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									                            History of David Llyod George

David Lloyd George was born January 17, 1863 in Manchester, although both
sides of his family were of Welsh ancestry. With the sudden death of his father,
William George, in June 1864 at age 41, the family moved and lived in his Uncle
Richard’s house. Here the young Lloyd George taught himself Latin and French,
with the aid of second-hand dictionaries and grammar books, to succeed in the
preliminary law examination. This he passed in 1877. He married Margaret
Owen, daughter of prosperous farmer, in May 1888.

As a parliamentarian, before becoming Prime Minister, Lloyd George served as
President of the Board of Trade, Chancellor, and Minister of Munitions. Among
other achievements, he brought in the “people’s budget”, which challenged the
right of the Lords to interfere with financial bills. Notable also were his unorthodox
practices as a minister. He operated the Ministry of Munitions as a business
organization, appointing a young economist, W.T. Layton, to provide supportive

On December 7, 1916, Lloyd George became Prime Minister (1916-1922). His
call to end the war resulted in several innovations. Foremost were his remodeling
of the government, formation of a war cabinet, and his support for consulting the
Prime Ministers of the Dominions so that troops could be under centralized
direction. Notable as well under his administration was the Representation of
People Act of 1918, which gave the vote to women for the first time.

David Lloyd George died on March 26, 1945, shortly after accepting an Earldom
as Earl Lloyd George of Dwyfor.

Adapted from the DLG website. August 1, 2007

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