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									      HANOVER CENTRAL
         WILDCATS                         Principal, Robert McRae

                                                 Activities for the Month of January
10120 W. 133rd Avenue
                                          1/4       School Resumes
Cedar Lake, IN 46303
                                          1/12-14   Final Exams
                                          1/14      End of the First Semester
Main Office      374.3800                 1/15      Records Day-No School
Guidance         374.3805                 1/18      Martin Luther King Day-No School
Attendance       374.3825                 1/19      Beginning of Second Semester
                                          1/22      Report Cards Sent Home
Nurse            374.3862
                                          1/25-29   Key Club Penny Wars
Athletic Dept.   374.3806                 1/26      Guidance Financial Aid Meeting-6 pm
FAX              374-4408                           PTSO Meeting-7 pm
EMAIL ADDRESS                             1/31      Key Club Free Fitness Fair

                            CHRISTMAS ANGEL GIFT DRIVE
 The students donated gifts for the Christmas Angel Gift Drive sponsored by Hanover
 Central Middle and High School National Honor Society. Each first hour class was
 given a child with a Christmas wish list. The students and staff members purchased
 gifts for these children. All of the children in this program are from Cedar Lake and
 would not normally have gifts to open on Christmas. This was a worth while project
        that we believe will make a difference in someone else’s life. Thank you!

Guidance Department Financial Aid Meeting

Need financial information for college! All parents of Senior’s should attend the
Guidance Department Financial Aid Meeting on Tuesday, January 26th at 6:00 pm in
the High School Cafeteria. This meeting will have important information on how to
fill out the FAFSA (Free Application for Student Aid) and much more.

                         ON JANUARY 11-14
                          LEAD 3:00-5:30
                         CHORUS 3:00-4:30


It is that time of year again, it is getting colder, the wind is blowing and the snow is
falling-possible school closing or delays. In the event that there is a school closing or a
delay of the beginning of school, the following stations will be notified: WMAQ 670,
WBBM 780, WZYN 107.1, CBS 2, FOX 32, WGN, WGN 720, WJOB 1230, NBC 5,
CLTV, and Cancellations.Com. In addition to this all closings and delays will be
posted on the school corporation web site by 6:15 a.m. The web site address is:

School work missed by students who have been absent from school, regardless of whether the reason is
excused or unexcused must be made up before credit for the missed days may be earned. The number
of school days allowed to make up school work will be the same as the number of days missed except
for suspension days when work must be handed in upon return to classes. Homework will not be
gathered for a student who is ill unless that student is absent for at least three days. If homework is
gathered for a student, it is due the day of return to school.

                                   ATTENDANCE PROCEDURES

Cold and flu season is upon us. Be sure to have your student wash their hands often and to get plenty
rest. If your student becomes ill and needs to stay home please follow the proper attendance

           o A call should be made to the Attendance Office to report the reason for the absence
           o Please read our General Policies on pages 10-12 in your student handbook for the
             Attendance Policies and Practices. During the second semester we will be strictly
             following these procedures. Please note that when your student accumulates more
             than five absences during a semester they will be withdrawn from a class and/or
             school. Credit will be denied.
           o A call should be made every day that the student is absent, unless the parent designates
             the number of days to be missed when the first call is made.
           o A student whose parent/guardian does not call to verify the reason for absence must
             bring a note to the attendance office the day you return back to school.

           o An absence note or call must be made within two days or the student will be considered
             truant and detentions will be assigned.


Having your teen fix his own mistakes builds self-discipline. For instance, if he gets a parking ticket,
let him figure out how to pay for it (work an extra shift, dip into his savings). Be sure to discuss how
he will keep from repeating the mistake (watch the time when he parks at a meter).


Different kinds of tests call for different strategies. Share these ideas with your high school student.

Multiple choice. On a reading test, skim questions before reading the passages they accompany. This
will let you know what to focus on as you read. Try solving math problems before looking at the
possible answers. If your solution is among the choices, it’s likely to be right.

Short answer. Read each question carefully so you know what you’re being asked. Write neatly, and
keep your answers brief, clear, and to the point. Don’t leave any answers blank-teachers may give
credit for partial answers.

Essay. Make a quick outline to organize your thoughts before you write. Cross off each idea as you
add it to your essay. Leave a few minutes at the end to proofread your work and be sure you’ve
answered the question completely.

Tip: No mater what kind of test you’re taking, being prepared is the best strategy. Briefly review
class notes each night. You’ll learn information instead of just memorizing it and you’ll always be
prepared for a surprise quiz.

                                       WORTH QUOTING
“The greater part of our happiness or misery depends on our dispositions, and not our circumstances.”

                                      GOALS FOR DOLLARS
 When your child receives money, does he spend it right away? Encourage him to consider his plans
during the next year and put financial goals in writing. Example: buying a car. Having a clear idea of
                       what he is aiming for can make it easier for him to save.


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