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					                  History of the Pacific Northwest and Canadian Northwest
                                         Author Index

Aborigines Protection Society, London.                        Anderson, Alexander Caulfield.
   Canada west and Hudson's bay company: a                       A brief account of the province of British
political and humane questions of vital importance.           Columbia.
London. 1856                                                  Victoria, B.C. 1883
Peel. S11.                                                    Fold. map. Smith 221.
   Reel: CNW 1, No. 326                                          Reel: PNW 1, No. 8
Aborigines Protection Society, London.                        Anderson, Alexander Caulfield.
   The Red River insurrection: three letters and a               The Dominion at the west.
narrative of events.                                          Victoria. 1872
London. 1870                                                  Smith 222.
Peel 236.                                                        Reel: PNW 1, No. 10
   Reel: CNW 1, No. 327
                                                              Anderson, Alexander Caulfield.
Adams, William Lysander.                                         Hand book and map to the gold region of Fraser's
   Lecture on Oregon and the Pacific coast.                   and Thompson's rivers.
Boston. 1869                                                  San Francisco. 1858
0; Howes A73. Smith 50.                                       Fold. map. Smith 223.
   Reel: PNW 1, No. 1                                            Reel: PNW 1, No. 9
Adams, William Lysander.                                      Anderson, David.
    Melodrama entitled "Treason, stratagems and                  A charge delivered to the clergy of the diocese of
spoils".                                                      Rupert's land.
Portland, Ore. 1852                                           London. 1851
Illus. Smith 51.                                              Peel 114.
    Reel: PNW 1, No. 2                                           Reel: CNW 1, No. 329

Adams, William Lysander.                                      Anderson, David.
   Oregon as it is.                                              Notes of the flood at the Red river, 1852.
Portland, Ore. 1873                                           London. 1852
Tables; Howes A74. Smith 52.                                  Front. Peel 122.
   Reel: PNW 1, No. 3                                            Reel: CNW 1, No. 330

Addresses and memorials…upon the occasion of the              Angelo, C. Aubrey.
retirement of Sir James Douglas.                                Sketches of travel in Oregon and Idaho.
Deal, Eng. 1864                                               New York. 1866
Smith 55. SF 122$5.00.                                        Map. (folded).; Howes A277. Smith 252.
    Reel: PNW 1, No. 7                                          Reel: PNW 1, No. 11

Albemarle, William Coutts Keppel, 7th earl of.                Anti-Monopoly Association of the Pacific Coast.
   Balance sheet of the Washington treaty of 1872 in             A history of the wrongs of Alaska.
account with the people of Great Britain.                     San Francisco. 1875
London. 1873                                                  Smith 257.
Fold. Map.                                                       Reel: PNW 1, No. 12
   Reel: PNW 1, No. 4
                                                              Arctic miscellanies. A souvenir of the late polar
Alderson, Matt W.                                             search. By the officers and seamen of the expedition.
  Bozeman; a guide.                                           London. 1852
Bozeman, Mont. 1883                                           Col. front., illus.
Map. Howes A108. Smith 103.                                      Reel: CNW 1, No. 331
  Reel: PNW 1, No. 5
                                                              An argument upon the justice and expediency of the
Alley, B. F.                                                  order…detaining all ships bound to the ports of
   Linn County, Oregon, descriptive and resources.            Spain.
Albany, Ore. 1889                                             London. 1805
0; Howes A168. Smith 147.                                     Smith 274.
   Reel: PNW 1, No. 6                                            Reel: PNW 1, No. 13
Amos, Andrew.                                                 Armstrong, A. N.
   Report of trials in the courts of Canada relative to          Oregon; comprising a brief history and full
the destruction of the Earl of Selkirk's settlement.          description.
London. 1820                                                  Chicago. 1857
Fold. map. Peel 114.                                          Howes A318. Smith 285.
   Reel: CNW 1, No. 328                                          Reel: PNW 1, No. 14

                  History of the Pacific Northwest and Canadian Northwest
                                         Author Index

Armstrong, Alexander, Sir.                                  Barrington, Daines.
  A personal narrative of the discovery of the north-          Miscellanies.
west passage.                                               London. 1781
London. 1857                                                Ports. Maps. (fold). Howes B177.
Col. front., fold. map.                                        Reel: PNW 1, No. 17
  Reel: CNW 1, No. 332
                                                            Barry, Charles.
Articles of agreement, for carrying on an expedition            Report . . . on the preliminary survey . . . of a
by Hudson's Streights for the discovery of a North-         branch of the Central Pacific railroad from
west passage.                                               Marysville, California to the Columbia River . . .
London. 1745                                                together with a report on the wealth and resources of .
   Reel: CNW 1, No. 333                                     . . Oregon.
                                                            Salem, Ore. 1864
Artigue, Jean d'.                                               Reel: PNW 2, No. 18
   Six years in the Canadian north-west.
Toronto. 1882                                               Bathurst, Henry Bathurst, 3d earl of.
Peel 455.                                                      Correspondence in the years 1817, 1818 and 1819
   Reel: CNW 1, No. 334                                     between Earl Bathurst and J. Halkett on the subject of
                                                            Lord Selkirk's settlement.
Atkinson, George Henry.                                     London. 1819
   The northwest coast, including Oregon,                   Peel 51.
Washington and Idaho.                                          Reel: CNW 2, No. 339
Portland, Ore. 1878
Map (fold).; Howes A368. Smith 344.                         Beaugrand, Honore.
   Reel: PNW 1, No. 15                                         De Montreal a Victoria par le transcontinental
Au pilori; la trahison des chefs conservateurs              Montreal. 1887
demontree par les temoignages recueillis devant le          Plates. Peel S77.
Comite du Nord-ouest.                                          Reel: CNW 2, No. 340
Quebec. 1874
Peel 307.                                                   Beauregard, George.
   Reel: CNW 2, No. 335                                        Le 9me bataillon au Nord-Ouest.
                                                            Quebec. 1886
Back, George, Sir.                                          Peel 632.
   Narrative of an expedition in H.M.S. Terror. . .in          Reel: CNW 2, No. 341
the years 1836-37.
London. 1838                                                Bechervaise, John.
Plates, fold. map.                                             Thirty-six years of a seafaring life.
   Reel: CNW 2, No. 336                                     Portsea. 1839
                                                            Howes B294.
Back, George, Sir.                                             Reel: PNW 2, No. 19
   Narrative of the Arctic land expedition to the
mouth of the Great Fish River. . .in the years 1833,        Beechey, Frederick William.
1834 and 1835.                                                  Narrative of a voyage to the Pacific and Beering's
London. 1836                                                strait. . .in the years 1825, 26, 27, 28.
Plates, fold. map.                                          London. 1831
   Reel: CNW 2, No. 337                                     Maps (folded). Plates. Howes B309. Smith 703.
                                                                Reel: PNW 2, No. 20
Barrell, George.
   Notes of voyages…in a career of thirty years at          Beeson, John.
sea.                                                           A plea for the Indians; with facts and features of
Springfield, Ill. 1890                                      the late war in Oregon.
Howes B171.                                                 New York. 1847
   Reel: PNW 1, No. 16                                      Howes B314. Smith 709.
                                                               Reel: PNW 2, No. 21
Barrette, J.E.T.
   Recit d'aventures dans le Nord-ouest.                    Begg, Alexander.
Montreal. 1881                                                 The creation of Manitoba; or, A history of the Red
Peel 428.                                                   River troubles.
   Reel: CNW 2, No. 338                                     Toronto. 1871
                                                            Front. Peel 253.
                                                               Reel: CNW 2, No. 342

                  History of the Pacific Northwest and Canadian Northwest
                                         Author Index

Begg, Alexander.                                              Benton, Thomas Hart.
   The great Canadian North West: its past history,               Selections of editorial articles . . . on the subject of
present condition and glorious prospects.                     Oregon and Texas.
Montreal. 1881                                                St. Louis. 1844
Peel 429.                                                     Howes B369. Smith 772.
   Reel: CNW 3, No. 343                                           Reel: PNW 3, No. 26
Begg, Alexander.                                              Beresford, William.
  Seventeen years in the Canadian northwest.                     A voyage round the world but more particularly to
London. 1884                                                  the northwest coast of America.
Covertitle. Peel 537.                                         London. 1789
  Reel: CNW 3, No. 344                                        Plates & charts (folded). Howes D365. Smith 779.
                                                                 Reel: PNW 3, No. 27
Belcher, Edward.
  Narrative of a voyage round the world. . .1836-             Biography of Henry Augustus Peirce.
1842.                                                         San Francisco. 1880
London. 1843                                                  Howes P179.
Maps. Plates. Howes B318.                                        Reel: PNW 3, No. 28
   Reel: PNW 2, No. 22
                                                              Blair, James, ed.
Belcher, Edward, Sir.                                            Notices of the harbor at the mouth of the
    The last of the Arctic voyages; being a narrative         Columbia River.
of the expedition. . .in search of Sir John Franklin. .       n.p. n.d
.1852-53-54.                                                  Map.; Howes B499.
London. 1855                                                     Reel: PNW 3, No. 29
2v. Col. plates, fold. maps.
    Reel: CNW 3, No. 345                                      Blanchet, Francis Norbert.
                                                                 Historical sketches of the Catholic church in
Bell, Charles Napier.                                         Oregon for the past forty years.
   Our northern waters; a report presented to the             Portland, Ore. 1878
Winnipeg Board of trade.                                      Howes B511. Smith 878.
Winnipeg. 1884                                                   Reel: PNW 3, No. 30
Fold. maps. Peel 538.
   Reel: CNW 3, No. 346                                       Blanchet, Francois Xavier.
                                                                 Dix ans sur la cote du Pacifique.
Bell, William Hemphill.                                       Quebec. 1873
   The quiddities of an Alaskan trip.                         Howes B512. Smith 881.
Portland, Ore. 1873                                              Reel: PNW 3, No. 31
Smith 736.
   Reel: PNW 2, No. 23                                        Blaschke, Eduard Leontjevich.
                                                                  Topographia medica portus Novi-Archangels-
Bellot, Joseph Rene.                                          censis.
    Memoirs. . .with his Journal of a voyage. . .in           St. Petersburg. 1842
search of Sir John Franklin.                                  Tables, fold. plate, fold. map. Howes B523.
London. 1855                                                      Reel: PNW 3, No. 32
   Reel: CNW 3, No. 347                                       Blowitz, Henry Georges Stephane Adolphe Opper
Bennett, Emerson.                                                 The Behring Sea arbitration. Letters of the Times
   Leni-Leoti; or, adventures in the far west.                by its special correspondent.
Cincinnati. 1849                                              London. 1893
Howes B354. Smith 757.                                           Reel: PNW 3, No. 33
   Reel: PNW 3, No. 25
                                                              Boillot, Leon.
Bennett, Emerson (Moss, Sidney W.).                              Aux mines d'or du Klondike.
   The prairie flower, or adventures in the far west.         Paris. 1899
Cincinnati. 1849                                              Map, plates. Howes B572. Smith 920.
Howes B354. Smith 7106A.                                         Reel: PNW 3, No. 34
   Reel: PNW 2, No. 24
                                                              Bolduc, Jean Baptiste Zacharie.
                                                                 Mission de la Colombie; deuxieme lettre et
                                                              Quebec. 1845
                                                              Howes B573. Smith 925.
                                                                 Reel: PNW 3, No. 35

                  History of the Pacific Northwest and Canadian Northwest
                                         Author Index

Bolduc, Jean Baptiste Zacharie.                               British Coumbia. Lands and Works Dept.
  Mission de la Colombie; lettre et journal.                     Columbia River explorations, 1865-6.
Quebec. 1844                                                  Instructions, reports & journals.
Howes B573. Smith 927.                                        Victoria, B.C. 1869
  Reel: PNW 3, No. 36                                            Reel: PNW 4, No. 45

Bouis, Amedee T.                                              Broughton, William R.
   Le whip-poor-will, ou les pionniers de l'Oregon.             A voyage of discovery to the north Pacific ocean.
Paris. 1847                                                   London. 1804
Howes B650. Smith 968.                                        Charts, plates (folded).; Howes B821.
   Reel: PNW 3, No. 37                                          Reel: PNW 4, No. 46

Boulton, Charles Arkoll.                                      Brown, John.
    Reminiscences of the North-west rebellions.                  The north-west passage and the plans for the
Toronto. 1886                                                 search for Sir John Franklin.
Illus., maps, plans (folded). Peel 641.                       London. 1858
    Reel: CNW 3, No. 348                                      Front., fold. maps. A sequel. . .London, 1860. Map,
                                                              fold. facsim.
Boyce, James R.                                                  Reel: CNW 4, No. 349
   Facts about Montana Territory and the way to get
there.                                                        Brown, Robert Christopher Lundin.
Helena. 1872                                                    British Columbia. An essay.
Howes B672.                                                   New Westminster. 1863
   Reel: PNW 4, No. 38                                        Smith 1172.
                                                                Reel: PNW 4, No. 47
Brabant, Augustin J.
   Vancouver Island and its missions, 1874-1900.              Browne, John Ross.
n.p. 1900?                                                       . . . Report of the secretary of the interior
Howes B681. Smith 1002.                                       communicating . . . the report of J. Ross Browne of
   Reel: PNW 4, No. 39                                        the late Indian war in Oregon.
                                                              Washington, (U.S. 35th Cong., 1st sess. Senate. Ex.
Bradley, Thomas H.                                            Doc. 40). 1858
   O'Toole's mallet; or, the resurrection of the second       Howes B878.
national city of the United States.                              Reel: PNW 4, No. 48
n.p. n.d
Howes B710. Smith has 2d ed.1010.                             Browne, Peter Arrell.
   Reel: PNW 4, No. 40                                           A lecture on the Oregon territory.
                                                              Philadelphia. 1843
Brewer, Charles.                                              Howes B879. Smith 1197.
   Reminiscences.                                                Reel: PNW 4, No. 49
n.p. 1884
Howes B753. Smith 1050.                                       Bryant, Wilbur Franklin.
   Reel: PNW 4, No. 41                                           The blood of Abel.
                                                              Hastinas, Neb. 1887
A brief notice of the recent outrages committed by            Peel 728.
Isaac I. Stevens, governor of Washington Territory.              Reel: CNW 4, No. 350
Olympia, Wash. 1856
Howes S961. Smith 1060.                                       Buache, Jean Nicolas.
   Reel: PNW 4, No. 42                                            Memoire sur les pays de l'Asie et de l'Amerique
                                                              situes au nord de la Mer du Sud.
Briggs, Horace.                                               Paris. 1775
  Letters from Alaska and the Pacific coast.                  Fold. map. Howes B907. Smith 1237.
Buffalo. 1889                                                     Reel: PNW 4, No. 50
  Reel: PNW 4, No. 43
                                                              Buache, Philippe.
British Columbia and Vancouver Island.                           Considerations geographiques et physiques sur les
   A complete handbook replete with the latest                nouvelles decouvertes au nord de la grande mer.
information.                                                  Paris. 1753
London. 1858                                                  Maps on 12 plates (folded). Howes B908.
Fold. map. Smith 1098.                                           Reel: PNW 4, No. 51
   Reel: PNW 4, No. 44

                  History of the Pacific Northwest and Canadian Northwest
                                         Author Index

Burges, James Bland, Sir.                                    Canada. Dept. of the Interior.
   Letters lately published in The Diary on the                 . . .The Northwest rebellion.
subject of the present dispute with Spain.                   Ottawa?. 1887?
London. 1790                                                 Peel 733.
Howes W188.                                                     Reel: CNW 4, No. 355
   Reel: PNW 4, No. 53
                                                             Canada. Dept. of the Secretary of State.
Burges, James Bland, Sir.                                       Return. Instructions to surveyors sent to the
   A narrative of the negotiations occasioned by the         North-West Territory.
dispute between England and Spain in the year 1790.          Ottawa. 1870
London. 1791?                                                Fold. plans. Peel 232.
Howes B960. Smith 1268.                                         Reel: CNW 4, No. 356
   Reel: PNW 4, No. 54
                                                             Canada. Dept. of the Secretary of State.
Burney, James.                                                  Return. Instructions to the Hon. A. Archibald,
   A chronological history of north-eastern voyages          lieutenant-governor of Manitoba.
of discovery.                                                Ottawa. 1871
London. 1818                                                 Peel 256.
Fold. maps. Howes B1001. Smith 1283.                             Reel: CNW 4, No. 357
   Reel: PNW 6, No. 56
                                                             Canada. Dept. of the Secretary of State.
Burney, James.                                                  Statement of claims made on the Dominion
   A chronological history of the discoveries in the         government consequent upon the insurrection in the
South Sea.                                                   North-west territories.
London. 1803                                                 Ottawa. 1871
Sv. Maps, plates. Howes B1002.                               Peel 257.
   Reel: PNW 5, No. 55                                          Reel: CNW 4, No. 358
Campbell, Archibald.                                         Canada. Parliament. Senate.
  A voyage round the world.                                     Select committee on Rupert's Land, Red River and
Edinburgh. 1816                                              the Northwest Territory. Report. . .together with the
Map (folded). Howes C88.                                     minutes of evidence.
  Reel: PNW 6, No. 58                                        Ottawa. 1870
                                                             Fold. map. Peel 235.
Canada. Dept. of Agriculture.                                   Reel: CNW 4, No. 359
   Province of Manitoba; and North West territory of
the dominion of Canada.                                      Canada. Provincial Secretary's Office.
Ottawa. 1876                                                     Papers relative to the exploration of the country
Peel 340.                                                    between Lake Superior and the Red River settlement.
   Reel: CNW 4, No. 351                                      London. 1859
                                                             Illus., fold. maps.
Canada. Dept. of Justice.                                        Reel: CNW 4, No. 360
   In the case of Louis Riel, convicted of treason. .
.Memorandum of Sir Alexander Campbell.                       Canada. Provincial Secretary's Office.
Ottawa. 1885                                                    Report on the exploration of the country between
Peel. 584.                                                   Lake Superior and the Red River settlement.
   Reel: CNW 4, No. 352                                      Toronto. 1858
                                                             Fold. maps. Peel 160.
Canada. Dept. of Justice.                                       Reel: CNW 5, No. 361
   Trials in connection with the North-west rebellion,
1885.                                                        Canadian Pacific Railway Company.
Ottawa. 1886                                                    . . .Description of the country between Lake
   Reel: CNW 4, No. 353                                      Superior and the Pacific Ocean.
                                                             Ottawa. 1876
Canada. Dept. of Militia and Defence.                        Peel 342.
   Report of Lt. Col. W.H. Jackson. . .on matters in            Reel: CNW 5, No. 362
connection with the suppression of the rebellion in
the north-west territories in 1885.                          A Canadian tour: a reprint of letters from the special
Ottawa. 1887                                                 correspondent of theTimes.
Peel 731.                                                    London. 1886
   Reel: CNW 4, No. 354                                      Double map. Peel 661.
                                                                Reel: CNW 5, No. 363

                   History of the Pacific Northwest and Canadian Northwest
                                          Author Index

Canfield, Thomas Hawley.                                        Cleveland, Richard Jeffry.
  Life of Thomas Hawley Canfield.                                  A narrative of voyages and commercial
Burlington, Vt. 1889                                            enterprises.
Howes C113. Smith 1472.                                         Cambridge. 1842
  Reel: PNW 6, No. 59                                           Howes C485.
                                                                   Reel: PNW 6, No. 67
Canfield, Thomas Hawley.
   Northern Pacific railroad; partial report . . . of the       Collinson, Richard, Sir.
reconnaissance . . . between Lake Superior and the                 Journal of H.M.S. Enterprise on the expedition in
Pacific.                                                        search of Sir John Frankin. . .1850-55.
n.p. 1870                                                       London. 1889
2 fold. maps.; Howes C114. Smith 1473.                          Fold. maps.
   Reel: PNW 6, No. 60                                             Reel: CNW 5, No. 366
Catholic Sentinel.                                              Colnett, James.
   Reply to Executive document no. 37.                             A voyage to the south Atlantic and round Cape
Portland, Ore. 1872                                             Horn into the Pacific Ocean.
   Reel: PNW 6, No. 61                                          London. 1798
                                                                Port., plates, fold. maps. Howes C604.
Chapleau, Joseph Adolphe, Sir.                                     Reel: PNW 7, No. 68
   La question Riel.
Ottawa. 1885                                                    Colonization of Vancouver's Island.
Cover-title. Peel 592.                                          London. 1849
   Reel: CNW 5, No. 364                                         Map.
                                                                  Reel: PNW 7, No. 69
Chapleau, Joseph Adolphe, Sir.
   Speech. . .on the execution of Louis Riel.                   Conkey, W. B. Co.
Ottawa. 1886                                                       The official guide to the Klondyke country and the
   Reel: CNW 5, No. 365                                         gold fields of Alaska.
                                                                Chicago. 1897
Chappell, Edward.                                               Plates, maps.; Howes K205. Smith 1957.
   Narrative of a voyage to Hudson's bay in His                    Reel: PNW 7, No. 70
Majesty's ship Rosamond.
London. 1817                                                    Cook, James.
Fold. map, plates.                                                 A voyage to the Pacific Ocean. . .in the years
   Reel: PNW 6, No. 62                                          1776, 1777, 1778, 1779 and 1780.
                                                                London. 1784
Chittenden, Newton H.                                           3v. and atlas (maps and plates). (part folded). Howes
   Settlers, prospectors and tourists guide, or Travels         C729a.
through British Columbia.                                          Reel: PNW 7, No. 71
Victoria. 1882
Howes C393. Smith 1728.                                         Coolidge, Louis Arthur.
   Reel: PNW 6, No. 63                                             Klondike and the Yukon country.
                                                                Philadelphia. 1897
Chittenden, Newton H.                                           Plates, maps (1 fold.).; Howes C743. Smith 2014.
   . . . Travels in Oregon, Washington and northern                Reel: PNW 8, No. 72
Portland, Ore. 1882                                             Cope, George F.
Fold. Maps.                                                        Statistical and descriptive report upon . . .
   Reel: PNW 6, No. 64                                          Madison County, Montana.
                                                                Virginia City. 1888
Choir, Melody.                                                     Reel: PNW 8, No. 73
   Choir's pioneer directory of the city of Seattle and
King County.                                                    Corbett, Griffith Owen.
Pottsville, Pa. 1878                                               Notes on Rupert's America, its history and
Map (folded).; Howes C396. Smith 1734.                          resources.
   Reel: PNW 6, No. 65                                          Dulwich. 1868
                                                                Peel 218.
Clements, James I.                                                 Reel: CNW 5, No. 367
    The Klondyke . . . a complete guide to the gold
fields.                                                         Corbett, Griffith Owen.
Los Angeles. 1897                                                  The Red River rebellion: the cause of it.
Map.; Howes C484. Smith 1814.                                   London. 1870
    Reel: PNW 6, No. 66                                         Peel 238.
                                                                   Reel: CNW 5, No. 368

                  History of the Pacific Northwest and Canadian Northwest
                                         Author Index

Coxe, William.                                                 Damon, Samuel Chenery.
   Account of the Russian Discoveries between Asia                A trip from the Sandwich Islands to lower Oregon
and America.                                                   and upper California.
London. 1780                                                   Honolulu. 1849
Fold. plate. fold. maps. Howes C834.                           Howes D44. Smith 2243 (2d ed.).
   Reel: PNW 8, No. 75                                            Reel: PNW 9, No. 84
Crane, James M.                                                Daoust, Charles R.
  The past, the present and the future of the Pacific.            . . .Cent-vingt jours de service actif.
San Francisco. 1856                                            Montreal. 1886
Howes C861.                                                    Plates. Peel 670.
   Reel: PNW 8, No. 76                                            Reel: CNW 5, No. 370
Crawford, Charles Howard.                                      Dawson, Simon James.
    Scenes of earlier days in crossing the plains to              Report on the line of route between Lake Superior
Oregon.                                                        and the Red River settlement.
Petaluma, Calif. 1898                                          Ottawa. 1868
Illus.; Howes C870. Smith 2098.                                Fold. map. Peel 223.
    Reel: PNW 8, No. 77                                           Reel: CNW 5, No. 371
Croy, Emmanuel, duc de.                                        De Groot, Henry.
   Memoire sur le passage par le nord.                           British Columbia; its condition and prospects.
Paris. 1782                                                    San Francisco. 1859
   Reel: PNW 8, No. 78                                         Smith 2372.
                                                                  Reel: PNW 9, No. 85
Currie, David.
    The letters of Rusticus; investigations in Manitoba        Diomedi, Alexander.
and the north-west.                                              Sketches of modern Indian life.
Montreal. 1880                                                 Woodstock, Md. 1894?
Illus., fold. col. maps. Peel 403.                             Howes D347. Smith 2467.
    Reel: CNW 5, No. 369                                          Reel: PNW 9, No. 87
Cushing, Caleb.                                                Dixon, George.
   The Treaty of Washington: its negotiation,                    Further remarks on the voyages of John Meares.
execution, and the discussions relating thereto.               London. 1791
New York. 1873                                                   Reel: PNW 9, No. 88
   Reel: PNW 8, No. 79
                                                               Dixon, George.
Dall, William Healey.                                            Remarks on the voyages of John Meares.
  Alaska and its resources.                                    London. 1790
Boston. 1870                                                   Howes D364. Smith 2477.
Map, plates (folded).; Howes D23. Smith 2226.                    Reel: PNW 9, No. 89
  Reel: PNW 8, No. 81
                                                               Dobbs, Arthur.
Dall, William Healey.                                             Remarks upon Capt. Middleton's defence: wherein
   A critical review of Bering's first expedition,             his conduct during his late voyage. . .is impartially
1725-30, together with a translation of his original           examined.
report.                                                        London. 1744
Washington. 1890                                               Fold. map.
Map.                                                              Reel: CNW 5, No. 372
   Reel: PNW 8, No. 80
                                                               Dobbs, Arthur.
Dalrymple, Alexander.                                             A reply to Capt. Middleton's answer to the
   Plan for promoting the fur trade . . . by uniting the       remarks on his vindication of his conduct. . .To
operations of the East India and Hudson's Bay                  which is added a full answer to a late pamphet. .
companies.                                                     .called Forgery detected.
London. 1789                                                   London. 1745
Howes D33. Smith 2234.                                            Reel: CNW 6, No. 373
   Reel: PNW 9, No. 82
                                                               Dodds, James.
Dalrymple, Alexander.                                             The Hudson's Bay company, its position and
  The Spanish pretensions fairly discussed.                    prospects.
London. 1790                                                   London. 1866
Howes D35. Smith 2237.                                         Fold. map. Peel 208.
  Reel: PNW 9, No. 83                                             Reel: CNW 6, No. 374

                 History of the Pacific Northwest and Canadian Northwest
                                        Author Index

Dower, John.                                                 Dunn, John.
   New British gold fields. A Guide to British                 History of the Oregon territory and British North
Columbia.                                                    American fur trade.
London. 1858                                                 London. 1844
Fold. map.                                                   Map.; Howes D577. Smith 2649.
   Reel: PNW 9, No. 90                                         Reel: PNW 9, No. 96
Dowse, Thomas.                                               D'Wolf, John.
    Manitoba and the Canadian North-west.                       A voyage to the North Pacific and a journey
Chicago. 1877                                                through Siberia.
Illus. Peel 384.                                             Cambridge, Mass. 1861
    Reel: CNW 6, No. 375                                     Howes D310.
                                                                Reel: PNW 9, No. 86
Dowse, Thomas.
    The new Northwest. Montana.                              Eichwald, Carl Eduard von.
St. Paul. 1879                                                   Geognostischpaleontologische Bemerkungen uber
Illus.; Howes D452. Smith 2553.                              die Halbinsel Mangischlak und die Aleutischen
    Reel: PNW 9, No. 91                                      Inslen.
                                                             St. Petersburg. 1871
Doyle, William.                                              Plates.
   Some account of the British dominions beyond the              Reel: PNW 9, No. 97
Atlantic, containing. . .the important question about
the North west passage.                                      Ellice, Edward.
London. 1770                                                    The communications of Mercator upon the contest
Fold. map. Howes D457.                                       between the Earl of Selkirk, and the Hudson's bay
   Reel: CNW 6, No. 376                                      company on the other.
                                                             Montreal. 1817
Drew, Charles S.                                             Peel 40.
   . . . Communication from C. S. Drew . . . giving an          Reel: CNW 6, No. 378
account of the origin and early prosecution of the
Indian war in Oregon.                                        Ellis, Henry.
Washington, (U.S. 36th Cong., 1st sess. Senate. Misc.           A voyage to Hudson's Bay, by the Dobbs galley
Doc. 59). 1860                                               and California, in the years 1746 and 1747, for
Howes D497.                                                  discovering a North west passage.
   Reel: PNW 9, No. 92                                       London. 1748
                                                                Reel: CNW 6, No. 379
Dufur, A. J., comp.
   Statistics of Oregon.                                     Ellis, William.
Salem, Ore. 1869                                                An authentic narrative of a voyage to the Pacific
Howes D544. Smith 2602.                                      Ocean performed by Captain Cook and Captain
   Reel: PNW 9, No. 93                                       Clerke. . .in the years 1776-1780.
                                                             London. 1782
Dugas, George.                                               2v. Map, plates. Howes E122. Smith 1984.
   Legendes du Nord-Ouest.                                      Reel: PNW 9, No. 98
Montreal. 1883
Peel 508.                                                    Emmerson, John.
   Reel: CNW 6, No. 377                                        British Columbia and Vancouver island.
                                                             Durham, Eng. 1865
Duncan, William.                                             Smith 2850.
   Metlakahtla and the Church Missionary Society.              Reel: PNW 10, No. 99
Victoria. 1887
Smith 2630.                                                  Engel, Samuel.
   Reel: PNW 9, No. 94                                           Memoires et observations geographiques et
                                                             critiques sur la situation des pays septentrionaux de
Duniway, Abigail (Scott).                                    l'Asie et l'Amerique.
   Captain Gray's company; or, Crossing the plains           Lausanne. 1765
and living in Oregon.                                        Fold. maps. Howes E149.
Portland, Ore. 1859                                              Reel: PNW 10, No. 100
Howes D568. Smith 2636.
   Reel: PNW 9, No. 95

                  History of the Pacific Northwest and Canadian Northwest
                                         Author Index

Engel, Samuel.                                                Fernon, Thomas Sargent.
    Remarques sur la partie de la relation du voyage             No dynasty in North America. The West between
du Capitaine Cook qui concerne le detroit entre l'Asie        salt waters. Hudson bay a free basin.
et l'Amerique.                                                Philadelphia. 1878
Geneva. 1781                                                  Peel 373.
Fold. map. Howes E148.                                            Reel: CNW 6, No. 380
    Reel: PNW 10, No. 101
                                                              Ferrer Maldonado, Lorenzo.
The errors of the British minister in the negotiation            Voyage de la mer Atlantique a l'ocean Pacifique
with the court of Spain.                                      par le Nord-ouest.
London. 1790                                                  Plaisance. 1812
   Reel: PNW 10, No. 102                                      Maps. Howes F95.
                                                                 Reel: PNW 10, No. 111
Etches, John.
   An authentic statement of all the facts relative to        A few words on the Hudson's Bay company; with a
Nootka sound.                                                 statement of the grievances of the native and half-
London. 1790                                                  caste Indians.
Howes E207. Smith 2900.                                       London. 1847?
   Reel: PNW 10, No. 103                                      Cover-title. Peel 98.
                                                                  Reel: CNW 6, No. 381
European and Oregon Land Company.
   Railroad lands in western Oregon.                          Financial Reform Association, Liverpool.
San Francisco. 1872                                              . . .The Hudson's Bay company versus Magna
Fold. map.; Smith 2909.                                       Charta and the British people.
   Reel: PNW 10, No. 104                                      Liverpool. 1857
                                                              Fold. map. Peel 154.
Evans, Elwood.                                                   Reel: CNW 6, No. 382
  Puget Sound; its past, present and future.
Olympia, Wash. 1869                                           Fisk, James Liberty.
Smith 2925.                                                      Idaho; her gold fields and the routes to them.
   Reel: PNW 10, No. 106                                      New York. 1863
                                                              Map (folded).; Howes F155.
Evans, Elwood.                                                   Reel: PNW 10, No. 112
  The reannexation of British Columbia to the
United States.                                                Fitzgerald, James Edward.
Olympia, Wash. 1870                                              An examination of the charter and proceedings of
Howes E217. Smith 2927.                                       the Hudson's Bay company.
   Reel: PNW 10, No. 105                                      London. 1849
                                                              Peel 105.
Evans, Elwood.                                                   Reel: CNW 6, No. 383
   Washington territory, her past, her present, and the
elements which ensure her future.                             Foos, Joseph.
Olympia, Wash. 1877                                             The highway of all nations.
Howes E218. Smith 2930.                                       Columbus. 1820
   Reel: PNW 10, No. 107                                      Howes F235.
                                                                Reel: PNW 10, No. 113
Falconer, Thomas.
  The Oregon question.                                        Forbes, Charles.
London. 1845                                                     Prize essay. Vancouver Island: its resources and
Map (folded).; Howes F17. Smith 2971.                         capabilities.
  Reel: PNW 10, No. 108                                       Victoria. 1862
                                                                 Reel: PNW 10, No. 114
Farnham, Thomas Jefferson.
   History of Oregon territory.                               Foursin, Pierre.
New York. 1844                                                    La colonisation francaise au Canada.
Front. (map).; Howes F48. Smith 2992.                         Ottawa. 1891
   Reel: PNW 10, No. 109                                      Illus. Peel 880.
                                                                  Reel: CNW 6, No. 384
Fedix, P.
   L'Oregon et les cotes de l'ocean Pacifique du nord.        Franchere, Gabriel.
Paris. 1846                                                      Narrative of a voyage to the northwest coast of
Fold. map. Howes F70. Smith 3025.                             America.
   Reel: PNW 10, No. 110                                      New York. 1854
                                                              Plates. Howes F310. Smith 3244.
                                                                 Reel: PNW 11, No. 115

                  History of the Pacific Northwest and Canadian Northwest
                                         Author Index

Freeport, Andrew, pseud.                                        Great Britain. Admiralty. Arctic expedition.
   The case of the Hudson's bay company. In a letter                Copies of instructions to Capt. Sir John Franklin
to Lord Palmerston.                                             in reference to the Arctic expedition of 1845.
London. 1857                                                    London. 1848
Peel 153.                                                       Fold. maps.
   Reel: CNW 6, No. 385                                             Reel: CNW 7, No. 390
Fry, F.                                                         Great Britain. Admiralty. Arctic expedition.
   Fry's traveler's guide and descriptive journal of the           . . .copy or extracts from any correspondence. . .in
great northwestern territories.                                 relation to the Arctic expeditions.
Cincinnati. 1865                                                London. 1851
Howes F398. Smith 3380.                                         Fold. maps (Parliament, 1851. H. of C. Repts. &
   Reel: PNW 11, No. 116                                        papers 97).
                                                                   Reel: CNW 7, No. 391
Gallatin, Albert.
  The Oregon question.                                          Great Britain. Army. Commissariat and
New York. 1846                                                  Transport Dept.
Howes G25. Smith 3431.                                             Report on the Red River expedition of 1870.
  Reel: PNW 11, No. 117                                         London. 1871
                                                                Peel 263.
The gibbet of Regina, the truth about Riel.                        Reel: CNW 7, No. 392
New York. 1886
Peel 697.                                                       Great Britain. Colonial Office.
   Reel: CNW 6, No. 386                                             Correspondence relative to the recent disturbances
                                                                in the Red River settlement.
Goldson, William.                                               London. 1870
   Observations on the passage between the Atlantic             Peel 240.
and Pacific oceans.                                                 Reel: CNW 7, No. 393
Portsmouth. 1793
Fold. map. Howes G229. Smith 3638.                              Great Britain. Colonial Office.
   Reel: PNW 11, No. 118                                          Papers relating to the Red River settlement.
                                                                London. 1819
Goodsir, Robert Anstruther.                                     Maps (2 fold.). Peel 50.
   An Arctic voyage to Baffin's bay and Lancaster                 Reel: CNW 7, No. 396
sound in search of friends with Sir John Franklin.
London. 1850                                                    Great Britain. Colonial Office. British Columbia.
Fold. map.                                                         Papers relative to the affairs of British Columbia.
   Reel: CNW 6, No. 387                                         London. 1859
                                                                4v. in 1. Maps (part. fold.) (Command papers nos.
Graham, Frederic Ulric.                                         2476, 2578, 2724, 2794).
  Notes of a sporting expedition in the far west of                Reel: PNW 11, No. 120
Canada, 1847.
London. 1898                                                    Great Britain. Colonial Office. Hudson's Bay
Col. plates, 6 maps. Peel 1076.                                 Company.
  Reel: CNW 6, No. 388                                            Correspondence between Her Majesty's
                                                                government and the Hudson's Bay company.
Gray, William Henry.                                            London. 1869
   The moral and religious aspect of the Indian                    Reel: CNW 7, No. 394
Astoria, Wash. 1879                                             Great Britain. Colonial Office. Hudson's Bay
Howes G343. Smith 3759.                                         Company. (Red River settlement).
   Reel: PNW 11, No. 119                                           Copy of memorial and petition from inhabitants of
                                                                the Red River settlement.
Great Britain. Admiralty. Arctic expedition.                    London. 1849
   Copies of any reports or statements from the                 (Parliament. 1849. H. of C. Repts. & papers 227).
officers employed in the Arctic expeditions. . .in              Peel 106.
respect to the resumption of the search for Sir John               Reel: CNW 7, No. 395
Franklin's expedition.
London. 1850
Fold. maps. (Parliament. 1850. H. of C. Repts. &
papers 107).
   Reel: CNW 7, No. 389

                  History of the Pacific Northwest and Canadian Northwest
                                         Author Index

Great Britain. Colonial Office. Vancouver's                   Grewingk, Constantin Caspar Andreas.
Island.                                                           Beitrag zur Kenntniss der orographischen und
   Copies and extracts of dispatches and other papers         geognostischen Beschaffenheit der nordwest-kuste
relating to Vancouver's Island.                               Amerikas.
London. 1849                                                  St. Petersburg. 1850
(Gt. Brit. Parliament, 1849. H. of C. Repts. & papers         Fold. plates, maps (3 fold.) Howes G412. Smith
103).                                                         3859.
   Reel: PNW 11, No. 121                                          Reel: PNW 11, No. 125

Great Britain. Colonial Office. Vancouver's                   Griffin, John Smith.
Island.                                                          A historic sketch descriptive of Jesuit warfare.
   Copy of correspondence between the. . .Hudson's            Hillsboro, Ore. 1881
Bay company and the secretary of state. . .relative to        Howes G422. Smith 3871.
the colonization of Vancouver's Island.                          Reel: PNW 12, No. 126
London. 1848
(Gt. Brit. Parliament. 1848. H. of C. Repts. & papers         Griffith, Justus Alonzo.
619).                                                            From Toronto to Fort Garry.
   Reel: PNW 11, No. 122                                      Hamilton. 1872?
                                                              Peel 277.
Great Britain. Foreign Office.                                   Reel: CNW 8, No. 401
   Correspondence relative to the negotiation of
disputed right to the Oregon territory.                       Guide book for British Columbia. The wonders of the
London. 1846                                                  gold diggings. . . By a successful digger.
Howes O105.                                                   London. 1862
   Reel: PNW 11, No. 123                                      Fold. map.
                                                                 Reel: PNW 12, No. 127
Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons.
   Committee appointed to inquire into the state and          Halkett, John.
condition of the countries adjoining to Hudson's Bay             Statement respecting the Earl of Selkirk's
Report.                                                       settlement upon the Red River.
London. 1749                                                  Montreal. 1818
Peel 10.                                                      Peel 43.
   Reel: CNW 7, No. 397                                           Reel: CNW 8, No. 402
Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons.                  Haller, Granville Owen.
   Select committee on the Hudson's bay company.                 The dismissal of Major Granville O. Haller of the
Report from the select committee. . .together with the        Regular Army.
proceedings. . .minutes of evidence, appendix and             Paterson, N.J. 1863
index.                                                        Howes H95. Smith 4004.
London. 1857                                                     Reel: PNW 12, No. 128
Fold. maps (Parliament. 1857. H. of C. Repts. &
papers 224, 260, 260-I). Peel 155.                            Hamilton, John Taylor.
   Reel: CNW 7, No. 398                                          The beginnings of the Moravian mission in
Great Britain. War Office.                                    Bethlehem, Pa. 1890
    Correspondence relative to the recent expedition             Reel: PNW 12, No. 129
to the Red River settlement.
London. 1871                                                  The handbook of British Columbia and emigrant's
Fold. maps, diagrs. Peel 260.                                 guide to the gold fields.
    Reel: CNW 8, No. 399                                      London. 1862?
                                                              Fold. map, plates (1 double). Smith 4029.
Great Britain. War Office. Intelligence Div.                     Reel: PNW 12, No. 130
   Notes on the routes from Lake Superior to the Red
River, and on the settlement itself.                          Handly, James.
London. 1870                                                    The resources of Madison County, Montana.
Peel 243.                                                     San Francisco. 1872
   Reel: CNW 8, No. 400                                       Howes H155. Smith 4032.
                                                                 Reel: PNW 12, No. 131
Greenhow, Robert.
  Answer to the strictures of Mr. Thomas Falconer.            Harnett, Leigh.
Washington, D.C. 1845                                            Two lectures on British Columbia.
Smith 3839.                                                   Victoria. 1868
  Reel: PNW 11, No. 124                                       Smith 4079.
                                                                 Reel: PNW 12, No. 132

                  History of the Pacific Northwest and Canadian Northwest
                                         Author Index

Harris, Morris Charles.                                      Hind, Henry Youle.
  . . . Walla Walla valley, Washington territory.                British North America. Reports of progress. . .on
Walla Walla. 1879                                            the Assinniboine and Saskatchewan exploring
Smith 4103.                                                  expedition.
  Reel: PNW 12, No. 133                                      London. 1860
                                                             Illus., fold. maps.
Harrison, J. M.                                                  Reel: CNW 8, No. 405
   Book of information and settlers' guide for the
Pacific slope, including the states of California,           Hinds, Richard Brinsley, ed.
Oregon and Nevada, and territories of Washington                The zoology of the voyage of H.M.S. Sulphur
and Idaho.                                                   under the command of Capt. Sir Edward Belcher
San Francisco. 1875                                          during the years 1836-42.
   Reel: PNW 12, No. 134                                     London. 1844
Harvey, Arthur.                                                 Reel: PNW 12, No. 140
   A statistical account of British Columbia.
Ottawa. 1867                                                 Historical and descriptive review of the industries of
Map. Smith 4136.                                             Seattle, Wash.
   Reel: PNW 12, No. 135                                     Seattle. 1887
Haultain, Theodore Arnold.                                       Reel: PNW 12, No. 141
   A history of Riel's second rebellion.
Toronto. 1885                                                Holbrook, Silas Pinckney.
Peel 603.                                                      Sketches, by a traveller.
   Reel: CNW 8, No. 403                                      Boston. 1830
                                                             Howes H577.
Hazlitt, William Carew.                                        Reel: PNW 12, No. 142
   The great gold fields of Cariboo.
London. 1862                                                 Holden, Edward Singleton.
Fold. map. Smith 4273.                                          List of recorded earthquakes in California, Lower
   Reel: PNW 12, No. 136                                     California, Oregon and Washington.
                                                             Sacramento. 1887
Hearne, Samuel.                                              Smith 4571.
   A journey from the Prince of Wales' fort in                  Reel: PNW 12, No. 143
Hudson's bay to the Northern ocean.
London. 1795                                                 Holman, Woodford C.
Fold. plates, fold. maps.                                        Twenty-four years' residence in California and
   Reel: CNW 8, No. 404                                      Oregon.
                                                             St. Louis. 1870
Heistand, Henry Olcot Sheldon.                               Howes H606. Smith 4588.
   The territory of Alaska. A brief account of its               Reel: PNW 12, No. 144
history and purchase.
Kansas City. 1898                                            Hooker, William Jackson, Sir.
Maps (folded), 16 plates.; Howes H398. Smith 4315.              Flora borealiamericana; or, The botany of the
   Reel: PNW 12, No. 137                                     northern parts of British America.
                                                             London. 1829-40
Hicks, Urban East.                                           2v. Plates.
   Yakima and Clickitat Indian wars.                            Reel: CNW 9, No. 406
Portland, Ore. 1886
Smith 4415.                                                  Hooper, William Hulme.
   Reel: PNW 12, No. 138                                        Ten months among the tents of the Tuski. . .in
                                                             search of Sir John Frankin.
Hills, W. James.                                             London. 1853
   Klondike; mining laws, rules and regulations . . .        Col. plates, fold. map.
applicable to Alaska and Northwest Territory.                   Reel: CNW 9, No. 407
Seattle. 1897
Smith 4477.                                                  Hosmer, Hezekiah L.
   Reel: PNW 12, No. 139                                       Montana, an address before the Travelers Club.
                                                             New York. 1866
                                                             Howes H660. Smith 4648.
                                                               Reel: PNW 12, No. 145

                  History of the Pacific Northwest and Canadian Northwest
                                         Author Index

Hudson's Bay Co.                                             Jackson, Sheldon.
   The extent and value of the possessory rights of             A statement of facts concerning the difficulties at
the Hudson's Bay Company in Oregon.                          Sitka, Alaska, in 1885.
Montreal. 1849                                               Washington. 1886
Howes C827. Smith 2084.                                         Reel: PNW 13, No. 148
   Reel: PNW 8, No. 74
                                                             Jacobsen, Johan Adrian.
Hudson's Bay Co.                                                Captain Jacobsen's Reise an der nordwestkuste
   "A million:" shall we take it? Addressed to the           Amerikas, 1881-1883.
shareholders of the company by one of themselves.            Leipzig. 1884
London. 1866                                                 3 maps (1 fold.). Smith 5098.
Peel 209. SF 524 $5.00.                                         Reel: PNW 13, No. 149
   Reel: CNW 9, No. 409
                                                             James, Thomas.
Hudson's Bay Co.                                                The strange and dangerous voyage of Capt.
  The Royal charter for incorporating the Hudson's           Thomas James in his intended discovery of the
Bay company.                                                 northwest passage.
London. 1819                                                 London. 1633
  Reel: CNW 9, No. 408                                       Fold. map. SF 529 $14.00.
                                                                Reel: CNW 9, No. 414
Hunt, George Washington.
  A history of the Hunt family.                              King, Richard.
Boston. 1890                                                    The Franklin expedition. To his Grace the Duke of
Howes H802. Smith 4814.                                      Newcastle. . .a letter of appeal.
  Reel: PNW 12, No. 146                                      London. 1860
                                                             Plate, fold. map.
Huyshe, George Lightfoot.                                       Reel: CNW 9, No. 415
   The Red river expedition.
London. 1871                                                 King, Richard.
Peel 262. SF 525 $24.00.                                        Narrative of a journey to the shores of the Arctic
   Reel: CNW 9, No. 410                                      Ocean in 1833, 1834 and 1835.
                                                             London. 1836
Illustrated Arctic news. Facsimile of the Illustrated        Plates, map. 2v. Peel 85.
Arctic news published on board H.M.S. Resolute. .               Reel: CNW 10, No. 416
.in search of. . .Sir John Franklin.
London. 1852                                                 Kittlitz, Friedrich Heinrich, freiherr von.
Co. plates.                                                     Denkwurdigkeiten einer reise nach dem
    Reel: CNW 9, No. 411                                     Russischen Amerika.
                                                             Gotha. 1858
Immigration Aid Society of Northwestern                      Plates. Howes K194. Smith 5562.
Washington.                                                     Reel: PNW 13, No. 150
   North-western Washington, its soil, climate,
productions and general resources.                           Kittlitz, Friedrich Heinrich, freiherr von.
Port Townshend. 1880                                              Twenty-four views of the vegetation of the coasts
Fold. map.; Smith 4867.                                      . . . of the Pacific . . . taken during the exploring
   Reel: PNW 13, No. 147                                     voyage . . . under the command of Capt. Lutke.
                                                             London. 1861
Inglefield, Edward Augustus, Sir.                            Photos.; Howes K195. Smith 5563.
   A summer search for Sir John Frankin.                          Reel: PNW 13, No. 151
London. 1853
Fold. map. SF 527 $20.00.                                    Klondike and all about it. By a practical engineer.
   Reel: CNW 9, No. 412                                      New York. 1897
                                                             Howes C143. Smith 5575.
Isbister, Alexander Kennedy.                                    Reel: PNW 13, No. 152
   A proposal for a new penal settlement, in
connexion with the colonization of the uninhabited           Klondyke and the gold fields of Alaska; with maps,
districts of British North America.                          routes, costs of living.
London. 1850                                                 Philadelphia. 1897
Peel 111.                                                    Plates, double map.
   Reel: CNW 9, No. 413                                         Reel: PNW 13, No. 153

                 History of the Pacific Northwest and Canadian Northwest
                                        Author Index

Kotzebue, Otto von.                                          Leonard, John William.
   A new voyage round the world.                                The gold fields of the Klondike.
London. 1830                                                 London. 1897
Port., maps (2 fold.). Howes K259.                           Plates, fold. map.; Howes L262. Smith 5862.
   Reel: PNW 14, No. 154                                        Reel: PNW 16, No. 163

Kotzebue, Otto von.                                          Lepine, Ambroise Dydime, defendant.
   A voyage of discovery into the South sea and                 Preliminary investigation and trial of Ambroise D.
Beering's straits.                                           Lepine for the murder of Thomas Scott.
London. 1821                                                 Montreal. 1874
3v. Maps, plates. Howes K258.                                Front., ports. Peel 316.
   Reel: PNW 14, No. 155                                        Reel: CNW 10, No. 417
Kruzenshtern, Ivan Fedorovich.                               Letters written during the late voyage of discovery in
  Voyage round the world in the years 1803, 1804,            the Western Arctic Sea. By an officer of the
1805 & 1806.                                                 expedition.
London. 1813                                                 London. 1821
Co. fronts., fold. map. Howes K272.                          Map, plates.
   Reel: PNW 15, No. 156                                        Reel: CNW 10, No. 418
Kurze geographische Beschreibung der Kurilischen             Lindsley, Aaron Ladner.
und Aleutischen Inseln.                                         Sketches of an excursion to southern Alaska.
Ulm. 1792                                                    n.p. 1881?
Fold. map.                                                   Howes L357. Smith 5970.
   Reel: PNW 15, No. 157                                        Reel: PNW 17, No. 164
Ladue, Joseph.                                               Lisianskii, Iurii Fedorovich.
   Klondyke nuggets; being a brief description of the           A voyage round the world in the years 1803, 4, 5
famous gold regions.                                         &6.
New York. 1897                                               London. 1814
Smith 5638.                                                  Plates, maps (3 fold.). Howes L372.
   Reel: PNW 15, No. 158                                        Reel: PNW 17, No. 165

Langsdorff, Georg Heinrich, freiherr von.                    L'Isle, Joseph Nicholas de.
   Voyages and travels in various parts of the world            Explication de la carte des nouvelles decouvertes
during the years 1803, 1804, 1805, 1806 and 1807.            au nord de la Mer du Sud.
London. 1813                                                 Paris. 1752
2v. Plates, fold. map. Howes L81.                            Fold. map. Howes B909.
   Reel: PNW 15, No. 159                                        Reel: PNW 4, No. 52
Lansdowne, William Petty.                                    L'Isle, Joseph Nicholas de.
  The substance of the speech of the Marquis of                 Nouvelles cartes des decouvertes de l'Amiral de
Lansdown. . .on the subject of the convention with           Fonte dans les mers septentrionales.
Spain.                                                       Paris. 1753
London. 1790?                                                Maps (2 fold.). Howes D244.
Smith 5693.                                                     Reel: PNW 17, No. 166
  Reel: PNW 15, No. 160
                                                             Loring, Charles Greely.
Laperouse, Jean Francois de Galaup, comte de.                  Memoir of the Hon. William Sturgis.
   A voyage round the world performed in the years           Boston. 1864
1785, 1786, 1787 and 1788.                                   Howes 471.
London. 1798                                                   Reel: PNW 17, No. 167
2v. and atlas. Maps and plates. Howes L93.
   Reel: PNW 16, No. 161                                     Louis Riel, martyr du Nord-Ouest. Sa vie, son proces,
                                                             sa mort.
Ledyard, John.                                               Montreal. 1885
   A journal of Captain Cook's last voyage to the            Illus. Peel 615.
Pacific Ocean.                                                   Reel: CNW 10, No. 419
Hartford. 1783
Fold. map. Howes L181. Smith 5797.                           Lyon, George Francis.
   Reel: PNW 16, No. 162                                        The private journal of Capt. G.F. Lyon of H.M.S.
                                                             Hecla during the recent voyage. . .under Capt. Parry.
                                                             London. 1824
                                                             Plates, (fold.) map.
                                                                Reel: CNW 10, No. 420

                  History of the Pacific Northwest and Canadian Northwest
                                         Author Index

MacClure, Robert John Le Mesurier, Sir.                       Marie-Angele, Sister.
   The Arctic dispatches, containing an account of              Lettre de Soeur Marie-Angele. . .missionaire. . .a
the discovery of the northwest passage.                       Vancouver, territoire de l'Oregon.
London. 1853                                                  Montreal. 1859
Fold. map.                                                      Reel: PNW 18, No. 174
   Reel: CNW 11, No. 422
                                                              Martin, Robert Montgomery.
Macdonald, Archibald.                                             The Hudson's Bay territories and Vancouver's
   Narrative respecting the destruction of the Earl of        island, with an exposition of the chartered rights,
Selkirk's settlement upon Red River.                          conduct and policy of the. . .corporation.
London. 1816                                                  London. 1849
Peel 35.                                                      Fold. map. Peel 108.
   Reel: CNW 11, No. 424                                          Reel: CNW 12, No. 431
MacDonell, Allan.                                             Marvin, Frederic R.
   The North-West Transportation, Navigation and                 The Yukon overland: the gold-digger's hand-book.
Railway Company: its objects.                                 Cincinnati. 1898
Toronto. 1858                                                 Plates, fold. map.
Peel 165.                                                        Reel: PNW 18, No. 175
   Reel: CNW 11, No. 427
                                                              Mason, Allen C.
Mackenzie, Alexander, Sir.                                       Compendium of information concerning the city
   Voyages from Montreal, on the river St. Laurence,          of Tacoma and Washington territory.
through the continent of North America, to the                Portland, Ore. 1888
Frozen and Pacific Oceans.                                    Front.; Smith 6584.
London. 1801                                                     Reel: PNW 18, No. 176
Port., fold. maps. Howes M133. Peel 22.
   Reel: CNW 11, No. 430                                      McClure, Robert John Le Mesurier, Sir.
                                                                 The discovery of the north-west passage by
MacKonochie, Alexander.                                       H.M.S. "Investigator".
   A summary view of the statistics and existing              London. 1856
commerce of the principal shores of the Pacific               Plates, fold. map.
ocean.                                                           Reel: CNW 11, No. 423
London. 1818
Fold. map.; Howes M146.                                       McDonald, Joseph Lane.
   Reel: PNW 17, No. 170                                        Hidden treasures, or Fisheries around the
                                                              Northwest coast.
Macoun, John.                                                 Gloucester. 1871
   Manitoba and the great North-west.                         Howes M84. Smith 6294.
Guelph, Ont. 1882                                               Reel: PNW 17, No. 168
Plates, fold. maps. Peel 478.
   Reel: CNW 11, No. 425                                      McDougall, William.
                                                                 The Red River rebellion. Eight letters to Hon.
Maguire, Horatio N.                                           Joseph Howe.
  Historical sketch and essay on the resources of             Toronto. 1870
Montana.                                                      Peel 244.
Helena, Mont. 1868                                               Reel: CNW 11, No. 428
Howes M219. Smith 4514.
  Reel: PNW 17, No. 171                                       McElrath, Thomson P.
                                                                  The Yellowstone Valley.
Malspina, Alessandro.                                         St. Paul. 1880
    Viaje politico-cientifico alrededor del mundo por         Fold. map. Howes M91. Smith 6320.
las corbetas Descubierta y Atrevida.                              Reel: PNW 17, No. 169
Madrid. 1885
Fold. map, port., plates. Howes M235. SF 287                  M'Clintock, Francis Leopold, Sir.
$63.00.                                                          The voyage of the "Fox". . .A narrative of the
    Reel: PNW 17, No. 172                                     discovery of the fate of Sir John Franklin.
                                                              London. 1859
Margeson, Charles Anson.                                      Plates. Fold. maps.
   Experiences of gold hunters in Alaska.                        Reel: CNW 10, No. 421
Hornellsville, N.Y. 1899
Plates.; Smith 6512.
   Reel: PNW 18, No. 173

                  History of the Pacific Northwest and Canadian Northwest
                                         Author Index

M'Donell, Alexander Greenfield.                               Middleton, Christopher.
   A narrative of transactions in the Red River                  A reply to Mr. Dobb's answer to a pamphlet
country.                                                      entitled Forgery detected.
London. 1819                                                  London. 1745
Fold. map. Peel 52.                                              Reel: PNW 18, No. 183
   Reel: CNW 11, No. 426
                                                              Middleton, Christopher.
Meagher, Thomas Francis.                                        A reply to the Remarks of Arthur Dobbs, esq.; on
   Lectures of Governor Thomas Francis Meagher in             Capt. Middleton's Vindication of his conduct.
Montana.                                                      London. 1744
Virginia City, Mont. 1867                                       Reel: PNW 18, No. 184
Howes M464. Smith 6645.
   Reel: PNW 18, No. 177                                      Middleton, Christopher.
                                                                 A vindication of the conduct of Capt. Christopher
Meares, John.                                                 Middleton, in a late voyage . . . for discovering a
    An answer to Mr. George Dixon, late commander             northwest passage.
of the Queen Charlotte.                                       London. 1743
London. 1791                                                     Reel: PNW 19, No. 185
Howes M467. Smith 6678.
    Reel: PNW 18, No. 178                                     Mills, David.
                                                                 The Canadian view of the Alaskan boundary
Meares, John.                                                 dispute.
   Voyages made in the years 1788 and 1789 from               Ottawa. 1899
China to the northwest coast of America.                         Reel: PNW 19, No. 186
London. 1790
Front., plates, maps (3 fold.). Howes M469.                   Milton, William Fitzwilliam, viscount.
   Reel: PNW 18, No. 179                                         A history of the San Juan water boundary
Mercier, Honore.                                              London. 1869
   Discours prononce. . .le 7 mai 1886 sur la question        Fold. maps.
Riel.                                                            Reel: PNW 19, No. 187
Quebec. 1886
Peel 693.                                                     Minnesota. Legislature. House. Select Committee
   Reel: CNW 12, No. 432                                      on Overland Route to British Oregon.
                                                                  Report. . .on the overland emigration route from
Meredith, Edmund Allen.                                       Minnesota to British Oregon.
  An essay on the Oregon question.                            St. Paul. 1858
Montreal. 1846                                                Peel 166.
Howes M531.                                                       Reel: CNW 12, No. 433
  Reel: PNW 18, No. 180
                                                              Montgomery, James, Sir.
M'Gillivray, Simon, supposed author.                              Substance of the speech. . .on bringing forward his
   A narrative of occurrences in the Indian countries         motion relative to the petition of Mr. John Pritchard
of North America.                                             of the Red River settlement.
London. 1817                                                  London. 1819
Peel 44.                                                      Peel 55.
   Reel: CNW 11, No. 429                                          Reel: CNW 12, No. 434

Middleton, Christopher.                                       Morris, Alexander.
    Forgery detected. By which it is evinced how                 The Hudson's Bay and Pacific territories.
groundless are all the calumnies. . .in a pamphlet            Montreal. 1859
published under the name of Arthur Dobbs.                     Peel 176.
London. 1745                                                     Reel: CNW 12, No. 435
    Reel: PNW 18, No. 181                                     Mortimer, George.
                                                                  Observations and remarks made during a voyage
Middleton, Christopher.                                       to the islands of Teneriffe. . .Owyhee, the Fox Islands
  A rejoinder to Mr. Dobb's reply to Captain                  on the northwest coast of America.
Middleton.                                                    London. 1791
London. 1745                                                  Plate, Maps. Howes M845.
  Reel: PNW 18, No. 182                                           Reel: PNW 19, No. 188

                  History of the Pacific Northwest and Canadian Northwest
                                         Author Index

Moxon, Joseph.                                                Myers, John.
    A brief discourse of a passage by the North-pole              The life, voyages and travels of Capt. John Myers.
to Japan, China, & c.                                         . .exhibiting a. . .description of the northwest trade.
London. 1674                                                  London. 1817
Map.                                                          Howes M933.
    Reel: CNW 12, No. 436                                         Reel: PNW 20, No. 197
Mudge, Zachariah Atwell.                                      Nelson Valley Railway and Transportation Co.
   The missionary teacher: a memoir of Cyrus                     A new route from Europe to the interior of North
Shepard.                                                      America.
New York. 1848                                                Montreal. 1881
Front., illus. Howes M873. Smith 7131.                        Fold. map. Peel 448.
   Reel: PNW 19, No. 189                                         Reel: CNW 12, No. 439
Mudge, Zachariah Atwell.                                      Nelson, Joseph.
   Sketches of life among the Indians of Oregon.                 The Hudson's Bay Company. What is it?.
New York. 1854                                                London. 1864
Front., plates.; Smith 7132.                                  Peel 202.
   Reel: PNW 19, No. 190                                         Reel: CNW 12, No. 438
Mullan, John.                                                 The new west. Extending from the Great lakes across
  Miners' and travelers' guide to Oregon,                     plain and mountain to the golden shores of the
Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and                       Pacific.
Colorado.                                                     Winnipeg. 1888
New York. 1865                                                Ports., plates, fold. maps.
Map.; Howes M885. Smith 7153.                                    Reel: CNW 12, No. 440
  Reel: PNW 19, No. 192
                                                              Nicolay, Charles Grenfell.
Müller, Gerhahrd Friedrich, supposed author.                     The Oregon territory; a geographical and physical
   A letter from a Russian sea-officer, to a person of        account.
distinction at the court of St. Petersburg.                   London. 1846
London. 1754                                                  Fold. map.; Howes N151. Smith 7311.
Howes M874. Smith 5868.                                          Reel: PNW 20, No. 198
   Reel: PNW 19, No. 191
                                                              The North Georgia gazette and winter chronicle. No.
Muller, Gerhard Friedrich.                                    1-21.
   Voyages from Asia to America, for completing               London. 1821
the discoveries of the northwest coast of America.               Reel: CNW 12, No. 441
London. 1764
2d ed.; 3 fold. maps.; Howes M875. Smith 7135.                The north Pacific. A true exhibit of Washington
   Reel: PNW 19, No. 193                                      territory.
                                                              New Tacoma. 1880
Muller, Hermann Gerhard.                                      Smith 7358.
  Oregon und seine zukunft.                                       Reel: PNW 20, No. 199
Cologne. 1872
Smith 7136.                                                   Northwest Company of Canada, defendant.
  Reel: PNW 19, No. 194                                          Report of the proceedings connected with the
                                                              disputes between the Earl of Selkirk and the North-
Mulvany, Charles Pelham.                                      west company at the assizes held at York. . .October,
    The history of the North-west rebellion of 1885.          1818.
Toronto. 1885                                                 Montreal. 1819
Illus. Peel 611.                                              Peel 60.
    Reel: CNW 12, No. 437                                        Reel: CNW 12, No. 442

Munger, James F.                                              Notes and sketches collected from a voyage in the
  Two years in the Pacific and Arctic Oceans.                 North-west by a Sister of Charity of Montreal.
Vernon, N.Y. 1852                                             Montreal. 1875
Howes M894.                                                   Peel 331.
  Reel: PNW 19, No. 195                                          Reel: CNW 13, No. 443

Murphy, John Mortimer.                                        Notice sur la riviere Rouge dans la territoire de la
   The Oregon handbook and emigrants' guide.                  baie-d'Hudson.
Portland, Ore. 1873                                           Montreal. 1843
Plates.; Howes M909. Smith 7184.                              Peel 91.
   Reel: PNW 19, No. 196                                         Reel: CNW 13, No. 444

                   History of the Pacific Northwest and Canadian Northwest
                                          Author Index

Novo y Colson, Pedro de.                                          Oregon Central Military Road Company.
  . . .Sobre los viajes apocrifos de Juan de Fuca y de               Report of the recent surveys and progress of
Lorenzo Ferrer Maldonado.                                         construction.
Madrid. 1881                                                      Eugene, Ore. 1865
Howes N216.                                                       Howes P200. Smith 7634.
  Reel: PNW 20, No. 200                                              Reel: PNW 21, No. 211
Official papers relative to the dispute between the               The Oregon controversy reviewed . . . by a friend of
courts of Great Britain and Spain on the subject of               the Anglo-Saxons.
the ships captured in Nootka Sound.                               New York. 1846
London. 1790                                                      Howes O110. Smith 7644.
Howes N171. Smith 7536.                                              Reel: PNW 21, No. 212
   Reel: PNW 20, No. 202
                                                                  Oregon Convention. Cincinnati, 1843.
Ogilvie, William.                                                    Proceedings of the Oregon convention held in
  The Klondike official guide.                                    Cincinnati on the third, fourth and fifth days of July,
Toronto. 1898                                                     1843.
Maps. (2 fold.), illus.; Smith 7544.                              Columbus. 1844
  Reel: PNW 20, No. 203                                              Reel: PNW 21, No. 213
On to Klondike! and the great Alaska gold                         Oregon Improvement Company.
discoveries. A concise treatise . . . by a great practical           Eastern Washington territory and Oregon.
miner.                                                            Portland, Ore. 1881?
New York. 1897                                                    Fold. map.; Smith 7661.
Illus.                                                               Reel: PNW 21, No. 214
    Reel: PNW 20, No. 205
                                                                  The Oregon territory, consisting of a brief description
Onderdonk, James Lawrence.                                        of the country and its productions.
  Idaho; facts and statistics.                                    London. 1846
San Francisco. 1885                                               Map.; Howes O112. Smith 7709.
Howes 092. Smith 7859.                                                Reel: PNW 21, No. 215
   Reel: PNW 20, No. 204
                                                                  Oregon. Governor, 1870-1877 (Grover).
Oregon (Ter.). Commissioner to collect the laws                      Report of Governor Grover to General Schofield
and archives of Oregon.                                           on the Modoc War.
   The Oregon archives, including the journals,                   Salem, Ore. 1874
governors' messages and public papers.                            Howes G448.
Salem, Ore. 1853                                                     Reel: PNW 21, No. 210
Howes G447.
   Reel: PNW 20, No. 206                                          Osborne, Sherard.
                                                                    Stray leaves from an Arctic journal; or, Eighteen
Oregon (Ter.). House of Representatives . . .                     months. . .in search of Sir John Frankin's expedition.
Oregon.                                                           London. 1852
    Memorial of the Legislative assembly of Oregon                Col. plates, fold. map.
territory relative to their present situation and wants.            Reel: CNW 13, No. 445
Washington, U.S. 30th Cong., 1st sess. House. Misc.
doc. 98). 1848                                                    Owens, George, comp.
Howes O107.                                                          A general directory and business guide of the
    Reel: PNW 20, No. 207                                         principal towns east of the Cascade Mountains for the
                                                                  year 1865.
Oregon (Ter.). Legislative Assembly.                              San Francisco. 1865
   Correspondence, resolutions and memorials . . .                Incl. plates, fold. map.; Howes O171.
relative to the prices of supplies, the hostilities of the           Reel: PNW 21, No. 216
Salem. 1857                                                       Palliser, John.
Howes C962.                                                           Exploration--British North America. Further
   Reel: PNW 20, No. 208                                          papers relative to the. . .expedition under Capt.
Oregon (Ter.). Supreme Court.                                     London. 1860
   The decision of the Supreme Court . . . upon the               Illus., 3 fold. maps. Peel 181.
location law, also a review of Judge Pratt's opinion.                 Reel: CNW 13, No. 447
Portland, Ore. 1852
   Reel: PNW 21, No. 209

                  History of the Pacific Northwest and Canadian Northwest
                                         Author Index

Palliser, John.                                              Petrov, Ivan.
   Exploration--British North America. Papers                   . . . Population and resources of Alaska. Letter
relative to the exploration. . .between. . .the river        from the Secretary of the Interior transmitting a
Saskatchewan and the frontier of the United States.          preliminary report upon the population, industry and
London. 1859                                                 resources of Alaska.
7 maps (1 fold.). Peel 178.                                  Washington, (U.S. 46th Cong., 3d sess. House Ex.
   Reel: CNW 13, No. 446                                     doc. 40). 1881
                                                             Fold. map.
Palliser, John.                                                 Reel: PNW 21, No. 219
   Exploration--British North America. The journals,
detailed reports and observations relative to the            Pickersgill, Richard.
exploration by Capt. Palliser.                                  A concise account of voyages for the discovery of
London. 1863                                                 a northwest passage.
An Atlas of fold. maps. Peel 197.                            London. 1782
   Reel: CNW 13, No. 448                                     Howes P344.
                                                                Reel: PNW 21, No. 220
Parry, William Edward, Sir.
   Appendix to Captain Parry's Journal of a second           Pierce, W. H.
voyage.                                                         Thirteen years of travel and exploration in Alaska.
London. 1825                                                 Lawrence, Kans. 1890
Plates.                                                      Howes P357. Smith 8136.
   Reel: CNW 14, No. 450                                        Reel: PNW 21, No. 221
Parry, William Edward, Sir.                                  Pinart, Alphonse Louis.
   Journal of a second voyage for the discovery of a            Voyages a la cote nord-ouest de l'Amerique.
north-west passage. . .in the years 1821-22-23.              Paris. 1875
London. 1824                                                 Plates. Smith 8157.
Fold. plates, maps.                                             Reel: PNW 22, No. 222
   Reel: CNW 14, No. 450
                                                             Plempel, Charles Alexander.
Parry, William Edward, Sir.                                      The Klondyke gold fields; their discovery,
   Journal of a third voyage for the discovery of a          development and future possibilities.
northwest passage. . .in the years 1824-25.                  Baltimore. 1897
London. 1826                                                 Illus., maps.; Howes P422.
Plates, maps.                                                    Reel: PNW 22, No. 223
   Reel: CNW 14, No. 451
                                                             Portlock, Nathaniel.
Parry, William Edward, Sir.                                      A voyage round the world; but more particularly
   Journal of a voyage for the discovery of a north-         to the northwest coast of America.
west passage. . .in the years 1819-20.                       London. 1789
London. 1821                                                 Plates, ports., fold. maps. Howes P497.
Fold. maps, plates. Includes the Supplement to the               Reel: PNW 22, No. 224
   Reel: CNW 13, No. 449                                     Poussin, Guillaume Tell.
                                                                Question de l'Oregon.
Patterson, Samuel.                                           Paris. 1846
   Narrative of the adventures and sufferings. .             Howes P520. Smith 8316.
.experienced in the Pacific Ocean.                              Reel: PNW 22, No. 225
Palmer, Mass. 1817
Howes P122.                                                  Pritchard, John.
   Reel: PNW 21, No. 217                                         Narratives of John Pritchard, Pierre Chrysologue
                                                             Pambrun and Frederick Damien Heurter respecting
Percy, Algernon Heber.                                       the aggressions. . .against the Earl of Selkirk's
  Journal of two excursions in the British North             settlement.
West territory.                                              London. 1819
Market Drayton, Eng. 1879?                                   Peel 56.
Photos, fold. map. Peel S150.                                    Reel: CNW 14, No. 453
  Reel: CNW 14, No. 452
                                                             Prud'homme, Louis Arthur.
Peron, captain.                                                 Notes historique sur la vie de P.E. de Radisson.
   Memoires du capitaine Peron, sur ses voyages. .           Ottawa?. 1892
.aux cotes nord-ouest de l'Amerique.                            Reel: CNW 14, No. 454
Paris. 1824
Fold. plates, fold. maps. Howes P240.
   Reel: PNW 21, No. 218

                  History of the Pacific Northwest and Canadian Northwest
                                         Author Index

La question Riel.                                             Eine Reise um die Welt, von Westen nach Osten
n.p. 1886?                                                    durch Sibirien und das Stille und Atlantische Meer.
Peel 701.                                                     Aschaffenburg. 1854
   Reel: CNW 14, No. 455                                      Fold. map. Howes R180.
                                                                 Reel: PNW 22, No. 228
Quigg, Lemuel Ely.
  New empires in the northwest.                               Reminiscences of the Red River rebellion of 1869.
New York. 1889                                                n.p. 1873?
Howes Q14. Smith 8457.                                        Peel 294.
  Reel: PNW 22, No. 226                                          Reel: CNW 15, No. 463
Rae, John.                                                    Rice, J. M.
   Narrative of an expedition to the shores of the               Idaho. How to make money in Idaho territory.
Arctic sea in 1846 and 1847.                                  Farming, stock-raising, mining.
London. 1850                                                  Omaha. 1886
Front., fold. map.                                               Reel: PNW 22, No. 229
   Reel: CNW 14, No. 456
                                                              Richardson, John, Sir.
Rathbun, John C.                                                 Arctic searching expedition: a journey. . .in
  History of Thurston co., Washington.                        search. . .of Sir John Frankin.
Olympia. 1895                                                 London. 1851
Howes R67. Smith 8499.                                        Plates, fold. map. 2v. Peel 120.
  Reel: PNW 22, No. 227                                          Reel: CNW 15, No. 464

Rawlings, Thomas.                                             Richardson, John, Sir.
   The confederation of the British North American               Fauna boreali-americana; or, The zoology of the
provinces.                                                    northern parts of British America.
London. 1865                                                  London. 1829-37
Plates, fold. map. Peel 206.                                  4v. Peel 79.
   Reel: CNW 14, No. 457                                         Reel: CNW 16, No. 465
Rawlings, Thomas.                                             Rickman, John.
   What shall we do with the Hudson's Bay territory?             Journal of Captain Cook's last voyage to the
Colonize the "fertile belt".                                  Pacific ocean.
London. 1866                                                  London. 1781
Peel 210.                                                     Plates (part. fold.) fold. map. Howes R276.
   Reel: CNW 14, No. 458                                         Reel: PNW 22, No. 230
Reasons to show that there is a great probability of a        Riel, Louis David, defendant.
navigable passage to the western American ocean                  The Queen vs. Louis Riel.
through Hudson's streights.                                   Ottawa. 1886
London. 1749                                                  Peel 704.
   Reel: CNW 14, No. 459                                         Reel: CNW 16, No. 466
Red River insurrection. Hon. Wm. McDougall's                  Robertson, Wyndham.
conduct reviewed.                                                Oregon, our right and title.
Montreal. 1870                                                Washington, D.C. 1846
Peel 247.                                                     Fold. map.; Howes R359. Smith 8705.
   Reel: CNW 14, No. 460                                         Reel: PNW 22, No. 231
Red River settlement. Memorial of the people of Red           Robson, Joseph.
River to the British and Canadian governments.                   An account of six years residence in Hudson's-bay
Quebec. 1863                                                  from 1733 to 1736 and 1744 to 1747.
Peel 196.                                                     London. 1752
   Reel: CNW 14, No. 461                                      Fold. maps. Peel 11.
                                                                 Reel: CNW 16, No. 467
Reinhard, Charles de, defendant.
   Report at large of the trial of Charles de Reinhard        Roche, Alfred R.
for murder (committed in the Indian territories).               A view of Russian America.
Montreal. 1819                                                Montreal. 1855
Peel 57.                                                      Howes R385.
   Reel: CNW 15, No. 462                                        Reel: PNW 23, No. 232

                  History of the Pacific Northwest and Canadian Northwest
                                         Author Index

Roquefeuil, Camille de.                                        Russell, T.S., attributed author.
   Journal d'un voyage autour du monde.                           Reminiscences of a bungle. By one of the
Paris. 1823                                                    bunglers.
Fold. maps. Howes R438.                                        Toronto. 1887
   Reel: PNW 23, No. 233                                       Peel 748.
                                                                  Reel: CNW 17, No. 474
Ross, Alexander.
   The Red River settlement: its rise, progress and            Ruxton, George Frederick Augustus.
present state.                                                    The Oregon question. A glance at the respective
London. 1856                                                   claims of Great Britain and the United States.
Peel 149.                                                      London. 1846
   Reel: CNW 16, No. 468                                       Howes R555.
                                                                  Reel: PNW 23, No. 236
Ross, John, Sir.
    An explanation of Captain Sabine's remarks on the          Ryerson, John.
late voyage of discovery.                                          Hudson's bay; or, A missionary tour in the
London. 1819                                                   territory of the Hon. Hudson's bay company.
    Reel: CNW 16, No. 469                                      Toronto. 1855
                                                               Plates. Peel 142.
Ross, John, Sir.                                                   Reel: CNW 17, No. 475
   A letter to John Barrow, esq. on the late
extraordinary and unexpected hyperborean                       Sabine, Edward, Sir.
discoveries.                                                      Remarks on the account of the late Voyage of
London. 1826                                                   discovery to Baffin's Bay, pub. By Capt. J. Ross.
   Reel: CNW 16, No. 470                                       London. 1819
                                                                  Reel: CNW 18, No. 476
Ross, John, Sir.
   Narrative of a second voyage in search of a north-          Sachot, Octave Louis Marie.
west passage.                                                     La Siberie orientale et l'Amerique Russe.
London. 1835                                                   Paris. 1875
Plates, maps.                                                  Plates, fold. map. Howes S6.
   Reel: CNW 17, No. 471                                          Reel: PNW 23, No. 237

Ross, John, Sir.                                               Saint-Amant, Pierre Charles Fournier de.
   A voyage of discovery. . .in His Majesty's ships                Voyages en Californie et dans l'Oregon.
Isabella and Alexander for the purpose of. . .inquiring        Paris. 1854
into the probability of a northwest passage.                   Illus., maps.
London. 1819                                                       Reel: PNW 24, No. 238
Plates, fold. maps.
   Reel: CNW 17, No. 472                                       Samwell, David.
                                                                 A narrative of the death of Captain James Cook.
Rossi, Louis.                                                  London. 1786
   Six ans en Amerique (Californie et Oregon).                 Howes S64.
Paris. 1863                                                      Reel: PNW 24, No. 240
Fold. maps. Howes R463. Smith (2d. ed.) 8809.
   Reel: PNW 23, No. 234                                       Sarychev, Gabriil Andreevich.
                                                                  Account of a voyage of discovery to the northeast
Rowand, Alexander.                                             of Siberia.
   Notes of a journey in Russian America and                   London. 1806
Siberia, during the years 1841 and 1842.                       Plates. Howes S115.
n.p. 184-?                                                        Reel: PNW 24, No. 241
   Reel: PNW 23, No. 235
                                                               Sauer, Martin.
Russell, Alexander Jamieson.                                       An account of a geographical. . .expedition to the
   The Red river country, Hudson's bay & North-                northern parts of Russia. . .and of the islands. .
west territories considered in relation to Canada.             .stretching to the American coast.
Ottawa. 1869                                                   London. 1802
Fold. map. Peel 229.                                           Plates, fold. map. Howes S117. Smith 8989.
   Reel: CNW 17, No. 473                                           Reel: PNW 24, No. 242

                   History of the Pacific Northwest and Canadian Northwest
                                          Author Index

Scoresby, William.                                              A short state of the countries and trade of North
   The Franklin expedition: or, Considerations on               America. Claimed by the Hudson's Bay company
measures for the discovery and relief of our absent             under a pretence of a charter for ever.
adventurers.                                                    London. 1749
London. 1850                                                       Reel: CNW 18, No. 482
Fold. maps.
   Reel: CNW 18, No. 477                                        Simpson, Alexander.
                                                                   The life and travels of Thomas Simpson, the
Seemann, Berthold Carl.                                         Arctic discoverer.
   Narrative of the voyage of H.M.S. Herald during              London. 1845
the years 1845-51.                                              Port., fold. map. Peel 97.
London. 1853                                                       Reel: CNW 18, No. 483
2v. Fold. map. Howes S271.
   Reel: PNW 24, No. 243                                        Simpson, George, Sir.
                                                                   Narrative of a journey round the world.
Selkirk, Thomas Douglas, 5th earl of.                           London. 1847
    A letter to the earl of Liverpool. . .on the subject        2v. Port., fold. map. Howes S495.
of the Red River settlement.                                       Reel: CNW 18, No. 484
London. 1819
Peel 58.                                                        Simpson, Thomas.
    Reel: CNW 18, No. 478                                         Narrative of the discoveries on the north coast of
                                                                America effected by the officers of the Hudson's Bay
Selkirk, Thomas Douglas, 5th earl of.                           company during the years 1836-39.
   A sketch of the British fur trade in North America.          London. 1843
London. 1816                                                    Maps. Peel 93.
Howes S274. Peel.                                                 Reel: CNW 18, No. 485
   Reel: CNW 18, No. 479
                                                                Slacum, William A.
Seton-Karr, Heywood Walter.                                        . . . Memorial of William A. Slacum, praying
   Shores and Alps of Alaska.                                   compensation for his services in obtaining
London. 1887                                                    information in relation to the settlements on the
Plates, maps.; Smith 9341.                                      Oregon river.
   Reel: PNW 25, No. 244                                        Washington. 1837
                                                                (U.S. 25th Cong., 2d sess. Senate Doc. 24).
The settlement and early settlers of Coos Bay.                     Reel: PNW 25, No. 248
Marshfield, Ore. 1879
Howes C763. Smith 9342.                                         Snow, William Parker.
  Reel: PNW 25, No. 245                                            Voyage of the Prince Albert in search of Sir John
Seward, William Henry.                                          London. 1851
  Alaska. Speech . . . at Sitka, August 12, 1869.               Col. plates, fold. map.
Washington. 1869                                                   Reel: CNW 19, No. 486
Smith 9348.
  Reel: PNW 25, No. 246                                         Southern Manitoba and Turtle mountain country.
                                                                n.p. 1880?
Sheldon, John Prince.                                           Fold. map. Peel 393.
    From Britain to British Columbia; or, Canada as a              Reel: CNW 19, No. 487
domain for British farmers, sportsmen and tourists.
London?. 1887?                                                  Southesk, James Carnegie, earl of Saskatchewan
Illus., fold. map. Peel 580.                                    and the Rocky mountains.
    Reel: CNW 18, No. 480                                          A diary and narrative of travel.
                                                                Edinburgh. 1875
Shepard, Isabel Sharpe.                                         Plates, fold. maps. Peel 333.
   The cruise of the U.S. steamer "Rush" in Behring                Reel: CNW 19, No. 488
Sea, summer of 1889.
San Francisco. 1889                                             Spalding, Henry Harmon.
Plates, fold. map. Smith 9408.                                     . . . Letter from the Secretary of the Interior
   Reel: PNW 25, No. 247                                        communicating . . . information in relation to the
                                                                early labors of the missionaries of the American
A short narrative and justification of the proceedings          board . . . in Oregon.
of the committee appointed by the Adventurers to                Washington. 1837
prosecute the discovery of the passage to the western           (U.S. 41st Cong., 3d sess., Senate Ex. Doc. 37).
ocean.                                                          Howes S806.
London. 1749                                                       Reel: PNW 25, No. 249
    Reel: CNW 18, No. 481

                  History of the Pacific Northwest and Canadian Northwest
                                         Author Index

Sparks, Jared.                                                Steele, James William.
  The life of John Ledyard.                                       The Klondike; the new gold fields of Alaska and
Cambridge, Mass. 1828                                         the Far North-West.
Howes S818.                                                   Chicago. 1897
  Reel: PNW 25, No. 250                                       Illus.; Howes S920.
                                                                  Reel: PNW 25, No. 257
Spence, Thomas.
  Manitoba and the Northwest of the dominion.                 Stevens, Isaac Ingalls.
Quebec. 1876                                                     Address on Northwest.
Fod. map. Peel 268.                                           Washington, D. C. 1858
  Reel: CNW 19, No. 489                                       Howes S960. Smith 9888.
                                                                 Reel: PNW 26, No. 258
Spence, Thomas.
   The Saskatchewan country.                                  Stevens, Isaac Ingalls.
Montreal. 1877                                                   A circular letter to emigrants desirous of locating
Fold. map. Peel 359.                                          in Washington Territory.
   Reel: CNW 19, No. 490                                      Washington. 1858
                                                              Howes S863.
St. Ignatius Mission.                                            Reel: PNW 26, No. 259
    Our friends the Coeur d'Alene Indians.
St. Ignatius, Mont. 1886                                      Strachan, John.
Howes P41. Smith 8937.                                           A letter to the Right Honourable the Earl of
    Reel: PNW 24, No. 239                                     Selkirk on his settlement at Red River.
                                                              London. 1816
Staehlin von Storcksburg, Jakob.                              Peel 39.
   An account of the new northern archipelago lately             Reel: CNW 19, No. 491
discovered by the Russians.
London. 1774                                                  Strahorn, Robert Edmund.
Fold. map. Howes S863. Smith 9801.                               The resources and attractions of Idaho territory.
   Reel: PNW 25, No. 251                                      Boise City. 1881
                                                              Fold. map.; Howes S1056. Smith 9954.
Stanley, William M.                                              Reel: PNW 26, No. 260
   A mile of gold. Strange adventures on the Yukon.
Chicago. 1898                                                 Strahorn, Robert Edmund.
Plates.; Howes S882. Smith 9811.                                  The resources of Montana territory.
   Reel: PNW 25, No. 252                                      Helena. 1879
                                                              Illus.; Howes S1057. Smith 9955.
Stansbury, Charles Frederick.                                     Reel: PNW 26, No. 261
    Klondike, the land of gold.
New York. 1897                                                Stuart, John.
Illus., plates, maps.; Howes S883. Smith 9814.                   The relief of the Franklin expedition: What has
    Reel: PNW 25, No. 253                                     been done and what may yet be done.
                                                              Edinburgh. 1852
Stanton, Stephen Berrien.                                     Fold. map.
   The Behring Sea controversy.                                  Reel: CNW 19, No. 492
New York. 1892
Enl. ed. of Smith 9816.                                       Sturgis, William.
   Reel: PNW 25, No. 254                                         The Oregon question.
                                                              Boston. 1845
A statement of the facts pertaining to the                    Map (folded).; Howes S1113. Smith 10001.
proclamation of martial law over Pierce County,                  Reel: PNW 26, No. 262
W.T., by Gov. Isaac I. Stevens.
Steilacoom, Wash. 1856                                        Sulte, Benjamin.
Smith 9828.                                                      L'expedition militaire de Manitoba, 1870.
   Reel: PNW 25, No. 255                                      Montreal. 1871
                                                              Peel 269.
Stearns, Doran H.                                                Reel: CNW 19, No. 493
   The official gazette and travelers' and immigrants'
guide to Oregon and Washington.                               Summary observations and facts collected from late
Portland, Ore. 1877                                           and authentic accounts of Russian and other
Smith 9831.                                                   navigators to show the practicability. . .of. . .a
   Reel: PNW 25, No. 256                                      northern passage. . .between the Atlantic and Pacific
                                                              London. 1776
                                                                 Reel: PNW 26, No. 263

                 History of the Pacific Northwest and Canadian Northwest
                                        Author Index

Sumner, Charles.                                              Tanner, Henry.
   Speech . . . on the cession of Russian America to             British Columbia, its agricutural and commercial
the United States.                                            capabilities.
Washington. 1867                                              Montreal. 1887
Map.; Howes S1134.                                            Fold. map. Smith 10120.
   Reel: PNW 26, No. 264                                         Reel: PNW 26, No. 266
Sutherland, Peter C.                                          Tasse, Joseph.
   Journal of a voyage. . .in the years 1850-51. . .in           La question Riel.
search of the missing crews of H.M. ships Erebus and          n.p. 1886
Terror.                                                       Peel 717.
London. 1852                                                     Reel: CNW 20, No. 501
2v. Plates (part. col.) fold. maps.
   Reel: CNW 19, No. 494                                      Taylor, James Wickes.
                                                                  . . .Northwest British America and its relations to
Sutherland, Thomas A.                                         the state of Minnesota.
   Howard's campaign against the Nez Perce Indians.           St. Paul. 1860
Portland, Ore. 1878                                           Howes T56. Peel 183.
Howes S1151. Smith 10032.                                         Reel: CNW 20, No. 502
   Reel: PNW 26, No. 265
                                                              Thom, Adam.
Swaine, Charles, supposed author.                               The claims to the Oregon territory considered.
   An account of a voyage for the discovery of a              London. 1844
north-west passage by Hudson's streights. .                   Howes T161. Smith 10183.
.performed in the year 1746 and 1747 in the ship                Reel: PNW 26, No. 267
London. 1748-49                                               Thom, Adam.
2v. Plates, fold. maps.                                          A few remarks on a pamphlet entitled "A few
   Reel: CNW 20, No. 495                                      words on the Hudson's Bay company".
                                                              London. 1848
Synge, Millington Henry.                                      Peel 59.
   The country v. the Company; or, Why British                   Reel: CNW 20, No. 503
North America may be peopled and how it may be
done.                                                         Thompson, John Sparrow David.
London. 1861                                                     The execution of Louis Riel.
Peel 186.                                                     n.p. 1886
   Reel: CNW 20, No. 496                                      Peel 718.
                                                                 Reel: CNW 20, No. 504
Synge, Millington Henry.
   On practical communication with the Red River              Thornton, Jessy Quinn.
district.                                                         . . . Memorial . . . praying the establishment of a
London?. 1870                                                 territorial government in Oregon.
Peel 249.                                                     Washington. 1848
   Reel: CNW 20, No. 497                                      (U.S. 30th Cong., 1st sess., Senate. Misc. no 143).
                                                              Howes T223.
Tache, Alexandre Antonin.                                         Reel: PNW 26, No. 268
   The amnesty again; or, Charges refuted.
Winnipeg. 1875                                                Tracts on the Oregon question. By an American.
Peel 334.                                                     New York. 1846
   Reel: CNW 20, No. 498                                      Howes O117. Smith 10288.
                                                                 Reel: PNW 26, No. 269
Tache, Alexandre Antonin.
    Archbishop Tache on the amnesty question.                 Trembley, Ernest.
St. Boniface. 1898                                                Riel. Reponse a monsieur J.A. Chapleau.
Peel 320.                                                     St. Hyacinthe. 1885
    Reel: CNW 20, No. 499                                     Peel 622.
                                                                  Reel: CNW 20, No. 505
Tache, Alexandre Antonin.
   Sketch of the North-west of America.                       Trout, Peter L.
Montreal. 1870                                                   Prospector's manual, being a full and complete
Peel 230.                                                     history. . .of the newly discovered gold mines.
   Reel: CNW 20, No. 500                                      Victoria?. 1886
                                                              Maps. Smith 10321.
                                                                 Reel: PNW 26, No. 270

                  History of the Pacific Northwest and Canadian Northwest
                                         Author Index

Trow, James.                                                    United States. Army. Corps of Topographical
   Manitoba and North west territories. Letters.                Engineers.
Ottawa. 1878                                                       Report on the construction of a military road from
Fold. map. Peel 375.                                            Fort Walla Walla to Fort Benton. By Capt. John
   Reel: CNW 20, No. 506                                        Mullan.
                                                                Washington. 1863
Trow, James.                                                    Plates, fold, maps.; Howes M884.
   A trip to Manitoba.                                             Reel: PNW 26, No. 276
Quebec. 1875
Peel 335.                                                       United States. Army. Corps of Topographical
   Reel: CNW 20, No. 507                                        Engineers.
                                                                   . . .Topographical memoir of the Dept. of the
Tucker, Ephraim W.                                              Pacific . . . memoir and report of Capt. T.J. Cram.
  A history of Oregon.                                          Washington. 1859
Buffalo. 1844                                                   (U.S. 35th Cong., 2d sess. House. Ex. doc. 114).
Howes T378. Smith 10328.                                        Howes C853.
  Reel: PNW 26, No. 271                                            Reel: PNW 27, No. 278

Twiss, Travers, Sir.                                            United States. Army. Dept. of the Columbia.
  The Oregon territory, its history and discovery.                 Report of an expedition from Fort Colville to
New York. 1846                                                  Puget Sound . . . made by 1st Lt. Henry H. Pierce.
Howes T442. Smith 10372.                                        Washington. 1883
  Reel: PNW 26, No. 272                                         Fold. map.; Howes P354.
                                                                   Reel: PNW 27, No. 279
Umfreville, Edward.
    The present state of Hudson's bay. Containing a             United States. Army. Dept. of the Columbia.
full description of that settlement.                                Report of the Secretary of war, communicating. .
London. 1790                                                    .the report of Capt. H.D. Wallen of his expedition in
Fold. tables. Howes U10. Peel 18.                               1859 from Dalles City to Great Salt Lake and back.
    Reel: CNW 20, No. 508                                       Washington. 1860
                                                                Fold. map, diagr. (U.S. 36th Cong., 1st sess. Senate
United States. Army. Corps of Engineers.                        Ex. doc. 34). Howes W57.
   . . . Report of a reconnaissance from Carroll,                   Reel: PNW 27, No. 280
Montana . . . to the Yellowstone national park.
Washington. 1876                                                United States. Army. Military Division of the
Plates, fold. maps.; Howes L557.                                Missouri.
   Reel: PNW 26, No. 275                                           Report of exploration of parts of Wyoming, Idaho
                                                                and Montana in August and September, 1882, made
United States. Army. Corps of Engineers.                        by Lt. Gen. P. H. Sheridan.
     . . . Report of a reconnaissance of the Yukon River        Washington. 1882
. . . by Capt. Charles W. Raymond.                              Fold. map, diagr.; Howes S396.
Washington. 1871                                                   Reel: PNW 27, No. 281
(U.S. 42d Cong. 1st sess. Senate. Ex. doc. 12).
     Reel: PNW 26, No. 273                                      United States. Army. Pacific Division.
                                                                  Report of Colonel Alvan C. Giem, 1st cavalry,
United States. Army. Corps of Engineers.                        Modoc war, 1873.
   Report on the exploration of the Yellowstone river           Benicia? Calif. 1874
by Bvt. Brig. Gen. W. F. Reynolds.                              Howes G175.
Washington. 1868                                                  Reel: PNW 27, No. 282
Fold. map (U.S. 40th Cong., 2d sess. Senate. Ex. doc.
77). Howes R88.                                                 United States. Army. Pacific Division.
   Reel: PNW 26, No. 274                                          Revised outline descriptions of the posts . . . in the
                                                                Military division of the Pacific.
United States. Army. Corps of Topographical                     San Francisco. 1872
Engineers.                                                         Reel: PNW 27, No. 283
     . . .Report of the Secretary of War communicating
. . . the topographical memoir and map of Col.                  United States. Board of Indian Commissioners.
Wright's late campaign against the Indians in Oregon.              Bombardment of Wrangel, Alaska.
Washington. 1859                                                Washington. 1870
Fold. maps (U.S. 35th Cong., 2d sess. Senate Ex.                (U.S. 41st Cong., 2d sess. Senate Ex. doc. 67-68).
Doc. 32). Howes W695.                                              Reel: PNW 27, No. 284
     Reel: PNW 27, No. 277

                 History of the Pacific Northwest and Canadian Northwest
                                        Author Index

United States. Bureau of Indian Affairs, Oregon               United States. Navy Dept.
Sup.                                                             . . .Oregon. Report of Lieut. Neil M. Howison . . .
   The Modoc war; statement of its origin and                 being the result of an examination in the year 1846 of
causes.                                                       the coast, harbors, rivers . . . of the territory of
Portland, Ore. 1873                                           Oregon.
Howes 023. Smith 7531.                                        Washington. 1848
   Reel: PNW 20, No. 201                                      (U.S. 30th Cong., 1st sess. House. Misc. no. 29).
                                                              Howes H738.
United States. Congress. House. Committee on                     Reel: PNW 27, No. 297
Foreign Affairs.
  . . . Territory of Oregon . . . Report . .                  United States. State Dept.
.Washington, 1839. (U.S. 25th Cong. 3d sess. House              . . . Documents in relation to the boundary of the
Rep. 101). Supplemental report. . .Wash., 1839. (25th         United States west of the Rocky Mountains.
Cong., 3d sess.; House Rep. 101 (supp.)).                     Washington. 1828
Washington. 1839                                              Howes D381.
Howes C970.                                                     Reel: PNW 27, No. 291
  Reel: PNW 27, No. 285
                                                              United States. State Dept.
United States. Congress. House. Committee on                      . . . Message from the President . . .
Military Affairs.                                             communicating the letter of Mr. Prevost . . . relating
   Military posts - Council Bluff to the Pacific              to an establishment made at the mouth of the
Ocean.                                                        Columbia river.
Washington. 1843                                              Washington. 1823
Fold. map (U.S. 27th Cong., 3d sess. House. Rep.              Tables. (U.S. 17th Cong., 2d sess. House Doc. 45).
31). Howes P199.                                              Howes P580.
   Reel: PNW 27, No. 286                                          Reel: PNW 27, No. 293

United States. Congress. House. Committee on the              United States. State Dept.
Territories.                                                     . . . Message from the President . . .
   . . . Oregon territory . . . to accompany bill H.R.        communicating . . . information respecting the
no. 21 "to organize a territorial government in the           proclamation of martial law in the territory of
Oregon territory . . . ".                                     Washington.
Washington. 1844                                              Washington. 1857
(U.S. 28th Cong., 1st sess. House Rep. no. 308).              (U.S. 34th Cong., 3d sess. Senate. Ex. Doc. 41).
Howes B825.                                                      Reel: PNW 27, No. 292
   Reel: PNW 27, No. 287
                                                              United States. State Dept.
United States. Congress. House. Select Committee                 . . .Message from the president. . .transmitting
on Exploration of the Northwest Coast.                        information. . .in relation to claims set up by foreign
   Exploration of the northwest coast . . . Report of         governments to territory. . .north of the forty-second
the Committee.                                                degree of latitude.
Washington. 1826                                              Washington. 1822
(U.S. 19th Cong., 1st sess. House. Rep. no. 35).                 Reel: PNW 27, No. 294
Howes B263.
   Reel: PNW 27, No. 288                                      United States. State Dept.
                                                                   . . . Message of the President . . . communicating .
United States. Congress. House. Select Committee              . . copies of the papers relating to the proclamation of
on Exploration of the Northwest Coast.                        martial law in Washington territory.
   Northwest coast of America . . . Report of the             Washington. 1856
Committee.                                                    (U.S. 34th Cong., 1st sess. Senate. Ex. Doc. 98).
Washington. 1826                                                   Reel: PNW 27, No. 295
(U.S. 19th Cong., 1st sess. House. Rep. 213). Howes
B264.                                                         United States. State Dept.
   Reel: PNW 27, No. 289                                        The northwest boundary. Discussion of the water
                                                              boundary question.
United States. Congress. Senate. Select Committee             Washington. 1868
on Bill to Authorize the President to Occupy the              Maps, fold. plate.
Oregon Territory.                                               Reel: PNW 27, No. 296
   . . . Report.
Washington. 1838
Fold. maps. (U.S. 25th Cong., 2d sess. Senate Doc.
470). Howes L364.
   Reel: PNW 27, No. 290

                   History of the Pacific Northwest and Canadian Northwest
                                          Author Index

United States. State Dept.                                      United States. War Dept.
   . . . Oregon; the claim of the United States to                   . . . Message of the President . . . communicating .
Oregon as stated in the letters of the Hon. J.C.                . . correspondence between the government and
Calhoun.                                                        Major General Wool in regard to his operations on
London. 1846                                                    the coast of the Pacific.
Fold. map. Howes C31. Smith 1383.                               Washington. 1855
   Reel: PNW 6, No. 57                                          (U.S. 33rd Cong., 2d sess. Senate Ex. doc. 16).
                                                                     Reel: PNW 28, No. 304
United States. Treasury Dept.
   Report on the Prybilov group, or Seal islands of             United States. War Dept.
Alaska. By H. W. Elliott.                                           . . . Modoc war; message from the President . . .
Washington. 1873                                                transmitting . . . correspondence and papers relative
Plates.                                                         to the war with the Modoc Indians.
   Reel: PNW 27, No. 298                                        Washington. 1874
                                                                (U.S. 43d Cong., 1st sess. House Ex. doc. 122).
United States. Treasury Dept. Special Agents                    Howes M709.
Division.                                                           Reel: PNW 28, No. 305
    Report upon the customs district, public service
and resources of Alaska Territory. By William                   Vancouver, George.
Gouverneur Morris.                                                 A voyage of discovery to the North Pacific ocean
Washington. 1879                                                and round the world.
Illus., plates, fold. map (U.S. 45th Cong., 3d sess.            London. 1798
Senate. Ex. doc. 59).                                           3v. Howes V23.
    Reel: PNW 28, No. 299                                          Reel: PNW 28, No. 306
United States. War Dept.                                        Le veritable Riel tel que depeint dans les lettres de Sa
   . . . Affairs in Oregon; letter from the Secretary of        Grandeur Mgr. Grandin.
war communicating . . . correspondence with Gen.                Montreal. 1887
Harney relating to affairs in the department of                 Peel 758.
Oregon.                                                            Reel: CNW 20, No. 509
Washington. 1860
Tables (U.S. 36th Cong., 1st sess. House. Ex. doc.              Villard, Henry.
65).                                                               A journey to Alaska.
   Reel: PNW 28, No. 300                                        New York. 1899?
                                                                   Reel: PNW 29, No. 307
United States. War Dept.
   . . . Expedition from Fort Abercrombie to Fort               A voyage round the world, in the years 1785, 1786,
Benton. Letter . . . transmitting report of Capt. J. L.         1787 and 1788. . .in the King George, commanded by
Fisk.                                                           Capt. Portlock.
Washington. 1863                                                London. 1789
(U.S. 37th Cong., 3d sess. House. Ex. doc. 80).                 Howes P496.
Howes F154.                                                        Reel: PNW 29, No. 308
   Reel: PNW 28, No. 301
                                                                Waddington, Alfred Penderill.
United States. War Dept.                                           The Fraser mines vindicated.
   . . . Indian depredations in Oregon and                      Victoria, B.C. 1858
Washington. Letter from the Secretary of war.                   Smith 10624.
Washington. 1861                                                   Reel: PNW 29, No. 309
(U.S. 36th Cong., 2d sess. House Ex. doc. 29).
   Reel: PNW 28, No. 302                                        Wallace, Edward J.
                                                                   The Oregon question determined by the rules of
United States. War Dept.                                        international law.
   . . . Indian hostilities in Oregon and Washington.           London. 1846
Message from the President.                                     Howes W51. Smith 10697.
Washington. 1856                                                   Reel: PNW 29, No. 310
(U.S. 34th Cong., 1st sess. House Ex. doc. 93).
Howes D108.                                                     Wardman, George.
   Reel: PNW 28, No. 303                                           A trip to Alaska.
                                                                San Francisco. 1884
                                                                Howes W102. Smith 10720.
                                                                   Reel: PNW 29, No. 311

                  History of the Pacific Northwest and Canadian Northwest
                                         Author Index

Warner, Frank W.                                              Will there be war? Analysis of the elements which
    Montana territory. History and business directory.        constitute, respectively, the power of England and the
Helena. 1879                                                  United States . . . The proper course to secure
Illus., plates, fold. map.; Howes W108. Smith 10725.          peaceably the whole of the Oregon.
    Reel: PNW 29, No. 312                                     New York. 1846
                                                              Howes T76. Smith 11014.
Washington (Ter.). Governor, 1853-1857                           Reel: PNW 30, No. 321
   Message of the Governor . . . also the                     Williams, W.H.
correspondence with the Secretary of War, Maj. Gen.              Manitoba and the northwest.
Wool.                                                         Toronto. 1882
Olympia. 1857                                                 Peel 495.
Howes S964.                                                      Reel: CNW 20, No. 511
   Reel: PNW 29, No. 313
                                                              Wilson, Veazie.
Wells, Harry Laurenz.                                            Guide to the Yukon gold fields, where are they
   Alaska and the Klondike.                                   and how to reach them.
Portland, Ore. 1897                                           Seattle. 1895
Plates, fold. map.; Smith 10823.                              Plates, fold. maps.; Howes W541. Smith 11103.
   Reel: PNW 29, No. 314                                         Reel: PNW 30, No. 322

West, John.                                                   Wishart, Andrew.
   The substance of a journal during a residence at              The Behring sea question, the arbitration treaty
the Red River colony.                                         and the award.
London. 1824                                                  Edinburgh. 1893
Plates. Peel 70.                                              Fold. map. Smith 11140.
   Reel: CNW 20, No. 510                                         Reel: PNW 30, No. 323
Western, pseud.                                               Wright, Julia McNair.
  Biography of Joseph Lane.                                      Among the Alaskans.
Washington. 1852                                              Philadelphia. 1883
Howes L65. Smith 10870.                                       Plates, maps.; Smith 11223.
  Reel: PNW 30, No. 315                                          Reel: PNW 30, No. 324
White, Elijah.                                                Ziegenfuss, C. O.
  A concise view of Oregon Territory.                            Western Montana; a review of the mineral timber
Washington. 1846                                              and agricultural resources.
Howes W349. Smith 10916.                                      Butte. 1886
  Reel: PNW 30, No. 316                                       Fold. map.; Howes Z10.
                                                                 Reel: PNW 30, No. 325
Whymper, Frederick.
   Travel and adventures in the territory of Alaska.
London. 1868
Plates, fold. map.; Smith 10977.
   Reel: PNW 30, No. 317
Wilkes, Charles.
   Western America, including California and
Philadelphia. 1849
Fold. maps.; Howes W416.
   Reel: PNW 30, No. 318
Wilkes, George.
   The history of Oregon.
New York. 1845
Fold. map.; Howes W418. Smith 11005.
   Reel: PNW 30, No. 319
Wilkeson, Samuel.
   Wilkeson's notes on Puget Sound.
n.p. n.d
Howes W420. Smith 11007.
   Reel: PNW 30, No. 320