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									                          LIST OF CEO TASKS

1.  Attend all Board meetings
2.  Write report of Strategic activities for Board meeting each month
3.  Contribute actively to the Strategic planning of VACT
4.  Work with stakeholders to develop an implementation plan for VACT
5.  Attend all bi-monthly Council of Advice meetings and consider and implement
    advice appropriate for the growth and development of the organisation
6. Provide an appropriate summary of activities for the C of A
7. Maintain close contact with funding managers and appropriate staff of funding
8. Promote the work of VACT and continually seek opportunities for
    synergies/support/financial assistance
9. Oversee all other Projects
10. Liaise continually with the Ministers, government departments and bureaucrats
    responsible for each of the Projects to apprise them of developing areas, unmet
    needs and the worth of the Projects.
11. Become familiar with the terms of all contracts
12. Write reports in accordance with all funding contracts
13. Ensure adherence to all Contracts
14. Ensure compliance in all appropriate areas
15. Attend functions of member organisations and network with their staff.
16. Attend functions at invitation of ACT and Federal Governments
17. Maintain personal contact with Ministers and MLAs in ACT Government to keep
    volunteering in the forefront of their minds and to remind (and educate) them
    about the breadth (and cross-portfolio impact) of volunteering
18. Keep current email contact list of changing staff in member and prospective
    member organisations, as well as appropriate government and business contacts
19. Attend Connections and SPICE activities/functions when possible
20. Develop relationships and maintain contact with appropriate staff and Board
    members of Canberra Labor Club
21. Ensure appearance at Volunteer Managers’ Workshops and other training to
    address the groups about how VACT can assist their organisations
22. Maintain a daily contact with all staff members (paid and volunteer) as far as
23. Promptly address any issues that arise between staff members or concerns with
    the organisation
24. Manage staff through frequent informal walk-around visits to their work-stations
    – daily as far as possible.
25. Personally ensure recognition and acknowledgement of the contribution of all
    volunteers and paid staff
26. Recruit and interview for new staff when necessary
27. Work closely with the Accounts person to develop budgets, oversee expenditure
    and assist with financial reports and acquittals
28. Contribute actively to the Finance sub-committee of the Board
29. Communicate with the auditors and arrange the annual financial audit
30. Liaise closely with other state volunteering CEOs – by email and phone
31. Attend and actively participate in all CEO face to face (usually in Melbourne) and
    teleconference meetings
32. Attend VA Conferences, and assist with Workshops etc
33. Oversee and personally ensure appropriate celebration/recognition for annual
    major events such as Volunteer of the Year Awards, International Volunteer Day,
    Canberra Volunteer Day and maintain ongoing sponsorship and seek new
    sponsorships where necessary.
34. Ensure that the sponsorship arrangements for these are accurate and appropriate
35. Provide appropriate thanks for significant contributors to these events
36. Attend 6-weekly Joint Community Government Reference Group (JCGRG)
    meetings and actively represent the interests of volunteering.
37. Attend all 6-weekly community Peaks’ Forums (usually at ACTCOSS)
38. Contribute to consultations that arise from these meetings both personally and
    through our membership.
39. Ensure website is kept up to date
40. Keep abreast of current literature and research in the areas that impact on
41. Regularly disseminate this information across the stakeholder group where
42. Consult with our members constantly to seek their contributions to the growth and
    development of volunteering
43. Oversee continuous liaison with member organisations and address any concerns
    that arise from these
44. Answer daily requests for information and assistance from individuals,
    organisations, government etc on issues relevant to volunteers and volunteering
45. Communicate constantly with ACT Treasury (Tom McDonald in particular) and
    Aon (Gavin Deadman) re insurance issues and particularly the development of the
    Group Insurance Scheme
46. Develop the area of Corporate Volunteering
47. Attend business functions for networking to develop corporate contacts
48. Set up and maintain Corporate Volunteering programs in a format that fulfils the
    needs of each group – community organisations, businesses and VACT
49. Implement opportunities for youth volunteering
50. Seek funding for an ongoing volunteer program in schools
51. Regularly oversee maintenance issues and meet with maintenance contractors
52. Maintain media contacts for promotion of volunteering at every possible
53. Give radio/TV/newspaper interviews on issues relevant to volunteering
54. Write articles and papers for the media for relevant issues and events
55. Attend speaking engagements for the promotion of volunteering in service clubs,
    not-for-profits, corporate sector, schools etc whenever possible

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