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					Fespa 2007 Press Releases:
Pröll KG's core business lies in the development of custom chemical products for
coating/decorating plastics and other materials, as well as innovative ink systems for IMD/FIM
technology and screen and pad printing inks.
A new range of products manufactured using IMD/FIM technology (film back molding
technique) can be seen at the Proell KG stand in hall 2.2 – B240.

The screen printing ink NORIPHAN® HTR is a well established IMD/FIM ink system for the film
insert molding technique. NORIPHAN® HTR is designed for back printing polycarbonate films,
such as Makrofol® and PC-blend films like Bayfol®.
For 3-dimensional products, an additional forming step of the decorated films can be an option.
The formed films are trimmed and inserted in the cavity of the injection molding press.
Finally the decorated films are back molded directly onto the printed side with PC/ABS.
NORIPHAN® HTR is extremely flexible and resistant to the high temperature of the melted resin
during injection molding. In the final product the ink layers are sandwiched between PC film
and resin. The decoration is protected to an optimal degree from damage.
Processing of transparent and opaque color shades enables an easy production of backlit
panels (night design).
NORIPHAN® HTR is used to decorate lenses, housings and keypads of mobile phones, panels
and bezels of car interiors (climate control panels, speedometer panels), housings and displays
of medical devices, panels of household appliances as well as high-grade cosmetic packaging.
A wide range of metallic, pearlescent and chameleon color shades is available as for all Proell
IMD ink systems.
NORIPHAN® PCI process inks are especially designed for IMD/FIM Technology. These process
inks are a modification of the proven NORIPHAN® HTR system. Screen fineness of 48 lines per
cm can be printed.

Pröll KG
PO Box 429, 91773 Weißenburg i. Bay.
Phone +49-9141-906-0 Fax +49-9141-906–49
e-mail: info@proell.de www.proell.de
Pictures 1 + 2: Switches and climate control panel of the new Mercedes S-Class, printed with
NORIPHAN® HTR on high gloss, scratch resistant Autotype Extraform films

Picture 3: IMD/FIM process: Climate control panel; PC film is decorated with NORIPHAN® HTR

NORIPHAN® N2K is a solvent-based two-component screen printing ink for second surface
IMD/FIM technology using PC films.
NORIPHAN® N2K is optimized for the needs of processing thin films (e.g. < 100 µm). Printed
films decorated with NORIPHAN® N2K show no curling effect.
Concerning temperature resistance and formability, NORIPHAN® N2K is comparable with the
proven NORIPHAN® HTR ink system. The screen printing ink guarantees excellent adhesion to
PC, PC/ABS and silicon rubber resin in the injection molding process.

Pröll KG
PO Box 429, 91773 Weißenburg i. Bay.
Phone +49-9141-906-0 Fax +49-9141-906–49
e-mail: info@proell.de www.proell.de
Picture 4: Keypads, Bayfol® films are second surface printed with NORIPHAN® N2K

3. NoriPress® SMK
NoriPress® SMK is a new solvent-based bonding agent which is compatible with screen
printing. It is tailor made for IMD/FIM technology. Films (e.g., PA, PC, PMMA, rigid PVC) printed
or coated with NoriPress® SMK can be back molded using a variety of resins (ABS, PA PC,
PMMA). NoriPress® SMK makes it possible to work with new combinations of bonded
films/inks/resins. The bonding agent can be used for two layer film constructions in IMD/FIM,
and for laminating different film types as well.

4. AquaPress® ME
AquaPress® ME is a water-based, screen printable heat reactive adhesive. The system shows
good adhesion to many plastics, high flexibility and good temperature resistance.
The hotmelt adhesive is suitable to support the lamination for the IMD/FIM two film technique,
as well as the manufacturing of high quality, multi layer plastic cards.
AquaPress® ME can be used as an overprinting adhesion primer to enhance the bonding of
inmold decoration inks with resins melting at lower temperatures.

Picture 5: Laminated plastic cards; PVC films are printed or coated with AquaPress® ME
Pröll KG
PO Box 429, 91773 Weißenburg i. Bay.
Phone +49-9141-906-0 Fax +49-9141-906–49
e-mail: info@proell.de www.proell.de
5. Mirror Ink M1
Mirror Ink M1 is a special screen printing ink for printing chrome effects.
The ink system is used for second surface decoration of transparent plastics and films (PC,
PMMA, PVC rigid and pre-treated PET films).
While drying, the metal pigments are aligned parallel to the substrate’s reverse site.
Viewed through the transparent material from the first surface, the pigments create a mirror like
effect. To improve the resistance of the printed mirror, Mirror Ink M1 should be overprinted
with a mild solvent-based ink system (NORIPHAN® N2K) or a water-based screen printing ink
(Aqua-Jet® KSF). If inappropriate solvent-based ink systems and thinners are used, the mirror
will be damaged.
Mirror Ink M1 shows good printing properties. Large areas and fine details can be easily
printed. Due to the pigment particle size, fabrics from 77-120 threats/cm (195-305 threats/inch)
are recommended.

Picture 6: Mobile phone covers, PMMA films are decorated with Mirror Ink M1

6. Rainbow Ink
Rainbow Ink is a new solvent-based metallic ink for creating iridescent rainbow-like color effects
on clear transparent PC, PMMA, rigid PVC and pre-treated PET films, when printed on the
reverse side of the materials (second surface print).

Picture 7: Light effects, transparent PC film second surface printed with Rainbow Ink
Pröll KG
PO Box 429, 91773 Weißenburg i. Bay.
Phone +49-9141-906-0 Fax +49-9141-906–49
e-mail: info@proell.de www.proell.de
7. NoriCure® AP
NoriCure® AP is an UV curing ink system for printing on rigid PVC and self-adhesive PVC films,
as well as on diverse paper and cardboard qualities. The press ready UV curing screen printing
ink NoriCure® AP is easy to process with unlimited screen opening, which is typical for UV inks.
When completely cured, NoriCure® AP shows good resistance to chemical and mechanical
influences. The ink system is suitable for processing on high performance screen printing
machines. Apart from a broad spectrum of high glossy standard color shades also process inks
with satin glossy characteristics are available.

Picture 8: NoriCure® AP

8. NoriCure® UV-L 3
NoriCure® UV-L 3 is a new UV-curing screen printing lacquer with excellent scratch and
abrasion resistance. The cured surface of the lacquer resists even strong wipes with steel wool.
The high glossy UV-lacquer is designed for printing on PC films, coated PET films (e.g.
Autotype Autoflex EPG 180, Autotex V200) and for overprinting of printed products.
NoriCure® UV-L 3 shows good adhesion to UV, solvent and water-based screen printing inks as
well as most offset inks. The lacquer is used to overprint and protect displays, lenses and

Picture 9: Decorated PC film partly protected with NoriCure® UV-L 3
Pröll KG
PO Box 429, 91773 Weißenburg i. Bay.
Phone +49-9141-906-0 Fax +49-9141-906–49
e-mail: info@proell.de www.proell.de
9. Aqua-Jet® FGL M
Aqua-Jet® FGL M is a well established water-based screen printing ink for printing on plastics
like various PVC types and PC. Paper and cardboard as well as wood are also printable
substrates. Due to its water-based formulation, Aqua-Jet® FGL M is a good alternative to
solvent inks. The ink system is easy to process, suitable for many substrates, and therefore a
good substitute for conventional solvent-based inks. A wide range of basic and standard color
shades are in stock. In addition to these colors, metallic and effect pigment colors as well as
fluorescent shades are available.

Picture 10: Color swatch Aqua-Jet® FGL M

Pröll KG
Stefan Zäh
Phone: +49-9141-906-20
Fax: +49-9141-906-49
e-mail: stefan.zaeh@proell.de

Pröll KG
PO Box 429, 91773 Weißenburg i. Bay.
Phone +49-9141-906-0 Fax +49-9141-906–49
e-mail: info@proell.de www.proell.de