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Unit Finder
Geospatial information systems (GIS) industry leader ESRI donated the Unit Finder map
to San Francisco Bay Area Council (SFBAC) that has linked it to their website. As a
service, the SFBAC is allowing other Bay Area councils to take advantage of this web-
based application.
Entering Unit Data
The Polaris District Public Relations Chairman will enter data submitted from your unit.
           Unit Finder results will reflect the submitted Unit Contact Data.
           Changes can be made as needed.
Unit Contact Data
Please enter the following, then save this document to your desktop, then attach this
document and send the email to Mark Ellson at
 Unit type: Troop, Pack, Venture Crew, or
 Varsity Team
 Unit Number
 Charter Partner
 Chartered Organizational Representative
 Number of Scouts
 Meeting Time
 Meeting Location (Need a street Address
 Unit Leader
 Unit Leader Contact
 Committee Chairperson
 Committee Chairperson Contact
 Unit Website
 Unit Email
 Contact Name
Please enter a brief description of your Unit:

Your feedback would be appreciated, Thanks again!

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