List of seminar �Implementation of Chemical Leasing business by listmaster


                                    «Implementation of Chemical Leasing business models in Russia»

                                                               Smolny, St. St. Petersburg

                                                               List of present participants
№                    Organization                                         Name                             Position                         Location
1 UNIDO                                               Igor N. Volodin                  Coordinator UNIDO activities in Russia, UNIDO      Vienna
2    UNIDO                                            Petra Schwager                   UNIDO Сhemical Leasing manager                     Vienna
3    “Bipro” GmbH (Germany)                           Dr. Reihard Joas                 Leading International UNIDO expert on Chemical     Munich
4    AFC Consult GmbH (Austria)                       Dr. Rudolf Schott                Leading International UNIDO expert on Chemical     Vienna
5    Committee for Use of Natural Resources, Envi-    Dmitriy A. Golubev               Chairman of the Committee                          St.Petersburg
     ronment Protection, and Environmental Safety
6    Committee on External Relations and Tourism of   Ekaterina D. Belyakova           The Head of the Inter-sectoral Cooperation and     St.Petersburg
     Saint Petersburg                                                                  informational support of external economic links
7    Committee on External Relations and Tourism of   Anastasia A. Romashina           Specialist of the Committee                        St.Petersburg
     St. Petersburg
8    Russian Ministry of Natural Recourses            Evgeniy T. Shcherbakov           Expert on ecology                                  Moscow
9    The Standing Committee of Russia-Byelorussia     Albert V. Stepanov               Deputy State secretary of the Standing Commit-     Moscow
     Union                                                                             tee
10   The Standing Committee of Russia-Byelorussia     Victor A. Pavlov                 Assistant to the deputy State secretary of the     Moscow
     Union                                                                             Standing Committee
11   Committee for Use of Natural Resources and       Igor V. Gerus                    Specialist of the Engineering Department on en-    St.Petersburg
     Environment Protection                                                            vironmental activities
12   Saint-Petersburg Chamber of Commerce and         Ludmila Vasilevna Ivanova        The Head of the facultative certification Office   St.Petersburg
13   Saint-Petersburg Fund of Industry Support        Svetlana A. Baranova             Head manager                                       St.Petersburg
14   International Association for Dangerous Goods   Mikhail I. Ognev           General Director                           St.Petersburg
     and Containers
15   NWICPC UNIDO                                    Alexander A. Startsev      General Director                           St.Petersburg
16   NWICPC UNIDO                                    Elizabeth A. Startseva     Deputy Director                            St.Petersburg
17   NWICPC UNIDO                                    Natalia A. Voznesenskaya   National expert on CP projects financing   St.Petersburg
18   NWICPC UNIDO                                    Sergej V. Myakin           Chemical leasing project assistant         St.Petersburg
19   NWICPC UNIDO                                    Sergej V. Belyakov         Project manager                            St.Petersburg
20   NWICPC UNIDO                                    Elena V. Karpova           National expert on ChL                     St.Petersburg
21   NWICPC UNIDO                                    Aleksey O. Diyakov         National expert on ChL                     St.Petersburg
22   Service Company “ERG” CSC                       Sergej V. Karpov           General Director                           St.Petersburg
23   SPbSUE “Poligon “Kasnij Bor”                    P.B. Taukin                General Director                           St.Petersburg
24   “Artflex” Ltd                                   Boris V. Kiselev           Deputy Director                            St.Petersburg
25   Service company “EcoMIRT”                       Vladimir A. Tolstolugov    General Director                           Moscow
26   SPC “RIVT”                                      Valeriy V. Minakov         General Director                           St.Petersburg
27   Service company “ECOVIP-systems”                Alexander I. Starkov       Deputy Director                            St.Petersburg
28   „Poseydon“ CSC                                  Sergej A. Ivanov           General Director                           St.Petersburg
29   «Balt-Konversia»                                Sergey M. Aksevov          Director on Science                        St.Petersburg
30   «Dangerous goods and containers» magazine       Marina S. Grishina         Journalist                                 St.Petersburg
31   «Dangerous goods and containers» magazine       Nadezhda I. Nifertsova     Specialist                                 St.Petersburg

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