Creating Hydraulic and Pneumatic Circuit Diagrams P IDs by undul855


  Creating Hydraulic and
Pneumatic Circuit Diagrams
         & P& ID s

E³.fluid is a complete and open CAD solution for the creation of Hydraulic, Pneumatic and Process
Diagrams. E³.fluid permits different teams to design, in parallel, hydraulic, pneumatic and/or control
schematics, and electrical circuit diagrams, for machinery and plants. Different design teams use a common
database, so it is possible to use common components that are able to cross-reference each other, in the
different schematics. An example of this would be a solenoid (valve) in the hydraulic schematic, whose
magnetic coil is displayed in the electrical schematic. This way redundant data can be avoided

E³.fluid Feature List.

   Runs on Windows® NT/2000/XP
   Completely integrated in the Windows®
   Easy to learn, standard Windows interface
   Uses standard Windows printer and plotter
   Drag & Drop functionality
   Intelligent Cut, Copy & Paste functionality
   Dynamic PAN" and ZOOM"
   Available in different languages
   Object-oriented user interface with the capability of
   direct integration with other applications
   OLE connection to any application
   Object-oriented ODBC database                              Modifiable display for manufacturing purposes
   Search tools for symbols, components,                      (e.g. line width of working line/control line, line
   connections, text and cross-references                     pressure, line type, etc.)
   Symbols and Components stored in logical folders           User-defined documentation (e.g. Parts List,
   Symbol and component selection, aided by                   Connection Lists, PLC Integration)
   pictograms, based on simple selection, or by using         Automatic multi-language display capabilities
   search functionality                                       Intelligent import/export drawings and areas
   Continuously checks component specs, to prevent            Supports standard interfaces, such as DXF/DWG,
   the multiple assignment of symbols and overuse of          Bit-map Graphics, Adobe® SVG
   component elements                                         Bi-directional COM/DCOM Interface
   Online cross-references for connections and
   components within drawings
   Unlimited functions for exchanging symbols and
   Displays symbols and diagrams according to
   different standards, (e.g. ISO 1219 Fluidics;           E³.schematic can be used in conjunction with other
   Graphical Symbols and Circuit Diagrams)                 modules of E³.series..
   User-definable components with configurable
   symbol dependence                                       The E³.cable module, for example, allows the
   Database Editor for creating new symbols and            functionality of E³.schematic to be expanded to the
   components                                              design and documentation of cables and harnesses.
   User-defined connection attributes (e.g. nominal            Cable and cable harnesses
   pressure, nominal width)                                    Manages corresponding mating parts and fitting
   User-defined grid and text sizes, characters and            parts
   line types                                                  Administers cable types
   Handles any size drawing                                    Cable Plans
   Supports different sheet formats (e.g. DIN, ANSI,       and much more
   special formats, etc.)
   256 different display levels per sheet                  E³.view is available for viewing original E³.series data.
   Edit sheet header information using additional          It is supplied free-of-charge with the E³.schematic
   programs, e.g. PDM                                      license and can be used within a company or to pass
                                                           on data to suppliers or customers

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