E.coli Action Diagrams by undul855


									Diagram 2. In-Plant Enforcement After Positive for E. coli O157:H7

       Confirmed pos itive, DO not ified

       DO and/or RMS determine
       need for Retent ion, Detent ion,

       Plant performs correct ive act ion

                                                           If determine
                                                        correct ive act ions
       Inspect ion program personnel
                                                        inadequate, not ify
       perform HACCP 02 procedure,
                                                      front-line supervisor*
       Verify that plant implemented
       correct ive act ion                                                            i
                                                                               * See Dagram 3

                                              1. Delay
                                                 FSIS determines how to work
                                                 with plant for proper and t imely
           Opt ions for Proper Dispos ition      dispos ition

                                              2. Treat product to eliminate the
                                                 hazard, at same plant or
                                                 another plant.
                                                 Plant or FSIS maintains control
                                                 of product while in trans it

                                              3. Send to landfill or renderer
                                                 Plant maintains control of
       Plant must maintain records of            product while in trans it
       proper dispos ition.
       Inspect ion program personnel
       notify DO of any noncompliance
       concerning movement of product.
       DO will investigate.
Diagram 2. In-Plant Enforcement After Pos itive for E. coli O157:H7, cont'd.

            Follow-up Actions

                                                 If inspect ion program personnel
                                                 have concerns about plant's
     Inspect ion program personnel               HACCP system, they do not
     collect follow-up sample after              collect sample, but not ify
     correct ive act ion. Document any           front-line supervisor.

                 Sample                                         Sample
                 Positive                                      Negative

                                                              No Further

     DO determines follow-up act ion

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