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									614                                        The History of Cheshire

Roger [Lacy], constable of Cheshire and Baron of Halton,             mancone mea et cu alijs mesuag’ meis et cum redditbz
about the reign of Richard the First, granted Deo et                 Willi de Wyrall iijs. iið., Xpiane ux Ran ijs. vjd., Johis
Beatæ Mariæ, et fratribus servientibus beatis pauperibus             Starkey sex s. vjd., Marg’ uxis Henr’ ijs. vjd., Ric’
Sancti Hospitalis de Jerusalem, totam medietatum de                  Brown, Willi Piscater iiijs., Ric’ Bercar, Rich de
Comberbeche ; illam scilicet quam Willielmus de                      Herredun, xviijs. viijd., Hug’ de Merbur’ iijs, Ric’ ffabri
Comberbeche de me tenuit [&tc]: unà cùm salina in                    ijs. ixd., Johis fil Ad, Alex Piscor’, Robti Piscor’, Ran fil
Norwich [Northwich] quæ pertinet ad Estonam juxtà                    Johis, Johis fil Hug’ Knobot, Thom de Sowreby, Ranð
Buddewrethe –in puram et perpetuam elemosynam-Et si                  fil Robti, et Hen fil Willi &c. hab de me (sic) et heðibz
Ricardus Fittun, vel hæredes suos recuperaverit , ego et             meis &c. salvis domibz religiosis et, capitabus dnis, usqz
hæredes      mei     prædictum       donationem    prædictis         ad terminum sex annor’ px sequtu termino vo incipient
hospitalariis      warrantizabimus     ;    et    Willielmo          ad fm Sei Martini in heme Anno dñi Mo CCC t’cesimo
Comberbeche et hæredibus suis : tenendum de prædictis                tertio, Reððo &c. unam rosam &c. Test. Gilberto de
hospitalariis in feodo et hæreditate : reddendo eis                  Cups tune ballivo de Halton, Symoe del Hurst, Rico
annuatim sex denarios pro omnibus quæ ad domum et ad                 Starkey, Hug’ de Merbury, Johne de M’bur’ &c.]
fratres ejusdem domus pertinent. Hiis testibus, Henrico                   John son of Henry de Comberbach, gave to Adam
priore de Nortona, Ricardo Capellano, Riccardo fratre                son of William de Litley in Aston juxtà [near]
constabularii,     Hugone   de   Bosdele,    Radulfo    filio        Budworth, all his lands in Comberbach, unà cùm
Symonis, Thomâ dispensatore, Hugone de Duttona,                      reversione dotis Elenæ matris prædicti Johannis-et
Adâ de Dutton, Radulfo filio Rogeri, Alexandro filio                 piscariâ suâ in lacu de Budworth, &c. Entailing these
Radulfi,    Liulfo    vice-comite,    Bertramo    Camerario,         lands, first on the said Adam, and the heirs of his body
Johanne Burdon, Hugone de Eccleston, Ricardo filio                   ; and in default of such, then on Robert, brother of the
Henrici, Roberto de Pulle, Johanne filio Aluredi,                    said Adam. Dated at Comberbach die Lunæ, Sancti
Gilberto de Lymme, Willielmo de Gamul, Alano de                      Petri ad Vincula (which is the first day of August) anno
Waley, Willielmo filio Matthæi, Ricardo filio Johannis,              Domini 1335, 9 Edw. III. Ibidèm, num. 28.
Ricardo filio Gilberti Aytrop, Ricardo Starkey, Ricardo                   The moiety of Comberbach is now (1666) in
de Witeleth, Willielmo de Tablleth, [Willo] de Toft,                 possession of:-

Johanne de Combirbech, Henrico fratre suo, et toto                        1.   Richard Legh of                    Their tenants
hundredo de Haltonshire, [Hethehetto – sa.] Lib. C.                            Swineyard      hath                do   at   this
fol. 274. num. 1. Out of the book of Legh of                                   two tenements.                     day pay the

Swineyard’s deeds, num. 1. now in his possession.                         2.   Mrs. Ashton of                     chief rent of
                                                                                                                  six pence at
       [This book or chartulary, is now in the possession                      Cogshull,       two
                                                                                                                  Tatten- Vurt
of George Cornwall Legh, esq. The charter above                                small cottages.
mentioned refers to the paramount lordship; but, as will                  3.   Mr      Warburton      of   the   Grange,     nigh
be seen, the manor early gave name to a family who, at                         Weverham, three little tenements.
the least, held a moiety as mesne lords. The following                    4.   John Gleyve of High Legh, one little
interesting charter is transcribed from the book referred                      tenement, which Thomas Gelyve of High
to :                                                                           Legh purchased from Thomas Sonkey in
       Pateat, &c qð ego Johes filius Henr’ filij Hugonis                      Lancashire, 37 Hen. VIII. 1545. Lib. C. fol
de Comburbache concess’ Ade filio Willi de Litlelegh et                        269, num. 2.
Robto fratro suo omis terras meus &c. cu dominis &c.                      5.   Robert      Venables   of   Anterbus    in   Over
in villa et in teritorio de Comburbach cu Capteli                              Whitley, one cottage, about two acres.

        The History of the County Palatine and City of Chester - 2nd Ed. 1882; originally by Dr. George Ormerod, 1819 and
           enlarged by Thomas Helsby, 1882. Extracted and recreated by Robert Cumberbatch 1st November 2003
                                               Bucklow Hundred                                                        615

        6.   Sir George Warburton of Arely, five small                     rent, is reserved to the King : and these were sold
             cottages, not two acres in all.                          by Grimsditch to Robert Eaton ; and lastly, bought by
       The other moiety of Comberbach was granted to                  George Low of Hartford, from John Eaton of Over-
the Priory of Norton.                                                 Whitley, about fourteen or sixteen years ago.
       After the dissolution of the abbies by Henry the                    Other two tenements, then in possession of
Eighth, the King sold all those lands which belonged to               Homfrey Shakeshaft and Thomas Highfield, out of
the Priory of Norton, unto John Grimsditch of                         which the yearly rent of 2s. 1d. was reserved to the
London, gentleman, 36 Hen. VIII. 1544, then in                        King, were bought by Mr. Merbury of Merbury, and are
possession of Robert Merbury, George Hulme, Randal                    lately sold to Edward Piggott of Cogshull, who is now
Worral, Agnes Walker, Randle Low, Lawrence                            owner of the same (1666).
Persivall, Roger Grymshaw, and George Eaton ; out of
which, 7s. 7d. ob. chief


       The manor of Comberbach is an appendage to the                      Warbuton, barta [having held it during Mr.
manor of Aston juxta Budworth ; to the court of which                 Egerton-Warbuton’s minority.]
it owes suit and service, and having descended by the                      The township is situated about two miles north of
same title, is now vested in [R.E. Egerton-Warbuton,                  Northwich, at the western extremity of Marbury Mere.
esq.], the trustees of the will of the late Sir Peter


    Information of the Rev. R.E. Warburton

This History of Comberbach was transcribed and recreated from Volume 1 pp. 614-615

The History of the County Palatine and City of Chester - 2nd Ed. 1882; originally by Dr. George Ormerod, 1819 and enlarged by
                   Thomas Helsby, 1882. Extracted and recreated by Robert Cumberbatch 1st November 2003

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