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									                                                                          NOVEMBER / DECEMBER                                 2009
                      N        E        W       S        L        E        T        T        E          R

                                7940—156th Street, Surrey, B.C. V3S 3R3   Phone: (604) 597-2301 Fax: (604) 597-6481

             Principal’s Message
              We are over half way through             year. Please take the time to look over the
              semester one. Report Cards will be       course selection form that your child will be
              issued on Thursday, November 26th.       bringing home, completing and returning to
              Please contact your child’s teacher if   school.
you have any questions or concerns about your
child’s progress.                                      Grad photos will take place from Sunday,
                                                       January 10 until Friday, January 15 in the
Fleetwood Park’s dance classes and teams have 2        Artona trailor which will be in our back
upcoming performances. Classes and teams will be       parking lot. More information will be given            Inside this issue:
performing at lunch in the gym on Thursday,            to the grads.
November 26 in preparation for Evolution. The
Evolution dance competition is held at Lord            During January students will be fully             Upcoming Dates         2
Tweedsmuir Secondary (6151 180th Street, Surrey)       immersed in finishing assignments and             Dry Grad Meeting
on Saturday, November 28th. Doors open at 12:30        preparing for final exams. Please encourage
pm and the show will start at 1:00 pm and run until    your child to do their best to complete all       Blood Drive            3
approximately 5:00 pm. Tickets are $10 in advance      work and set a schedule for studying.             P.A.C Meeting
through Mme. L or $15. at the door (if there are any   Please see the provincial exam schedule
left).                                                 which is included in this newsletter.             Dance News             4
                                                       Students in grades 10, 11 and 12 should
Ms. Stewart’s music students will be putting on a      know the date, time and location of any
Winter Concert on Wednesday, December 16 at            exams which they are writing.          Any        Counsellors Corner     5-6
7:00 pm in our plaza. All parents are invited to       questions about exams should be directed to
come out and listen to our talented students.          their classroom teacher.                          January 2010           7
                                                                                                         PROVINCIAL Exams
On December 14, 15 and 17 at 7:00 pm Ms. Porter’s      The next PAC meeting takes place on
students will be presenting 2 plays: “The Play of      Monday, January 18th, 2010 at 7:00 pm in          Grad & Dry Grad Info   8
the Century” and “Law and Order: Fairytale Unit”.      our school library. I encourage you to
Listen for more information about these 2 entertain-   attend.
ing performances.                                                                                        Yearbook Information   9
                                                       There is a lot of information on our school
Congratulations to our senior boys volleyball team     website. Please visit our school website at
who are ranked # 1 in the province. They will be
on their way to Kelowna the first week of December     Sincerely, Sue Knox
to play in the provincial championships. We wish
them good luck. GO DRAGONS!!!!!

The 2009 – 2010 school year is speeding by. It’s
surprising that there are only 4 weeks until the
winter break. Students will be dismissed at the
usual time, 2:45 pm, on December 18. The first day
back after the winter break is January 4, 2010.

Upon our return to classes we will be beginning the
course selection process for the 2010 – 2011 school
PRINCIPAL : Ms. Sue Knox           Vice Principal: Mr. Sunny Deol              COUNSELLORS:            Ms. E. Watanabe
                                   Vice Principal: Mr. Mike Stickley                                   Ms. M. Watson
                                                                                                       Ms. B. Tillberg
     Page 2                                Fleetwood Park Secondary School

PARENTS:                                                   Upcoming Dates to Remember....
If your child must leave the school for an                              NOVEMBER
appointment anytime during the school day,
please phone the office or have your child bring a   26        Report Card #1 issued
note TO THE OFFICE so that the office staff may                Sr Girls Basketball team to Salmon Arm
record the absence into the computer. Contacting
the teacher directly will not stop an automated      30        Flex Schedule—Students dismissed at 2:05
phone call home. Thank you for your co-operation.
                                                     3-5       Sr Boys VB Tournament BC Championships

                                                     7-8       Sr Girls Basketball Tournament at FP 1:00
                                                               pm start

                                                     8         Dry Grad Meeting      in the library 7 pm
                                                     9         French / Spanish Crossgrades
                                                     10-11     Sr Boys Basketball Tournament @          Walnut
                                  The Next                     Grove
                            DRY GRAD                 14        Flex Schedule—students dismissed at 2:05

                            MEETING                  16        Winter Concert at 7:00 pm
                             will be held on                   Return / renew library materials
                              TUESDAY                17        Sr Boys Basketball Tournament @
                             December 8th                      Burnaby South
                                 at 7 pm             18        Last day of classes before school closes for
                                                               Winter Break
                            in the                   Dec 21—   WINTER BREAK
                                                     Jan 1

                                                     5-9       Sr Girls Basketball @ Firefighters
                                                     6         Grade 9-10 Assembly for
                                                               Course Selection
   Hope everyone has a restful,                                Sr Boys Basketball Tournament @
                                                               St. Thomas Moore

                 enjoyable                           10-16     Grad Photos

                                                     12        English Crossgrades
                                                     13        RCMP Sr Boys Basketball Tournament

                                                     15        Grad Transition Workshop—all day

                                                     18        FLEX Schedule
                                                               PAC Meeting in Library         7:00 pm
                                                     20        Newsletter #5 issued

                                                     26        PROVINCIAL EXAMS BEGIN
                                     Fleetwood Park Secondary School                            Page 3

                                                                   It’s in you to give
                 The Next PAC Meeting is
       January 18, 2010 7:00 pm
                                                              THE GRAD CLASS OF FLEETWOOD PARK
Executive Members for 2009 - 2010 are                                  is in a blood drive competition!
President.................... Ms. Helen Bender
Vice President……… Open
                                                               We are competing with other schools in the Lower
Secretary..................... Ms. Michelle Frizzell
Treasurer.................... Ms. Gurinder Saran               Mainland and the rest of the province to donate the
                                                               most blood in Domino’s Young Blood Challenge.
                                                              For the competition, staff, students, family members,
    P.A.C. would like to take this                              friends and anyone who wishes to donate in the
        opportunity to wish                                           name of Fleetwood Park are eligible.
          everyone a safe                                       Please, encourage everyone you know to donate
        and happy holiday !                                        because not only are you helping us win our
                                                              competition, but each donation can save 3 lives, and
                                                               that’s the best reason of all. Grad Council will be
                                                               organizing student blood drive days and hopes to
                                                                beat last year’s grad class’ participation record.
  ~~ fo tneve eht nI
                                                               Help us win cash for our grad and bragging rights.
                                                                       Remember, blood is in you to give!
                      When the wind or snow closes your             For more details on the donation process,
                      school, students and parents need to
                                                                           you can visit
                      know immediately.

                    Class cancellation information is
  broadcast on the following radio stations:
         News 1130        1130 on the AM dial
         CKNW             980 AM
         CBC Radio        690 AM
         Red-FM           93.1 FM

  Please do not call the radio stations as staff is very
  busy receiving updates and preparing newscasts.

  DISTRICT OFFICES       since staff members are generally
  not available to answer telephone calls far in advance of
  regular school opening time and phone lines only
  become congested.
      Page 4                               Fleetwood Park Secondary School

                              Dance News
This is what dance students have been up to and can look forward to:

       All 3 classes are now ready for their upcoming “Evolution” dance competition:
                BLOCK A is doing “A Chorus Line”;
                BLOCK C is doing a tribute to 2010 Olympics;
                BLOCK D is doing a hip-hop/break dance number

 “EVOLUTION” takes place on Saturday, Nov. 28th at Lord Tweedsmuir Sec. @ 1pm.
  The address is: 6151—180th Street, Surrey. Doors open at 12:30pm.
  Tickets are now on sale for $10. See Mme L. in the studio for yours.
  If any are left, they will sell at the door but for $15.

                                   Dance classes will attend
                               the musical theatre performance
                      Of     “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels”
                                 on Wednesday, December 2nd
                          at the Vancouver Playhouse Theatre @ 2pm.

 Jr.. & Sr. teams are also ready for “EVOLUTION”. See next newsletter for results.

 Classes and teams will perform in the gym at lunch on Thursday, November 26th in preparation for “Evolution”.
 Admission will be $1 for students, free for staff.

 Classes will perform at Fleetwood Villa on   Wed, December 9th in “C” block and at
                         Evergreen Cottages on Fri, December 11th in “A” block as part of
                                                                      social responsibility.

 Classes and teams will perform at our “Winter Concert” on Wednesday, December 16th in the school
 plaza @ 7pm. Admission will be $5 at the door.
 Classes and teams might also perform on Friday, December 18th in the gym during “C” & “D” blocks.
 This is yet to be confirmed.

               Finally,          'MA
                          MERRY X'MAS                 &   HAPPY NEW YEAR
                                   to all the coaches and dance students.

L. Landriault (Dance Teacher)
                          Fleetwood Park Secondary School                                      Page 5


                                                                        Ms. E. WATANABE        (A - G)
                                                                        Ms. B. TILLBERG        (H - N)
                                                                        Ms. M. WATSON          (P - Z)

                           Post Secondary Applications

All grade 12 students should be aware of the early application deadlines for the institutions they are interested
in applying to. The large universities will be accepting early applications in January/February 2010. Students
should have registered on PSI before that date. Interim transcripts will be available, but must be requested.
The forms are available in the   counselling department and at the office.


The PSI Selections form is now available online for students graduating this year. Paper “PSI Choices Form”
will no longer be sent to schools. This electronic PSI Selections form should only be submitted by students
who expect to graduate this year and are applying to a PSI.

An instructional document is available at https://www/ updates/.         This document
includes snap shots of all the screens students will use to select PSIs.

Students access this online form by logging into the Student Secure Web (SSW) site; and click the “Post Secondary Institutions Selections”
menu option. Note that students who do not yet have a SSW account will need to create one prior to gaining
access to the PSI Selections form.

Students’ PSI selections must b e submitted by April 30 for interim transcript information to be forwarded to BC
and Ontario Universities Application Centre (OUAC) institutions in May. For final transcript information to be
sent to PSIs by July 31, 2010, students must submit their PSI selections by June 30. In addition to the BC
Electronic PSIs option and the OUAC Electronic PSIs option in Section 1 of the form, student may submit a
maximum of six selections. Requests to send transcripts to additional PSIs can be made for a fee by
completing a “transcript Request form” available at:

If a student can’t find a specific PSI in Sections 1,2 or 3 of the PSI Selections Form, please send an email with
the name and address of the PSI to:

After submitting their selections, students will receive a printable confirmation page for reference purposes.
At any point in time, students can log back into SSW and view their selections by using the “View PSI
selections” menu option, PSI selections submitted by mid-May will appear on the Transcript Verification
Reports that are scheduled to be posted on May 20.

  Scholarship information for Fleetwood Park students is now available online at
     Page 6                                     Fleetwood Park Secondary School

                              COURSE SELECTION for 2010-2011
We will be beginning the process early this year—January 6th we will begin with the grade 9 assemblies.
Grade 8’s will be visited by the Vice Principals and make their selections in class. The Grade 10’s and
11’s will have individual appointments with their respective counsellor to work on their grad plan and
look at post-secondary options.

                    January 13, 2010 will be Parent Night—grades 8-11.
Please make a note of this date as it is not posted in the school calendar. The evening will begin at 7pm.

The Parent Night for the grade 7 students will be February 25, 2010 — further
information will be forth coming.

                                THE PRINCESS PROJECT
                           The Princess Project is similar to the sister project—The Cinderella Project.
                           With growing need for these programs, the Princess Project was established to
                           serve the needs of the girls from Surrey, Langley, Abbotsford, Aldergrove and

The Cinderella Project provides formal gowns, shoes, make-up, nails and hair for female graduating
students who cannot afford the cost. Similarily, it also provides male students with tuxedos, shoes, shirts,
ties and hair.

                    The Princess Project’s goal this year is to complete Graduation Outfits for 150 girls.
                    They hope to expand and be able to provide male students as well—presently they do
                    have a very limited supply of tuxedos, but hope to have much more for 2011.

                    The Princess Project is still collecting new and previously loved dresses, shoes,
                    purses, and accessories for the girls. They are also collecting new items for the gift
                    bags, such as make-up, hygiene products, hair accessories, and other fun items. They
                    are still looking for door prize items, and donations of services from hair and make-
                    up artists, transportation companies, and gift cards. Cash donations are accepted via
                    Paypal using the email address listed below:

If you have any questions or would like to donate, please contact the email address.

If you know of a student who could benefit from this project, please let one of the counsellors know
about the situation so we can refer them to the project. The gala event, where the students get to select
their gowns etc. happens in March 2010. It will be at a yet to be named Langley Hotel.
                         Fleetwood Park Secondary School                            Page 7

                             JANUARY 2010
    DATE              SUBJECT                     START TIME                LOCATION

Mon. Jan 25         Geography 12                   8:30 am

                     Biology 12                    12:30 pm

Tue, Jan 26      Communications 12                  8:30 am
                    Physics 12

                Principals of Math 12              12:30 pm

Wed, Jan 27          English 12                     8:30 am

                  Social Studies 11                12:30 pm
                    Geology 12

Thur, Jan 28         English 10                     8:30 am
                     French 12

               Applications of Math 10             12:30 pm
                Essentials of Math 10
                Principles of Math 10
               Applications of Math 12
                      History 12

Fri, Jan 29          Science 10                     8:30 am

                    Chemistry 12                   12:30 pm

                   All Provincial Examinations are designed to be completed within two hours.
                   Students are permitted an additional one hour to complete, if required.
                   Students are to report to their designated exam rooms 20 minutes
      Page 8                                         Fleetwood Park Secondary School

                                      Artona Photography will be on-site at Fleetwood Park
                                              to do    GRAD PORTRAITS                  from
                                           January 10, 2009 - January 15, 2009

                                          Book your appointments on-line at
                                                   Check under your school name.

                                                 0102 T N E MEC NE M M OC
                                                 0102 T N E MEC NE M M OC
                                                 0102 T N E MEC NE M M OC
                                                 0102 T N E MEC NE M M OC
                                                 0102 T N E MEC NE M M OC
                                                 0102 T N E MEC NE M M OC
                                                 0102 T N E MEC NE M M OC
                                                 0102 T N E MEC NE M M OC
                                             will be on Friday, June 25, 2010
                                                         at the Pacific Academy,
                                                       Chandos Pattison Auditorium

                                                  ECNAD RENNIID DARG
                                                  ECNAD RENN D DARG
                                               is on Saturday, June 26, 2009
                                           at the Fairmont Waterfront Hotel, Vancouver

                                         More details to come in further newsletters

                                         DRY GRAD
                                        TREE CHIPPING &                                DRY GRAD
November 16, 2009 raffle tickets         BOTTLE DRIVE                                  doowylloH“
will be distributed to students to
                                                                               ”thgiN aznagavartxE
                                                                               ”thgiN aznagavartxE
                                                                               ”thgiN aznagavartxE
                                                                               ”thgiN aznagavartxE
     help raise money for their            January 3, 2010                     ”thgiN aznagavartxE
                                                                               ”thgiN aznagavartxE
                                                                               ”thgiN aznagavartxE
                                                                               ”thgiN aznagavartxE

             Dry Grad.                                                                   will be on
Tickets or money to be returned           from                                Sunday, June 27th, 2010,
            Dec. 4, 2009.             10 am - 2 pm                              after the Dinner / Dance

                                     Drop your trees                     More information to
                      Draw on
                                      and bottles at                            follow
                      Dec. 11,
                                       the school                                 in
                       2009.                                             future newsletters
                              Fleetwood Park Secondary School                                Page 9

                                        FLEETWOOD PARK SECONDARY SCHOOL

                                                       Dear Parents and Guardians of
                                                  Fleetwood Park’s 2010 Graduating Class:

Once again, we’re offering parents/family of this year’s grad class an opportunity to personalize a
message of success and congratulations to your son/daughter that will last forever in the year book.

                                   Congratulations John,

                                   You did it! We couldn’t be more proud of you.
                                   Good luck in your future years and we will
                                   always be by your side.

                                   Love Always,

Each message box costs only $25.00.

This is your opportunity to show your son/daughter how proud of them you are! Any personalized message would
show your grad just how much you care. Nicknames, family jokes or encouraging quotes are just some of the
possible options you can choose from.

If you are interested in purchasing a message box, please fill out the information below and drop off your form
and cheque at the office or mail it in to the school.
            *all cheques should be made payable to Fleetwood Park Secondary School*

                     All forms MUST be returned by February 26, 2010

                 ----------- --------------------------------

Son/Daughter’s Full Name: _________________________________ (please print)

Your Message here: (please print neatly)


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