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									               Business and Management
                                                Program Description
The Business and Management curriculum at Grayson County College is designed to provide individuals with the
necessary knowledge and skills to be a successful consumer, an efficient team employee in any business environment,
and/or a traditional manager in today’s global business environment.

You will develop a foundation of communication, economic, accounting, and computer application skills. Then you
will enhance your value in the personal or business arena with additional knowledge and skill in the areas of leadership,
ethics, business law, marketing, and human resource management. This plan allows you to earn two certificates on your
journey to completing an Associate of Applied Science Degree.

                      Degree Plan                                        Business Foundation Certificate

       First          Semester       Second        Semester                       First                       Semester
     Semester          Hours        Semester        Hours                       Semester                       Hours

ACNT 1303                3       ACNT 1304            3        ACNT 1303                                         3
BUSI 1301                3       BMGT 1305            3        BUSI 1301                                         3
BUSG 1304                3       BMGT 1303            3        BUSG 1304                                         3
BMGT 2309                3       ECON 2301            3        BMGT 2309                                         3
ITSC 1309                3       COSC 1102            1        ITSC 1309                                         3
                         15      SPCH 1311            3                                                         15
                                                     16        Capstone Exam

      Third           Semester       Fourth        Semester
     Semester          Hours        Semester        Hours
                                                                   Business General Management Certificate

BUSG 2305                3       ECON 2302            3                First          Semester      Second        Semester
MRKG 1311                3       ENGL 1301            3              Semester          Hours       Semester        Hours
HRPO 2301                3       Mathematics/         3        ACNT 1304                    3    BUSG 2305               3
BUSG 2309                3       Natural Science               BMGT 1305                    3    MRKG 1311               3
ACCT 2402                4       Core                          BMGT 1303                    3    HRPO 2301               3
                                 Humanities Core      3        ECON 2301                    3    BUSG 2309               3
                         16      BMGT 2370            3        COSC 1102                    1    ACCT 2402               4
                                                     15        SPCH 1311                    3
                                                                                           16                        16
                                                               Capstone Exam

 Revised 9/25/07
                                                                          Course Requirements
             Capstone Experience
                                                          Grayson County College requires that you have a High
Business and Society is the capstone course for
                                                          School Diploma or equivalent.
the Associate of Applied Science Degree and
must be successfully completed during the last
                                                          The Associate of Applied Science Degree requires that
semester of the degree course work.
                                                          you have completed THEA requirements.

                    Job Outlook                                      Anticipated Costs For Two Years

Employment of administrative services and facility        The following are approximate anticipated costs for the
managers is expected to grow through 2008. Demand         Business and Management program. Prices are subject
should be especially strong for facility managers, and    to change without notice.
for administrative services managers in management
services and management consulting. As public and         Tuition (in-district) All Courses              2,604.00
private organizations continue to contract out and        Lab Fees                                          90.00
streamline administrative services in an effort to cut
costs this will continue demand. There will also be       Matriculation Fees                                40.00
the need to replace workers who transfer to other         Parking Fees                                      30.00
jobs, retire, or stop working for other reasons. Never-
theless, competition should remain keen due to the        Student ID                                          8.00
large number of competent, experienced workers            Books                                           1063.00
seeking managerial jobs.
                                                          Supplies                                         120.00

                                                          Approximate Total                              $3955.00

                                                  Local Employers

                                               Grayson County College
                                               Texoma Educator’s FCU
                                                 County Government
                                                   Bank of Texas

                                     For more information please contact:
                                                 Dr. Wade Graves
                                        Business Management Director

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