Communication

             The Commitment
             EC Konsult is covering the need of Chromeleon Report Template development and maintenance for Analytical
             Development at McNeil AB. This commitment covers the complete development cycle from plan to integration,
             where all the activities are subordinated the Computerized System Validation procedures at McNeil AB. To be success-
             ful in a development process like this, a continuous dialog is required. With McNeil AB this dialog is very successful.

             Documentation                               Implementation                                 Testing
             EC Konsult is acting as author and          Chromeleon Report Template are                 In line with the Computerized
             pre-reviewer of plans, requirement          implemented by EC Konsult follo-               System Validation procedures at Mc-
             specifications, design specifications,      wing the requirement and design                Neil AB, EC Konsult is also perfor-
             test specifications and other relevant      specifications. Implementation de-             ming tests of implemented Chrome-
             documentation of the development            mands knowledge of data processing,            leon Report Template.
             process.                                    database management and program-
                                                         ming areas.

                         Chromeleon is a modern, widely used chromatography data management system
                         capable of controlling a large number of instruments, and of storing, processing and
                         reporting chromatography data.

             - EC Konsult (EC) helps McNeil AB to develop and test templates in Chromeleon in accordance with McNeil AB User Require-
             ment Specifications. EC uses McNeil AB validation process and documentation templates as well as McNeil AB regulations, on
             which they are trained. Development of the templates requires specialist knowledge, which is difficult for the routine users to
             gain and maintain. EC has provided such knowledge which has led to a very fruitful collaboration between EC and McNeil AB.

                                                                                          Fredrik Kuylenstierna and Lena Cedergren, McNeil AB

             EC Konsult, a knowledge-based company with about forty employees, located in the south of Sweden. EC Konsult is a
             part of EC-gruppen. Our experience in quality systems and special competences in software development, documenta-
             tion and report generating beside the personalities in the unique little company are some of the reasons for engaging
             EC Konsult.

                                                      EC Konsult, P.O. Box 14, SE-376 23 Svängsta, Sweden
                                          Phone +46 454 370 00, Fax +46 454 370 01,,

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