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									                                                                                                    Alt HealthWatch
                                                                    Biomedical Reference Collection: Comprehensive
                                                                                              CINAHL with Full Text
                                                                                                     EJS E-Journals
                                                                                  Health Source – Consumer Edition
                                                                           Health Source: Nursing/Academic Edition

                                          ARTICLES AND CITATIONS IN                    EBSCO HEALTH DATABASES
Getting Connected                           The EBSCO HEALTH DATABASES at Kwantlen University College Library are a
                                            group of international and scholarly indexes that include primarily journals (including
From the Library Home Page                  peer-reviewed journals), reference books, magazine articles, and pamphlets.
http://www.kwantlen.ca/library/             EBSCO Databases supply a full citation and abstract for each entry; with full-text
► Click on Find Articles or the             links for many articles.
RESEARCH DATABASES link on the              This Quick Guide is intended to help get you started using the Web versions of our
left side of the screen                     EBSCO HEALTH DATABASES, available as on-line subscriptions, through the
► The online databases are listed A-        Kwantlen Library Home Page.
Z. Click on the letter that corresponds
with your database selection. For this
example click on the letter “C”
                                            Advanced Search
► Scroll down and click on CINAHL
                                            You will be starting in the Advanced Search mode. This is the default search
INDEX TO NURSING AND ALLIED                 screen and offers more options and features to refine or narrow your search than the
HEALTH LITERATURE)                          Basic Search mode.

► Click on the underlined text link         The Search Example shows you how to find articles on narcotics.
CINAHL (Cumulative Index to
                                            Using the CINAHL Headings thesaurus (called Subjects or MeSH in other
Nursing and Allied Health Literature)
                                            databases) is the best way to ensure that you are using the most up-to-date and
                                            precise term possible. CINAHL Headings will also show you broader or narrower
Remote Access: When accessing               terms that might be relevant to your search.
most databases from off campus,
you will be prompted to type in your
username and password to
authenticate you as a Kwantlen user.
For Students:
username = student number                   Narcotics will appear as the first heading on the browse list.
password = same password used to
register for classes online
For Faculty:
username = banner number
password = same password used to
login to office computers or access HR
self services

  Click on Narcotics to see details of how ►
  the term is indexed in the database.

For Administrators & Staff
username = same name id used to
access office computers
password = same password used to
access office computers
Note that the terms above “Narcotics” are broader terms while the terms below “Narcotics” are narrower terms.
Also note that you can click on any of the Qualify Subheadings to make your search more precise. To retrieve the
most relevant items on Narcotics:

                                                          ◄ 2. Click on the Search button.

                                                                                               ◄ 1. Click on the box   beside Major Concept.

On the next screen scroll down to browse your list of results.

                                                                                                      Create a folder of interesting items to print,
                                                                                                      save or email later by ticking Add. ▼
Narrow your search results
by subject by clicking on
one of these subject terms
or by adding them to your
search statement. ►

       Click on the underlined article title to see the   ►
       full citation including the abstract (summary)

                                                                 ▲ Click to access the full text of the article.

Refine Your Search Results
The search on narcotics can be refined by selecting options such as age, publication type and language from the
drop down boxes on the Limit your results screen. This will help to narrow your search to a more precise and
manageable number of results.

Click on the                        file tab at the top of the list of search results.

Scroll down and look at all the                                                                           ◄ 1. For this search, scroll through the options
options for limiting or expanding                                                                          under Journal Subset and click on Core Nursing.
your search results. Apply as
appropriate for your topic.

                                                                                                  ◄ 2. Scroll to Age Groups and click on All Adult.

                                                                                                   Note: By refining your search, you have
                                                                                                   reduced the number of search results.

                                                           ◄ 3. Scroll to the top or bottom of the screen and click on Search.
Now the results will be limited to academic nursing journals considered to be “core” in any nursing collection and to
articles on adults.

Displaying and Viewing Your Search Results
Click on the underlined article title link in the results list to see the detailed information for the article:

Article title, author(s), source/journal name and subjects are followed by the abstract/summary.

                                                                                                                  ▲ Click to find similar articles in this database.

                                                                                               Note: You can also search the Journal Titles link
                                                                                               from the library home page to find out if an article is
                                                                                               available in print in the library or full-text online.

                                                     ◄ Click on Where can I get this? to find out if the article is available in a print
                                                     journal in the library or full-text online in a different database.
Emailing, Exporting, Saving & Printing
Selecting articles to email, export, save or print:
1.   From the result list, select the articles you want to email, save, or print by clicking on the ADD link or folder icon
     on the right hand of the Results screen .
2.   Click on the Folder has items hyperlink at the top of the screen.
     From an open article, click Print, E-mail, Export or Save. If you have already marked some articles, including
     the open article, the database will assume that you want the open article only. To print, e-mail or save all marked
     articles always click on the folder icon to proceed with your work.

Emailing your results
1.   Once you click E-mail, the E-mail Manager window appears.
2.   Enter your full email address in the appropriate box (for example, jane.smith@kwantlen.net).
3.   Enter a subject to appear in the email subject line (for example, pain management articles).
4.   Choose the desired format , then click Send. A message appears when your email has been sent.

Exporting your results
1.   Once you click Export, the Export Manager window appears.
2.   Choose the desired format, then click the email or save button.

Saving your results
1.   Once you click Save, the Save Manager window appears.
2.   Click Save.
3.   Insert your saving device. From your browser menu, click File Save As.
4.   Click Save.

Printing your results
Pay printing is available in the Library.
1.   Once you click Print, the Print Manager window appears.
2.   Click Print. The print delivery window appears, noting the estimated number of pages. Choose the desired
     format, then click on the Print button.
3.   To print, click the print icon on your browser toolbar (or click File Print).

                   Please ask the Librarian if you have any questions about
                                EBSCO HEALTH DATABASES

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