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									Raptivity Enables SCORM/ AICC Tracking of Learning Interactions
Breakthrough Version 4.0 Released with 175+ Trackable Flash Interactions including
Games, Simulations, Exercises and More

January 9, 2007:

Harbinger Knowledge Products has announced the release of version 4.0 of Raptivity. This
release enables the tracking of learning interactions, heralding a breakthrough in the eLearning
interactivity technology.

Raptivity now tracks interaction completion status, score and learner responses, and exposes this
data to authoring tools. This progress information can be utilized in several ways, including
SCORM/ AICC tracking by LMS or for simply populating back-end databases.

Excited about this release, Seema Chaudhary, Director, Harbinger Group said, “Now Raptivity
users can reach out to a wider audience. Firstly, Raptivity now supports learners with Macintosh
browsers. Secondly, the much-awaited Unicode compliance opens doors to non-English course
creators. We believe this will bring a smile to our users in over 25 countries.”

Raptivity 4.0 scales another milestone in robustness with several productivity features. Now
making interactions more attractive is matter of one-click. Raptivity now provides various color
themes. Course creators simply select the desired theme and see the interaction transform into a
new attractive look. In another productivity enhancement, Raptivity 4.0 introduces global font
application. This makes it possible for the course creator to apply a single font to all the text in the
interaction without any duplication of work.

In yet another productivity breakthrough, Raptivity 4.0 now provides the ability for course creators
to work in learner view – the exact size a learner would see. This saves intermediate publish and
preview cycles while adjusting fonts, images etc.

 “There is no greater joy for a teacher than to know how a learner is learning. Traditionally, the
only view any teacher has had into learning has been through tests and assessments. But this
information is only after-the-fact. Tracking an interaction, on the other hand, is watching the
learner in the process of learning. This is big,” said Vikas Joshi, Chairman and Managing Director
of Harbinger Group, “and we realized its importance. Therefore, we provided this ability in all the
175+ pre-built interactions in Raptivity.”

Raptivity 4.0 converts existing Raptivity interactions at one click, preserving previous work by
course creators.

About Raptivity

Raptivity, the world‟s first rapid interactivity builder, helps users create true learning outcomes
with meaningful interactivity. With Raptivity, users can create interactivity rapidly and add it
conveniently to their eLearning content. With interactive content, learning experiences become
memorable and drop-out levels go down.

Raptivity provides a pre-built library of rapidly-customizable interaction models. These interaction
models are based on the best practices in instructional design. Users can customize them to
create any number of variations. The content published by Raptivity is a single flash file so it fits
right into hundreds of eLearning tools and can be used anywhere. With its patent-pending
technology and open architecture, Raptivity is at the forefront of rapid interactivity technology.

About Harbinger Knowledge Products
Harbinger Knowledge Products, the creator of Raptivity, specializes in developing highly
interactive eLearning content and tools. Recently, recognized Harbinger
in global top 20 specialized learning process providers. Harbinger was also short-listed for
eLearning Awards 2006 by e.learning age, UK, in the „The most innovative new product in e-
learning‟ category.

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