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					Open the minds EYE And look into the global information field AKASHIC records you can BROWSE The book of life is easy to access

-----reality is read as a code written in the green language of ages as the spiral of experience unwides events,

seemless conicidences appear in chains

destiny through your genes recepted heavenly jerusalem password protected -----

in my blood... thorns... and angel's horns...

the word is weak... the flesh is rotten... heaven still forgotten i raise my hands to the skies

all around me lies and snakes in disguise the path to eden remains hidden... ----from the holy grail i've been drinking transmuted to gold serpent behold through the crown chakra to heaven i've grown

senses, lost mind, conquered dreams i have become vibrating in resonance wisdom and compassion in balance E PLURIBUS UNUM out of many, ONE anima MUNDI

the Soul of the world i have become

----A PLASMA discharge Glowing in Earth's orbit

Doing a dimension flip So your soul can make a trip

From here to nowhere Defying logic Physics to magic ----The Solar Wind blowing a kiss To Bliss through the Abyss

Ion soup in the HOLY GRAIL Earth's Magnetosphere loses a veil

Tesla magnifiers moving dimensions Electromagnetic pulses In Mayan time code Aurora Borealis in catharsis Gravity distortion through implosion

The marriage of heaven and hell Giving BIRTH to a multidimensional EARTH

----between the Sun and the Moon the king and the queen an alchemical wedding

crowning the head awakening the dead ----Two erect towers, Emit waves out of phase

Time and Space can shift Open wide, botomless pit! May the COSMIC VULVA Take in the SPEAR OF DESTiNY!

The black sun flushes all your deeds, Dark matter it bleeds Distorted by GRAVITY I long for UNITY

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