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									                                                       A Newsletter from the Illinois State Library


                                    INSIGHT         Jesse White •Secretary of State & State Librarian

                     Secretary White awards $3.4 million in LSTA grants
                           Secretary of State Jesse White has awarded FY07              the cost of bringing in a trainer for library staff,
                           Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) grants            boards of trustees, faculty, patrons or students
                           totaling $3.4 million to nearly 500 libraries, library       to learn more about library-related topics and
                           systems and museum libraries in Illinois.                    issues to better serve patrons.
                                                                                    •   Digital Imaging — Libraries may create elec-
                           “LSTA funds encourage our libraries to be creative           tronic versions of their materials and collec-
                           and innovative,” said Secretary White. “Illinois             tions, specifically Illinois-related historical,
                           librarians work hard to identify specific local needs        archival and cultural materials.
                           and use these funds to address those needs. Over the     •   Emerging Technologies and Methodologies —
                           years, LSTA grants have produced hundreds of new             Grants are put toward the research, develop-
                           programs in our state’s more than 4,000 libraries,           ment and implementation of emerging tech-
                           regional library systems and museum libraries.”              nologies and incorporating innovative methods
                                                                                        to address the diverse needs of library patrons.
                           LSTA grants were awarded in six cate-                    •   Demonstration of Public Library Services —
                                                                                        Grants are used to expand public library services
                           gories:                                                      to new areas. A demonstration project must cul-
                           • Bridging the Gap Between Community and                     minate in a referendum question for tax support.
                             Collection — Funds are used to “bridge the             •   Developing a Statewide Technology Toolkit —
                             gap” between the needs of a specific targeted              Regional library systems are encouraged to col-
                             audience within the library community and the              laborate on a statewide initiative to enhance
                             library’s non-fiction materials collection.                library services using new technologies such as
                           • Bring in a Trainer — Grants help underwrite                blogs, RSS, Wikis and instant messaging.

in                                                  N A T I O N A L B O O K F E S T I VA L
this                                                                                        State Library employee and Illinois

issue                                                                                       Center for the Book coordinator
                                                                                            Bonnie Matheis (center) represented
                                                                                            Illinois at the 2006 National Book
LSTA grants                                                                                 Festival in Washington, D.C., in
awarded                                                                                     September. Joining Bonnie in the
ILA conference                                                                              States Pavilion on the National Mall
                                                                                            were award-winning Illinois author
Arabic language                                                                             Richard Peck (left) and Ray Elliott,
kits                                                                                        Illinois author, board member of the
                                                                                            Illinois Center for the Book and presi-
grants awarded                                                                              dent of the James Jones Literary
                                                                                            Society. More than 100,000 visitors
Illinois Host                                                                               attended the festival.

Synergy 2007

                                                                                                International librarians involved in the Illinois Library Host Program toured the State Library’s Map Department during
                                                                                                their October visit.

                                                                                                State Library hosts 16 international librarians
                                                                                                The Illinois State Library welcomed 16 international librarians from Chile, Columbia, Japan,
                                                                                                Nigeria, Russia, South Korea and Vietnam in October through its Illinois Library Host Program,
                                                                                                in partnership with the Mortenson Center for International Library Programs at the University
                                                                                                of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
                                                                                                The Illinois Library Host Program is a unique experience not only for the international visitors
                                                                                                but also for Illinois library professionals to mentor international librarians in their libraries —
                                                                                                regardless of size and location — and to welcome them into their homes and communities.
                                                                                                During the program’s past five years, the State Library has partnered 88 Mortenson internation-
                                                                                                al library associates with 43 Illinois libraries.
                                                                                                For more information about the Illinois Library Host Program or hosting an international librar-
                                                                                                ian at your library and/or home, please contact Bonnie Matheis at or 217-

                                                                                                   Construction grants awarded to
                                                                                                   17 Illinois public libraries
                                                                                                   Secretary of State and State Librarian Jesse White has awarded library construction grants
                                                                                                   totaling nearly $600,000 to 17 Illinois public libraries. The grants went to libraries with
                                                                                                   infrastructure improvement needs under the FY07 Live & Learn construction grant pro-
                                                                                                   gram through the Illinois State Library.
                                                                                                   “These grants assist public libraries in paying for the cost of projects such as remodeling
                                                                                                   for accessibility, new carpeting, interior or exterior painting and, in some cases, new con-
                                                                                                   struction or additions to existing buildings,” said Secretary White. “I am pleased that the
                                                                                                   budget for my office this year included an additional $250,000 over last year to allow for
                                                                                                   more construction grants to help maintain our public libraries as cornerstones of our
                                                                                                   Libraries receiving construction grants are: Altamont Public Library; Bryan-Bennett
                                                                                                   Library, Salem; Bunker Hill Public Library; Caseyville Public Library District; Christopher
                                                                                                   Public Library, Colona District Public Library; Lansing Public Library; Marissa Area Public
                                                                                                   Library District; Martinsville Public Library District; Nashville Public Library; New Baden
                                                                                                   Public Library; Olney Public Library; Paris Carnegie Public Library; Pinckneyville Public
                                                                                                   Library; Somonauk Public Library District; Stockton Township Public Library; and
                                                                                                   Winchester Public Library.
                                                                                  Illinois State Library at
Arabic language kits at                                                           the Illinois Library
12 Illinois libraries
Persons interested in learning the basics of the Arabic language may now
                                                                                  Association conference
borrow a 10-CD kit from their local libraries. Arabian Sinbad: Arabic
Learning Treasure Chest, which includes a sing-along CD, CD-ROM game,
flashcards and a puzzle, is available at 12 public libraries in communities
with significant Arabic speaking populations or libraries with collections of
foreign language instructional materials. The kits are designed for young
English-speaking students but may be useful to anyone wanting to learn ele-
mentary Arabic.

The kits are available at the following libraries but may be borrowed via
interlibrary loan from other libraries as well: Bridgeview Public Library;
Chicago Public Library (10 copies); Elk Grove Village Public Library; Skokie
Public Library; Worth Public Library District; Addison Public Library;
Downers Grove Public Library; Helen M. Plum Memorial Library, Lombard;
Villa Park Public Library; Peoria Public Library; Urbana Free Library; and
Mississippi Valley Public Library District, Collinsville.
                                                                                  Secretary of State and State Librarian Jesse White addressed ILA
                                                                                  conference participants and took part in a question and answer

Synergy seminars set for 2007                                                     session at the ILA annual conference in October at Chicago’s
                                                                                  Navy Pier.

The statewide library community’s proactive movement to recruit and nur-
ture future Illinois library leaders — Synergy: The Illinois Library Leadership
Initiative — has set its seminars for the 2007 program year. Objectives of
the three-day seminars include self-assessment; discovering and developing
personal values; fostering and expanding skills and tools for personal, pro-
fessional and positional leadership; creating a cohort group; establishing
mentoring relationships; and developing a vision of and beyond the field of

Dates and venues for the 2007 seminars are:
March 20-22: Starved Rock Lodge and Conference Center, Utica
August 7-9: Pere Marquette Lodge, Grafton
November 6-8: Hickory Ridge Marriott Conference Hotel, Lisle

The Illinois State Library and the Illinois Library Association are sponsors of
the Synergy Initiative. For more information, please contact Patricia Norris      State Library Director Anne Craig received the ILA’s Librarian of
or Vandella Brown at 1-800-665-5576, opt. #1.                                     the Year award from Joel Patrick Berger of C. Berger Group, Inc.

State Library publications online
Many State Library publications are available at the touch of a fingertip.
Find newsletters, information about the map collection, patent and trade-
mark library contacts as well as publications for the visually impaired.
Following are just a few of the publications you will find at www.cyber- (click Publications):

• Diversity Program fact sheet          • Patent and Trademark Program
• Family Reading Night posters          • Inform Quarterly newsletter from
• Guide to Illinois Literacy booklet      the Reference Department
• Illinois Literacy quarterly           • Illinois Libraries quarterly online
  newsletter                              journal
• ISL Map Collection brochure           • Insight bi-monthly newsletter           Talking Book & Braille Service director Sharon Ruda (standing)
                                                                                  and State Library employee Laurie Bartolini greeted visitors at the
• Publications of the State of          • Talking Book and Braille publica-
                                                                                  State Library’s booth at the conference.
  Illinois                                tions
    SAVE                January 19-24
                 American Library Association
                     Midwinter Meeting
                     Seattle, Washington          Book Fair wrap-up coming next issue!
                                                 Look for complete coverage of the November 16-18 Illinois Authors
                                                 Book Fair in the January/February 2007 issue of Insight.
                        March 20-22
                 Synergy: The Illinois Library
                    Leadership Initiative
                  Starved Rock Lodge and
                  Conference Center, Utica

                         April 15-21                                  Secretary of State and
                    National Library Week
                                                                   State Librarian Jesse White
           The Illinois State Library                      and the staff of the Illinois State Library
     will be closed Friday, December 22,
        and Monday, December 25, in                     wish you and yours a joyous holiday season
           observance of Christmas.                                  and Happy New Year!

                                                                              Printed by authority of the State of Illinois. November 2006 — 10.2M
                                                                              Produced by the Secretary of State Communications Department.
                                                                              Jesse White, Secretary of State and State Librarian.

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                                                                                                  Jesse White

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