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					Working Commission W107 Construction in Developing Economies International Symposium on
January 18-20, 2006, Santiago, CHILE

                                 LIST OF ACCEPTED PAPERS

                                            Symposium Topics

1. New procurement strategies for construction projects in developing countries: Public and private
   partnership. Design-build. Project financing.

2. Business management: Ethics. Management functions. Construction marketing and strategic planning.
   Technology innovation and transfer. Continuous improvement.

3. Housing and its improvement: Quality. Quality certification. Availability. Financing. Social housing.
   Construction methods. Government policies.

4. People in construction: The role of women in construction. The influence of culture. Multicultural groups.
   Knowledge management. Training and competencies.

5. Construction in a global economy: Understanding the trends and challenges. The opportunities and
   winning processes. Competing with foreigners. Sustainable construction.

6. Construction economics: The economics of global construction. Total life cycle costing.

7. Project management: The challenges of construction projects. Emerging issues in project management.
   Information technologies in project management. Case studies.

8. Research and development: Innovative materials and design and construction processes. Total life cycle
   management. Research brokers. Innovation management.

9. Quality and productivity in construction: Quality improvement. Quality management. Productivity
         1 - New procurement strategies for construction projects in developing countries

Nº                                                 Title

1.   Making PPPs Work in Developing Countries: Overcoming Common Challenges
     By Aaron Anvuur and Mohan Kumaraswamy
     The University of Hong Kong, China.

2.   Using Non-financial Public Private Partnerships for the Maintenance of Infrastructure Facilities
     By S.T. Ng and Y.M.W. Wong
     The University of Hong Kong, China.

3.   Risk Mitigation for the Private Power Projects Investors in Brazil – The Guarantees Structure
     By C.T. Alencar and F.L. Aguiar Filho
     University of São Paulo, Brazil.

4.   Taking Forward Public Procurement Reforms in Ghana
     By Aaron Anvuur and Mohan Kumaraswamy
     The University of Hong Kong, China.

5.   Development in Public Private Partnerships for construction-based projects in the developing countries
     By A. Akintoye, T. Kyaw, A. Ngowi and P. A. Bowen
     Glasgow Caledonian University, UK, University of Botswana, Botswana and University of Cape Town,
     South Africa.

6.   Dispute Boards on International Infrastructure projects: implications for the construction industries in
     developing countries
     By Issaka Ndekugri, Will Hughes and Nigel Smith
     University of Wolverhampton, University of Reading and University of Leeds, UK.

7.   The Practice of Subcontractor Appraisal in the Construction Industry of Hong Kong
     By A.S.Y. Chung and S.T. Ng
     The University of Hong Kong, China.

                                        2 - Business management

Nº                                                 Title

1.   Investment Analysis and Valuation in the Office Buildings Market: Back to Basics
     By João da Rocha-Lima Júnior
     University of São Paulo, Brazil.

2.   Knowledge Management in the construction sector: A case study
     By N. Forcada, M. Casals, X. Roca and M. Gangolells
     Technical University of Catalonia, Spain.

3.   An Evaluation of Property Portfolio Diversification Strategies in Nigeria.
     By A. Olaleye, B. T. Aluko and S. A. Oloyede.
     Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria.
4.    Capacity and Capability Development in Indigenous Construction Firms through Technology Transfer in
      Construction: a Malaysia Experience
      By Abu Hassan Abu Bakar
      Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia.

5.    Students Leaving Home and Entering the Housing Market
      By L.L. Brandli and L.F.M. Heineck and A. Pandolfo
      Passo Fundo University and University Federal of Santa Catarina, Brazil.

6.    Cost of Construction Equipment In Developing Countries
      By José Yamunaqué and Gaby Ruiz
      University of Piura, Perú.

7.    Chinese Construction Firms in Reform
      By D. Wang, R. J. Krizek , and A. Hadavi
      Swinerton Inc. and Northwestern University, USA.

8.    Integrating CSR, Ethics and Sustainable Development Principles into the Construction Industry
      By L. Leão-Aguiar, E. A. M. Ferreira and M. M. O. Marinho
      Federal University of Bahia, Brazil.

9.    Strategic Management Practice and Tendency in Vietnamese Small-and-Medium Size Construction Firms
      By Q. T. Nguyen, C. N. Preece and S. P. Male
      Leeds University, UK.

10.   An Assessment of E-Business Implementation in the US Construction Industry
      By Raja R.A. Issa, Robert F. Cox, Ian Flood, Bryce Treffinger
      University of Florida, Gainesville, USA.

11.   Internationalisation of housing developers from developing countries: a new research agenda
      By A. R. Abdul Aziz, A. O. Awil and S.Y. Ho
      Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia.

12.   The Effect of Leadership Styles on the Success of Construction Companies
      By Gonzalez, Pedro A., Orozco, Francisco A., Valdés, Yuliana and Muñoz,Verónica
      Universidad Panamericana, Guadalajara, México.

                                  Topic 3 - Housing and its improvement

Nº                                                    Title

1.    The State Of Repair Of Buildings In Akure, Nigeria
      By A. O.Olotuah
      Federal University of Technology, Akure, Nigeria

2.    The Artificial Hill: a matrix project, a low-cost and high quality habitat for a metropolitan area
      By Nuccia Maritano Comoglio, Giorgio Ceragioli and Corrado Minervini
      Polytechnic of Turin, Italy.

3.    Analysis of Building Regulations in a Changing Climate. Methodology and Case Study
      By M. Casals, M. Gangolells, N. Forcada and X. Roca.
      Technical University of Catalonia, Spain.
4.   Design for Production of Low Income House Building Projects
     By D. F. de Oliveira Gomes, S. J. Guadanhim, E. H. Hirota and M. E. Rodrigues
     University of Londrina, Brazil.

5.   Effect of Socio-Cultural factors on Housing Quality in Osogbo, Nigeria
     By Lasun Olayiwola, Olufemi Adeleye and Adesoji Jiboye
     Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria.

6.   Earthwork Indicators to Help Discussion about Human Settlements Implementation Cost
     By Kelly Paiva Inouye and Ubiraci Espinelli Lemes de Souza
     University of São Paulo, Brazil.

7.   Analysis of the development process of social houses in Ceará state
     By A. B. Dantas, F. C. Rodrigues, K.Y. dos S. Chaves and A. A. Bertini
     Federal University of Ceará, Brazil.

                                       4 - People in construction

Nº                                                Title

1.   Improving Communication between American Supervisors and Hispanic Construction Workers in the
     United States
     By E J. Jaselskis, A.R. Canales, C. Jahren, and F. Aviega
     Iowa State University, USA.

2.   A virtual learning system to improve technical education in developing countries
     By M. Casals, N. Forcada, M. Gangolells, and X. Roca
     Technical University of Catalonia, Spain.

3.   Labour Mobilisation in the Construction Industry
     By Jill Wells
     Engineers Against Poverty, UK.

4.   How Much Construction Should We Teach In Civil Engineering Programs?
     By J. H. Loría Arcila
     Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán, México.

5.   An Educational Initiative to Address Earth Systems Engineering for Developing Communities
     By A.R. Bielefeldt, B. Amadei, R.S. Summers, K.M. Strzepek, P.S. Chinowsky and K.R. Molenaar
     University of Colorado at Boulder, USA.

6.   Ergonomics in Construction: South African Perspectives
     By J.J. Smallwood
     Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, South Africa.

7.   Chilean Experience on Construction Job Skills Evaluation
     By M.C. Soto and M.A. Valdés
     Universidad Tecnológica Metropolitana, Chile.
8.    Competencies of Foremen in Construction
      By A. Serpell and X. Ferrada
      Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Chile.

9.    Women, Construction, and Health and Safety (H&S): South African and Tanzanian perspectives
      By J. English, T.C. Haupt and J.J. Smallwood
      University of Cape Town, Cape Peninsula University of Technology and Nelson Mandela Metropolitan
      University, South Africa.

10.   Evaluating Performance of Construction Professionals in Chilean Companies
      By L.F. Alarcón, C. Bascuñán and S. Diethelm
      Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Chile.

                                   5 - Construction in a global economy

Nº                                                  Title

1.    Competition Policy and the Construction Industry in Developing Countries
      By Timothy Michael Lewis
      The University of the West Indies, Trinidad & Tobago.

2.    Management and technology for quality and sustainability of masonry components in Brasilia’s market
      By Sposto, Rosa Maria, DO Ó, Sávio Wanderley and Barros, Víctor
      University of Brasília, Brazil.

3.    Subcontracting Strategies: The Relationships between Contractors and Sub-Contractors in Brazil
      By L.L. Brandli ,L.F.M. Heineck, A. Pandolfo and R. Kohler
      Passo Fundo University, University Federal of Santa Catarina and UNIJUI University, Brazil.
4.    Future Trends Impact Construction, Real Estate and Facility Management
      By Kathy O. Roper
      Georgia Institute of Technology, USA.

5.    Identifying the Factors that Influence the Use of Construction Partnering as a Procurement Strategy
      By Florence T.T. Phua
      University of New South Wales, Australia.

6.    First steps towards thinking about urban environmental management by Municipalities – cases
      By C.M. Degani
      University of São Paulo, Brazil.

7.    Introduction of Sustainable Low - Cost Urban Housing with regard to Techno-Economic Aspects and
      Prevailing Attitudes - A Case Study.
      By B. Hjort and T. Sendabo
      Halmstad University, Sweden.

8.    Foresight Studies and Reform Initiatives in Construction: Lessons for Developing Countries
      By L. V. van Wyk
      Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, South Africa.
9.    SER APTO – Sustainable low-income Housing on Brownfield site
      By C. R. Faria, E. T. Tani, I. Cabral, J. Ferrari, K. Rodrigues de Almeida, L. M. Cintra, M. Alarsa, M. M.
      Junqueira de Oliveira, R. Lazzarini, R. Gaboni, S. Muller

10.   The sustainability of the civil construction perspective
      By R. Kohler and L.L. Brandli
      UNIJUI University and Passo Fundo University, Brazil.

11.   Developing a More Sustainable Urban Residential Area - Genesis Project
      By M. V. Takaoka, E. Salati, F. Feldmann, F. B. Amato, J. Rocha Lima Jr., V. M. John
      University of Sao Paulo, Y. Takaoka Enterprises, Brazilian Foundation for Sustainable Development and
      Paulista Forum on Global Climate Change and Biodiversity, Brazil.

12.   Towards an International Construction Management System: The Semisphere Model
      By Timothy J. Spaeth
      University of Cincinnati, USA.

13.   How Much Extra Does Sustainable Housing Construction Cost?
      By P. Forsythe and S. Jamieson
      University of New South Wales, Australia.

14.   Sustainable Building in the developing world: evaluation of processes and products
      By J. M. Evans and S. de Schiller
      University of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

15.   Chilean Engineering Exports and Free Trade Agreements
      By Elías Arze
      ARA Ingeniería, Chile

16.   Proposal of indicators to monitor the performance of the civil construction production chain in Brazil
      By Heitor Cesar Riogi, Luiz Reynaldo de Azevedo, Alex Abiko and Orestes Marraccini
      University of São Paulo, Brazil.

17.   Requirements for Economic Sustainability in the Yemen Construction Industry
      By Basel Sultan and Stephen Kajewski
      Queensland University of Technology, Australia.

18.   A Governance-lead approach to performance improvement
      By A. Gilham
      Sustainability Works Limited, UK.

19.   Opportunities, Risks and Decision Making on Sino-Foreign Construction Joint Venture Projects: A Fuzzy
      Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) Approach
      By Patrick. X.W. Zou and Guomin Zhang
      University of New South Wales, Australia.

20.   Renovation and maintenance subsector in Spain
      By M. Casals, M. Gangolells, N. Forcada and X. Roca
      Technical University of Catalonia, Spain.
21.   The role of the construction sector in the Spanish economy. Historical perspective and extrapolation to
      countries with developing economies.
      By M. Casals, M. Gangolells, N. Forcada and X. Roca
      Technical University of Catalonia, Spain.

                                       6 - Construction economics

Nº                                                 Title

1.    Estimating Municipal Infrastructure Project Cost
      By Karla Cáceres and Gaby Ruiz
      University of Piura, Perú.

2.    The Impact of Economic Globalization on the Spanish Housing Market
      By E. Pellicer, O.P. Garzón, J. Catalá and T.M. Pellicer
      Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain.

3.    Making Labor-based Construction more Attractive and Economic in Developing Countries
      By Victor Quagraine
      Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, USA.

4.    A Comparative Study of Market Structure in the Chinese Construction Industry
      By D. Wang, R. J. Krizek , and A. Hadavi
      Swinerton Inc. and Northwestern University, USA.

5.    Introducing Target Costing in Cost Planning and Control: a case study in a Brazilian Construction Firm
      By A. P. Kern; A. C. Soares and C. T. Formoso
      Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

6.    Hotel Renovation Projects and LCC
      By Soofia Tahira Elias-Özkan and Aysem Berrin Çakmakli
      Middle East Technical University, Turkey.

7.    Tenure choice, housing demand and credit constraints in Chile
      By D. Desormeaux and E. Vespa
      Cámara Chilena de la Construcción, Chile.

                                         7 - Project management

Nº                                                 Title

1.    Estimating Large Complex Projects
      By C. J. Schexnayder, K. R. Molenaar, and J. S. Shane
      Arizona State University and University of Colorado at Boulder, USA.

2.    Proposed Methodology for Community-Based Infrastructure Projects
      By Adnan Enshassi, Salah Taha, Bernd Kochendörfer and John Smallwood
      Islamic University of Gaza, Palestine, Engineering and Management Consulting Centre, Palestine,
      Technische Universität Berlin, Germany and University of Port Elizabeth, South Africa.
3.    Dispute Resolution in Construction Projects in Gaza Strip: Practical Case Studies
      By Adnan Enshassi and Baker Thabet
      Islamic University of Gaza, Palestine and Palestine Industrial Estates and Free Zone Authority, Palestine.

4.    Successful Project Leadership: Understanding the Personality Traits of Leaders and Organizational
      By Shamas-ur-Rehman Toor and Stephen O. Ogunlana
      National University of Singapore, Singapore and Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand.

5.    Project Management: Towards an Emphasis in the ‘Conception-Operation’ Interface
      By Silvio Burrattino Melhado and Maria Julia de Moraes Mesquita
      University of São Paulo, Brazil.

6.    Construction Project Planning and Control Integrated System Model
      By J. A. González Fajardo, C. M. Alcudia Velázquez and J. N. Zaragoza Grifé
      Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán, México.

7.    Design Planning and Control in Complex Projects and the reduction of information batch sizes
      By M.G. Trescastro and C.T. Formoso
      Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

8.    Exploratory Study on Construction Project Management in Southeast Mexico
      By J. A. González Fajardo, C. M. Alcudia Velázquez, and J. N. Zaragoza Grifé
      Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán, México.

9.    Delivery Process: A Model to Overcome the Challenges of High Performance Green Projects in
      Developing Countries
      By Nevienne Harding, Michael Horman, Ph. D., and Brian Conner, A.I.A.
      Pennsylvania State University, USA.

10.   Information System for Work Management on Construction Site – PLANTRACKER
      By R. Mendes Junior, T. H. Zen, F.V. Peyerl, M.D. de Pauli, F. de Andrade Neto
      Federal University of Paraná, Brazil.

11.   Scheduling building projects in Colombia – by the use of Genetic Algorithms
      By Juan Pablo Caballero, Sandra Patricia Jarro, Andrés Calderón, and Jairo Andrés Ossa
      Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Colombia.

12.   Rethinking the Critical Path Method for Construction Project Planning
      By Ian Flood, Raja R.A. Issa, and Wen Liu, M.E.
      University of Florida, USA

13.   How Construction Project Managers use their Time: Empirical Evidence in Chilean Construction
      By Luis F. Alarcón and Ignacio Pavez
      Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Chile.

14.   The Theory of Constraints Application in Resource Leveling Process to Help Construction Management
      By A.M.P Akkari and S.A.R.da Silva and Souza
      Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil.
                                     8 - Research and development

Nº                                                 Title

1.   An Expert System for Scheduling Execution of Massive Housing Projects
     By Sergio O. Alvarez-Romero, Julio R. Baeza-Pereyra and Manuel Ceron-Gil
     Autonomous University of Yucatan, México.

2.   Causes of Fissures in slabs of industrialized construction systems in Colombia
     By Sandra Patricia Jarro and Daniel Mauricio Ruiz
     Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Colombia.

3.   Introducing Prefabricated Systems In Home Construction
     By Fabio Carbajal and Gaby Ruiz
     University of Piura, Perú.

4.   Railway Sleepers made of Alkali Activated Fly Ash Concrete
     By S A. Palomo, A. Fernandez-Jimenez, C. López-Hombrados and J.L. Lleyda
     Instituto Eduardo Torroja and PRAINSA-ALVISA, Spain.

5.   Computer System Model for Last Planner System
     By B T Villas-Bôas and R Mendes Jr
     Federal University of Paraná, Brazil.

6.   Industrialising the Construction Industry in Developing Countries: R&D of Strategies & Technologies
     By R.-B. Richard
     Université de Montréal, Canada.

7.   Rubblizing Concrete Pavements Using Resonant Vibration Technology
     By Thenoux Guillermo and González Marcelo
     Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Chile.

8.   Strategic Niche Management a Support Tool for Innovation in Construction
     By Emilia.L.C. van Egmond – de Wilde de Ligny and Irene Vloerbergh
     Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherland.

                              9 – Quality and productivity in construction

Nº                                                 Title

1.   An Study on Users’ Housing Quality Requirements in Chile
     By Alfredo Serpell and Camila Tapia
     Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Chile.

2.   Specifications to Achieve Quality in B.O.T. Projects: The Vasco da Gama Bridge Example
     By Fernando A. Branco, João Ferreira and Miguel M. Branco
     Technical University of Lisbon, Portugal.

3.   Studies of the value flow in operation process
     By Alessandra Fontes, Ítalo Magalhães, José Barros, Denis Almeida and Luiz Mahlmann
     Universidade Federal do Ceará and Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Brazil.
4.   Production Problem Generated by Planning Inefficiency
     By Denis Almeida, Alessandra Fontes, José Barros and Luiz Mahlmann
     Universidade Federal do Ceará and Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Brazil.

5.   Quality Systems and the Competitiveness of the Civil Construction Companies
     By Sandra G. Novais and Antonio E. Jungles
     Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Brazil.

6.   Measurement of Labor Activity Level Toward a Productivity Improvement in Chilean Construction
     By A. Aramayo and F. Fresard
     University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA and Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Chile.

7.   Site Works Preparation and Proactive Co-Ordination: a French Method
     By Ana Rocha De Souza, Silvio Melhado and Eric Henry
     TARJAB Construction and Real Estate Development and University of São Paulo, Brazil and Centre de
     Recherche Innovation Socio-Technique et Organisations Industrielles, France.