mysqlwdb is a free GPL CGI script written in Perl easy to configure and to install intended to manage SELECT INSERT etc MySQL database tables through your web browser interface Just edit and by mercy2beans108


									mysqlwdb is a free (GPL) CGI script written in Perl, easy to configure and to install, intended to manage
(SELECT, INSERT, etc.) MySQL database tables through your web browser interface. Just edit and configure
ONE file.

Many thanks to IGSuite for the hosting.

                                                                  • mysqlwdb-1.5.4.tar.gz The package

                                                                  • CHANGELOG

                                                                  • INSTALL Installation and
                                                                    configuration instructions

                                                                  • INSTALL.QUICKLY Short
                                                                    installation and configuration

                                                                  • LICENSE License for mysqlwdb

                                                                  • KNOWN_PROBLEMS Known
                                                                    problems on mysqlwdb

                                                                  • mysqlwdb The Perl CGI script

                                                                  • README Introduction to mysqlwdb

                                                                  • REQUIREMENTS Software
                                                                    requirements to work with mysqlwdb

                                                                  • WARNINGS Important notices you
                                                                    have to read before using mysqlwdb

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