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									Muhlenberg County High School Newsletter
                                                                     October 1, 2009

Hello Everyone,
With the first nine weeks rapidly coming to a close it is an important time for us to reflect on
areas that are meeting the needs of our students and on areas that we can continue to improve.
Our teachers and staff are working harder than ever to make sure that we put our students first
and do whatever it takes for them to not only pass all of their classes and graduate on time, but to
challenge each and every student during the entire school day. If you are hearing from your
child(ren) that their classes are harder than ever that just might be because they are.

We know that we have to continuously raise the bar of expectations for our students. The
workplace and the classrooms that await our students after high school are becoming more and
more demanding and competitive. This is the reality and we must all work together in order for
our students to have the edge needed when they are ready to apply to colleges or to enter the
work force. I thank you for your support and want to re-emphasize that over time we will
continue to raise the bar. One big shock that sometimes sneaks up on our post-graduate students
is accountability. As adults we are all too familiar with understanding what happens if we don’t
show up to wor or if we don’t come prepared to a meeting or to a class. We know that our
students are still young adults, and we also understand our responsibility to teach them to
understand accountability as they mature. We care about your kids very much, and we know
how much you love and wish the best for them. Let’s together help them become responsible
and ready adults.

Attendance Flash! We must have our students in school all day every day! When a student
misses it sets into action a process of getting the make up work, getting the make up work done
on top of their class and homework, finding the time to make up any missed tests, and finally
relearning what they may have missed. This is a huge undertaking and it is better if we are all
here every day. Parents, you can help by scheduling appointments before or after school if at all
possible, not scheduling trips during the school year if you can, and helping to keep our kids
healthy by getting as much rest as possible while still having all the fun that goes along with
being a teenager. Thank you!

Grades and Tutoring. If you have received a phone call home lately from one of our teachers,
don’t feel alone. We are going above and beyond to contact parents when we see students
beginning to struggle or who are in danger of failing. In fact, we are calling home for students
doing well that need extra encouragement or whom we feel can do even more. If your child
shares that they are struggling in a class, or their grades are not where you want them, please let
their teacher(s) know or contact the Guidance Office to arrange for tutoring through ESS. We
have more students than ever meeting with teachers before school and this is great. Don’t think
that tutoring is a bad thing! Tutoring is an opportunity to get more one-on-one instruction, which
is the best way to get caught up or even to get ahead. Parents, please stay on top of your child’s
grades and communicate with teachers, any of the principals, or counselors if you need
information. We will get right back to you in less than 24 hours whenever possible.
Interventions. You are going to hear more about interventions as we continue to challenge our
students. Interventions are opportunities for students to change up their daily schedules on a
planned basis to get specialized instruction during the day. Our teachers are working together to
switch students for a short time, apply high level instructional strategies, and assess the
effectiveness through quick quizzes and learning checks. If your child is moving about during
the day, this is a good thing as we are getting them all the help we know they need.

Career Fair Success! Thank you to all of our exhibitors that came out to share the opportunities
that their businesses, organizations and colleges have to offer our students. They were very
excited and appreciated all the time and effort you put in.

On to State!
Our Boys Golf Team will be heading to State Competition next week in Bowling Green.
Team Members: Jantzen Latham, Ty Broady, Kraig Farley, Will Harvey, and Ryan Kirkpatrick!!

Congratulations to Schyler Pentecost who will be representing the Girls Golf Team next week as
well in Bowling Green. Good luck, Schyler!

Mustangs in Competition
The Boys Soccer Team enters regional play next week as the top seed. Best of luck to the team
and Coach Sharp as they move into the next round of competitive play.

How about those Marching Mustangs? Our Marching Band recently earned their first
Distinguished Award at Ohio County last week. Good luck again at Caldwell County this
Saturday. Go Mustangs!

The FFA land judging team competed at the regional level on September 30 and placed 3rd in
the Pennyrile Region with a Superior rating. There were 12 teams and 48 individuals competing
in the contest overall.

Team members included the following along with their individual placings: Vaughn Reed - 2nd
place (Superior Rating); Daxton Lear - 12th place; Logan Wright - 13th place; and, Katie Bivins
- 19th place.

The weekly results are in from the Pennyrile Academic Association. PAA consists of 15
schools in the Pennyrile region and includes: Apollo, Breckinridge Co., Christian Co., Daviess
Co. Fredrick Fraize, Grayson Co., Henderson Co., Hopkins Co. Central, Madisonville-North
Hopkins, Marshall Co., Muhlenberg Co., Ohio County, Owensboro, Owensboro Catholic, and
Union Co. Congratulations to the following students for finishing in the top ten this week. JV
Arts and Humanities: Allison Simpson – first; Michaela Melton and Raeanne Spears – tied for
second. JV Language Arts: Lydia Edlin – third; Darcy Sullivan – sixth. JV Math: Dylan
Stewart – seventh; Kayson Douglas – ninth. JV Science: Evan Whitmer – third. JV Social
Studies: Harper Stiles – second
Jeremy Bivins recently earned 2nd place in the essay contest at the Future Educators Association
Regional Conference at Murray State University! We are proud of you, Jeremy!

     Attention all Juniors: Governor’s Scholars Applications are now available. You may see
      Mrs. Kimbrell in the morning, at morning break, or after school for further details.
     The University of Louisville is conducting their Campus Preview Day on Saturday, Oct.
      17. No reservations are required for this campus preview. If you are unable to attend this
      preview date, you may visit U of L by scheduling by calling 1-800-334-8635 or
      registering via website:
     ACT TEST DATE December 12th test date – DEADLINE to register is November
      6th - NEW ACT CODE IS 181-038
     College-bound student-athletes that plan on participating in college athletics need to
      register with the Eligibility Center. This can be done on the Eligibility Center’s Web site, Early registration helps student-athletes avoid pitfalls that
      could delay their academic or amateur certification. SENIORS Please send your six-
      semester transcripts to the Eligibility Center in Indianapolis, Indiana. The Eligibility
      Center CANNOT accept faxed transcripts. Mail to: NCAA Eligiblity Center,
      Certification Processing, PO Box 7136, Indianapolis, IN 46207-7136
     UNIVERSITY of KENTUCKY DEADLINES: Those interested in a U K
      Scholarship must apply by MARCH 1, 2010 – ACT score of 26 and a 3.3 high school
      GPA. Freshman Scholarship Applications are due MARCH 1, 2010. – Regular
      Freshman Application Deadline is Feb. 15th. To visit the UK website
     UNIVERSITY OF LOUISVILLE DEADLINES: Those interested in a University of
      Louisville Scholarships must apply by JANUARY 15, 2010. For more info go to
     PRUDENTIAL SPIRIT OF COMMUNITY AWARD: Students who have taken part in
      community service activities over the past year are encouraged to fill out an online
      application form at or (access
      key: spirit) This form must be returned to the school by Nov. 2, 2009.
     Will you be a senior during the 2009-2010 school year? Do you participate in at least one
      sport? Are you a leader in your school and your community? Then don’t miss this
      opportunity to be recognized for everything that you do! Apply now for the 2009
      WENDY”S HIGH SCHOOL HEISMAN! Visit for more
      information and to apply! The first 41,100 applicants will receive a FREE Wendy’s Gift
      Card. 10/01/09
     The Pharm D Program Open House will take place on Saturday, November 21st on UK’s
      campus at the College of Pharmacy. The Open House will provide high school students
      with the opportunity to learn about the pharmacy profession, career opportunities, and the
      Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm. D.) program at the University of Kentucky! There will be an
      informational program beginning at 10:00 a.m. covering general information on pharmacy
      careers, pre-pharmacy requirements and the Pharm. D. Program. At approximately 11:00
      a.m., refreshments will be provided and high school students will be able to meet with
      current Pharm D. students for a Question and Answer session. Registration is required
      and will be available at For more info
      contact Stephanie Wurth, Pre-Pharmacy Advisor, or 859-323-
     Sign up for Fall 2009 “Come See For Yourself” Dates: this is a unique opportunity for
      underrepresented students to explore UK’s scholarships, grants, financial aid and summer
      programs as well as interact with currently enrolled UK students, talk with our faculty,
      staff, and academic advisors and tour our campus. Free Lunch for you and your students!
      Guided tour of campus geared towards the interests of your students! Admissions
      application fee waived when students submit completed form with high school transcript!
      Available Dates: Oct 2 – Friday / Oct 12 – Monday / Oct. 19 – Monday / Oct 23 – Friday
      / Oct 26 – Monday / Oct 30 – Friday / Nov 4 – Wednesday / Nov 9 – Monday / Nov 16 –
      Monday / Nov 23 – Monday To register, talk about transportation, or ask questions,
      please contact Buzz Burnam at or 859-323-6342
     UK Honors Program – Deadline to Apply is January 15, 2010 – UK Honors Program
      offers students intensive interaction with professors and other students that characterizes
      small liberal arts colleges and myriad opportunities to learn in the vital research
      environment that distinguishes the nation’s best universities. The application process is
      fairly simple. We ask for some information about the student’s past experiences in high
      school and the community, a transcript, and short essays of no more than 500 words each.
      If students apply before the end of the fall semester, we are happy to accept the most
      recent transcript available (showing 6 semesters of high school coursework). Our
      recommended minimum scores for admission are an ACT 29 {or SAT 1290} and 3.75
      GPA or better. However, students whose scores do not equal these are warmly
      encouraged to apply and may include a letter of support from you or other faculty who can
      testify to their ability and potential.

Thank you for taking time to read the latest edition of the Muhlenberg County High School
Newsletter. This newsletter is intended for parents and our community who look to us for
updates on events and the overall progress of our students and school.

Please give us a call or email if you have a need or concern or just to share great news about our
students and school. We will get back to you within 24 hours with a reply. Please keep an eye
on our Marquees outside both campuses for important information and updates on events and
celebrations at MCHS.
Ok is not enough!
Mr. Perkins

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