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									                                Sunderland City Council Funding Database
    Name of
  Organisation                           Contact                         Details
                                            Advice and Support
                                                                         The team provide advice and support
Extended Schools
                                                                         on External Funding for all Elements
                                                                         of Extended Schools inclucing Study
Education Services              Tel. 0191 553 8800 or email
                                                                         Support/Out of school hours learning
Portland School   
                                                                         activites, community groups and
Sunderland SR3
                                                                         voluntary agencies. The team will also
                                                                         assist in

      Information on External Funding Sources for Schools / Community Groups / Voluntary Agencies etc
                                                                                  Grants 4 Schools is the UK's first web
                                                                                  resource dedicated to supporting
                                                                                  schools in raising funds from UK
                                                                                  Government, EU, Lottery, Grant
                                                                                  Making Trusts and Commercial
                                                                                  Sponsorship sources. Sources of
                                                                                  funding that fall outside the scope of
                                                                                  their main School budget.
                                                                          This site is currently in it development
                                    Tel: 01202 813452
                                                                          stage and we would welcome any
                                                                          view or comments on any aspect of
                Grants Online; 20 Merryfield Close; Verwood; Dorset; BH31
Grants4schools                                                            this site. We can be contacted by
                                                                          email at .
                                                                          We are planning to launch the new
                                                                          website officially in early 2006. When
                                                                          launched, the service will become a
                                      THIS SERVICE
                                                                          subscription service for subscription
                                                                          rates please click here.

                                                                                  This website is aimed at providing
                                                                                  information on grant funding and
                                                                                  sponsorship sources relevant to
                                                                                  primary, secondary and special
                                                                                  schools within both the state and
independent sectors.

The site aims to act as a one stop
resource that aims to save its user
valuable time and resources in finding
information on relevant funding

As well as providing information on
grants supporting school core
activities this website also provides
information on grants relevant to the
Governments Extended Schools
agenda. This includes information on
funding to support:

*Health & social care
*Parenting support,
*Family and lifelong learning,
*Sports and arts activities,
*ICT access and study support.
*Adult / Family Learning
                                                                              Abbey's Charitable Trust was set up in
                                                                              1990 to provide a focus for our
                                                                              activities with the voluntary sector.
                                                                               The Trust is funded partly from annual
                                                                              grants from Abbey and partly from
                                                                              income from endowment funds given
                                                                              by the company to the Trust.
                                     Abbey Chariatble Trust
                                         PO Box 911                          We will be focusing our support in
                                        Milton Keynes                        those places where we have a
                                           MK9 1AD                           Community Partnership Group.
                                                                             Outside of these areas the maximum
Abbey Charitable
                 Help line is open Monday to Friday 10am until 2pm to answer donation that we can consider is
                                your questions on 0870 608 0104              £2,500. The Trustees are committed
                                                                             to supporting local communities,
                           email :            particularly in those areas where
                                                                             Abbey has a significant presence, by
        supporting disadvantaged people

                                                                              *education and training
                                                                              This may lead to a recognised
                                                                              qualification or be part of lifelong
                                                                              learning for disadvantaged people.
                                                                              Charities will need to demonstrate how
this training will make a lasting
contribution to their local community.

*local regeneration projects which
encourage cross community
To meet this priority different parts of
the community need to work together
to help regenerate their local area.
The aim is to encourage community
networks, partnerships and shared
resources. This would include
intergenerational work, inclusion of
disadvantaged people, cross
community projects, encouraging
diversity or networks of people from
different ethnic groups to work

*financial advice which helps them
manage their money.
Helping disadvantaged people to take
control of their money and to develop
the confidence to make informed
choices about their finances. This
                                                                            would include budgeting skills and
                                                                            advice about managing the financial
                                                                            challenges that arise from
                                                                            unemployment, disability and ill health.

                                                                            We will be focusing our support in
                                                                            those places where we have a
                                                                            Community Partnership Group.
                                                                            Outside of these areas the maximum
                                                                            donation that we can consider is

                                                                            There are three types of grants
                                                                            available to voluntary organisations.
                                                                            These are:
               To requrest further details of any of the three grants please
                contact: The Grants Unit, Age Concern Elngland, Astral       1.Small Service Development Grants
Age Concern
              House, 1268 London Road London SW16 4ER, Tel. 0208765 These are one-off grants of up to
                7738, Fax. 0208679 9154, Email:        £2,000 for new or expanding local
                                                                             projects providing services for the
                                                                             direct benefit of older people.
                                                                             Examples include new activities at day
centres and lunch clubs, home repair
and maintenance services, respite for
carers, health and fitness programmes
and visiting schemes. Applications
may be made at any time, and grants
are allocated every month.
2. Small Grants to Clubs
Any club for older people may apply
for a one-off grant of up to £120 for
new equipment or activities.
Applications may be made at any time,
and grants are allocated every month.
3. Opportunities for Volunteering
Age Concern England is an agent for
this Department of Health scheme.
Grants are available for new projects
which involve volunteers in providing
services of benefit to older people in
the fields of health and social care.
The maximum grant is £20,000 per
annum and no project may be funded
for more than 3 years. Applications
must be received by the end of July for
funding in the following financial year.
                          Beaufort House
                          Brunswick Road           Grants will be consered in reponse to
                            Gloucester             appeals in support of Churches,
Allchruches Trust            GL1 1JZ               Church establishments, religious
Limited                                            chariities, charities preservicng UK
                       Tel: 01452 528533           heritage, theological colleges and
                       Fax: 01452 423557           school promoting Christian religion
                                                   Priorities for funding include:
                                                   · The provision of advice
                                                   · Information and advocacy
                                                   · Community development
                                                   · Neighbourhood mediation
                                                   · Research and education aimed at
                            90 The Mount           changing public attitudes or policy and
Allen Lane
                         York YO24 1AR             social welfare
                     Telephone: 01904 613223       The foundation focuses its work on a
                        Fax: 01904 613133          tightly defined group of beneficiaries
                    Email:   including amongst others refugees
                                                   and asylum seekers, people from
                                                   black and ethnic minority communities,
                                                   travellers and those experiencing
                                                   mental health problems.

                                                   · Registered charities
· Other organisations which are not
charities but which seek funding for a
charitable project
The Foundation does not make grants
to individuals
Size of grants
The grants are relatively modest.
Single, one-off grants range from as
little as £500 up to £15,000. Grants
repeated for more than one year vary
from about £500 per annum up to
£5,000 per annum, for a maximum of
three years.
Size of applicant organisation
To make sure that grants of this size
have an impact the Foundation will not
fund larger organisations. If an
organisation works in a relatively local
area – a village, or estate or small
town - to be eligible it will have an
income of less than about £100,000.
At the other end of the spectrum, an
organisation which works across the
whole of the UK will be eligible if it has
an income of not more than about

                     Applications must be received in writing to:
                                      Argos Ltd
                                                                    Argos supports Education and Health
Argos (High street              Charities Department
                                                                    (especially in schools with special
retailer)                      489 Avebury Boulevard
                                   Milton Keynes
                                     MK9 2NW
                                                        There are awards to individuals of
                                                        £200 - £30k, to organisations there are
                                                        awards of £200 - £100k and for
                                                        national touring awards of £500 -
                                                        £200k for activities lasting up to 3
                                                        years. 10% match funding is required.

                                                        Supports projects and activities
                          Arts Council England          including events, research &
                             Central Square             development, commissions and
                               Forth Street             productions, professional development
                          Newcastle upon Tyne           and training, bursaries, fellowships,
Arts Council of
                                 NE1 3PJ                residencies, national touring and
                       Textphone (0191) 255 8585        capital items .
                  or north east region on 08453006200
                           Fax: 0191 230 1020           Eligibility: Artists, perfomers, writers,
                        promoters, presenters, curators,
                                                        producers and other individuals
                                                        working in the arts, arts organisation,
                                                        local authrorities and other public
                                                        organisations, partnerships, collectives
                                                        and regional and
                                                        nationaorgansiations, organisations
                                                        whose normal activitiy is not arts-
                                                        related, including voluntary and
                                                                  community groups and groups of
                                                                  organisations or individuals. (one of
                                                                  the organisations or individuals
                                                                  involved will need to take th elead and
                                                                  have the main responsibility for
                                                                  managin ghte application and any

                                                                Aspire Grants are available form
                                                                Sunderland Housing Group and
                                                                applications can be made at any time
                                                                thoughout the year. The minimum
                                                                grant award is £25 and the maximum
             Sunderland Housing GroupEmperor HouseDoxford       grant award available is £500. Groups
         International Business ParkSunderlandSR3 3XR(0191) 553 are only eligible to recive only one
                                    2042                        grant award in any one financial year.
                                           Awards for All is a Lottery Grants
                                           based programme aimed at local
                                           groups and communities.
                                           Grants are awarded between £500
                                           and £5,000 in a simple and
                                           straightforward way.
                                           Projects that are funded are those that
                                           enable people to take part in art, sport,
                                           heritage and community activities, as
                        6th Floor
                                           well as projects that
                      Baron House
                                           promote education, the environment
                     4 Neville Street
                                           and health in the local community.
                  Newcastle Upon Tyne
Awards for All                             You can apply at any time
                        NE1 5NL
                                           · The application form is short and
                  Main: 0845 600 20 40
                 Regional: 0191 255 1111
                                           · There are links to guidance notes
                                           and sources of help
                                           · You will be told if you are successful
                                           or not within 8 weeks
                                           If you are planning a project and you
                                           need between £500 and
                                           £5,000 then Awards for All may be
                                           able to help you. Sometimes
                                           quite small sums of money can have a
                                           big impact. We hope
                                                                 these awards will make a real
                                                                 difference to communities.

                                                                 The Balance Charitable Foundation
                                                                 launched its grant making policy in
                                                                 early 2005 with the aim of using those
The Balance                                                      unclaimed assets which are passed to
Caritable                                                        it to establish an exemplary grant
Foundation                                                       making programme, which would be
1st Floor                    Telephone: 020 7022 1850            focussed on making a positive
Downstream                contribution to the work of national,
Building   regional and local charities which work
1 London Bridge                                                  with people in the UK at risk of social
London                                                           exclusion. The Balance Foundation
SE1 9BG                                                          consulted widely within the charitable
                                                                 sector during 2004 and in 2005
                                                                 launched its grant making programme
                                                                 which is focused on the needs of older
people across the UK, especially
those over 75. These needs were
identified as a priority partly because
some of the Balance Foundation’s
funds come from assets unclaimed by
older people and because of the well
documented growing need for support
by large sections of the UK’s older

*priority to applications addressing the
needs of the most disadvantaged
communities across the UK
*funding through financially sound,
well managed charities
*realistic projects able to demonstrate
clear objectives, measurable targets
and indications of numbers benefiting
*high standards of governance and
transparency in applicant
                                                            Barclay’s generally look to fund
                                                            projects between £1,000 and £25,000
                                                            on a local or regional basis, although
                                                            they will consider larger grants for
                                                            national projects, or for local projects
                                                            that will benefit significant numbers of
                                                            people, or that will have a substantial
                                                            positive impact. They currently focus
                                                            their financial support on five areas:
                                                             Education, the Environment, the Arts,
                                                            People with Disabilities and Social
Barclays Social                                             Inclusion. Below are some examples
                      For further information visit:
Responisbility                                              of the types of projects they will
Programme                                                   consider – many will cut across two or
                                                            more of our five main areas of support
                                                            Education, The Environment, The
                                                            Arts, People with Disabilities, Social

                                                            Staff involvement - They also actively
                                                            encourage their staff to get involved in
                                                            community activities, and therefore
                                                            look to fund projects that offer
                                                            opportunities for our people to do just
                                                                            Barclays Space for Sport is a
                                                                            partnership between Barclays, The
                                                                            Football Foundation and Groundwork.
                                                                            Over 100 sustainable sports sites will
                                                                            be created across the UK every year
                                                                            during the three year £30m
                                                                            programme. The facilities provided will
                                                                            depend on the needs of each local
                                                                            community, ranging from basketball
                                                                            courts to BMX tracks and football
                    Richard Mackey 020 7699 3761 or Sarah Davies 020 7699
Barclay Space for
Sport                                                                       Open Kit and Community Scheme
                                                                            In order to reach beyond the
                                                                            communities benefiting from the
                                                                            facility regeneration aspect of the
                                                                            programme, Barclays will operate a kit
                                                                            Each kit pack will include generic
                                                                            equipment bubs, training cones,
                                                                            whistles, stopwatches, 1st aid kits,
                                                                            coach jackets etc. 1200 kits will be
                                                                            distributed each year. Open
                                                                            applications process
                                                         Grants for football kit junior teams are
                                                         available from the Football
                                                         Foundation. Grants of up to £300 can
                                                         be used for the purchase of football
                                                         kit. The grant will be given in the form
                                                         of a voucher, which can be exchanged
                        The Football Foundation          with their nominated supplier.
                            25 Soho Square               Clubs/schools may only receive one
Barclaycard Free
                                London                   grant every three years.
Kicks Junior Kit
                               W1D 4FF
                             08000277766                 Scheme Criteria:
            -Team numbers must be under 16
                                                         years of age
                                                         -Club/schools must be a Football
                                                         Association Charter Standard
                                                         Club/school or committed to becoming
                                                         Charter Standard within 12 months

                                                         The BLF is an amalgamation of the
                                                         New Opportunities Fund and
                                                         Community Fund. The advantages of
Big Lottery Fund
                                                         the BLF will be to streamline funding
                                                         routs and ensure that new
                                                         programmes fit together more flexibly.
                           Carnigie UK Trust            Young people's grants programme
                          Comely Park House             aims to promote involvement of young
Carnegie Trust
                 80 New Row, Dunfermline 01383 721445   people aged 10-25 in key decisions
              that affect their lives.
                                                        The following four groups will be at the
                                                        heart of all the Foundation's

                                                        *Young parents or those at risk of
                    Community Support Programme
                                                        becoming young parents
                      The Camelot Foundation
                                                        *Young asylum seekers
                         One Derry Street
                                                        *Young people with mental health
Camelot                       London
Foundation                    W8 5HY
                                                        *Young disabled people
                          Tel: 0207 828 6085
                                                        The main grants programme is
                                                        Transofromin Lives, which makes
                                                        grants to voluntary organisations
                                                        working with the target groups. The
                                                        trustees meet four tiems a year to
                                                        allocate grants under this programme.
                                                               The Coalfields Regeneration Trust is
                                Ashley Gibson
                                                               an independent
                               The Eco Centre
                                                               making body registered with the
The Coalfields                     Room 9
                                                               Charity Commissioners and
Regeneration                    Windmill Way
                                                               dedicated exclusively to the
Trust - Bridging                   Hebburn
                                                               regeneration of our coalfield
the Gap                          Tyne & Wear
                                                               communities.To promote social and
                               (0191) 4285550
                                                               economic regeneration in the coalfield
                                                               The Community Foundation awards
                                                               grants for charitable projectsin Tyne &
                            Community Foundation               Wear and Northumberland. We
                                 Cale Cross                    welcome applications and will do our
                              156 Pilgrim Street               best to help your group. We're here to
                            Newcastle Upon Tyne                make
                                  NE1 6SU                      grants so don't be afraid to ask!
Foundation                    Tel: 0191 222 0945               Last year the Community Foundation
                              Fax: 0191 230 0689               awarded £5.6 million in grants to more
                                                               than 1,900 voluntary groups. The
                   Email:   increase of £1m from the previous
                                                               year was mainly due to managing
                       Neighbourhood Renewal Community
                                                               Chests in Tyne & Wear. You'll find
                                                               more detailed information about how
to apply from the website, but let's say
that nearly all our grants are for social
welfare purposes to help small
voluntary organisations and that most
grants awarded are for: -
• One off sums up to £5,000
• Equipment or specific projects
• Development and training

We always welcome applications for
larger grants and you'll see examples
of grants up to £100,000 over several
years, but these are, as yet, few and
far between. At this lower level, there
good odds on a successful application
and we would like to see more good
value, well-targeted proposals.
However, we are unable to fund all the
applications we receive and some are
awarded just a proportion of the
amount requested. If you are applying
for a grant for the first time, or if you
would like advice before making an
application, do give a Grants Manager
                                                             a ring.

                                North East
                                                             The Community Fund (formely th
                          6th Floor Baron House
                                                             eNational Lottery Charities Board) is
                              4 Neville Street
                                                             an independent body set up by
                          Newcastle upon Tyne
                                                             Parliament in 1994.
                                 NE1 5NL
Community Fund
                                                             The Fund's job is to distribute a share
                             Tel: 0191 255 1133
                                                             of money raised by the National
                             Fax: 0191 233 1997
                                                             Lottery to support charitable,
                                                             benevolent and philanthropic
                                                             organisations throughout the UK.
                                                                         The URBAN II Community Initiative is
                                                                         an area-based programme. The area
                                                                         of Sunderland covered includes
                                                                         Hetton, Easington Lane and the
                                                                         Racecourse Estate. We can provide
                                                                         funding that directly benefits those
                                                                         communities. That is, it cannot be
                                                                         used as City wide funding. It can be
                                                                         used as part of Citywide projects to
                                                                         fund the element of that project
                                                                         relevant to the area.
              Published by Education Extra 17, Old Ford Road, London E2
Intitiative                                                             It is European Regional Development
                               9PL Tel 020 8709 9900
Programme                                                               Fund money. It can contribute up to
                                                                        46% of the relevant project costs.
                                                                        56% of the costs must be covered by
                                                                        matched funding. There is no
                                                                        maximum grant, however, we would
                                                                        not expect to provide more than
                                                                        £250,000 to any one project. It is less
                                                                        appropriate to come to us for less than
                                                                        about £20,000 of grant.

                                                                         The URBAN II Partnership is playing a
                                                                         leading role in the regeneration of the
                                                   area. It will support a wide range of
                                                   projects that produce some clear
                                                   economic or employment benefit.
                                                   The programme’s priorities are:
                                                   *Engaging Young People: to improve
                                                   the prospects of employment among
                                                   young people by investing in
                                                   education, training and youth
                                                   *Empowering the Coalfield
                                                   Community: to create and sustain
                                                   capacity within the area to develop
                                                   and manage regeneration initiatives.
                                                   *Building and Sustaining Economic
                                                   Activity: the development of enterprise
                                                   and improvement of access to
                                                   employment opportunities.
                                                   Up to £10, 000 for 'one-off', pilot or
                         (0191) 553 1588           pump-priming projects of benefit to
Community Chest
                                                   local communities
                  The Esmee Fairbairn Foundation   The Esmee Fairbairn Foundation is
                          11 Park Place            one of the UK's largest independent
Esmee Fairbairn
                              London               grants making trusts. In 2004 it
                             SW1A 1LP              expects to make grants in excess of
                        Tel: 020 7297 4700         £26 million. The Foundation aims to
                                Email:              improve the quality of life for people
                                                                    and communities in the UK, both now
                                                                    and in the future.

                                                                    To encourage economic regeneration
European Funding                                                    by promoting the development of
programmes                                                          regions lagging behind the rest of the
                       Strategic Programmes and Europe Team
(Objectives 2 and                                                   EU. ERDF is aimed primarily at the
                                   (0191) 553 1191
3, Urban II. Other                                                  public sector including councils and
special initiatives)                                                education providers, voluntary and
                                                                    community sector bodies.
                                                                    Free Kit Scheme:
                                    25 Soho Square                  Grants are available for under 16
                                        London                      teams for the value of £300
                                       W1D 4FF                      which can be used for the purchase of
Football                          Tel: 020 7534 4210                football kit. The grant will
Foundation                        Fax: 020 7287 0459                be given in the form of a voucher,
                                Helpdesk: 0800 0277766              which can be exchanged with
                       Email:   our nominated supplier. Clubs/schools
                             may only receive one
                                                                    grant every three years.
Grass Roots Funding:
The aim of the grass roots funding is
to provide opportunities for
anyone of any age, background or
ability to participate.
Grass roots funding primarily supports
organizations who wish
to build, develop or refurbish facilities
in order to sustain or
increase participation.
Grass roots applications may also
include an element of
revenue funding which enables the
sustainability or increase in
participation through a development
An organization can apply for funding
up to a maximum of £1m
and the percentage level of support is
variable but will not
exceed 90%. Ceiling grants will only
be awarded in exceptional
circumstances and to date the
average grant awarded is 65%.
Applicants must be able to
demonstrate that all other sources of
funding have been exhausted.
Examples of grass roots funding:
• Changing room improvements
• Pitch drainage
• Artificial pitch installation
Community Grants:
The aims of the community and
Education funding are to:
• Increase participation and
volunteering in sport
people with disabilities, black and
ethnic communities, people on
a low income and women and girls
• Create more inclusive communities
who play sport
together and encourage and support
local teams at the grass
• Encourage the adoption of healthy
lifestyles and to
contribute to improving the well being
and quality of life of people
of all ages and abilities
• Assist young people and particularly
those from
disadvantaged backgrounds to
increase their education
attainments and raise personal
• Ensure that young people
participating in sport do so in
a safe and secure environment
• Share ideas, research and identify
best practice from
schemes to enable more people to
participate in sport in the
School Funding:
School Funding supports schools who
wish to build, develop or
modernise/upgrade facilities in order
to sustain and/or increase
Much of this will be done by targeting
schools that are in real
need of support.
Special emphasis is placed upon the
needs of the most deprived
areas in the country. 51% of the
budget (£15.3m) will be targeted
towards schools serving the top 25%
of wards as listed in the
Indicies of Deprivation 2000.
Grass roots applications may also
include an element of revenue
funding which enables the
sustainability or increase in
participation through a development
Examples of grass roots projects:
• Changing rooms
• Pitch drainage
• Artificial turf pitches
• Floodlighting.
A school can apply for funding up to a
maximum of £1m.
Ceiling grants will only be available
where applicants can
                                                          Set up by the football pools promoters,
                                                          this body has around £60 million
                                                          annually to donate to sports and arts
                                                          organisations. Grants have been
                                                          given to a wide range of projects. The
                                                          overarching aim is to assist the
                                                          creation or to maintain facilities and
                                                          opportunities for the general
                                                          community or to assist arts or sports
                                                          provision that the community can
                 The Foundation for Sports and the Arts   enjoy.
Foundation for           PO Box 20,Liverpool
Sports and the                 L13 1HB                    Funding Details: The maximum grant
Arts                     Tel: 0151 259 5505               that the Trustees will normally offer
                  has been set at £75,000. The practical
                                                          maximum in most cases is around
                                                          £35-£40,000 and Trustees have
                                                          indicated that they intend to aim lower
                                                          than this in the great majority of cases.

                                                          Who can apply? Community groups
                                                          and organisations.

                                                          Eligibility: Funding is available for
                                                          Capital & Revenue projects.
                                                                   Grants are available for a wide variety
                                                                   of sports and arts purposes e.g.
                                                                   football maintenance, play areas,
                                                                   museums, arts projects, drama
                                                                   centres and to individuals.

                                                                   The Foundation is also open to
                                                                   requests for loans over a maximum of
                                                                   five years.

                                                                   The Foundation does not usually fund
                                                                   overseas travel and film production.

                                                                   There are currently a number of open
                                                                   funding streams under the Socrates
                                                                   Programme. Socrates is the
                                                                   European Unions main education
Funding For The               For more details go to:              support programme. The open
Educational   funding opportunites under Socrates
Community (UK)                    deadlines.htm                    relate to schools and further
                                                                   education, ault education, the learning
                                                                   of foreign languages and information
                                                                   and communications technoloies and
                                                                   open distance learning.
                                                             The Talented Athlete Scholarship
                                                             Scheme (TASS), worth over £6 million
                                                             over its initial two-year lifespan, will
                                                             give a variety of scholarships and
                   Department for Culture, Media and Sport
Government:                                                  bursaries to promising 16-25 year old
                           2-4 Cockspur Street
Talented Athlete                                             sports stars. TASS scholarships will
                            London SW1Y 5DH
Scholarship                                                  initially be open to young people aged
                            Tel: 020 7211 6200
Scheme                                                       between 16-19 and will be extended in
                                                             September 2004 to 19-25 year old
                                                             sportspeople to help them develop in
                                                             their sport and also continue with their
                                                             academic studies.
                                                             £5, 000 to £100, 000+ for projects that
                                                             meet their aims:
                                                             1. Conserve: and enhance the Uks
                                                             2. Involve: encourage people to
Heritage Lottery              (0191) 255 7570
                                                             become involved and make decisions
                                                             about their local heritage
                                                             3. Access: inclusion to ensure all can
                                                             learn and have access to and enjoy
                                                             their heritage
                                                                      The Local Network Fund for Children
                                                                      and Young People provides grants to
                                                                      small, local community groups in
                                                                      England to support vulnerable children
                                                                      and young people. The Fund aims to
                                                                      counter child poverty and youth
                                    Yvonne Wheeler
                                                                      disadvantage by providing
                    Children, Young People and Families Directorate
                                                                      opportunities for children and young
Local Network              Children and Young Peoples Unit
                                                                      people to achieve their potential.
Fund for Children      Area 4F Caxton House, 6-12 Tothill Street
                                                                      The total fund value is £40,000,000
and Young People                   London SW1 9HA
                                                                      with the average grant value being
                                  Tel: 0207 273 1123
                                                                      £5000. Most grants will range
                                                                      between £250 and £7,000, for one
                                                                      year's funding only. Two-year funding
                                                                      may be awarded to the projects in
                                                                      exceptional circumstances. The
                                                                      maximum two year grant is £6000
                                                                      each year for two years.
                                                                      To enable the 88 most deprived
                                    Jane Hibbert                      authorities, in collaboration with their
                              Regeneration and Housing                Local Strategic Partnerships to
Renewal Fund
                                  (0191) 553 1932                     improve services, narrowing the gap
                                                                      with the rest of England
Neighbourhood                                    Up to £5, 000 for projects that
Renewal                 (0191) 222 0945          increase community activity and
Community Chest                                  involvement
                                                 Anyone living in a qualifying area can
                                                 approach NDC's for cash to fund a
New Deal for
                    helpline (08450) 828383      project which meets targets on
                                                 health,crime, education, and
                                                 community cohesion.
Paul Hamlyn              Up to £5, 000 for Arts, Education and
Foundation              020 7227 3500            learning
                                                 The Ragdoll Foundation is dedicated
                                                 to developing the power of imaginative
                                                 responses in children through the arts.
                                                 The Foundation provides grants of
Ragdoll             For more details go to:      between £500 - £20,000 to support
Foundation   innovative and imaginative projects
                                                 that promote the development of
                                                 children and share good practice. The
                                                 next deadline for applications is the
                                                 end of August 2004.
                                                Provides direct finacial support to
                                                sports mena nd women between 12
                                                and 18 years old with proven ability so
                                                that they can meet the ever increasing
                    The Charity for Sport
                                                and unavoidable cost for their sporting
                  3rd Floor Victoria House
                    Bloomsbury Square
                                                For these youngsters and the families
Sport Aid                WC1B 4SE
                                                that support them, the promise of help
                                                fromthe Lottery Sports Fund remains a
                 Tel: 0191 (020) 7273 1975
                                                distant dream. Without SportsAid's
                   Fax: (020) 7273 1981
                                                assistance, many would simply turn
                                                their back on sport, frustrated by a
                                                chronic lack of support and depressed
                                                by society's refusal to give them a
                                                chance to fulfill their potential.
                 Sport England North East       Aim to create new grass-roots
                       Aykley Heads             sporting facilities and drive increased
Sport England            Durham                 participation in physical activity
                         DH1 5UU                through a mix of capital and revenue
                     (0191) 3849595             projects.
                                                                                    A grassroots sponsorhip incentive
                                                                                    scheme which matches commercial
                                                                                    sponsorship, pound for pound.
                                                                                    Funded by the Department for Culture,
                                             4th Floor
                                                                                    Media an dSport through grant aid
                                          Warwick House
                                                                                    from Sprot England and adminstered
                                  25-27 Buckingham Palace Road
Sports Match                                                                        in England by the Institute of Sports
                                           SW1W 0PP
                                                                                    We receive around £3.5million of
                                                                                    government funding per year and to
                                                                                    date around £70milion has been
                                                                                    invested into grass roots sport thanks
                                                                                    to the Sportsmarch Scheme.
Initiatives Budget   Karon Purvis (S/land North, S/land South and Washington)
Development and                         Tel: (0191) 553 1214                        To promote action on key priorities
Regeneration                                identified in the relevant Area
Directorate                                                                         Regeneration Frameworks. Each
administers SIB      Bill Blackett (S/land East, S/land South and the Coalfields)   Regeneration Framework area is
through its                                Tel: (0191) 553 1162                     currently allocated £200,000 per year.
Regeneration and          
Housing Team
                               Riverview House, West Wear Street,
Council for                                                                   A database which can be searched to
                                       Sunderland SR1 1XD
Voluntary Service                                                             produce a list of trusts that are most
                                         (0191) 565 1566
(SCVS)                                                                        likely to fund your project.
                                         (0191) 514 3176
Funder Finder
                                                                              The Sutton Trust makes grants to
                                                                              projects that provide educational
                                                                              opportunities for able young people
                                       The Sutton Trust
                                                                              from non-privilidged backgrounds.
                                        Heritage House
                                                                              The Trust does not fund individuals or
                                      21 Inner Park Road
The Sutton Trust                                                              capital projects. Grants are usually
                                Wimbledon, London, SW19 6ED
                                                                              provided for one or two years only, but
                                      Tel: 020 8788 3223
                                                                              can be extended up to a maximum of
                                                                              three years, and further in exceptional
                                                                              circumstances. The Trust has a fund
                                                                              value of between £200 to £50,000.
                                                                            A practical guide to trust fundraising
Raising Money for
                                                                            for schools and school groups.
Out of School     Published by Education Extra 17, Old Ford Road, London E2
                                                                            General guidelines and tips on writing
Hours Learning                     9PL Tel 020 8709 9900
                                                                            a fundraising proposal and directory of
North East
                                                                            grant-making trusts.
Information North
East (FINE)                                                                         Researches potential sources of
John Haswell                                                                        funding for the voluntary and
House                                     (0191) 4771253                            community sector in the North East of
8 & 9 Gladstone                                                                     England. FINE is managed by
Terrace                                                                             Gateshead Voluntary Organisations
North East Guide
to Grants for
                                                                                    Lists and provides information about
Voluntary                                 (0191) 266 0409
                                                                                    all funding providers in the North East
                                                                                    External Funding Bulletin
                     Karon Purvis (S/land North, S/land South and Washington)
                                                                                    Freepost LON13693
Regeneration and                           (0191) 553 1214
                                                                                    67-71 Goswell Road
Housing Team         Bill Blackett (S/land East, S/land South and the Coalfields)
                                           (0191) 553 1162
                                                                                    EC1B 1LT

                                                                                    A useful website which lists funding                                  providers from A-Z under designated
                                              A new government website addressing
                                              the problem with funding - people
                                              don’t know what funds are available,
                                              which areas they cover and who to get
        them from. Marketed by the Home
                                              Office as a "single portal to access
                                              £182 million of government funding",
                                              the site is certainly helpful in
                                              negotiating the spending streams.
                                              New funding initiatives are posted up
                                              on the home page as they are
Access Funds        launched. Contained on the site is a
                                              register of most European, lottery and
                                              charitable trust funding bodies

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