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Brief History of Tarot by historyman


									         Brief History of Tarot
 1st – 3rd centuries CE: in Alexandria,
  Kabbalah emerges from Jewish / Neo-
  Platonic / Hermetic / Gnostic Milieu. Basis
  of Tarot
 1200s CE: According to Fama Adepts of all
  lands meet in “Fez” and share wisdom.
  Tarot may have been developed as an
  international symbol set to convey wisdom
  to the West.
          Brief History of Tarot
 1367:  Use of Tarot Cards banned in Bern,
 1392: Jaccquemin Grigonneur makes 3
  packs of Tarot for Charles VI of France
 1450: Visconti-Sforza Tarot in Milan.
  Earliest surviving models for 78 card deck.
 1500s: Earliest list of Major Arcana and
  first mention of use in Divination.
        Brief History of Tarot
 1614-1615:   The Fama & Confessio
  mention that the Rosicrucians have “a
  device” called “Rota” which is consulted
  for information about past, present and
 1781: Court de Gebelin equates Tarot with
  the ancient Book of Thoth. Ettella
  amplifies this.
                     Brief History of Tarot
   1856: Eliphas Levi first to link (in print) Kabbalah and Tarot,
    however, he encodes blinds and feints into the text.
   1887: Golden Dawn established. S.L. MacGregor Mathers records his
    insights into Tarot in the unpublished Book T. British school
    specializes in the Esoteric Tarot.
   1889: Papus published Tarot of the Bohemians, containing same
    blinds and feints as Levi. French schools continues the Exoteric
   1900s: Golden Dawn corrected Tarot order and attributions
    published by A.E. Waite, Crowley, Regardie, Case, Hulse, et al.
   1930s: H.S. Lewis publishes Rosicrucian Egyptian Tarot Major
    Arcana as a tribute to Tarot’s Egyptian roots.
   21st Century: Hundreds of Tarot Deck Designs in circulation.

This timeline is greatly indebted to the work of David Allen Hulse, The Western Mysteries.

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